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By Alycks

Chapter 1: Descent

There he stood, crimson eyes gazing out at the horizon. The fierce blizzard at the peak had disappeared for the time being, leaving behind a rare moment of calm. He had taken advantage of this period to emerge from his cave to take in some fresh air and bask in sunlight. Lost deep in thought, he ignored the small flakes of snow that drifted lazily down onto his red cap and the black hair that peeked out from underneath.

It had been months since he had last spoken to a human being, almost as long as he had been on Mt. Silver. But even if he wasn't that antisocial and mute figure that some believed him to be, none of that mattered.

He had reached his goal in life. The dream that had once consumed his life and every thought had been achieved. He had defeated the Elite Four, crushed his rival and acquired the title of Champion, even single handily destroying a criminal organization on the side. There were even those that believed him to be the greatest trainer ever.

At the end of it all, only one thing remained.

What now?

He remembers the trainers who had challenged him since he took his position high above Johto.

He recalls the fiery eyes of a figure donning a black and gold cap burning with ambition. An ambition he once had.

He remembers the determination and will of a girl with teal hair as she battled him in the whirling snow. The same will that he once carried.

He thinks about how he should have been ecstatic to face opponents of that caliber. But he wasn't.

The adrenaline had only temporarily flowed through his veins as he directed his Pokemon in battle. The conclusion of battle had satisfied the emptiness he now held no more than a single berry would satisfy a Snorlax.

But in the end, he hadn't been defeated.

So why did it feel like he had lost everything?

He stood there, blankly staring out, eyes unfocused. A sharp gust of wind drew him out of his thoughts and he turned to head back to his cave as shadows descended once again on the mountain. He didn't have to see dark clouds to know a storm was brewing. He could feel it overtaking the mountain, just like his thoughts were overtaking him. He clenched his fist, inconsistent puffs of condensation floating into the air as his breathing grew erratic.

Memories of the people he had met flashed through his mind and were followed by memories of obstacles he had faced. He retraced every step of his journey through his mind and allowed himself to recall the intermingled feelings of joy, sadness, pain and triumph. But there was one thing he wanted to feel again.


The torch cast a soft glow throughout the cave, pale orange clinging onto the walls of the cavern. As Red watched the flame burn, he could feel himself grow confident in his decision. Bringing his hand up in front of him, he stared at his clenched fist.

"Yes" he silently mused. He would start over and find what he had lost. He would stop being this angst-ridden teenage hermit wallowing away in self pity.

Standing, he gathered up his belongings. Food and supplies were thrown into his old tattered backpack, his pokemon attached to his belt. Taking a quick glance around, he nodded, satisfied that he had everything.

Red was happy to leave.

As he started his descent, his mind returned to thoughts about his future.

He would start a new journey and Unova sounded like the perfect destination.

But not as a Trainer. Not until he found his drive again.

He scoffed.

Greatest my ass.

Author's Note – Sorry if Red sounds a bit angsty here but I felt like it was necessary to set things up. I've been debating on whether I should leave this as is or if I should keep writing further chapters. If I do continue this, it'll be more story and less internal musings. I won't spoil anymore though.

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