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Ciel sat at his desk, cheek resting delicately on his left hand, silently observing his butler pour his tea and set out his sweet confections. Sebastian's slender body moved with grace.

"Today we have blackberry orchard fruit cake with earl gray tea," Sebastian said, eyes downcast and hand across his chest, his body bent down in a half bow.

Ciel wondered how Sebastian always managed to do everything he ordered, even the outrageous ones. Wasn't there any end to what a demon could do? Suddenly, Ciel thought of an interesting order. Everything Sebastian ever did was either an order or a must due to their contract. If it didn't exist, what would he do? Would he still stick around and serve him?

"Sebastian, I have a new order," Ciel demanded, "tonight, from after diner till 10 PM you may do anything you would like, anything at all, no matter how outrageous it is, as long as it doesn't involve any killing."

Sebastian looked up with a shocked face. His eyes wide, they flickered with an unreadable emotion before turning back to that mask he wore all the time, and grinned.

"Yes, my lord," he bowed and left.

Sebastian was shocked. This was the first time Ciel had told him to do such a thing. Thoughts flickered across his mind, things he could do in that span of time. One in particular stuck out. Sebastian shook his head. No, Ciel was his master and he was his butler and demon. He couldn't do such an odd thing, although Ciel had said anything, as long as he didn't kill anyone.

Looking up, he saw a portrait of his young master. His royal blue eye staring into the emptiness of the hall, the other was covered by his bangs and the eye patch he wore over the eye that signified their contract. That porcelain skin and slender teenage body… Sebastian couldn't take it anymore. He had served Ciel for a few years now. And after all, it was an order and unless Ciel took it back, it couldn't hurt, could it?

Sebastian kept on walking towards his office. Might as well try and get some paperwork done before tonight, he thought. Then, I can have some fun.

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