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Chapter Three: Death


"Welcome back to UFO Hour on the Coast-to-Coast XM. I'm your host, Art Bell. It's been one week since the unknown phenomenon that rocked Jasper, Nevada as well as the entire US. With the news of these strange alien beings that attacked that town, there is major concern within the US government on how to defend their country from these visitors. In addition, the military are still surrounding what was once Jasper and are waiting for further orders. I will update you if there's any news, but so far I'm as curious about these new alien visitors as you all are. I still have my special line for callers who would have tips on our visitors. If you have anything about them, give us a call. The special number is-" *static* "Let's get to the special line and see who's calling. Hello caller. You are on the air with Art Bell."

"Hello? Is this Art Bell?"

"Yes caller. This is Art Bell. Who's calling please?"

"Oh, finally! I've been trying to call you for days! Thank god I got a hold of you!"

"Yes. Well… I always get that reaction to people that are trying to call me. What's your name, caller."

"The name's Mogel, but you can call me Vogel."

"And where are you from, Vogel."

"I live in the Big Apple itself. I work as a sweeper train operator within New York's own subway system."

"So can you tell us about these visitors that appeared last week, Mr. Vogel?"

"Tell you? Bell, I was an eyewitness to it all."

"Excuse me, Vogel? Did you just say that you were an eyewitness?"


"Then tell us. What did you see? What these visitors look like? The viewers need to know."

"Well, it's a little hard to explain. I was working in the tunnels, making sure everything is in tip top shape when I met these strange kids."

"Kids you say?"

"Yeah. They say that they were in a field trip and were on a tour of the tunnels. I found that to be a bit suspicious because I never heard of any tours in the tunnels. But being the good Samaritan that I am, I took em' to my train car and showed them the tunnels myself. I showed them the place, told them stories about creatures in the tunnels, hell I even told them that there were aliens in the tunnels personally. Boy how right I was."

"And what does that have to do with you seeing the visitors."

"Well I was getting to that. So anyways, as I was telling them these stories, they disappeared on me and went on their own again. The moment I caught up to them, I knew that they weren't on a tour and asked what they were really doing. That's when they told me that they were helping some aliens looking for some kind of relic and they work for some kind of government. My suspicions were right when I heard some unauthorized digging in one of the tunnels. So I took the kids and we went to investigate that tunnel. That's when I saw them."

"By them you mean the aliens right?"

"That's correct."

"So tell us Vogel, what were these visitors like? Are they friendly or hostile?"

"That's a little hard to tell. See, they weren't like those little green men you see on the TV, let me tell you. No these aliens are really different. They were made completely out of metal, from head to toe and they look very humanoid. But here's the cool thing about them. See these aliens can actually change into vehicles to blend in to their environment. This one alien that looked female for example turned into a motorcycle and drove past my sweeper. Then there was one that can turn itself into some kind of bug, like a blue beetle or something."

"So you're saying that these aliens are some kind of shape shifters or something?"

"Not shape shifters Bell, they were like alien robots. You know, like those bots you see in those Japanese cartoon shows. I think they were more like transformers than shape shifters. Anyways they saved mine and the kids' lives and they stopped these bad transformers from taking this relic they were searching for. Hell, I was deputized as the deputy of interstellar relations by their commanding officer. Though I have to stay away from parked cars. Trust me, the thought of these transformers disguised as vehicles give me the creeps."

"Interesting… So tell us Vogel, does your encounter with these visitors, these Transformers you call them, have something to do with the strange occurrence that happened in Jasper?"

"110% Art. I don't know much about these visitors, but from what I can tell is that they must've been at war for a long time. The structure that appeared in the desert has to be connected to what I saw in the tunnels."

"And you think that the good Transformers put that structure there, or the bad Transformers."

"My possible guess is that the bad Transformers are responsible for this. I mean think about it. This light appeared out of nowhere and this new city rose from the planet and then immediately after that the town that was close to it was under attack. It's strongly obvious that these are the bad kind that wants to conquer this planet and enslave us."

"And you didn't tell anyone about this since your first encounter?"

"Well as deputy of interstellar relations I've been given clear orders to maintain complete radio silence until I am called upon. But when the attack in Jasper happened last week I have to tell the world about this. And what better way to tell everyone than in your radio show right?"

"One more question before we cut to a break Vogel. Do you really think that the good Transformers will stop the bad ones?"

"Hell yeah they will stop them. They saved my life in the tunnels right? No way would they let the bad ones take over this planet and get away with it."

"There you have it folks! You heard it first on this show! These visitors or robots in disguise who call themselves the Transformers and the unexplained phenomenon are the bad Transformers taking over this planet. Will the good ones triumph over evil? Only time will tell. Thank you Vogel for giving us your experience with these beings."

"Not a problem Bell. You know I'm a big fan of your show."

"We'll be right back for more-"


Soldier 1: "Hey! I was listening to that!"

Fowler turned off the radio and looked at the driver.

Agent Fowler: "Sorry soldier, but I can't take that garbage anymore."

Soldier 1: "You call that garbage? Art Bell and his UFO Hour is the best thing on satellite radio. His inside in the alien conspiracy is pretty top notch and always gives interesting details. And now with the cons invading us and all, he's getting pretty popular. We should listen to his show to see if there are any updates as to what is happening in Nevada."

Fowler: "That Bell is nothing but an opportunist who is using this invasion to boost his ratings. Nothing more than that. I don't understand why they still want him to do this show."

An hour or so later, Fowler was in the main jeep as the rest of the convoy left the Autobot's new base. The jeeps were on the way to the military complex, while the semi's that had carried the Autobots were refueling at a nearby gas station before they could depart. Fowler was watching through the front window and noticed that everything looked so quiet. He could only see a few cars whizzing by, but nothing else. Who would've thought that when the Decepticons decided to show up and change the war this could happen? People were either staying at home fearing the worst, while others decided to get away from big cities assuming that cons would attack there. And to think this all happened from last week's events.

When he got the Autobots and their human friends to the new base underneath Lake Erie, he had to tell them what happened while they were separated. The results were both shocking and heartbreaking. First, he told them what happened to their old base and the fact the Optimus died while trying to prevent the cons from finding them. Then he had to tell them about Jasper being under attack, killing the people while they were in the middle of an evacuation, which made the kids even more upset. Not to mention the fact that the cons set up a barrier around New Kaon to prevent any counter attack from them. And to add insult to injury, he had to tell the Autobots that the children needed to be put under protective custody and relocation, meaning that they won't see the bots again. It was really hard for them to take, being that they had been friends for such a long time. He could imagine how they would feel in the coming weeks. He had seen it before in other soldiers, be it depression, loneliness, or abandonment.

Not only that, but he heard what had happened before the cons decided to move to Earth. From what he could piece together was that the Autobots were going to restore Cybertron by using the Omega Keys and the Omega Lock. They've been through many trials and surprises, but they finally managed to get the keys, and were about to use the lock to bring their planet back to life. Unfortunately, Megatron and the cons abducted the children, setting them up for ransom. If the Autobots surrendered the keys, they would get the kids back, if not, they would be left to die in the toxic air of their planet. So they did the only thing they could do, turn over the keys to save their friends. And that one choice led to the whole debacle on Earth.

And, the reason why all of this happened in the first place was because of a certain bot medic named Ratchet. He was so obsessed with the mission of restoring Cybertron that he couldn't be bothered with picking up the kids from school. For an old veteran Autobot like him, he should have remembered that the lives of all beings, and that means the kids, are more important than the restoration of a planet. And now after all of this mess has started, every bot blames the medic for screwing that one thing up.

But Fowler can't find it in his heart to blame him for that. He was an old mech who missed his home planet Cybertron for so many years; it was heart wrenching for him, and now, the only way to bring it back is forever gone. Ratchet needs to understand that there's more to this war than Cybertron, and that's the safety of Earth. He's sure that Ratchet will find a way to learn this lesson, but first he has to accept responsibility for what he has done.

As the three jeeps were driving, something caught Fowler's eyes and pointed to it.

Agent Fowler: "Hey, what's that?"

The soldier driving looked down the highway and noticed that something was up. In the distance was some kind of blockage with police cars and flares blocking the path. There was a detour sign ahead to divert cars coming down the road. The driver looked at it and wondered about it too.

Soldier 1: "I don't know, sir… Looks like a blockade of some kind. But why it's blocking our way to the complex, I have no idea."

The agent frowned and decided to see for himself.

Agent Fowler: "Well only one way to find out. Park the jeeps."

So the three jeeps slowed to a stop and parked at the side of the divider for the other cars to pass. Once they were close to the blockade, Fowler got out with the lead soldier and approached the blockade. The chief of police saw them coming and stopped them before they could enter.

Chief of Police: "Halt! No one goes in here without identification."

Fowler nodded and took his badge out to show his ID. He then started to introduce himself.

Agent Fowler: "I'm special agent William Fowler of the United States government. Mind telling me what is going on here?"

The police officer looked at his badge and realized it was legitimate, so he looked back and apologized.

Chief of Police: I'm sorry, sir. Didn't know you were with the government. But since you're here then perhaps you can help us with the investigation. Please, follow me.

The police chief turned and started walking to the scene of the accident. Fowler looked at the soldier and told him to wait.

Agent Fowler: "Stay here while I check to see what's going on."

The soldier nodded as the agent walked through the barricade to investigate the situation. As they were walking, Fowler noticed something that caught him off guard. He saw one of the convoy jeeps that had been used to escort the Autobots. It was destroyed in some kind of crash, and the coroner and his crew were carrying several body bags. It was a sickening sight, and he wondered what caused it. He turned to the chief and asked about it.

Agent Fowler: "So, care to tell me what happened here?"

The police officer turned and explained everything thoroughly.

Chief of Police: "Don't know. We got a 911 call from a pedestrian who was walking along this highway. He witnessed the beginnings of some kind of shoot out chase on the opposite side. It's hard to tell, but he gave us a clear description of the vehicles. From what we can piece together from his account and reconstructing the crash, three military jeeps similar to yours where under attack by a huge semi truck and five green sports cars. By the time we got here, there was ample evidence of some heavy crashes, along with gun shell casings scattered about. The first jeep looked like its front window was blown out killing the driver, which sent it crashing into the divider. The second one looked like it was blown up in a ball of flames, killing the occupants inside. The third one however was in much worse shape. By the looks of it, the semi that was part of the attack hit the jeep in the back with full force, sending it rolling a couple of times before it stopped. Pretty much a big mess. And to think, this is all happened, one week since the Jasper, Nevada incident."

Fowler listened and realized that these jeeps were the ones that were taking the Autobot's friends to the base in Illinois. Concerned, he asked the chief of police something else.

Agent Fowler: "Any survivors?"

The police chief sighed and answered.

Chief of Police: "Afraid not. No one could have survived that attack. We checked each jeep and all the dead soldiers have been accounted for. Shame we didn't get an eyewitness to all of this," gesturing towards the wreckage.

Fowler heard that and worried whether the kids were part of the casualty list. But he knew he had to keep a calm, unemotional demeanor.

Agent Fowler: "What about the evidence? Anything worth salvaging?"

Chief of Police: "Well, there are some things that were left behind in the attack. Perhaps you would like to see them for yourself."

Fowler looked at him and nodded to see this evidence. The two headed to a small tent where it was being kept. Upon entering, the chief of police took him to a table.

Chief of Police: "Most of the evidence we collected were nothing more than gun shells scattered about, but there were three objects that had been left behind in the third damaged jeep. See for yourself."

Fowler looked at the table and saw three different objects resting on the table. Taking a closer look, he recognized each of them. One was a laptop with a cracked screen and a few missing keys. The second was a neon pink cell phone that had a few scratches from the crash. But in the middle of the table was a futuristic key with circuitry on the inside. Fowler knew to whom they belonged. Not to mention that the middle key was the Key of Vector Sigma, given to Jack for protection. Looking at them, he sighed and could tell that things were worse than he feared. The police chief looked at him with concern and asked about the objects.

Chief of Police: "Do you know anything about these objects?"

The agent looked back at him and told him truthfully.

Agent Fowler: "Indeed I do. These objects belonged to some interns that were working with me for the agency. They were being escorted to the base in Illinois for protection since the incident last week. Haven't heard from the convoy since they left. Tell me, were there four civilians in one of the jeeps?"

The police chief thought this through and told him what he and his other officers found.

Chief of Police: "No, sir. We cleared those jeeps and there were no civilians present in any of them. Just dead soldiers…"

Fowler nodded and remained calm and collected. Looking back at the three items, he asked for privacy.

Agent Fowler: "I need to be alone for a moment."

The officer granted the agent's request.

Chief of Police: "Understood, Agent Fowler. Let me know when you're finished here."

He then exited the tent and left the agent alone with the three items that once belonged to the kids. Looking through the evidence, a lot of thoughts were in his head. He was glad that the kids and June survived this attack, but what happened to them? Did they escape? Were they captured? Did the cons do this or someone else? Thinking this through, he noticed a blinking light on Miko's cell phone. Curious, he picked it up and opened the lid to activate the menu option. Skimming through the options he noticed a text message that was auto saved but not sent. He clicked on the stored text and read its contents. What he saw was completely shocking. It read…

'Autobots! Help! We're under attack! It's MECH! They're trying to capture us! We need_'

The message stopped there. After looking through the message again, the realization soon hit him. MECH was back, and they have taken the Autobot's friends. Closing the phone, Fowler knew that it was really bad.

Agent: "Sweet Lincoln… The Autobots are not going to be happy about this."

It's been hours since the attack and Jack didn't know what happened. One minute they were on the way to the military base in Illinois, the next they were under attack by MECH. He then asked Miko to send a text to the Autobots to see if they can help them. Sure it was a serious risk for them to leave the base and get their energon signature exposed, but they wouldn't stand by while their human friends got hurt. Just before she could finish and send the text, the truck hit them in the back and sent the jeep spinning and flipping out of control. And then after that… nothing… Just plain darkness… What happened to him? Where are his friends? Where's his mother? Are they dead? Is he dead?! Is this the afterlife? Those were the many questions that he had swirling in his head. Just as he was thinking about that, he heard voices from a distance. They were soft at first, but then got louder by the second. And then, he started to see murky, blurry images. The images started to clear up as his eyes began refocusing. As he regained consciousness, Jack could tell that he was alive and well. But then he began to wonder where he was. When he got up, his head hit a glass wall of some kind. Rubbing it, he blinked his eyes and soon realized where he was. He was in some kind of a glass container, similar to the ones the Decepticons used to keep them prison and hold them for ransom. But these were different, almost man-made. Looking up, he noticed that his glass tube was hooked in to some kind of a strange machine with a huge tank in the back. Becoming more curious as to where he was, he looked left and right and noticed other glass containers between him. What shocked him the most was that in the containers were his mom and friends. June was to his left, while Raf and Miko were on his right. All three were still unconscious, with cuts and bruises on their bodies and torn and bloody clothes from the crash. The left lens of Rafael's glasses was cracked. Figuring they were all trapped in the same glass containers as his, he wanted to wake them up quickly before something bad happened to them. So he turned to each of them and yelled.

Jack: "Mom? Guys? Are you all right? Wake up!"

Luckily, they were regaining consciousness, as the three slowly started to stir. The moment they opened their eyes, they also realized the situation they were in. Miko's only response was to kick the glass in frustration, and let out a heavy groan.

Miko: "Ah man! Not this again!"

June was as panicked as any of them and tried desperately to bang on the glass. She then looked at her son and wanted some answers.

June: "Jack? What's going on here? Where are we? How did we get in these tubes?"

Jack was trying to be calm as he tried to get mom under control.

Jack: "I really don't know mom. But don't worry, I'll find a way out of here."

Just as he said that, he heard a very strange southern voice from in front of him.

Director: "Oh I don't think that's the least of your worries, boy."

They all immediately stopped what they were doing and turned to the front to see who talked. What they saw were three individuals they had never seen before. The one on the left was a big military man with a gray V line haircut and a brace on his leg. The one on the right was a scientist with a pot belly and spike hair with a white streak. And the one in the middle was a mysterious man, tall and lean with glasses on his darkened face, hiding his identity. Behind them was a huge computer-like console with many small screens, and one huge screen in the middle with the MECH logo on it. Also behind the three were other scientists sitting at terminals and working. And to top it off, there was a single MECH soldier behind a video camera on a tripod, recording the four trapped in the glass containers. Jack looked at all of this and blinked his eyes in surprise, having a lot of questions in his head. Who were these people? What are they doing to them? Have they been watching his mom, friends, and himself the whole time? It was hard to tell judging by the situation they were in. So he looked the one in the middle who had started to speak and had a poisonous sound in his voice.

Jack: "MECH… Why am I not surprised? Who are you and what do you want with us?"

There was a bit of silence within the room as the man in the middle looked at each of them and was intrigued by the question and the tone of Jack's voice.

Director: "Ah… Jackson and June Darby, Rafael Jorge Gonzales Esquivel, and Miko Nakadai. It's a pleasure to finally meet you all."

The four looked at each other and were shocked that he knew them.

Jack: "Wait… You knew about us?"

This mysterious man looked right at Jack and chuckled.

Director: "Oh but of course. My men have been watching you for quite some time ever since your mother's kidnapping. Wasn't an easy feat where each of you lived, but we had all the information we needed about you, and your special friends. But where are my manners? I should've let you know who I am and where you are. So allow me to be the first to welcome you to the Science Division of MECH. You will refer to me as The Director."

Miko crossed her arms and found his name to be very amusing. Taking a mocking tone, she laughed,

Miko: "The Director? That's very original…"

The Director turned to the Japanese teen and responded back.

Director: "It suits me Ms. Nakadai. I suggest that you don't insult me with your jokes. This here is my right hand man, Commander Rourke. And here is the head scientist that has made my vision a reality, Professor Isaac Sumdac. Introductions made."

There was still concern in their faces as Raf tried to get to the task at hand. Wanting to know what this Director wanted with them.

Raf: "What do you want with us? If you're trying to extract Intel on us so you can hand us to the Decepticons, we won't tell you anything."

The Director looked at the young boy and had a quizzical look on his face.

Director: "Decepticons?"

Miko: "Yeah! Silas made a deal with Megatron and made an alliance with MECH. If you think we're going to give you anything we know about our friends so you can talk to your Deceptifriends, you've got another think coming!"

The Director shook his head and couldn't help but to chuckle at what she said.

The Director: "A MECH/Decepticon alliance? Is that what you really think? I'm sorry, but I don't think there was any alliance between the cons and us. Cause the last time I checked, I didn't see any transforming robots around here."

Jack heard that and realized what he was trying to say.

Jack: "You mean there was no alliance? But Fowler told us that Silas was with Breakdown, and Ratchet believed there was one."

The Director looked at Jack and explained to him what really happened.

Director: "Indeed that Silas made a deal with these Decepticons to form an alliance, but it wasn't with MECH. It was with himself."

The young Darby looked at him and was interested with what he was saying.

Jack: "What do you mean?"

This Director smirked as a few windows popped up showing Silas's project from schematic to video feeds. He started to explain what happened to him.

Director: "I do believe you were fully aware of Silas's once latest work, Project Chimera. You see, he perfected his work and was close to a breakthrough. Unfortunately, one little slipup cost him everything he worked for, including his life. Although he did survive the crash, his body was mangled and close to death's doorstep. His men decided to save his life by implanting his body with that of a dead robot they discovered. Breakdown was it? Anyways, the operation was successful and Silas managed to live another day. But after being brought back to life, Silas believed that he wanted to be one with the gods. So he… Well… Why don't I show you what happened?"

Just then another video came up and showed a recording from one of the soldier's head cams. The small camera belonged to Private Jenkins. When it started to play, the four looked on to see what appeared to be Breakdown, but he looked like some kind of Frankenstein experiment. At first they thought it was Breakdown, but the voice belonged to Silas.

Silas: "Thank you all for all your dedication and lifetime of service. But I now seem more suited to keep the exclusive company of Titans."

The Silas with the body of Breakdown activated his cannon and did the most unimaginable thing. He targeted his own men and fired on them. The rest of the video was a little hard to watch as Silas destroyed everything in the building and killed his own men. Almost immediately the screen went static and the video feed ended. The four were horrified at what they saw and couldn't believe any of it.

Raf: "Silas killed his own men? He betrayed them?"

The Director looked at the video and shook his head.

Director: "It's a pity really. His men did all they could to save him and what did they get? A stab in the back! Silas's betrayal had dealt a heavy blow to our cause and proved that he never cared about our industry. So, effective immediately, he is no longer a part of MECH. But, that's all in the past. Now, MECH is focused on the future. I am the future."

He turned to the four prisoners and had a very devious look to him. Jack stared right back at him and could tell they were in trouble. But still, he had no idea why this Director would abduct them to begin with.

Jack: "You still haven't answered my question yet. If you didn't take us to hand us over to the Decepticons, then why are we here?"

The head of MECH's science division looked at the boy and sighed.

Director: "Why is it that the young are always the curious?"

He turned to the Commander and asked about their condition from the crash.

Director: "Commander, are these people prepped for the experiment?"

Rourke looked at the Director and answered.

Commander Rourke: "The medical team examined them and said that they were banged up from the crash. But they passed the examination and are ready for the procedure."

Sumdac looked at the four and had a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach. He turned to his boss and expressed reservations.

Professor Sumdac: "I don't know if it's wise using these four as test subjects, Director."

He turned to the professor and reassured him that everything would be all right.

Director: "Professor Sumdac, I can't test our latest work by sacrificing my own men. Civilian test subjects are the perfect choice for something like this."

As the conversation continued, the four overheard them and didn't like any of it.

June: "Experiment?"

Jack: "Procedure?"

Raf: "Test subjects?"

Miko: "Why do I get the feeling that we don't like the sound of any of this?"

Jack was now extremely worried and tried to get the Director's attention.

Jack: "What are you talking about? What do you mean by any of that?"

The Director turned to Jack and could tell that he wanted some answers.

Director: "I see you still want to know your fate, Mr. Darby. Very well, I'll tell you. You see, Silas's Project Chimera had proven so much for our cause. Our technology, combined with the alien's biology had proven to be quite an effective weapon. Unfortunately for him, he failed to accomplish one thing. For even though he created the body of their kind…"

Raf: "He didn't create the soul of one."

He looked at the young boy and smiled at his answer.

Director: "Quite perceptive of you Mr. Esquivel! Quite perceptive indeed. You see, although Silas understood the Cybertronian's structure and inner workings, he failed to grasp the understanding of their soul. All he created was a lifeless, mindless, soulless machine without any thought or feelings. Such a shame that it was laid to waste. But what he lost, I gained. With him gone, I now have possession of all the research Silas made since he discovered this alien race. What I discovered is that they are sort of like us. Aside from the few variations we lack, we have such strong similarities, from genders, to what keeps us alive. After studying his research, I have found a way to create the perfect robotic soldier, both inside, and out. And you four, are going to help me make that possible."

Jack just heard every word he said and was getting uncomfortable with his words.

Jack: "What does it have to do with us?"

The Director turned to him and asked him something.

Director: "Have you ever gone to a science class Mr. Darby? Did they teach you about the metamorphosis of a butterfly, starting from a caterpillar to a cocoon, all the way to the final product? With the help of Professor Sumdac here, we have created the ultimate invention that is similar to the butterfly's lifecycle. Allow me to introduce you all to: Project Metamorphosis."

The second he said that, all the lights in the room went on and the four were temporarily blinded by it. When they got their vision back, they looked around and were shocked by what they saw. They were in a huge room, big enough for a robot to fit in. On the left, they saw large multiple berths, with wheels that can be moved remotely and a humanoid mold at the top. Above the berths were crane like arms meant to hold some kind of object. There was another command console next to the tanker with many laser-guided arms used for something important. When they looked up, they got a clear view of the huge tanker right behind them. They were a little overwhelmed by all of this. But the Director looked at all of this and was satisfied by what he did.

Director: "Marvelous, don't you agree?"

But Jack didn't like this as he turned to him and snapped.

Jack: "What is all of this?!"

The head of the science division turned to Jack and could tell he's still confused.

Director: "Guess I went a little too far in my presentation. Let me explain it. See, by looking into Silas's research, I knew that what he was missing was to make his robot like that of a human, filled with feelings and emotions. This project is capable of fixing that problem. In short, like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, all of this will turn a human into the kind that MECH has been interested in for some time."

There was a brief silence until Miko looked at this person and was a little confused.

Miko: "And what it that supposed to mean?"

Raf heard this too and tried to piece it all together. After gathering the information, the realization hit him as he turned to Miko for the answer.

Raf: "Don't you get it Miko? He said that all of this is used to turn humans into Cybertronians."

He then made one big gulp and realized what they were in for.

Raf: "And we're the first in line to take part in this."

The Darby's looked at Raf, shocked by this turn of events.

Jack: "What?!"

June then turned to the Director and was disgusted by this.

June: "You can't turn humans into Cybertronians! That's freaking impossible!"

The Director peeked at June's tube and responded in a calming voice.

Director: "Is it Mrs. Darby? For a nurse that understands biology, I could imagine why you never studied Cybertronian anatomy. Though I can't turn the four of you directly, I do know a way of doing it step by step. But perhaps a little presentation would be in order."

He walked away from Rourke and Sumdac and headed to what appeared to be a table with a wine glass and a metallic gray canister. The four looked at him and wondered what he was up to. When he approached the table, he picked up the canister and slowly opened the lid. Once it was fully opened, he looked at the four and asked them a quick question.

Director: "Tell me my friends; can you guess what this is?"

He started to lift the container over the wine glass and poured it in. What came out of the container was a strange light blue liquid with a low glow to it. Looking at this liquid, Jack knew what it was.

Jack: "Uh guys? That's energon."

The Director chuckled as he lifted the wine glass filled with the liquid and examined it.

Director: "Quite right, my dear boy. Energon. From what Silas added to one of his reports was that energon is the Cybertronian equivalent of human blood, and can be used for fuel, ammunition, and medicine. But what I've discovered is that this energon is actually the basic building blocks for creating these alien beings."

As he said that, there was a data and video window popping up in the main screen showing information about Energon. The four prisoners looked at the screen and were intrigued by what this new MECH leader was talking about. This Director spun the glass and looked at them, explaining what he discovered.

Director: "Upon closer examination, I discovered that this energon has its own molecular structure, its own genetic code if you will. If I were able to alter that type of code, I could create the robotic soldiers needed to change history as we know it. The only problem is that the code is bland, impossible to alter. But there is an alternative solution."

Jack swallowed a lump in his throat and didn't like the sound of it.

Jack: "Alternative solution?"

Suddenly, the machine they were in started to hum to life as compartments behind and above them opened up. They didn't know that the scientists at the main computer had started to work on this project until it was too late. Red beams then came out and slowly started to scan them. The Director placed the glass on the table and headed back to the main console, explaining to them what they were in for.

Director: "You see this substance, like any other substance, is mostly made out of water. And believe it or not, the human body contains 35 liters of water along with some other saline fluids. The perfect opportunity to test out the first phase of my project, the caterpillar stage if you will."

Once the red lasers finished scanning, four 3D images of Jack, June, Raf, and Miko appeared, with windows showing their status. It currently read: 'Human 100%; Energon 0%'. The four were confused by it all, but got the sickening feeling they were not going to like it. The Director turned to the four and finished with what he was saying.

Director: "That huge tanker attached to your containers contains around 50,000 gallons of Energon, enough to create a huge army. It wasn't easy searching for untapped mines holding that much energon, but we were successful regardless. Once you all have been converged, we can use your genetic code to make some alterations. Making you more like your friends, if you will."

Jack heard all of this and wondered what he meant by 'converged'. But then it hit him. The energon, the containers, and this 'first stage' he was talking about. He suddenly realized what he was going to do to them.

Jack: "You're going to turn us into energon?!"

His deduction caused everyone to look at him and all were shocked.

Raf: "What?"

June: "Is he serious?"

The Director then turned to the nurse and gave her a brief statement.

Director: "Indeed I am serious Mrs. Darby. In order for me to create new life, I need to destroy the old. Sometimes success requires sacrifice, including human lives."

Miko turned back to the Director and had a disgusted look on her face.

Miko: "Dude, that's sick!"

The Director turned to her and responded.

Director: "Is that so? Well I'm not a sick man, girl. What I am is an innovator, trying to change history every second. This latest work will prove to the world that MECH is a dominating force. And what better way to test Project Metamorphosis than with the help of the Autobots' friends. You should feel lucky; you are going to take part in this wondrous event."

He turned to one of the scientists and gave a nod to begin. The scientist nodded back and pushed a button on the console. The four then heard a humming noise from behind and knew that the machine was distributing energon into their tubes. They heard compartments opening at the bottom of their tubes and looked down to see what was coming. What they saw was energon pooling around their feet and slowly rising. The glowing pool rose up to their knees, then their waist, then their chests, until they were swimming in the goo. Fear was accelerating in their hearts as the energon pool was filling the tube and their heads almost hit the ceiling. The Director looked on and was smiling at their predicament. He turned his back to them and headed to the console to complete the job.

Director: "I should let you know that you won't be able to experience the rest of my project, given the condition you will soon be in. So whether this succeeds or fails, I would like to thank you for taking part in my grand achievement."

As he approached the console, he looked at the one key that completes this first stage of his project. Before he could press it, Miko decided to pull a last ditch effort and threatened this new leader.

Miko: "You are going to be so sorry for this, four eyes! When the Autobots rescue us, they are going to teach you a lesson!"

There was a short silence in the room as the Director listened to the girl's useless threat.

Director: "The Autobots? Rescue you?"

There was a small laugh from this threat and he turned back to them with a deep glare and a devious smile.

Director: "I'm counting on it…"

With that said, he pushed the button and watched the conversion for himself. The four tubes had electrical prods on the top and bottom and they started to glow brightly. Instantly, the four were shocked by multiple volts of electricity, each successive shock stronger than the last. June, Raf, and Miko screamed in pain as the electricity coursed through their body and the energon glowed brighter from the volts. But Jack kept his mouth shut as the pain spread through him, looking at this Director that's trying to kill them. The pain was excruciating as he could feel his body tingling. He peeked at the screen and watched as the percent counters kept changing, as the human percent was decreasing and the energon count was increasing. Glancing down at his hand, he noticed that it had started to denucleate itself and was looking soft and melting like ice cream. Seeing this, he knew what was happening. Their bodies were dissolving into the gooey liquid and all they could do was watch their lives melt away. The Director and others watched the procedure closely and didn't flinch from the show. But Sumdac just turned his head away and was sickened by the whole thing. For seconds, the four prisoners could feel their bodies melting, their inner organs liquefying, and their DNA breaking apart. Their thoughts were getting incredibly fuzzy and they were slipping in and out of consciousness. Jack was horrified as his friends and mother were merging with the energon and vanishing away. He looked back at the Director, as the last image he saw before he slipped into an unconscious state was MECH enjoying the show. It was then that the only thought that was in his head before he sank into a vegetative state was…

Jack: "Arcee… I'm sorry… I… Love… You…"

Jack then slipped away as he and the others sank into the energon substance. As the process finished, steam came out of each tube and enveloped the entire machine, blocking MECH's view. The Director watched intently as he gestured to one of the scientists.

Director: "Drain the tubes."

The scientist nodded and pressed another button, as the liquid where the captors once were began moving through thin pipes. The Director headed toward the end of the machine on the left while Rourke and Sumdac followed behind. They waited until a compartment on the side opened up and a tray came out. What they saw was remarkable, and the professor was in complete awe.

Professor Sumdac: "My god…"

But the Director looked at this and was pleased with his success.

Director: "Phase 1 is complete. Prepare for Phase 2."

Commander Rourke: "Right away sir."

Right there on the tray, were four energon cubes with different colors. June's cube was red, Raf's cube was orange brown, Miko's cube was pinkish purple, and Jack's was light blue. In a matter of moments, the Director's project had already begun to bear fruit. For what was once the Autobots' four human friends were now four lifeless energon cubes.

That finishes chapter three. Was a little short yes, but at least I didn't add more to it. Now I know what you all are thinking, so I'll make this brief. No! Jack, Raf, Miko, and June are not dead. I would wish to explain it some more but then it would spoil the next chapter. And trust me, there will be some shock and awe once I post that one up. I'll leave you guessing to see what's to come. Until then, Please Review.