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Story Start

It was almost midnight everyone was asleep with the exception of Naruto and Tsunade. They were currently sitting on a roof top with Naruto sitting behind Tsunade with her in between his legs, as he hugged her from behind as she snuggled into his warmth.

"So why did you and Jiraiya come to find me?" Tsunade asked

"The Fire Daimyo wants you to be the 5th Hokage." Naruto responded

"I refuse!" she said immediately

"I knew you would." Naruto said causing Tsunade to turn her head to him "But I still want you to come back." he said as he leaned into the nape of her neck.

"Why? I'm no one special Naruto-kun, you should just get on with your life. You don't need some washed up old hag like me" Tsunade said sadly while Naruto hugged her tighter

"Your special to me! I love you Tsunade-chan." Naruto said while Tsunade's eyes widen and she blushed as Naruto stood up "You're a very special person Tsunade and I'm going o prove it to you." Naruto said as he took her hand and cut his palm taking some of her chakra along with his the blood that dropped from his palm split into two puddles and blood clones formed. Picking Tsunade up bridle style "Hang on!" Naruto said as he jumped of the roof and took off through the skies with Tsunade screaming and clutching on to him for dear life.

While flying Tsunade looked at the stars and reached out for the clouds, she looked at the moon and a familiar feeling went through her

"What is this feeling? Why is it that every time I see a full moon I get a massive surge of energy al of a sudden? It feels so primal, Mito-baa said all Uzumaki's get this feeling, does Naruto-kun have it to?" Tsunade thought to herself as she looked at Naruto "Where are we going?" she asked

"Look ahead." Naruto said Tsunade looked ahead to see a bowl like palace causing her eyes to widen "It's called the Lookout, the first Uzumaki's trained here." Naruto said

"How come no one knew of this place?" she asked

"It's been lost through time, everything of the Uzumaki clan was transported here when Uzu was attacked as there is a seal on the land that transported everything of importance up here." Naruto explained

"So that's why Iwa, and Kumo were so angry when they had nothing to get from Uzu's ruins." Tsunade thought "Why are you bringing me here?" she asked

"This is apart of your heritage, you have the blood of the greatest race ever to exist as well as the Founder of Ninjutsu's blood running through your veins. You have the power in you to be the strongest Kunoichi to ever grace the Elemental Nations!" Naruto said as he landed on the platform and set Tsunade down, who looked at him in shock before she looked away.

"And how am I suppose to do that Naruto-kun when I can't even stand the sight of blood?" she asked as he took her chin and turned her face to him as he put his forehead to hers

"You are going to train up here, and I'm going to give you back your youth." Naruto answered

"W-what? H-how?" she asked Naruto who pulled back

"Relax." Naruto said as he channeled his celestial energy into his fangs and bit into Tsunade's neck and pushed the energy into her. As he body started to glow Tsunade felt more energy then she ever felt in her life, her hair stated gaining red highlights her breast got bigger growing to a j-cup. Naruto was surprise at how potent the Saiyan blood in her was before he unlocked it and her bones got stronger as her body turned to that of a 19 year olds. When he was finished Tsunade pulled him into a kiss.

"Wow." she said after Naruto pulled back before she noticed that her voice sounded younger "What'd you do to me?" she asked

"I turned your body back to a nineteen year olds. Although I had no idea that your breast would grow that big." Naruto answered as he muttered the last part "Anyway, now you had no excuses, I'm going to train you in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for 6 years making that six days outside." Naruto explained as he started to explain what the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was, before they went to bed.

Next Day

Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Naruto was staring out at Tsunade, who was getting control of over her hemophobia faster then he thought she would, they had been in here for about 30 minutes.

He had a blood clone keep cutting itself till she stopped shivering, and it looks like she finally got over her fear.

"That was easy!" Naruto said

"Yeah I guess it was…" Tsunade trailed off "I thought about what would happen if I got into a fight or if you and Shizune needed me to heal you guys and it got easier to overcome my fear of blood." Tsunade said

"Good now I'm going to teach you about Ki." Naruto said as he sat down in front of her and motion for her to do the same "Now Ki is the physical component in chakra, the more you train in it the more stronger you'll get. To access you Ki I want you to focus and look deep within your self, ignore the chakra and look for the more free flowing energy, it's more potent and for us it should be primal as well. When you feel a pull bring it out." Naruto explained as he showed her how it was done as a small red Ki ball appeared in his hand which entranced Tsunade by it's beauty.

Tsunade put her hands in front of her and focused as she looked deep inside her self, she went around her chakra and another source of energy this one was chaotic and potent but it wasn't free flowing. Looking even deeper she found a massive source of power it was free flowing and really potent when she felt a pull she pulled it out and when she opened her eyes a forest green Ki was between her hands. She looked up to see Naruto smiling at her.

"Now we'll focus on controlling it." Naruto said as the orb diminished

4 years later (4 days later Outside Chamber)

It's been 4 years for Tsunade and Naruto in the time chamber since then he's had Tsunade using shadow clones to learn Fuinjutsu, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Kenjutsu, as well as teaching her about Reiryoku. Currently a thousand Tsunade shadow clones were working on sealing with a clone of Naruto watching over them. The original Naruto and Tsunade were currently in the sky sparring.

A yellow streak fell from the sky revealed to be Tsunade although her hair was golden blonde and spiked while her eyes were teal. She looked up at Naruto who was also in his super Saiyan form smirking at her, he gives her the bring it gesture and she smirks before disappearing a burst of speed and reappears behind Naruto she kicks him in the back sending him flying into the ground but he manages to stop himself , sensing a spike of chakra Naruto looked up just in time to see a wood dragon heading his way.

The wood dragon struck the ground, while Naruto tackled Tsunade from behind sending them to the ground rolling to a stop Naruto was on top off Tsunade between her legs they stared into each others eyes before Tsunade pulled him into a kiss, before pulling back.

"Like I said I won't take you till your ready." Naruto said seeing Tsunade's expression "Mito-chan should be here in a couple of minutes." Naruto said helping Tsunade to her feet while she smiled getting to talk to her grandmother again. Since she's been in here she has meet each of Naruto's mates and she was surprise that two of her tree students and her grandmother were his mates. They've been appearing to help her training multiple times.

30 minutes later


Naruto was in the shower as Mito and Tsunade were outside doing whatever it was that females do. He was thinking about what the Daimyo had to talk to him and Tsunade about, Lost in his thoughts as he was, he did not notice the person that had slipped into the bathroom until a pair of delicate arms wrapped around him.

"Enjoying your shower, Naruto-kun?" Tsunade whispered in his ear.

"Tsu-chan…" Naruto managed to say as he turned his head towards the blonde-haired beauty before he was cut off by a kiss… a hungry one at that.

"Naruto-kun… I've waited for this long enough…" Tsunade whispered huskily after almost a minute.

"You mean you want to…" Naruto said as he fully turned around, his voice failing his at the sight.

Tsunade was completely naked. As he looked at her, he couldn't help but let his eyes pass over every inch of her body, from her long luscious legs and her shaved pussy, to her toned abs and firm JJ-cup breasts, finally settling on her face, with the sultry smile and wanting eyes.

"I want you." Tsunade stated clearly as she closed in to claim his lips once more.

"Are… are you sure? You never got to do this with Dan, once this happens it's for eternity." Naruto whispered as he trailed kisses on her neck and collarbone.

"Yesss…" Tsunade replied, her eyes closed in pleasure. "I love you, I know that this is forever and I wouldn't have it any other way…" her words being replaced by a purr as Naruto's hands began to play with her breasts.

Their conversation dissolved into a make-out and groping session for a few minutes, Naruto's hands exploring every inch of Tsunade's body while she returned the favor. She restrained herself from touching his erect member though, not in a hurry at all. Soon enough they remembered being under the shower and decided that washing each other's body would be pleasant enough.

As Naruto was massaging a whimpering Tsunade's breasts with excess of foam, he was quite surprised when he felt a pair of apparently large breasts being used to slowly scrub his back, up and down. The pleasant chill that had momentarily filled him gave him a pretty good idea on who it was.

"Mito-chan…" Naruto whispered as a shiver of pleasure passed through him.

"Now, now, Magomusume (granddaughter), you weren't going to hog him all to yourself, were you?" Mito whispered huskily as her tongue flicked Naruto's earlobe before she playfully caught it between her lips.

"Not at all baa-chan…" Tsunade replied, thoughtfully enjoying the way Naruto had squeezed her breasts in surprise. "I'm more then willing to share with you…"

As their eyes settled on Naruto, he gave them a look that clearly said 'I'm a guy, plain and simple'. Soon it was Mito's turn to be washed and both Naruto and Tsunade joined forces to wash her. They noticed that her body was sensitive and very appealing, and while Naruto wasn't really obsessed with breast size, he had to admit that her KK-cup breasts contributed to his blood going south. The fact that he was in his 21 year old form was quite in his favor.

By the time Mito's luscious body had been given a massage by the two, Tsunade using her breasts being an additional source of arousal for all three of them, both girls were having a hard time avoiding using their fingers more. Their flushed faces being sign of the shower being over, Naruto took the initiative and picked them both up by the waist and gently took them to the bedroom he and the girls created the first time he was here, laying them on their backs. Before either of them could say anything, Naruto dropped to his knees and began using his fingers to stimulate their pussies.

He started slowly with only one finger trailing over their clits, causing a shiver of pleasure to pass through them. Slowly but surely, he put in one finger, then two, and began to pump slowly while using his thumb on their ever-sensitive clits.

While Naruto's hands were occupied, his eyes were not and his arousal continued to grow as the girls were moaning and calling his name in pleasure as they played with their breasts, then each others, finally initiating a hot make-out session between the blonde/red headed granddaughter and red headed grandmother. At some point they broke apart as their breath hitched and Naruto took the opportunity of their approaching orgasm to use something usually used by Kunoichi on seduction missions. With a sly smile, he flicked their clits one last time, this time adding a minuscule amount of lightning chakra.

The girls' reaction was quite a sight for the blond male. Both their eyes widened in shock, their mouths opened in a silent scream as they threw their heads back, their backs arching and spasming before they collapsed bonelessly on the bed, drawing large breaths of air. Naruto had meanwhile removed his hands and slowly licking the liquid on his fingers, his eyes filed of lust and love. As the girls looked at him with dazed but hungry looks, he couldn't help but make an observation.

"You two taste wonderfully."

At this the granddaughter and grandmother duo exchanged a look before each grabbing one of Naruto's arms and dragging him to the middle of the large bed, laying him on his back. Before he could say anything, he felt a delicate hand wrap around his member and he couldn't help but moan slightly.

"I think we should return the favor, Naruto-kun." Tsunade whispered before positioning herself above him in the 69 position. "But feel free to enjoy the taste, I know I will with yours." she finished as her mouth descended on Naruto's dick and she gave it a long lick before taking his head in her mouth, her hands pumping slowly while she bobbed her head.

Naruto took her offer immediately and began to explore her folds with his tongue. After only a few seconds though he paused and gave the masturbating , Mito who was looking transfixed at Tsunade's 'work', a 'come here' sign and began to alternate between using his tongue between the girls, his hands alternating from their folds to their nipples. Lengthening his tongue by a couple of inches went a long way too.

After only a couple of minutes Naruto realized that his control wasn't going to last much longer and gave Mito a look straight in the eye that told her exactly that. She quickly went over to Tsunade's head and lifted her by the chin before giving her a hungry kiss, all the while straddling Naruto's legs. With an understanding grin Tsunade drew back and watched as Mito slowly but surely impaled herself on Naruto's rod all the way to her cervix, though it was still not enough to completely swallow the ten inch monster.

While Tsunade was drooling from Naruto's penetrating tongues, Mito had finally become comfortable enough with him inside her and had begun to move, moaning loudly from the friction and finally snapping Tsunade from her daydreaming and causing her to start playing with her breasts, twisting her nipples and sucking on them, Mito all the while too lost in her pleasure to even think of doing the same.

By now Naruto's hips were moving as well, pumping into Mito as he met her descent, his own orgasm approaching. A few more minutes he knew he was going to come and from the look he spied on Mito's face she was on the brink as well. With a final thrust he unloaded his seed inside her, causing her eyes to widen before her back arched as she threw her head back, a scream of pleasure escaping her throat.

Tsunade herself watched as they both twitched for nearly half a minute before Mito managed to slowly get up and allowed the white liquid to seep from her folds, absently taking a bit on her index finer and slipping into her mouth before drawing it out with a popping sound, a satisfied smile on her lips.

Tsunade quickly decided that she wanted a taste as well and her mouth descended on the still hard dick licking it fervently and taking it in as much as she could in her position. After sucking it for a few minutes she decided that she was ready and began moving to split her pussy on Naruto's hard rod before he quickly moved and she found herself in his former position, Naruto staring at her with loved filled eyes as he lowered himself on her and giving her a deep kiss before retreating and spreading her legs and looking in her eyes for permission, the look in her eyes being more then enough.

He slowly slid into her as gently as he could, giving her time to get use to him, before he began to pump into her while holding her waist firmly with one hand, the other intertwined with hers. Tsunade was moaning and trashing, this experience being different then Mito's, much more wild and loving, just like she wanted. Soon enough, she lost control and came, her body spasming for a few seconds before collapsing on the bed breathing heavily. She soon recovered though as she noticed that Naruto had not released his load and after exchanging a glance with the partially recovered Mito, Naruto found himself once again on his back while the girls were licking his dick fervently.

When they both stopped he looked at them with a bit of surprise and longing before he groaned when the two buxom beauties began giving him a double tit-fuck. His self-control lasted barely three more minutes as he enjoyed the soft feeling of her boobs while the head of his member occasionally received a lick from one of them, before he grunted in warning and released his load, covering their boobs, faces and hair with numerous strings of cum. His arousal spiked once again as the two girls began cleaning each other with their tongues, licking away and swallowing every last bit of his sperm before the turned their attention to his cock that had only momentarily begun to soften before the arousing sight made it stand firm one again. After the two had cleaned his cock of cum as well, they turned to give him identical lusty looks that clearly told him that they still had two years left, all the while all three of them blessing their stamina.

Lemon End

3 years later (3 days outside)

Real World

Naruto and Tsunade were currently leaving the Lookout, they had spent the last 2 years catching Tsunade up with all the sex she missed in her life, and some training here and there. It was currently dark out, as they were flying Tsunade returned to her original form, while Naruto stayed in his 18 year old form.

"So what are you going to do about Shizune?" Naruto asked Tsunade

"Well when you gave me my mate mark information rushed through my head and among the information was a way to make Shizune immortal till she finds someone to love and gives it up, but it's her choice." Tsunade said making Naruto nod "What are you going to tell Jiraiya about your sudden growth spurt?" she asked

"Kyuubi." Naruto said simply causing Tsunade to nod "I still don't get why the Fire Daimyo would want to speak with us, Mito-chan knows but refuses to say anything about it!" Naruto said

"We'll see when we get to Konoha." Tsunade said

"Yeah lets hurry, you have a meeting with the snake in a couple of hours." Naruto said as he and Tsunade flew to the village they were staying in for the time being. As they flew through the window they saw the blood clones asleep on the bed dispelling the clones Tsunade and Naruto got into bed and fell asleep smiling.

Next Day

Tsunade was with Shizune waiting for her ex-teammate and his boy toy to show up. She had tried to explain things to Shizune but the girl wouldn't shut up to give her the opportunity to explain. Orochimaru and Kabuto had emerged from the ground a few dozen feet from Tsunade who was now faking a resigned face while Shizune was looking at her in disappointment.

"So, did you make up you mind, Tsunade?" Orochimaru inquired.

"Yes. On only one condition. You get the sacrifices, I don't care who, how, or from where, nor do I want to know." Tsunade sighed.

"Very well, it's not that much of a request. I'm sure I have some prisoners I don't need somewhere…" Orochimaru shrugged nonchalantly.

"Fine then. Let's do this." Tsunade sighed as she and the snake approached each other while Kabuto stood still and watched her movements suspiciously.

Tsunade's arm was glowing with green chakra as she raised it to touch the wound on Orochimaru's arm, where the puppet arm started, only for the snake to jump back when a kunai thrown by Kabuto struck the ground between the two legendary ninja.

"What is it, Kabuto?" Orochimaru asked calmly.

"That is a medical jutsu covering a wind blade channeled around her palm. I almost didn't notice it." Kabuto replied.

"So, Tsunade, you have decided to betray me." Orochimaru concluded.

"Naw, really?" Tsunade rolled her eyes as she slashed her hand towards the two.

Orochimaru and Kabuto jumped away and avoided the blade, only to gulp when a thin but deep gash formed into the ground.

"Interesting, I didn't know you could use wind manipulation." Orochimaru narrowed his eyes.

"Oh, you've seen nothing yet." Tsunade whispered as she appeared before the two and punched them in the gut, blowing then away to the grassy field outside the town.

"It seems your legendary strength isn't working to well." Kabuto said in amusement. "After all, it didn't even bruise us." He finished while she raised an eyebrow

"Kabuto, subdue her. I'll keep an eye on her companion in case she tries anything." Orochimaru ordered.

"Oh, no need. I tried to explain the situation to her but she wouldn't listen and now I'm ordering her to not interfere." Tsunade said looking over her shoulder at Shizune who was looking at her in shock before she Shunpoed before Kabuto and aiming to crush his ribcage in one blow. Unfortunately, she charged her chakra a moment too long, and that was enough for Kabuto to jump away. The resulting crater was of considerable size.

"Lady Tsunade, it would seem you're getting slow in your old age." Kabuto smirked. "Too bad for you, you were quite a fighter in your prime. A pity." he finished taunting as he activated his Chakra Scalpel.

He then found himself flying away with two broken ribs courtesy of Tsunade who had appeared besides him during his rant.

"I don't have time for weak rookies." Tsunade declared as she approached Orochimaru who had bitten his finger until it bleed.

"Hm, it seems you got over your hemophobia." Orochimaru mused as he watched Tsunade approach as he held is hand up for her to see the blood. "No matter." he added before doing a few handsigns using the time limit he had till the pain in his arm will restart and slammed palm onto the ground.

In a puff of smoke Orochimaru was standing on top of the two-headed snake he had summoned.

"You think a grass worm like that can hurt me? I'm insulted." Tsunade frowned as the head Orochimaru wasn't on lunged at her. Without hesitation she backhanded it before looking at Orochimaru and realizing it had been a diversion.

"Wind Release: Wind Bullet!" Orochimaru called out as he spat a highly pressurized mass of chakra right at her.

She had gotten to jumpy, Tsunade realized as the jutsu was about to hit her. She had shown too much too early and made the snake too paranoid to allow her to approach him so easily.

As she jumped away and saw the blast expand her thoughts were "Lets have fun!"

She was completely enveloped by the blast and Orochimaru blinked sheepishly at the power he had unleashed on the person he hoped to heal him.

"There goes that idea. I must acquire the Sharingan earlier then expected it seems." Orochimaru mused as the dust began to settle. He was a little surprised that a figure was still standing in there, but he remembered about the seal on Tsunade's forehead. "Still, she could have a limb missing. She can't regrow that." he muttered as he prepared to fight an angry Tsunade who was running low on chakra. Instead, he saw her standing there looking bored, her clothes dirty but otherwise unharmed while the seal on her forehead remained.

"Orochimaru-sama." Kabuto announced his presence he landed beside the Snake Sannin.

"Interesting." Orochimaru narrowed his eyes before forming a ram handsign. "Kai!" but nothing changed.

"So it wasn't Genjutsu, she really is unharmed." Kabuto observed.

"Yes, though I doubted she was using any Genjutsu anyway. You see, the one she's using to look young makes her unable to cast any other Genjutsu worth using. And it was never her specialty anyway." Orochimaru mused.

"I thought you'd be done by now Tsunade-chan!" a voice was heard, making Orochimaru's and Kabuto's head look to the left.

"Yeah well shit happens!" Tsunade grinned at her mate who had appeared along with Jiraiya. "How's the barrier? She asked

"What barrier?" Orochimaru inquired before Naruto could answer.

"Um… I think that one." Kabuto said as he pointed at the sky.

Glancing upwards the eyes of the Snake Sannin widened. It was enormous! A humongous cage with various symbols he didn't understand was projected above them, having a diameter of nearly two miles. And as he glanced downwards from the edge of it, he noticed that the barrier they were in was in the shape of a cylinder.

"How do you like it, Orochimaru?" Jiraiya smirked. "The kids a natural!"

"Why thank you Jiraiya." Naruto said

"You damn brat!" Orochimaru roared. "I'll make you pay!"

"Enough chatter!" Jiraiya said before he quickly made some handsigns "Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld!" he called out and a swamp formed under the snake summon, quickly dragging it in its depths.

"Tsk!" Orochimaru said in annoyance as he jumped away with Kabuto while drawing some blood before slamming his hands to the ground as he landed, Tsunade and Jiraiya doing the same as they saw their actions.

"Summoning Jutsu!" all three Sannin called out and a few moments later Gamabunta, Manda and Katsuyu were face to face, their respective summoners on their heads.

"Orochimaru! Why have you summoned me?" Manda demanded.

"It's an honor to fight besides you once again, Lade Tsunade." Katsuyu said.

"Ah, it's a reunion!" Gamabunta chuckled. "It's nice to be summoned to fight again."

"Speak, Orochimaru! Why did you bring me here? You know the price of my services!" the snake boss demanded.

"That town over there has double the tribute. Kill them all and they're all yours. And make the blond brat suffer!" Orochimaru hissed before grinning evilly. "You're out of your league, brat!"

"Really?" Naruto asked as he started going through handsigns before he drew blood and slammed his hand on the ground. "Summoning Jutsu!" a red flash appeared making everyone look away or cover their eyes.

When they look upwards again, shock, surprise and fear were what they felt.

Above them was a beast that they thought was trapped in a seal to never breath fresh air again, above them was he Kyuubi no Kitsune but he was bigger then he was the last time he was seen

"What in fuck! How's he able to summon the Kyuubi!" Kabuto yelled in horror as he stared upwards.

"I don't know, but we have to get the hell out of here!" Orochimaru hissed.

"So Orochimaru am I in your league now?" Naruto asked innocently

"Naruto, why have you summoned me?" Kurama questioned as he glanced around before looking down and spotting the three summons. "Ah, I see…"

"Just the snake and the ones on its head. The others are on our side." Naruto instructed.

"Just that garden worm?" Kurama questioned. "Then what did you summon me for, those two are more then enough to take it down."

"Hey, I thought you could use some fresh air but if you don't want it I can summon Gyuki then!" Naruto said.

"No! I got it, sheesh I mean ii do like to see the outside world every once in a while." Kurama said as youki , unnoticeable from below, began to gather in his mouth.

"Yo Tsu-chan, Perv! Stand back a bit!" Naruto told those bellow.

The frog and slug were at the edge of the barrier so fast that all Naruto could do was blink owlishly for a moment

Manda was looking at Kyuubi above his with wide eyes as Kyuubi's mouth began to glow.

"Orochimaru, how the hell did you anger this man to have something like the Kyuubi?" the snake boss trembled as he saw Kami's chosen one, who was introduced to every summoning contract a little of a month ago.

"You know this kid?" Orochimaru paused from staring in abject horror at the tailed beast.

"He is K-"

"Manda!" Naruto interrupted Manda turned to him "Don't you dare tell this foolish mortal about what I am." Naruto hissed as he glared

"Y-yes Naruto-sama!"

"Good now I want you to remove every name off the snake contract with the sole exception of Anko Mitarashi, if not then there will need to be a new snake summon boss!" Naruto threatened Manda who nodded as he saw the glow in Kurama's mouth seem to intensify

"I accept!" Manda hissed eagerly.

"Don't you dare!" Orochimaru yelled before he and Kabuto were thrown off.

"Shut up you idiot! I'm not committing suicide for you!" Manda hissed angrily before leaving Orochimaru's side and heading for Naruto and Kurama who was waiting.

"Tsunade, he's all yours." Naruto smirked as the blonde dashed by him and socked the pale Sannin in the jaw, sending him flying until he hit the barrier and slid down. Kabuto wasn't any luckier as Jiraiya began pounding him as well.

Meanwhile, Naruto looked at Manda and placed a huge scroll on his back.

"You're free to go. This scroll has food for you and you kin. Also, it would be appreciated if you removed Orochimaru's snakes from it right away." Naruto said.

"It shall be done." Manda bowed before leaving in a puff of smoke.

Naruto then thanked Kurama who was said he didn't get to fight away, Naruto then headed for Tsunade who was still pounding Orochimaru.

"Something's wrong." Naruto frowned "It's too easy."

"Any last words snake?" Tsunade growled as she was about to crush his skull, Kabuto had long since died.

"Y-yes…." Orochimaru spat some blood. "When I'm… healed… I will crush Konoha…"

"You still think you can escape?" Jiraiya laughed. "You took too many hits to the head!"

"Why should… I escape… when… I'm not even… here?" Orochimaru grinned evilly as he raised his hand to perform a handsign.

Naruto however Shunpoed his side and grabbed his arm before slapping a tag to his forehead that glowed red before disappearing.

"I should have known." Naruto growled. "You are a coward, after all…"

"What is it, Naruto?" Tsunade frowned.

"That's not really Orochimaru." Naruto explained as the snake was forming the same handsign again and again without any result. "It's a human sacrifice that, through a technique, it looks like him and has all his abilities besides some bloodlines and only a portion of his chakra. He learnt it during his time in Akatsuki." And, true enough, 'Kabuto' was revealed to be some other silver haired teenager.

"What… did you… do…?" Orochimaru demanded.

"I sealed you in here until the sacrifice dies; you can no longer end the technique yourself." Naruto smirked.

"Then it's… a matter of time…" Orochimaru deducted.

"Yes." Naruto nodded. As he placed his glowing hands on the snake's vitals and partially healed him. "Tsunade, hit him where it hurts but it's not fatal. We aren't in any hurry."

"Gladly." Tsunade smirked as she tore Orochimaru's limbs and began to dissect him while Naruto healed him just enough for him to live.

She removed his organs one by one and crushed them before his horrified eyes until only the vitals remained. At that point she took his still beating heart out of his chest and, crushed the heart and revealing it to have been an Oto nin.

"Well, let's clean up and head home." Tsunade said with a million dollar smile as she got up, grabbed Naruto, and headed towards the town, the barrier having disappeared when Orochimaru's technique ended.

And Done

Fight scene came from Naruto Chaos Mage by fg7dragon