Happy Meat To Heart
Chapter 2: The Solution

"Now look at our consequence. We'll suffer some days of no food in school," Hiroyuki worried.

"Don't worry, we'll think of a solution," Shiho added.

Suddenly an image of a cow and a chicken appear right before the four's eyes.

"Hello, students!" Cow and Chicken greeted.

"Who are you guys?" the four questioned.

"We are Cow and Chicken," Cow answered.

"We heard that youse suffered the same problem as ours," Chicken explained. "We're forced to
eat ketchup an'..."

"I know. I got the picture," Hiroyuki interrupted.

"We felt that we need to get to your school as soon as possible," Cow explained. "And set
something up to bring the students out of their food miseries."

Masashi asked, "What's the solution?"

"Cow and Chicken's Happy Meat," Chicken answered. "Designed to make students happy an'
to put that ketchup service outta business."

Shiho interrupted, "Do we need to convince the..."

"Yeah, yeah, convincin' 'em's a snap. Just set up a stall, call the students, and voila!"
Chicken said.

"Yeah! Now we'll put the students out of their food miseries!" Akari said with joy.

"See ya tomorrow, students!" Cow and Chicken bade them goodbye, and vanished.

And the gameplan is set for tomorrow.

The next day...

It's lunch time again, and the students have to sucker again into eating ketchup-based food.


"Welcome to Cow and Chicken's Happy Meat
We're offering you guys special treats
Pork butts and taters, so many to give
And more to offer, so that you will liiiiiiivvvvvveeee...."

That's Shiho, singing karaoke-style.

Suddenly, the students rush to the stall.

Akari wholeheartedly hands over plates of unique meat dishes, like hotdog balls, "isaw sushi"
(Isaw is a Filipino snack which is just grilled chicken intestines. Believe me, it's delicious.
--Author), and Spam burgers loaded with pork butt skin.

And in seconds, the plates are all empty.

The sutdents shouted, "We want more! We want more!"

Hiroyuki and Masashi then brought out a catapult, a big bowl of pork butts, and a big bowl
of taters. And then the two shouted, "These are pork butts and taters! They'll satisfy you,
so catch them with your own mouths!"

Akari signalled the two, "Fire!" And the pork butts and taters thrown are all landed in
the students' mouths. The students ate them with joy.

After a matter of minutes, all of the items are gone. So are the students.

"Whew! Our store's so popular," Shiho remarked.

"But look at our earnings. Only 5,000 yen," Akari worried.

"Not enough for a big feast. So what'll we do?" Hiroyuki said.

"Hey, look over there!" Masashi pointed at Ms. Bear-Derriere. "Looks like she's weeping. Let's
check it out."

The four approach the weeping Ms. Bear-Derriere. The latter mumbled: "Huhuhuhuhuhuhu....
I'm a failure! Huhuhuhuhu... Why do the students hate me? I'm no good at running a lousy
school cafeteria... Huhuhuhu...."

"Ms. Bear-Derriere?" Akari asked.


"Sorry for our actions yesterday. It's just that you offer the same kind of food from one
source: ketchup. And the students are bored with it. Can't you just make other meals?"

"Ah... Now you're saying sorry... In return, I'll give you something." Ms. Bear-Derriere
then handed over four bowls of ketchup to the four. "The original is always the best."

"Thank you, Ms. Bear-Derriere," said the four. And they eat the ketchup without any complaints.

"Oh, you forgot to pay," the manager said. "Hand me 5,000 yen."

"Ah, now our income's all gone," Shiho muttered. She then handed over the income. "But no

"Thank you, Ms. Bear-Derriere," the four bade goodbye.

"Thanks also for reminding me of something," the manager replied.


"Food must be served to make people happy."

Then the bell rings, which means that lunch is over and the afternoon period starts. The four
rush back to their respective classes.

The holographic images of Cow and Chicken then appear.

Cow said, "Hey, Mr. Red Guy! Why did you appear on this school?"

"Hahaha. The author just placed me, stupid!"

Chicken questioned, "Then why don't ya have some other business?"

"Hahaha. I'm just happy with my job."

Cow and Chicken replied, "Then we'll send someone to KICK YOU OUT!"

Guess who comes out. It's a clone of The Red Guy, disguised as the principal!

The clone said, "According to School Decree No. 8701, you are hereby FIRED from this school!"

Ms. Bear-Derriere angrily talked back, "No! You just can't kick me out!"

And the two Red Guys rumble around the cafeteria mindlessly.

And here is Chicken's final comment:

"Paging Quina Quen, you'll be the next cafeteria manager. An' make sure ya serve food