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Chapter Nine

Ciel arrived at the Undertaker's early in the morning after ordering Sebastian to take care of the mansion and absolutely NOT follow him. Although it had been hard to make him help before, Ciel easily made the Undertaker laugh just by telling him what he wanted. The roof shaking laugh brought a blush to the young boy's cheeks and upon seeing that, the Undertaker only laughed harder.

"Can you do it or not?!" Ciel demanded after the long haired man calmed down.

"Of course! Especially after you let me laugh so hard, but why on earth would you want me to get one for you?"

"Mind your own business! I have my reasons! I want it by tonight!" he shouted and slammed the door.

Just as the Phantomhive lord left, a red haired man snuck up behind the white haired one and hugged him tightly.

"Undertaker-san, why did you laugh so hard at that measly request?"

The man chuckled, "Why Grell-kun, it's because it means little Sebastian has finally gotten his feelings to reach Ciel, just like mine reached you," and he turned his head and pecked his lover on the lips.

That afternoon as everyone gathered around a breathtaking Christmas tree that Sebastian had decorated earlier that week, everyone had gifts. Ciel had little velvet bags of money for Meyrin, Finni, Bard and Tanaka. Tanaka just sat there sipping tea and going ho ho ho as a thanks.

Sebastian almost turned into a tomato from his present. Meyrin, Finni, and Bard had given him a photo album filled to the brim with pictures of Ciel in dresses that Lizzie had put him in.

As the present giving continued, Ciel excused himself once it had gotten dark and ordered Sebastian to come to his room an hour from then.

Closing the door firmly, Ciel took out the cat costume he'd gotten from the Undertaker. It offered very little coverage and was meant to tease Sebastian. It consisted of black panties that had a tail attached to it. The tail went through the panties and were designed for the wearer (male) to stick up his ass to prepare him and also allowed the tail move like a real cat's if the wearer contracted his muscles. (/) Over the panties was a very, very, very short black skirt that offered barely any coverage and showed off Ciel's skinny legs. On top of his head he added cat ears and around his neck a black collar with a golden bell on it. His chest remained bare. He then chained himself to his bed and tossed the key onto the table out of his reach.

Ciel sat up, his legs bent behind and on either side of him and hands in between. (like a W and he's leaning on his hands which are between the two bumps on the bottom of the W)

When Sebastian walked in, the sight gave him an immediate hard on. Ciel muttered in a really cute tone, blushing like crazy, "Merry Christmas Sebastian, and thank you for everything."

Just the fact that Ciel was dressed like a cat was enough to drive Sebastian crazy, but his adorable voice when he said that just drove Sebastian even crazier. Sebastian dove at Ciel and kissed him long and hard. When he finally pulled away to let Ciel breath, he leaned in and whispered in his master's ear.

"No need for thanks, Bochan. I'm merely one hell of a butler."

Sebastian: Thank you for the Christmas present!

Ciel: *still blushing like crazy*

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