Title: Of Love at First Sight

Anime: Kanokon

Pairing: ChizuruXKouta

Written after episode 1 of Kanokon

(Italics=Chizuru, Bold=Kouta. Re-watching this and 11eyes and doing stories for both of them. Haven't seen Kanokon in a while, and this may turn out kind of bad, but I think I'll like this show even better now that I'm watching it a third time. The first time I came for a plot and left before finishing the first episode. Second time through I came for the fanservice and stayed because the show was sexy and funny. Third time round, I'm watching it because I love the show and I want to write for it.)

All it took was seeing him to know that I loved him.

I thought I was going crazy. Why would someone like her want someone like me?

Our love is pure, definite, and ever-lasting… the perfect bond between a man and a woman.

She is a fox spirit and I'm a human. For some strange reason, she wants me.

Love at first sight is real.

She said she fell in love with me when she first saw me. Part of me is happy, and another part of me is afraid of what will happen.

They say we can't be together, but we're already proving them wrong. Give us time, and we'll show them that are bond does nothing but grow stronger.

I accepted her into my heart. Guess being accepted into her body is the next step that she's been wanting to take. She doesn't beat around the bush.

If only we could get some time alone, though…

She immediately attacks me and hugs me when we're alone. She's going to make me a man someday soon, I'm sure…

I'm a virgin and so is he. It's only natural that we bond this way.

I'm afraid, but… happy.

These new feelings… this heat in me… it's all new, and I'm ready to dive right in.

If there's anyone I'd want to grow up with, it's her.

If there's anyone I'd want to belong to, it's him.


(How'd I do? I kind of feel good about how this turned out.)