The campaign bus, or as Cyrus nicknamed it, Mother Mercy, tended to full of a nervous energy any time they were just about to reach a campaign stop. The usual boisterous card games or the snores of bored reporters in the front seat gave way to tense whispers of strategy in the back and the click of laptop keyboards prepping for a story in the front.

"I didn't know ice cream was that important for Middle America, Liv." Fitz gave small sneer and Olivia rolled her eyes. The tension between them had grown immeasurably since Mellie had joined them on the campaign trail and they had been all over the media with their "happy" marriage. They would snipe and bite at each other sarcastically or Fitz would express his distrust of her judgment on certain pieces of publicity.

"Ice cream is Americana, Governor. And attending your children's ice cream social gives you inroads to a group that had been a non-starter for Republicans for generations."

Cyrus eyed each of them and shook his head. "Teachers hate Republicans because Republicans hate unions. Ice cream isn't going to change that."

"But it puts a human face on a candidate and his wife and that is what we need."

Fitz sat back in his seat and that hungry, desperate look was once again focused on her and she felt her chest become hot and she felt flustered.

"What time is the interview today?"

"One o'clock. Then you have a fundraiser with the Barchley Brothers at three and then a town hall meeting at five."

"The ice cream social?"

"Thursday at two."

Fitz didn't say it but Olivia gave a proud smile. He, in his way, had accepted her idea.

"Do you have a favorite ice cream flavor?"

He eyed her questioningly. "Not in particular."

"Flavor says a lot about the candidate."

"What if I said chocolate?"

She looked at the blue and white tie she was adjusting in the room he was going to be interviewed in, knowing he was baiting her. Knowing that he wanted to see her chest heave at his words. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

"That's a conventional choice." Olivia looked up into his cobalt eyes. "Most politicians choose chocolate because they think it's a risky choice but they don't know every other politician in the world chooses the same flavor."

"So you're saying I think that I'm risky and trailblazing when I'm really conventional?"

"In so many words."

He seemed wounded by her statement and a part of her wished to take it back. Take the hurt from his face, but she had to maintain a distance. She couldn't let what happened with them before happen again.

"What's your favorite flavor? What makes you a maverick, Livvie?"

She fixed his collar and flattened it. "I like Rocky Road."

Fitz arched his eyebrow, intrigued. "Why?"

A shy smile appeared on her face. "There is something about the texture I like. Just the softness of the marshmallows mixing with the hardness of the almonds. It's chocolate ice cream but not."

"So conventional…yet surprising?"

"Yes." She looked deep into his eyes. "Conventional…yet surprising."

The ice cream social was going well. Fitz felt he was making connections with the teachers around him and felt a deep connection with them as they related the fact that they had to buy their own supplies for their children and how their pensions were being threatened by the school board. Even he and Mellie were getting along as they chatted about their children in front of reporters and the importance of a great education, whether that be public or private.

"Governor, what is your favorite ice cream?" A local reporter asked as he handed Mellie her ice cream.

"Rocky Road." He answered back and then gave Olivia a soft gaze from across the room. She nodded her head and gave him a big smile. "It's just too bad the ice cream being served here is only vanilla and chocolate. But the kids did a wonderful job in making some really delicious ice cream."

Mellie offered him some of her ice cream and as he tasted it he realized it wasn't too good of an ice cream. But he played it off as if it were delicious even though he knew some of it stayed on his upper lip and chin. Mellie gazed at him, genuinely amused, a used her hand to wipe the rest of it off. Fitz, wanting to look like a good husband as he had been instructed, placed a playful kiss on her lips and could hear the flutter of camera and see the flash of their lights. He also saw out of the corner of his eye, Olivia, standing there arms crossed in front of her, not pleased.

Not pleased at all.

The knock, when it came, came at two in the morning. She was not disturbed from her sleep as she wasn't sleeping at all. She was too wired, agitated, and perturbed to have a good night's rest. A kiss between a husband and wife shouldn't disturb her as much as it did. Fitz was a married man and he was merely doing what she and Cyrus wanted him to. Be a good husband.

Did why did the thought of the kiss burn in her stomach like acid?

She rose from her bed, her gray silk pajamas against her skin, and walked to the door as the knock sounded again. She looked through her peep hole and gave a harsh breathe.

Speak of the devil and he comes every time.

Olivia opened the door to face Fitz, his smile mischievous, as he held up two white plastic spoons and a carton of Rocky Road ice cream.

"You shouldn't be here."

"And yet you opened the door." Fitz walked passed her and set the items he brought on the hotel desk. Olivia shook her head and closed the door, irritated that he would come here. That he would come here while she was in this state of sexual frustration with him.

"Where is Mellie?"

"Mellie went back home to the ranch because she couldn't stand the sight of me." Fitz said as he laid his long body on her bed, crossing his legs as he did so. He was wearing his customary Navy shirt and a pair of simple blue jeans. He had never looked so sexy in to her, especially with that playful glint in his eyes. And it made her more furious with him, if that was possible.

"You shouldn't be here. Get up!"

She tried to grab him but he grabbed her instead and that special type of electricity flowed through them with a current that took both of their breaths away. She fell onto him and he nipped at her lips.

"Do you know how much I went through to get Rocky Road in this town? I thought security was going to throttle me. Imagine a presidential candidate in a 7eleven and that is the chaos that ensued. The least you can do, Liv, is eat it with me."

He flipped them to where she was below him and plundered her lips with his own. Her hands found their way to his broad shoulders and then to his curly hair at the nape of his neck. Fitz groaned and then pulled away.

"Take off your clothes."

He slid off the side of the bed, watching her every moment as she did as he commanded. She felt lost and found at the same time as she removed her silk top and then her bottoms and threw them to the side of the bed.

"Naked?" Fitz questioned as he removed his own shirt. "Naughty girl."

Olivia held her breath as he reached for the carton of Rocky Road.

"Now let's see how much you like this flavor." Fitz said, smiling so wide his teeth showed.

"Fitz, it's cold."

"Shhh…it'll get warmer. I promise."

He enjoyed her squirming as the chocolate dripped onto her stomach from his spoon. It was uncommon to see Olivia unnerved and he was going to enjoy every moment of it. He lowered his mouth and let his tongue slowly lick up every speck of it from her abs and then circled his tongue around her belly button.

"Fitz…" Olivia's eyes were lidded with desire. Good.

"I know you were upset with me." Fitz confessed as he dipped his spoon into the melting ice cream and then held it above Olivia's breasts to watch the cream drip onto her chest. Olivia mewled, her fingers digging into the sheets.

He took his time, his mouth sucking between her breasts, his tongue flicking up the ice cream with fervor. His erection strained against his jeans but he would ignore it. This was about her tonight. He felt her nipple pebble in his mouth and he moved his tongue slowly, enjoying the soft movements she made in reply to his menstruations. Fitz then sat up and carefully placed the carton of ice cream and the spoon on the floor.


"Shhhh…we need this. I've been going crazy. You've been going crazy. And when I saw how…the way you looked at me today made me feel like scum."

"You shouldn't feel like scum for kissing your wife."

"I wanted to be kissing you." Fitz confessed as he got on top of her. "I wanted to be kissing your lips."

He lowered himself and Olivia let out her own tongue in response, licking away the chocolate that was on his chin and lips.

"Shit, Liv." was his only response.

"Fuck, Fitz!"

His tongue was all that was good in life. All that was right with the world. It felt like he had been eating her for hours. Her legs were wrapped around his shoulders as he took his time, enjoying her essence, loving the feel of her wetness in his mouth. He would peer at her, the glow of the television creating a silhouette of his features: the regal nose, the strong jaw, the greyish blue eyes, and Olivia knew she would never love another man like she loved him in this moment.

And she knew it was love. Over the past few weeks that feeling they had shared with each other in that hallway had only increased. It wasn't just sexual frustration. She missed him when he wasn't around. Even his when he was irritated with her she found parts of it charming. If he were to put down her criteria for the perfect man, he would fit each one of them. Except for being married.

"Don't pull away." Fitz whispered against her sex. "Don't overthink this."

He slowly dragged his tongue against her slit and she felt herself explode. Fitz stilled, merely watching her completion, his hand moving up and down her thigh, soothing her through her orgasm. He then slowly raised himself up and kissed her gently.

"Don't ever think that anything that happens with my wife means anything. You are everything. I don't know why…or even how. But you fill me up. You…are like the sunshine. Don't ever doubt that what you feel is mutual. Okay?"

She nodded her head and Fitz kissed her slowly. He then rose, his erection evident, and Olivia became confused.

"Fitz, aren't you..?"

He shook his head as he put on his Navy t-shirt. He then came to the head of the bed and kissed her sweetly again. "Tonight was for you."

She didn't know why but she like the way he said that. She gave a small smile. Fitz smiled back and then looked down at the ice cream that was now totally melted in the carton.

"I have to say Rocky Road is seriously becoming my favorite."