It's Good To Be Back

After seeing Evangeline again, everything felt just like it did before. Even when she kicked me off the balcony for falling on top of her it felt like I was at home. Luckily for me Chachamaru had jets installed into her. If not I would have died again. For the millionth time, okay maybe it was the third or fourth.

"Sammy-kun?" I looked up to see I was sitting in one of the armchairs in the resort. Chachamaru was in front of me seeing if I had a fever by placing her hand to my head. "You see out of it." I shook my head while slowly dropping her arm.

"I'm okay, just thinking. By the way, where's Viridiana and them?" She got a small smile while sticking out her hand. I looked from it to her.

"I'll show you. We've made some modifications." I shrugged while taking her hand. Only to be wrapped into some other place in the other domes. Though it wasn't one of the other ones where Evangeline trained with me. This one was different. I was in the middle of the woods somewhere as we were standing in front of a cottage. It looked small, must be very new.

Chachamaru walked up the steps towards the front door. She knocked on the door without hesitation. Then in a spilt second it opened to show a girl behind it. She was around my height, golden dirty blonde hair around her shoulders; golden eyes that were once different were now purple, with a smile creasing on her face. She wore a violet tank top and some torn up jean shorts.

"Oh're here!" She jumped at me while laughing happily. It was Yami. I slowly hugged back while surprised form her reaction. Seeing this type of reaction from her, she looks really happy. When she got back from hugging me, there were some slight tears.

"Yami, yeah I'm back. Nice to see you again." She seemed very happy while jumping up and down with my hand in hers.

"This is good! Maybe you can bring him back!" I tilted my head as she pulled me into the house. Even as she was taking me somewhere, I was still able to see the inside of the house. It looked really amazing.

Before I knew it, she opened the door to the backyard that made me even more impressed. The back yard had this huge oak tree in the middle of it with some lawn chairs under it. Actually there was a guy sitting there enjoying the nature.

He had his hair brushed down, skin tanned from I'm guessing the sun, and smiled up to the sky. He wore some shades, a black plaid shirt that was opened up to show his chest, dark brown shorts, and some sandals.

"Mark!" He looked up while placing his glasses on his head. Once he saw me, he immediately jumped out of the chair, popping up right in front of us. He scanned me from head to toe while opening and closing his mouth.

"Wow, the first person not to hug me other than Negi." He laughed while patting my head. I got a slight blush as I looked up to him.

"It's great to see you again." I laughed while nodding at him.

"Same to you, Mark. Though where's Koyo, I haven't seen him yet or Viri." He seemed a little surprised to hear me ask that. He looked over to Yami with a 'you didn't explain to her look'. Before she could speak a sudden dark hole opened up right in front of us. It was the same around when Eclipse sent Mark and Koyo to the dark realm.

The person that walked out of there was someone I wasn't expecting. Viridiana came out looked very pleased. She wore a white sundress white a light blue blazer over it and some light brown boots. Her fire red hair pulled into a high ponytail. There was a small scratch mark on her cheek. I ran over to her.

"Vivi!" I hugged her tight while feeling the tears come back. "Y-you're here! You don't know how much I missed you, oh and Hikari told me a lot of fun-," she cut me off by hugging me back and cutting off my air.

"Don't speak about that, but I'm happy to see you too. Though there's someone else I think you'll love to see." She pushed me to the side away from the portal. Before I knew it, the tears fell even more.

Walking through that portal was someone even more I was not expecting. He had his hair spiked up, brown eyes mixed with some red in there, his dark skin bruised and cuts all over, and a confused look. He wore a sleeveless black shirt, a charcoal cloak that was torn at the edges, light brown cargo shorts, and some black boots with grey buckles.

"Ah, Viridiana I swear you have no mercy…" His words stopped once he saw me standing there. He opened and closed his mouth speechless. "S-Sammy?"

"Koyo…Koyo!" I ran up to him as I opened my arms up. I almost took him down as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He got a dark blush on his face as he waved his arms around not knowing what to do.

"S-Sam? I didn't think you'd be this happy to see me." I blinked dumbfounded as I slowly let him go while my face got hot. I felt my heart pumping as well as the world spinning around me.

"Sorry, but I really did miss you." His eyes widened as his cheeks flushed. Those eyes stared at me, which was when I realized what I just said. I knew I'd gotten just as red as Setsuna does when she hugs Konoka. I turned towards Mark, Yami, and Viridiana. "I m-missed all of you."

Mark got a sly smile on his face as he once again ruffled my hair. Yami giggled a bit as she looked at me. Viridiana crossed her arms as she stared down Koyo. Koyo just looked at her confused. Mark spoke up first," Is this what I think it is?" I could tell he was leading up to some very horrible joke. Well, for me.

Yami grabbed on to his arm still giggling a bit. "I think it is, Mark." They both looked over towards Viridiana. She seemed quite ticked off as her arms were still crossed.

"Oh, I hope it's not what I think it is!" Koyo seemed scared, though I was a little scared.

"What are you guys talking about," I asked all of them. Yami came over to me as she placed her hand on my shoulder. She cupped my ear as she whispered what they were thinking. I knew I turned even redder as I stuttered out meaningless words. I jumped back looking over at all of them.

"I don't love Koyo! Well, at least I don't think so! But I can't doubt I don't feel something for him, but there's still the others. Ah! I should really stop talking!" Yami laughed as she hugged me.

"It's okay, Sammy." She turned me towards Koyo. He was just as red as I was. "Though, I think you deserve a welcome back kiss!" She pushed me into his arms and of course he caught me. Since when were you this straightforward? Did Mark change you?

I looked up to see his eyes staring back down at me. He got a small smile. As my hands were laid on his chest I could feel his breathing slow down as his heart went fast. He placed his hand on my cheek. "K-Koyo, you don't have to do this," I squeaked out. He shook his head.

He started to lean in. I knew the other three were staring. Though Viridiana was probably glaring through the back of his head. He kept coming closer as I could close my eyes. Until I pictured three people who were deeply in my heart, so that's when I did something I knew would shock Koyo and myself. I pulled away from him.

He smiled as he pulled his hands away. "Hm, I knew you'd do that." I shook my head as I stepped away from him.

"It's not," he cut me off.

"I understand. Though," he whispered his last words to himself. I couldn't tell what he said. Though there were two words I heard him mumble under his breath. "Change your," were the only words I got out of that. I shrugged while turning my attention towards Viridiana.

She was simply staring at me for about a few minutes, until finally she decided to speak up. "Koyo too?" I felt the color come back to my face. I shook my head while walking towards the exit.

"No! Not Koyo too!" I walked out of the backyard towards the little pad where I'd landed earlier with Chachamaru. Once I placed my foot on it, the only thing I could think of was going to the resort. "I needed to see Master anyway!" Before I knew it, I found myself there.

"You're late!" I was standing there in the middle of the larger balcony while Evangeline was looking out to the sea. I bowed while feeling scared at the same time.

"Sorry! Got caught up with something!" That's when I felt someone grab at my waist. I knew who it was as I placed my hand on her head. It was Kasey, she may have grown a bit taller, but she was still the same little cousin I love. Even though we aren't actually related. I've grown up loving her like family.

"Sammy-onee-chan! Are you here to spar with me?" I nodded my head slowly as she let me go. She walked over to Evangeline as if it was out of instinct. She seemed quite happy standing next to the little vampire. I guess after living here for a while she's gone fond of her.

I took out my pactio card while whispering adeat under my breath. I could feel my ears and tail come back to me along with the regular clothes. I had on the white dress shirt, red tie with navy stripes, plaid skirt, and some worn out sneakers from back when I use to have these clothes. There was even some armor going down my right side with some claws.

I didn't want to fight Kasey, but I wanted to see if she got stronger. "Here I come, Onee-chan!" I blinked only for one second only to find here right in front of me. "Sammy-onee-chan, if I win I want some blood in exchange." That's when she placed her hand to my chest, before I knew it I'd flew off the edge of the balcony.

"H-huh?" Before I could try anything my cards clocked out, so I was left helplessly falling to my death. I could already see the waves getting stronger along with the rock floor. "I'm going to die!" That's when I hit the rock ground head first while blacking out.

I knew I was probably floating out in this sea somewhere unconscious, but there was nothing I could do. Kasey was stronger than by far, since now I was human, but that fact that I'm probably dead scared me. Though when I hit the rock, I felt like something left me, something in my heart that I'm not going to get back. Oh well, probably something unimportant if I can't remember. I wonder if they'll find out here…

"Sam!" I felt like someone was shaking me uncontrollably. I slowly opened my eyes to see everyone standing next to me. Asuna was the one who was kneeling down next to me along with Kasey. Kasey seemed as if she had been crying. Konoka, Setsuna, and Negi were waiting for me to wake up apparently. Chachamaru and Evangeline were sitting by the table.

"W-what happened?" Kasey got this huge smile on her face as she wrapped her arms my neck. That's when she did something I wasn't expecting. She placed her lips to mine out of sheer happiness. I didn't think much of it; honestly I didn't really know what she was doing.

Asuna then pulled off her while looking at her with wide eyes. "K-Kasey, why'd you do that?" Kasey smiled while looking at her.

"I was happy. That's how my sisters show their happiness to Sammy-onee-chan." Asuna laughed a bit as some sweat dropped down her temple. She the turned back towards me almost as if she was trying to forget what she just said.

"And you don't mind that?" I shrugged while sitting up. I looked at Asuna with a blank look on my face, until I started to get closer to her. She was getting this reddish color on her cheeks. "S-Sam?"

"Asuna, what exactly was it that she did?" Asuna once again got that confused look on her face. Until she flicked my nose, I pulled back while having the urge to sneeze.

"She kissed you. You don't remember what a kiss is?" I shook my head while looking at her blankly. That's when Konoka came over to me and pulled me close to her. Setsuna seemed a little confused as well as ticked off. When she let me go all she did was stare at my face.

"You didn't blush or try to pry away…you didn't feel anything?" I shook my head once again. What was I suppose to feel? Then out of nowhere Konoka pushed on to Asuna. My head was in the middle of her breast. Asuna started to fidget while cursing out to Konoka. I simply got back up. "Huh, no nosebleed, no fidgeting, no blush, no anything!"

She grabbed my shoulders while pushing me closer to Asuna. Until our lips meet too. Asuna turned a dark shade of red as she was leaning back. I didn't do anything. I just waited until Konoka pulled me back. "A-ah, Konoka! What the hell?"

"Sshh! Sam, did you feel anything?"

"No, what should I be feeling?" Asuna looked at me while opening and closing her mouth.

"Sam," I looked over to her, "You didn't feel anything in your heart?" I shook my head while being confused. "Do remember that you liked me?" I tilted my head.

"What's like?" Konoka gasped while gripping at my shoulder and facing me towards her.

"Sammy, do you know what love is?"

"Love," Konoka nodded her head while waiting for me to answer, "No, what's this thing called love?"

What were those feelings towards Koyo and were they real? Does Viridiana not approve of that pairing? Wait, Sammy doesn't remember what it means to love someone? Will she figure it out? You'll have to wait and see in the chapter of the new series Let's Start Again!

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