Things Aren't Going Well

(Sammy Guy POV)

I held my right arm up as Kuro swung her left arm down towards me. I'd managed to block her attack, but I was sent down to ground from her strength. I landed on my feet as she was in the air staring down at me.

As I stood there and I looked around to see how the others were doing. Those clones were getting to them. I could tell they were all having problems.

Setsuna was taking on her clone, though they both never got one hit on each other. The others were having trouble as well. Everyone was fighting his or her clones except Seito and Asuya. Asuya took on Sammy number 3 while Seito took on Ben. They seemed the most troubled.

I could see those clones had already gotten them terribly injured. Asuya had his right arm with this open gash right down it. You could see this huge scratch down Seito's left eye. Both of their breaths was getting heavy as their knees buckled.

Twenty minutes has passed since we've started this battle. We weren't getting anywhere.

"Hey," I looked up to see Kuro with the darkness surrounding her hand/claw, "You can't be done yet, can you?"

I felt my teeth grit while I clenched my fists. "Not yet!" I jumped at her while pulling my fist back. Though as I got near her she just smiled. She hadn't move so I took my chance and swung my arm right towards her left side.

That's when my hand went right through her. I felt my eyes widen while my jaw dropped, "An illusion!"

I felt someone grab at the back of my neck while nails dug into me. I turned my head only to see it was Kuro. She seemed pleased with how I fell for her trick. "This time I'll make sure you won't be able to move."

That's when I felt the shock go through out my body as I screamed out in pain. I stretched out my arms and legs as she sent this intense pain though my body.

I grabbed at her arm with whatever strength I had left in me and broke it in half. She screamed while she threw me towards the ground, but this time I couldn't prepare myself to land on my feet. I hand no strength left. I had to crash land.

Head first I hit the ground which only made a crater ten times bigger than me. I was just laid out there as I gasped from the pain I now felt in my back along with the rest of my body.

I was still able to see Kuro gripping at her broken arm. She seemed very irritated as, well it looked like she was trying to snap it back in place.

"Sammy-kun!" I turned my head a bit still feeling my body ache. It was Angel and Konoka. They seemed scared to see me in this hole. "Can you move?"

"A-Ah…just give me a second."

I slowly sat up while getting back on my feet. It was a lot harder than I thought to just stand up on my legs. Once I got my balance back I jumped out of the hole towards Angel. As I stood in front of her I realized she was scared at seeing this war happening.

I placed my hand to her left shoulder while giving her this reassuring look, but she was still shaking. "Don't cough worry." I covered my mouth with my free hand to stop the blood from getting on her. I walked passed her towards where Kuro was now standing.

Though what I now saw happening made my eyes widen, she'd made the clone Ben and Setsuna stop moving. They just stood there with blank stares on their faces. Seito and Setsuna seemed very confused.

That was until Kuro launched herself towards Setsuna and kicked her up into the sky. Setsuna went towards the sky while Seito went in for a punch, but Kuro was too fast. She managed to get under his arm and put her hand on his stomach while her other hand went for his leg. She sent him straight towards a tree.

Seito spun himself only to kick himself off the tree and back towards her. Kuro just stood there with a smile on her face. Though I remembered Setsuna was sent up, but when I looked up I saw Setsuna was coming down straight towards her with her kunai. Seito took out his too.

I felt my sweat drop while I started running towards them. I know what she was planning. Maybe not exactly, but I knew she was up to something that involved switching places with one of those two. But how!

"Secchan!" I turned my head to see Konoka running past me towards them. Kuro turned towards Konoka only for her smile to get bigger. Damn!

"Konoka! No!" I ran with whatever strength I had left me to get in front of Konoka, but Kuro was also on the move as well. She'd grabbed Seito from his hand and launched him towards Konoka while kicking Setsuna past me.

Everything was going in slow motion through my eyes. I needed a few more steps to reach Konoka and use my body as a shield. Within seconds I put my back towards Seito's blade while I hugged Konoka, but nothing ever happened.

"Secchan," whispered Konoka right in my ear. I was a bit confused to hear her say that, but as I turned my head I realized why she said that.

Seito had stabbed Setsuna right in the heart as she stood in front of both Konoka and I. I couldn't believe she'd managed to get back it here in time. Not to mention step in front of me.

I let go of Konoka while she stepped towards Setsuna. Seito eye's seemed like they were going to pop out of his head while he slowly pulled out the blade, but Setsuna grabbed it only to take it out in one swing. She screamed out in pain while falling into Konoka's arms.

I looked over to Seito to see he was just staring as the blade in his now shaky hand. The blade that was now filled with Setsuna's blood. He seemed so traumatized. I walked towards him only for him to snap.

"Gah," he screamed while running back towards Kuro. She just stood there with her arms crossed and a blank expression. Seito gritted his teeth while his grip on the kunai got tighter. His anger was taking over him.

"Seito, don't do it! That's exactly what she wants you to do," screamed someone coming from the main campus. I focused my vision only to see it was Kousuke. He was running as fast as he could while trying to talk some sense into him, but Seito didn't listen.

Kuro dropped her arms down while her palms faced the ground, I knew what that gesture meant. "Seito," I screamed at the top of my lungs.

He kept running, but as he was only five feet away from Kuro lifted up both her hands above her head. That's when Seito was swept off his feet.

Darkness spikes had risen from the ground only for six to make it through him. One in his chest near his heart, second through his right shoulder, third got his left side, fourth got through his right leg, fifth got his left foot, and the sixth got his left hand.

Seito didn't scream out in pain, he just had this shocked expression on his face while looking towards Kuro. Kousuke kept running towards him while his screams turn into sobs and tears streamed down his face. "Set-kun!"

Kousuke ran right pass Kuro while jumping up towards Seito. It didn't take him long to now be up there with Seito as he cupped his face. "S-Seito…"

Seito turned his blank gaze towards Kousuke as this small half hearted smile reached his face. "Kou…kun…sorry I can't stay m-much longer cough cough."

I couldn't believe what I was seeing right now. Both Seito and Setsuna were now practically dead along with the others who were still fighting.

Me? I was just standing here like an idiot as tears rushed out of my eyes. I just saw my best friend being killed twice.

I felt my nails digging into my palms as my fangs grew. My eyes must have started to change to a red mixed with gold. My hair along with ears and tail turning a lighter grey with black at the tips as the darkness now replaced my skin, but it was see through so my face was still visible.

I wasn't me anymore.

(Kousuke's POV)

I grabbed at Seito's face while I placed my forehead to his. The looks in his eyes were scaring me. It felt as if he was almost gone from this world.

"S-Set-kun…I have to tell you something if you really are leaving me."

Seito's eyes were still blank as he looked at me with that heart felt smile. "Y-Yes?"

I placed my nose to his while feeling the tears pour even more. He started to get the shine back in his eyes. "Kou-kun?"

I closed the distance between us as I pressed my lips to his. After a few more seconds I saw that he started to turn red while stuttering like a mad man. "K-K-K-Kou-kun?"

"I love you, I just wanted you to know that." I hugged him while he already started crying too.

"Kou-kun…I love you too. But I promise that even if this is the end, I'll find a back to you…"

He suddenly stopped talking and his arms that were around me went limp. I didn't want to let him go yet. I kept hugging him while the tears got worse along with my sobs. "S-Seito…"

(Konoka's POV)

I had Setsuna in my arms now bleeding out. I tried plugging up the hole with my hands. There was nothing I could do. I knew my healing wouldn't help her at this point, but I had to try something.

"Set-chan," I said while turning her head towards me. Her eyes were dull while her mouth was covered with bloodstains. It pained me to see her like this.

"Kono-chan...are you okay?"

I nodded my head slowly while feeling the tears steam down my face. "You saved me…again."

I placed my forehead to hers while our noses touched. "Set-chan…I don't think I can heal you…I don't want you to leave me!" I said while I now sobbed louder than I thought I would.

I pressed my lips to hers while feeling the magic within me trying to do something. Trying to heal her.

I could feel her hand cup my cheek. I pulled back surprised while looking at her. Her eyes were closed while she smiled at me. I knew what that smile meant.

"Set-chan…please don't go."

She grabbed at my hand while squeezing with whatever force she had left. I buried my head in the neap of her neck. That's when I felt her hot breath on my ear.

"K-Konoka…I promise…this won't be good-bye."

"S-S-Set-chan!" Was what I sobbed while I wrapped her around my arms.

"For my love for you is too strong even for cough death to keep me away from you."

I pulled back while grabbing at her hand again. The tears were still hot while those words touched my heart.

I noticed her breath was slowly down while her eyes slowly closed. "I'll never forget that promise, Setsuna. I'll always love you."

She smiled while taking her last breath, "And I'll always love you, Konoka Konoe."

After those words were said the air from her lungs left her while the grip from her hand loosed.

She was gone. I'd lost her. Setsuna Sakurazaki, my first and only love, was dead.

(Sammy Guy POV)

I felt the anger getting stronger while I imagined myself getting revenge on Kuro. The Sammy we all knew clearly wasn't in there anymore. She'd just killed my best friend along with hers. I needed to avenge them both, even if that means killing her to do it.

I only took a few steps only to feel someone grab both my arms. I turned to see a person I wasn't expecting. Angel.

She had this determined look on her face while she kept her grip.

"Let go," I commanded, as I didn't want to hurt her.

She shook her head while pulling me back. "You can't fight her, it's useless."

I shook my head while her grip loosened. "Then what am I suppose to do?"

Her eyes wondered away from me to Kuro who was now just waiting for my next move. Though when I looked for myself I noticed there was one single tear flowing down her cheek.

I felt myself getting surprised while I looked back to Angel to see she noticed it as well. She turned back to me while having the most serious look I've seen her have, "Sammy is still in there. She's crying for Setsuna right now, that's why there a only one tear, Kuro is pushing her back."

If she's able to cry for Setsuna, then does that mean the if someone else were to die then she'd gain back her body. Oh no...don't' tell me...

I turned myself over to Angel while the darkness vanished as I tried getting the words to speak. "Angel you can't do it."

She smiled while looking at peace with her decision. "I have to, it's the only way to get her back. But it's not just me."

I felt someone place their hand on my shoulder, I turned only to see it was Asuna. She had the same expression Angel did. I couldn't believe these girls were willing to go along with this plan.

"Are you guys sure about this," I asked both of them while standing in front of them.

"Yes," they both said while looking at each reassuringly. There was nothing left for me to do, but let them do it.

I nodded my head while looking back towards Kuro. She seemed confused to see my attention come back to her along with the two girls behind me.

"Hey Kuro, how about you send your clones over here. We can take them all on!"

Her eyes widened while she stepped back, but her mouth said, "Clones attack!" She quickly covered her mouth while looking towards us scared. All the clones stopping fighting with everyone as they slowly turned over to us. They're turned to this bright red color while they all said one word, kill.

I looked back to Kuro to see was hesitating about saying those words. Though her eyes were still very mean looking while her hands seemed like she wanted to stop them. That's when she shook her head while standing up straight towards us. "Full power."

"Gah," was all the clones screamed as they hunched over while grabbing at their heads. Everyone's hair had gotten silver tips, fangs free in their teeth, red eyes filled with gold now, and nails became like that of class.

"Crap," I said under my breath while putting my arms in front of both Asuna and Angel. She hid Sammy away again. Damn. I hope this plan works, though them being able to get her powers is quite freighting.

I felt both their hands grab mine while they stood next to me. I looked to both my sides to see they had closed their eyes while having this gentle smile on their face. "Angel...Asuna...all right. I'm with you guys all the way."

I closed both my eyes while now hearing all of the clones running towards us. All I could hear was their swift tapping in the pavement while some were screaming. I could already imagine them with their arms pulled back ready to put them through our hearts.

I felt both Angel and Asuna squeezing my hands, they were scared, hell I was scared too. I would push them together and block that blow for them, but this is something that might world in order to get back Sammy.

All three of us were ready to give up our lives to bring back our lost friend. This was something we had to do, no matter what cost.