Chapter 1.5 – Friends?

It was dismissal time. Azusa was headed for his room when he caught a glace of a girl walking aimlessly through the halls. It was her. He quickly ran towards her direction, "Hey! Wait up!" he said as he reached for the girl's arm, startled, she swatted his hand away and backed on the wall near her, "What do you want?" she asked in a low but menacing tone. Azusa scratched his head and spoke without looking at her, "I just wanted to apologize for this morning. You know, I bumped you and you fell down. So-", he was abruptly cut off when the girl spoke once again, "You've said your apologies this morning. That was enough. Goodbye" the girl walked passed him but he was persistent, "What's your name?" he caught up with her and was walking beside her. She didn't answer so he asked again, "Um… I'm Kinose Azusa. Do you mind if you give me your name?" he looked at the girl who was quickening her pace, "H-hey! Don't run!" he said speeding up as well, "I just want your name! W-wait!" he said huffing and puffing, still running, the girl asked, "What do you want? What if I tell you my name? What good would that be to you?", "Well… to be friends?" he said as he stopped and caught his breath. The girl looked back and slowed down her pace, eventually stopping, "Irie Haruna" she said plainly and went on walking.

"Can I call you Haruna?" Azusa followed her much to her annoyance.

"Fine" was all she said.

"You can call me Azusa" he smiled.

"Whatever." she responded.

"Do you really not talk a lot?"

"Why do you have so many questions?"

It's really short, really sorry.

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