"Long ago, a great evil was foretold. A powerful wizard, who was dark and cold. For what truly happened is unknown. But today, the story shall be told,".
"Come on guys I need your help!" Tinkerbell called as she zoomed on past.
"Now, remind me why we're doing this again," Vidia groaned. "Vidia!" Rosetta snapped.
"What? I mean come on, we're out here practically in the middle of no where and we still don't know why we're out here in the first place," Vidia continued. Rosetta fell silent.
"She's got a point you know," Iridessa interrupted.
"Seriously, what are we doing out here? I can barely see the pixie dust tree from here!" Fawn called to Tinkerbell who was far ahead, "And I need to bathe the skunks today!". "Ew!" everyone else replied in disgust.
The sun was at mid-point, and it was only a few hours before it got dark. If they didn't head back to the pixie dust tree soon, they would never get to the Winter Woods on time. "Come on Tink! Someone's gonna start wondering where we are!" Iridessa began, "Wait, where's Tink?".
"Great, we're out in the middle of no where and we lost her," Vidia groaned.
"This is serious! What if we don't find her? What if she's gone forever? Queen Clarion will hate us, and so will Lord Milori and Periwinkle..." Iridessa gasped before continuing, "Periwinkle! She'll kill us for losing her sister!".
"It's ok we're gonna find her," Fawn stated. "But what if we don't? We'll never be able to show our faces in Pixie Hollow ever again!" Iridessa exclaimed.
"Oh come on, this is Tinkerbell we're talkin about. She saved Spring, has been captured by humans, traveled to the ends of Neverland just to find a magic mirror, defied all odds to be with her sister and ironically in the end of that one, brought Queen Clarion and Lord Milori back together," Rosetta stated.
"Um guys we're way off topic. Can we get back to finding Tink?" Fawn asked.
"She can't be that hard to find," Silvermist stated. Everybody then split up to go find her.
"Tink!" Iridessa called as she raced over the hills. "Tink!".
Silvermist flew towards a creek. There Tink was standing next to some lost thing. It was long and thin, made of metal. "Over here guys!" she called to the others. They all raced over and stood behind Tinkerbell.
"Everyone ok on the plan?" Tinkerbell asked moments later.
"Um, exactly what is the plan?" Vidia asked. "Were you not paying attention?" Tinkerbell retorted.
"Well, we were looking for you that whole time," Iridessa answered. "I thought you were behind me the whole time," Tinkerbell replied, "Oh well guess I'll have to explain it again,".
By the time Tinkerbell finished explaining, the others were bored beyond belief. "Why couldn't you get some of your tinker friends to help you with this?" Vidia asked.
"Well, Bobble and Clank were in the Winter Woods setting up for the Fairy Festival," Tinkerbell began.
"Which is what we should be doing!" Vidia exclaimed.
"Oh my gosh, I was supposed to help organize the lighting with the light fairies," Iridessa cried. "And I'm supposed to be collecting the most beautiful flowers in Pixie Hollow," Rosetta added.
"Sorry Tink, maybe we can do this tomorrow!" Iridessa called as the two flew off. "But guys! Oh well, I guess its just the four of us now," Tink sighed.
"We'll never be able to get this back, with just the four of us!" Fawn stated as she tried to lift the metal object.
"Come on Tink!" Vidia stated.
"Oh fine, but we're coming back tomorrow," Tink replied.
Queen Clarion and Lord Milori watched the fairies as they all danced. Fairies slid across the ice, having as much fun as they possibly could. Winter fairies did so with such grace, warm season fairies just had fun laughing at themselves when they fell. The cold didn't matter to them, as long as they were having fun. This was the beginning of the Fairy Festival, which was sort of like taking a holiday from jobs. Dancing away the nights, and hanging with new and old friends. Tomorrow the warm season fairies would again cross over to the Winter Woods to continue the festival.
Something caught Milori's eye. He looked towards the pixie dust tree, where he thought he saw a flash of lightning. There was no more lightning as he continued to watch. "Milori," a peaceful and warm voice said, this brought Milori back to the matter at hand, "What's wrong?". Queen Clarion was looking up at him concerned.
"I thought I saw something, but its nothing," Milori replied, then kissed her forehead and they continued to watch the fairies. Little did the fairies of Pixie Hollow know, but what Milori thought he saw, was indeed real.
"See ya Tink!" Periwinkle, Gliss, and Spike called as Tink crossed the border, back into the warm seasons. Tinkerbell waved back, then continued on home.
"That was some party!" Spike stated as the three headed back to the mountains. "Yeah it was, oh I can't wait until tomorrow!" Gliss cheered.
As they went on, Periwinkle noticed something out of place. A feather lay half buried in the snow, a black one. It was fascinating, there weren't any black feathered birds in the Winter Woods. Periwinkle fluttered down towards it, Spike and Gliss followed. "Wow! A black feather!" Gliss exclaimed.
"It must have blown over here from the warm seasons!" Periwinkle stated as she scooped it up out of the snow.
"Don't touch it, it could be carrying disease!" Spike yelled, "Come on, I plan on getting back before morning!". Periwinkle dropped the feather and they continued to the north side.
The feather landed back in the snow. A gust of wind pushed it out and carried it a few feet. Only for it to drop back in the snow again. Another gust of wind blew it out of the snow once more and carried it above the trees. The wind changed direction and began to carry the feather farther away from the border, deeper into the woods. Soon the feather was blown away from the trees too, and was scaling over mountains. The feather was nearing its intended destination. It landed in front of a cave opening, then floated in on another gust of wind. A hand grabbed it out of the air, and a maniacal laugh let out.