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Pairing Naruto x Harem

"Bardock" Demon

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Story Start

Jiraiya dropped Naruto onto the ground. Slowly, Naruto began to regain his consciousness. He began to get up. Naruto woke up groggily and looked around his surroundings. Where was he anyway!? Before fainting, he was trying to summon a frog but instead he kept summoning tadpoles! He kept Summoning and Summoning and soon he collapsed from chakra exhaustion.

"Get up!" Naruto jerked around to see his recent mentor Jiraiya.

"Huh? Where are we?" Naruto asked. Looking around, there was what seemed to be a line of bushes. There were a few trees here and there. He took a look at Jiraiya's face. It was one of seriousness.

"Get up." There was no humor in his voice so Naruto quickly obeyed, knowing that Jiraiya wasn't a man to cross. He began to speak. "The training ends today... If you don't want to die then figure it out yourself."

"W-what?" Naruto was perplexed.

He had just been taught the summoning jutsu, which he still needed to perfect. Why was Jiraiya ending the training now? His teacher slowly raised his hand and, using his finger, gave a poke to Naruto's forehead. Then he flew through the line of bushes and saw what was on the other side...Nothing. It was simply a gorge...One of the last place Naruto wanted to fall.


Jiraiya simply listened, hearing his pupil's scream slowly fade away.

"Now...We'll find out shortly whether Kyuubi's power that was granted to you is really a blessing...or a curse!" Jiraiya thought.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Naruto was still falling. Seeing a rock ledge come into view, he summoned some chakra into his hands. He grabbed it, but to his dismay, he slipped and continued to fall.

'It's useless Naruto...The rocks are too slippery from the waterfalls. In addition of your falling, you're not going to stick with a little bit of chakra…" Jiraiya thought after seeing Naruto's incorrect methods of saving himself. "Naruto... You have no choice... You have to rely on the Kyuubi's chakra. Use the key... this time from your end!"

"That bastard I should've never hid behind this stupid mask, if I get out of this I'll take no more shit from anyone." Naruto thought as he continued hurtling down a waterfall and would soon meet his demise when he reached the bottom of it. "I refuse to Die!" he screamed in his thoughts

All of a sudden, time seemed to stop for him. Everything slowed down and he felt as if he was being pulled into another world.

Unknown Location

Naruto appeared in sea of white

"so the pervert fucking killed me huh…old bastard" mumbled Naruto looking around

"You aren't dead" a feminine voice said " although when I'm done with you dieing won't even be possible" he turned around to see a beautiful woman about 5'6 and was wearing a white Kimono with golden swirls and was barefooted. She had an hourglass figure and E- cupped breasts. She had a heart shaped face with ivory colored skin. Her eyes were a golden color and she had long flowing snow white hair that stopped to the middle of her back

"Who are you, and what did you mean by that?" asked Naruto

"My name is Kami, and you are my chosen." said the newly named Kami while Naruto's eyes widen

"What exactly does that entail?"

"You are going to be trained by me and a couple of other strong fighters, and if you wish it you will be my husband" she said smiling while Naruto blushed

"But why me?" he asked quietly after getting his blush under control

"Your life wasn't suppose to be how it turned out, I was swamped with work and when I checked again everything went wrong." she answered sadly "You were suppose to live with the love of your parents, but that didn't happen. This is my way of apologizing for my mistake"

"Theirs nothing to apologize for Kami-chan"

"Listen, I'm going to implant memories of 4 of your ancestors in your mind and I want you to go to The Lookout that the first Uzumaki's used to train" she said as a Gold ,Blue, Purple, and Black with red outline orbs appeared over her hand and the four orbs flew into Naruto "I'll be waiting Naruto-kun"

Real world

Naruto's body continued falling when his eyes snapped open and flash teal before he on instinct used Ki to stop himself from falling

"Wow my ancestors were bad ass; The Rikudo Sennin, Ichigo , Goku, and Vegeta their abilities will come in handy but first I have to get to the Lookout" Naruto thought flaring his Ki Naruto shot out of the gorge so fast Jiraya never even saw him before a punch connected to his face

When Jiraya looked up holding his broken nose he saw Naruto standing their but he was different where he was 4'11 he was now 5'3 his hair was longer his bangs reaching his shoulders and his hair more spiky with two sticking out like fox ears (Think Akatuski Team Seven Naruto pic) and his jumpsuit ripped apart from his sudden growth

"You bastard you tried to kill me stay away from me tell the old man I'll be back for the finals." Naruto said glaring before he took off through the sky

"N-Naruto. I really messed up now…sigh…but how'd he fly away like that?" Jiraiya said to himself before Shunshin'd away.

With Naruto

Naruto was currently flying high above the clouds enjoying the feeling of freedom he was having when he saw a huge bowl like palace

"Wow it looks amazing, even though I have memories of this place, but seeing it with my own eyes is spectacular." thought Naruto before he landed on the platform and walks around seeing how dusty the place was

"This place could use some cleaning" Naruto said to himself before he formed a cross hand seal "Shadow Clone Jutsu" 10 clones appeared "get to work on cleaning this place" he ordered

While the clones cleaned Naruto went to find some clothes to wear.

15 minutes later Naruto was standing in front of a white door taking a deep breath Naruto walked into the room

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber has a entrance at it's center, located in a central building with two side wings with housing, food supplies, bathing quarters. Their was nothing that tells if it was light or day everything was just white that made the room look like it went on for miles.

"welcome Naruto-kun" turning to his right Naruto saw Kami standing their smiling walking over to her Naruto smiled

"This place is kinda weird, but if it'll make me stronger then I'm all for it" Naruto said enthusiastically

"Good because were going to start now, meet your trainers" Kami said before she snapped her fingers and a flash appeared and 8 people appeared (I won't explain what their wearing think canon)

"From left to right we have the Shodaime Hokage Hashirama Senju ,Nidaime Hokage Tobirama Senju, The Third Raikage E, Izuna Uchiha, Mikoto Uchiha, Mito Uzumaki, and your mother and father Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze." Kami introduced while a tear slid down Naruto's face at his parents taking a step forward Naruto appeared in front of the both and hugged them while crying

"Incredible! He used Shunpo on instinct alone and he isn't disoriented from it at all" Kami thought while everyone watched with warm smiles

"How?" Naruto asked looking at Kami "I mean I know your Kami but don't you have rules against this type of thing?"

"Normally yes but you see I have to much work, I can't keep track of everything you see despite popular belief their aren't any other Gods or Goddess" she said shocking Naruto "The ones that are said to exist are actually techniques I have created. You will be the first god in existence Naruto kun. I have a mission for you though, but I'll tell you about it when everything is said and done." Kami explained cheerfully

Now create as many clones as you can" she instructed

Naruto put his hands together and shouted "Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!" in a puff of smoke 3000 clones appeared while each of Naruto's teachers got evil smiles

"Ok each of you separate into groups of 375!" Kami yelled before she turned to the teachers while clones followed her order "Go get a group to tortu-uh… I mean train yeah train hehehe. I modified the Chamber so we'll be in here for 31 years he should be finished by the time the Finals take place." Kami explained while Kushina and Minato smiled brightly knowing they will be with their son for 31 years.

The teachers all walked to a group before they went their separate ways and out of sight. While Kami kept the original

"Now Naruto kun you will be here physically training and getting your new abilities under control. I also want you to create a sword of your own and fuse it with Tensa Zangetsu. Any questions before we start?" she asked rubbing her hands together

"Yeah why are their Uchiha training me, I don't have the Sharingan?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh Right I forgot, the Uzumaki Clan were distantly related to the Senju Clan by the Sage's daughter marrying one of Goku's and Vegeta's descendents as their bloodlines mixed over the years they became the Uzumaki Clan. The Namikaze Clan was members of the Senju Clan and Uchiha clans that wanted peace their were also a clan known as the Kurosaki Clan before they were wiped out after a disease killed all spiritually aware individuals, a survivor named Ichigo married into the Namikaze family that's how you are related to the Sage and the ancestors you know about, you are a direct descended of The Rikudo Sennin. The Uchiha are here because they could teach you about the Sharingan and when you have a full handle on your Sharingan I'll fuse it with your Rinnegan " Kami explained before she saw the glint in Naruto's eyes "I will also have the eyes self destruct if you become arrogant" she said seriously while Naruto paled and looked down in shame

"Sorry about that" Naruto apologized "Can't be arrogant because of my power increase, Ancestor Goku was never arrogant and he was impeccably strong I'll surpass him and everyone else I promise" Naruto thought determinably, before a burst of power originated from his eyes which he ignored.

"I'm ready Kami-chan" Naruto said showing his newly activated Rinnegan, Kami smiled approvingly.

"Good now I want you to run around this track, but before that…" she walked up to Naruto and tapped his arms, chest, and legs before Naruto fell to the ground "I just added 10x normal earths gravity to your body give me Sixty laps." She said while Naruto grumbled about sadistic teachers and trudged his way to the field

With Kushina

Kushina was looking out at the clones as they worked through the sword kata she showed them with their Tensa Zangetsu while she was conversing with one of the clones

"I'm sorry your life was so terrible Naruto-kun, I was really happy when I found out I was pregnant with you, it was probably the happiest moment of my life." Kushina explained while the clone smile at her and hugged her

"You don't have to be sorry, Tsunade-chan told me you loved me when we exchange letters secretly every other month" Clone Naruto said

"I'm glad she's doing her best to stay in your life even though she doesn't want anything to do with the Leaf Village"

"Yeah I don't know why but every time I think about the pain she's been through my chest tightens and I just want to get stronger to protect her from all the pain" CNaruto said clutching his chest while Kushina smiled

"He really loves her, even if he doesn't know it yet." thought Kushina "Well then before you get started we have to talk about something it's time you had The Talk" she said smiling while Naruto looked confused

With Naruto

Naruto was currently huffing and puffing with sweat dripping down his form before a memory came to him from a clone who was talking to his mother and a blush covered his face with blood dripping down his nose and he fainted.

Kami giggled seeing his reaction "He's so innocent, although I can't believe she was that detailed. I guess she will never forgive Minato for his decision with Naruto being a Jinchurriki, I guess I have my first harem sister already" thought Kami with a perverted grin.

Month Later (31 years in the Time Chamber)

Naruto who was mentally 44 but looked 21 years old standing in front of the Chamber door about head to Konoha the last thirty one years had been intense after his training Naruto was sent to different dimension to learn new things and test his skills and it was all worth it.

Naruto's clothing had change he had a black t-shirt that hugged his form showing his six-pack to everyone. He had red combat pants with black steel cap boots (think Goku's shoes only black)on his face was a white Fox mask with red lines descending from the eye holes, his eyes were all black with 3 golden lines moving from the slitted pupil and had 3 golden tomoe on each line. He was carrying a 5 ft 61/2 inchs overall with a black blade that measures 40" long, with a black handle with the crimson kanji for Moon a long 20 chain links on the handle. This was Tensa Masamugetsu, he had fused Tensa Zangetsu with a sword he created named Masamune. The blade was indestructible and it kept all of Zangetsu's original abilities.

With a swipe of his hand the mask glowed black with a red outline and faded away leaving a 21 year old looking Naruto while his eyes turned red and black before they turned again to their original blue "today's the day, the world see's the new Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze" Naruto said

"Give them hell Naru-kun" a voice said, Naruto turned around to see Kami, Kushina, Mikoto, and Mito standing there smiling

During his training he had grown close to each of them, he first tried to see them as family but it didn't work, and when he Kami told him she wanted him to have mates to have more goddesses Naruto went straight to the girls and marked them Mikoto being the Shinigami, Mito being Inari, and Kushina being Yami.

"I will my himes" Naruto said as he kissed each before he Shape shifted into his 16 year old form now standing 5'8" walked out of the Chamber waving.

Real World


The day of the Chunin Exam Finals had come for everyone that had wanted to see the competitors fight for the glory of their village. The viewer stands were packed on one side were the Judges, on the other side were the Shinobi; mainly Chunin and Jonin, in the center there were the villagers and any Genin Shinobi. At the top was the Kage booth, consisting of Sarutobi and the 'Kazekage'. Sarutobi couldn't wait for Naruto to arrive, he had heard what happened and gave Jiraiya an earful for his reckless actions. Jiraiya had went to look for Naruto but he was nowhere around, so they just settled for when he returned to see what's changed.

In the Arena, standing there was Neji, Gaara, Shikamaru, Temari, Kankuro, Shino, and , they were waiting for the Hokage to make his announcement. Up in the stands Sakura, Ino, Kiba, Hinata, Tenten, and Chouji were waiting for as well.

"wonder were Sasuke kun is." thought Sakura

"Wonder were Naruto is, no one has seen him for the entire month" said Ino

"Who cares about that stupid baka? He's nothing compared to Sasuke-kun he's a genius " answered Sakura

"How could you say that he's your teammate!?" asked Ino shocked while Sakura stayed silent

That was when Hiruzen walked up and did his speech about how they all managed to make it this far in the exams, after giving his speech, a Jonin named Genma came down to announce the fights.

"The first match of the Chunin Exams will now begin. Will Hyuga Neji and Uzumaki Naruto step forward while the other competitors go the fighters box to wait until it is your turn," said Genma, as he heard the crowd cheer, and the Jonin wondered if it was for the obvious reason that Naruto wasn't here.

"Coward. He says he'll make me pay, but in the end he's just a loser!" thought Neji smirking

"Since Uzumaki Naruto is not here, Hyuga Neji is the...," said Genma, but was silenced by a whistle catching everyone's attention. They turned to see Naruto with a dango stick in his mouth smirking.

"sorry I'm late, got hungry on my way here" Naruto said before he walked to stand in front of Neji while everyone looked shocked that he wasn't wearing any orange.

"are you both ready" Genma asked seeing them nod

"Hajime!" shouted Genma

"It doesn't matter how much you changed over the course of this Month given to you to prepare Naruto-san. You are a loser and you will ne-urkk!" Neji never got the chance to finish as he was punched in the stomach forcing him to double over and a knee was sent crashing into his face sending him flying back

He struggled to get of the ground he glared at Naruto

"This a fight, stop with the monolog already." Naruto said evenly

Neji glared at Naruto and activated his Byakugan, he was going to charge when he realized one important fact he couldn't see Naruto deactivating his dojutsu Neji screamed

"Why can't I see you with my Byakugan!?" everyone was shocked to hear that while every Hyuga activated their dojutsu and had the same result as Neji

"It's a seal I created" Naruto said while everyone who knew of how complex seals are to even learn looked shocked "I originally created this seal to fight Uchiha's, they're a bunch of stupid bastards a good Uchiha is a dead Uchiha" Naruto shrugged while no one could believe what they were hearing

"But your teammate is a Uchiha"

"So, Team 7 more like Team Joke, look at all the members, a pathetic fan girl who can't use that huge forehead of hers to think of a damn thing useful. A Gay Uchiha who only broods and plot revenge all day guys a flight risk, and me the dobe, demon, baka, and a handful of other names, and a teacher who plays favorites and only trains the Uchiha, and preaches about not abandoning comrades fucking hypocrite." Naruto said while Sakura was shouting from the stands but everyone ignored her

"What happened to you, you were nothing like this a month ago?" Neji asked trying to think of a strategy

"Oh, I always been like this you see I've come across a very precious memory of the events of my birth which lead to the life I have lived, and my mask needed to go. What you see here is the real Naruto. I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze son of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze Jinchurriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, and if you don't like it you can Suck. My. Dick!" Naruto yelled before he vanished in a burst of speed and kicks Neji in the chin sending him flying he appeared over Neji and hit him with his fist intertwined before he shouted "Kao Ken" his body got a red hue and he punched Neji in his spin and appeared on the ground and punched Neji in the guts forcing Neji to spit up blood unconscious.

"Winner by Knock Out" Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze!" Genma yelled while everyone was sitting shocked by Naruto's proclamation and comparing Naruto and Minato together.

"He knows? But how that secrete is known to only 3 people?" Sarutobi thought

"He's that bastard's son?! How could I have missed it?" thought Orochimaru in his disguise and silently seething at how he lost his chance to have the ultimate body.

Naruto sighed and floated up off the ground shocking everyone further before he sat on the roof of the fighters box and unsealed a plate of dango.

"Can I have some?" a voice asked

"Sure you can Koko-chan" Naruto said smiling

"So you remember me"

"Yeah, you were the first one in the village to ever treat me normal" Naruto said looking to the figure on his right "I appreciate everything you did for me Anko-chan" Naruto said looking at Anko seriously

"Anytime foxy-kun" Anko said smiling while chewing on her dango while Naruto chuckled before he looked down at the field for the next fight to star

Kage Booth

"Hokage-sama, the Uchiha has not arrived yet, and the next match he has with Gaara no Sabaku is supposed to start now. Should we postpone the match?" said a Jonin

"The Uchiha had his chance to compete today, but blew it by not showing up, and should not get a free pass because of his clan name. Clients will expect the Shinobi they hire to be on time and if we excuse Sasuke because of his clan, then we are telling them that we don't care about them. We tell them that they should have to wait for an uncertain and unknown amount of time because of spoiled children like him tell Genma that the Uchiha is disqualified ," said Sarutobi, as he felt his old spirit come back already knowing the Council would blow a gasket and start to yell at him, but Sarutobi didn't care, and wasn't going to care what they said.

The Jonin nodded to the Hokage and informed Genma to make the announcement that got many people in Konoha booing the decision.

"Will Kankuro no Sabaku and Shino Aburame please come down to get ready for the next fight," said Genma, as the crowd was finally coming back to its senses, and wanted to see another fight.

"Proctor I forfeit!" said Kankuro earning him boos from the crowd and the cold blue eyes that narrowed in on the puppet user.

"Okay. Kankuro no Sabaku forfeits so Shino Aburame is the victor of this match. Will Temari no Subaku and Shikamaru Nara step forward for their match," said Genma, as he saw Temari fly down on her fan, and she looked ready to bash her opponent's skull in.

"Troublesome. Maybe I should forfeit too since I'm fighting a girl again," said the lazy Shikamaru only to be sent over the edge of the railing by Naruto who heard him and summoned a chakra chain to wrap around Shikamaru and place him in the arena. Those who saw the chain had memories of a red haired kunoichi.

"Stop being a pussy Shikamaru, this is the Chunin Exams your suppose to fight!" Naruto called out still sitting with Anko

"Damn you Naruto, your so troublesome," said Shikamaru,

(Same as Canon)

"Winner! Temari no Sabaku by forfeit!" said Genma, shaking his head

"The next match will be Gaara no Sabaku fighting Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze . Will both fighters please come down for your match," said Genma, as he Gaara appeared in a swirl of sand, and Naruto gave Anko the rest of the dango and appeared 15 feet away from him.

Genma was about to start the match when a wind blew into the stadium to reveal Sasuke Uchiha and his teacher Kakashi Hatake right behind him.

"I'm sorry. We're not late for Sasuke's match are we?" said Kakashi, as he his one eye form into a U-shape, and many in the stands were sweat dropping at the man.

"Actually you're very late Kakashi. The Hokage disqualified Sasuke and were now into the semi-finals," said Genma seeing the other Jonin's shocked look, and Sasuke seethe in rage from the news.

"What? Who is Gaara fighting? I'll just take that place!" said Sasuke, as he saw Gaara standing in front of Naruto.

"Move dobe this is my fight" Sasuke said standing next to Naruto

"Leave Sasuke. This is not your fight, I won't say it again" said Naruto calmly turning to the side slightly,

"You leave loser. I'm an Uchiha. You're nothing, but some pebble on my road …"


Sasuke never got the chance to finish as he was punched in the face sent barreling into a wall.

"Lets see how he likes it when he's incapable of getting the third tomoe, let alone a Mangekyo" Naruto thought as Kakashi appeared in front of him.

"How dare you attack the last…" Kakashi and everyone else on the arena floor were sent plummeting into the ground as Naruto's spirit pressure flooded the area.

"I have very little patience for you hypocrite leave now" Naruto said glaring before he lightened upon the pressure he didn't notice Gaara use a force sleep technique on himself

Kakashi gulped and took Sasuke off the field so the fight could start

"Are both fighters ready...Hajime!" said Genma before getting far away from the two knowing they were about to do serious damage to the other.

Before Naruto could move Gaara started clutching his head and was grunting in pain before he opened his eyes and they were now the Shukaku's eyes

"You you're very strong I want your blood!" in a burst of golden-brown chakra Shukaku in full form appeared with Gaara's body hanging limply from the Demons forehead.

"Shit!" thought Naruto before he vanished from the arena floor and a appeared under Shukaku's chin, he launched a punch which connected and snapped Shukaku head back Naruto was about to continue when

"Wind Release: Air Bullet" the blast of air hit him sent him crashing into the stands

"Yes! I killed him, I am the Strongest there is! HAHAHA!" screamed Shukaku

Everyone continued to look at Shukaku laugh about killing Naruto they were about to charge when…

"Damn that actually stung a bit" a voice said they turned to see Naruto walking out of the hole he made with his shirt destroyed, he came to a stop at the balcony

"He want to play with the big boys, huh fine lets see how long he lasts" Naruto thought before he looked around him.

"I'd advise you all step away from me" Naruto said everyone moved away except for team 7 believing that Naruto had nothing under his sleeve.

Naruto concentrated

And he proceeded to transform into a Super Saiyan (think Goku verses fat Android)

The shockwave sent team seven tumbling, while everyone else looked at the new red haired Naruto. And Shukaku memory of the time he was the Juubi was telling him what the boy he was fighting was.

"Impossible!" Shukaku yelled getting everyone's attention "you're a descendent of those two." he yelled in fear

"So you know what I am?" asked Naruto smirking

"S-Saiyan!" shouted Shukaku

"What's a Saiyan, and why is Shukaku so afraid of it" thought everyone

"You have 2 choices Shukaku fight and die or go back into your vessel"

Shukaku didn't waste anytime as he returned to Gaara's body.

"Winner of the Chunin Exam Semi-Finals: Naru-!" said Genma, but was interrupted as a explosion occurred from the Kage booth signaling the invasion has started