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A/N: Just like I predicted, the one-shot "Everything" spawned a 'feature-length' story. I was asked by two people who'd read it what led up to the situation depicted and so I'm now writing it up. I've decided to start this fic after the film Kim Possible: So the Drama, completey rewriting the episodes and all that came after said movie.

Kim Possible


Chapter 1: It All Began With Li'l Diablo

Their battle this time wasn't like the battles in the past. Those times, Kim had been trying to stop Drakken and Shego from getting away. Stopping the blue-colored evil scientist would have been easier than jumping out of an airplane at thirty-five thousand feet in a HALO (high-altitude, low-opening) jump if it wasn't for Shego. She pushed Kim to the limit of her abilities and beyond. And though the green-tinted woman would never admit it, the high school cheerleader did the same for her. Throughout Shego's life - from her ill-fated career as a member of Team Go to her current occupation as a thief and villainous sidekick - not one person even approached her level, much less could be considered her equal. That is, until she met the red-headed girl who would become her arch enemy.

What made this battle, which was being fought atop the roof of Bueno Nacho's corporate headquarters (Drakken's lair in his current bid to take over Middleton - and the world), different than the others was that Kim wasn't fighting to win anymore; she was fighting to kick Shego's green-tinted ass. Kim was beyond pissed at the level of trickery that had been used against her. Oh, she wasn't mad about not being able to figure out Drakken's scheme in time to stop it from happening. What had her enraged was Erik; he'd been a syntho-drone from the very beginning, whose only purpose was to keep her distracted - and shatter her heart. Shego had obviously known that the supposed teen boy was really a syntho-drone from the very beginning. Kim was out to hurt the villainess as much as she had been hurt.

So when she'd kicked Shego into the electrical tower on the building's roof, she felt a dark smile of satisfaction twist her features. It was a side of her she hadn't known she'd had, and it simultaneously made her feel sick and exultant. She'd finally, and decisively, beaten Shego. She and Ron had confessed their feelings for each other before Rufus had freed them. Rufus had destroyed Erik and caused the special electromagnetic dart to destroy the control signal for the Li'l Diablo robots. Then she heard Ron force Drakken to finally say his name. And, of course, the two villains and their henchmen ended up going to jail - again - though Kim knew that Shego would eventually escape and take Drakken with her.

And once back at the prom, she and Ron had shared their first kiss. But, deep down, Kim sensed that something was missing between them. The dates that followed seemed to go okay, and in fact she and Ron had seemed to grow closer together. Or so she'd first thought. What Kim hadn't told anyone - except her journal - was that she was haunted by what had happened on that rooftop. That dark satisfaction she'd gotten from knocking Shego into that tower, the dark hope that she'd caused the older woman pain. The sorrow and guilt that she'd caused her pain. Kim had respected Shego and, she had to admit, she still did; in spite of the whole Bueno Nacho/Li'l Diablo thing. 'In fact,' she'd written in her journal two months after it had happened, 'I think that's where it all began. It wasn't until I confronted Shego on that roof that I realized just how betrayed I'd felt. And it wasn't until now that I realized I actually felt betrayed.' She knew that Shego was a villain, that such actions were part of being a villain, but she thought Shego had been different, more . . . honorable. 'Lately, things between me and Ron have become a little strained. Not tense-strained, but as though both of us expected things to become . . . I don't know, different. Instead, things seem to be like they've always been, except with some hand-holding and kissing thrown in. Kissing Ron just . . . just doesn't seem like I thought it would be.'

Shego had, indeed, broken herself and Drakken out of prison about a week after the Li'l Diablo incident. But the strange thing was that while Wade was relaying information about Drakken preparing a new scheme, not much was mentioned about Shego. For reasons she couldn't explain, Kim found herself worrying about the green-tinted villainess, wondering if she was okay.


'Ron wants to talk to me about something today,' Kim wrote in her journal. It was a Saturday afternoon, and the sunlight was streaming in through her bedroom window. 'He called me on the kimmunicator and asked me to meet him at Bueno Nacho. Even after Drakken's scheme, he still likes the place. Can't really blame him; it's one of the best fast-food places in Middleton. But he sounded a little . . . different, this time. Like something's bothering him. Something has to be, because Ron isn't too good at lying.' Closing her journal, she looked at the clock next to her bed and saw that she had just enough time to get to Bueno Nacho to meet with Ron. She had a feeling she knew what he wanted to talk about, and she felt like the bottom of her stomach was falling (the same kind of feeling you get on a roller coaster right after it drops down).

Drakken's Current Lair

Drakken was in the main cavern of his current 'villainous' lair, cackling over his latest world domination plan. He looked around for Shego so he could gloat about his genius - he always preferred an audience whenever possible - but didn't see her anywhere.

"Shego!" he yelled, looking at the various entrances to the cavern. "Shego, where are you? I need to tell you about my latest scheme to get rid of Kim Possible and force the world to make me its leader! Shego!"

Shego, meanwhile, was sitting in her room in the lair. She had the lights off, the door triple-locked, and had plasma-blasted the intercom panel the moment she heard Drakken's voice coming through. She wasn't in the mood to deal with him; giving her current state of mind, she'd probably fry his ass with a sustained burst of green plasma - literally, this time. Ever since the showdown with Kim Possible on the roof of the Bueno Nacho headquarters, Shego had found herself in a funk. Part of it, she would tell herself, had to do with being beaten so decisively by the teenaged girl. Being knocked into that electrical tower had been painful as hell, she'd admit; she tried to tell herself she would have done the same to young cheerleader if she'd had the chance. But for some reason, whenever she thought that, it always rang false. She knew why it felt wrong to think that, but she refused to acknowledge that other reason. Just as she refused to acknowledge the truth behind the depression she was in.

"I'm supposed to be a villain, damnit," she growled to herself. "What I did to Possible during the global Li'l Diablo attack is I was supposed to do. She's the goody two-shoes, and I'm the sneaky, underhanded villain." A sigh escaped her and she let her head drop to her knees. "So why do I feel like a piece of shit every time I think about it?" In the split-second of consciousness she'd had before the electrical surge coursing through her body from the tower knocked her out, she had caught sight of the look on Kim's face, and had been shocked by it. Even recalling it now shocked her; it was an expression she wore whenever she kicked the girl's ass. Kim had always given as good as she'd gotten, Shego had to admit, which had been a surprise in the early days of their fights. The red-headed girl obviously had some martial arts skills, but it was her cheerleading moves that would through the green-tinted woman off. Shego had studied quite a few martial arts styles, starting back in her still despised Team Go days up to now, and had been a martial artist of unmatched skill; especially when she used her plasma powers. But Kim? Kim had no formal martial arts training, no special powers, and she still managed to keep up with Shego. The memory of first realizing she'd found someone who was her equal brought a short-lived smile to the villainess's face. A smile that vanished as the memory of their last fight intruded upon it.

What the hell did I do? she asked herself.

"So, what's up, Ron?" Kim asked as she watched her boyfriend settle into his side of their 'usual' table, his tray piled high with an unbelievable amount of food. She knew he shared some with Rufus - she was frequently surprised the highly greasy food hadn't killed the naked molerat already - but it was still a shocking amount for one person to eat. As for her, she made do with a salad and tea.

"Kim, I . . . um, well I . . . I don't know how to, um, well, say this," he replied, stammering and not quite meeting her eyes.

"Is it about . . . us?" she asked, hesitating only slightly. The slump to her boyfriend's shoulders gave her the answer.

"It's, well-" he tried to say, but she held up a hand to stop him.

"Let me," she said, a sad smile on her face. "You expected things to be different when we started going out, and nothing has changed between us; not even your feelings about me. You don't want to force or push anything because you don't want to ruin our friendship, but nothing's like you expected it to be."

"Um, yeah, yeah. Right, KP," he told her. "I-I'm sorry, you know."

"There's nothing to be sorry about, Ron," she replied. "I thought things would be different between us, more romantic. It's not your fault," she rushed to say before he could start blaming himself, "and it isn't mine. I've been thinking the same things you have, that's all. I . . . I kept waiting for that spark, that 'he's the one' spark that I never felt with the other guys I crushed on or went out with."

"I was wanting that, too."

"I guess it just isn't there."

"We can always be friends, Kim. That doesn't have to change, does it?" Kim smiled.

"Ron, you've been my friend since pre-K," she told him, laying a hand on one of his. "Nothing's ever going to change that between us. Just because a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship didn't work out between us doesn't mean our friendship didn't work out, either."

"I was afraid you'd be mad about breaking up."

"You're being honest with me. Sure, it does hurt a little that things couldn't work out romantically between us, but at least we're being truthful." She held out her hand. "Friends?"

"Friends," he replied, shaking her hand and smiling. As they returned to their food, both saddened and relieved, Kim couldn't help but think of Shego and wonder how she was doing. And then she wondered why she was thinking about her rival in the first place.

Shego finally relented to the incessant pounding on her door and opened it.

"What is it, Doctor D?" she growled at him, forcing him to take several steps back until he backed into the wall across from her door.

"Well, Shego," he said, trying to assume an authoritative air and failing, "I wanted to explain my latest plan to stop Kim Possible and take over the world. I expect you to be there when I'm ranting."

"Whatever, Doctor D," she said in a flat voice. She really wasn't in the mood to listen to his rather annoying voice - and the rambling that he was prone to do - but he did pay her (not that she needed it anymore, what with the investments she'd been doing for the past three years). "Just tell me what I need to steal for you."

"Shego, are you okay?" he asked, finally picking up on her mood - which had been going on ever since they'd broken out of prison.

"Just fine," she replied, brushing past him. Curious now but unwilling to risk a plasma enema, he hurried to get ahead of her as he began explaining just what he wanted her to get for him.

E/N: And that's the first chapter. Yes, I said first chapter. Explaining how Kim and Shego became the loving couple they are in "Everything" isn't capable of being done in a one-shot. The stage is set now.

Even after admitting that Kim Possible is, indeed, 'all that,' Drakken is still plotting her downfall. Shego's in a depression whose cause is tied to the Li'l Daiblo incident a couple of months ago. Kim and Ron find out that a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship isn't working for them and call that quits, remaining friends. Just what is Drakken planning now? And why are Kim and Shego thinking about each other (as if you didn't already know)? You might find out in the next chapter, "Nothing's The Same."