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Kim Possible


Chapter 10: A New Start

Middleton High School, 2 years later

Kim looked around at the rest of her graduating class and shook her head in amazement. She didn't doubt that she'd get to this point, but it was who she got to it with that surprised her. The students were seated alphabetically, of course, but she was able to see Ron (who was still stunned that he'd managed to graduate on, mostly, his own merits), Monique (who somehow managed to make the whole graduation ensemble look like a Club Banana ad), and Bonnie. Kim had never thought that one day she and Bonnie would not only be getting along with each other, but would be good friends. It was a little hard to believe that Bonnie's change of heart was genuine - and permanent. What was even more surprising was the look the other girl was giving Ron. Kim smiled at the thought that her best friend since pre-K and her newest friend might actually be liking on each other.

Looking back towards the front, where Coach Barkin was now giving a speech that already had people groaning, Kim thought over the last two years. She'd been unconscious during the procedure that had saved her from a future of full paralysis, but had heard everything from, it seemed, everyone. Shena had risked everything to get Kim what was needed to repair the damage, and hadn't asked for anything in return. In hindsight it was rather obvious that that chip could fix her - since that was what is made for. The fact that, two years later, she was still walking and moving around proved that the chip was a real success; for the first year, she had been going back to the hospital one each week to go through a bunch of tests for the chip to be examined. The following year it had been twice a month, then once a month. She was grateful for what had been done for her, and was planning on capitalizing upon her experiences to bring more awareness to paralysis victims. She knew just how lucky she was, and that no one else in the world had a super-powered girlfriend who would do anything to help them. She didn't know, exactly, what she was going to go to college for, but she was thinking about something along the lines of recreation or pediatrics; the first to help organize and/or run events for disabled children, the second to work with children, period.

In spite of missing a few days of school - most of those because of her having been recovering from nearly freezing to death, and then recovering from a procedure that repaired her nervous system - Kim had been elected valedictorian for her graduating class. She did have a speech written, but decided to only use it for reference; she had something else she wanted to say.

The valediction had been scheduled to be done after the end of the ceremonies, but before the graduates tossed their caps to signify the ending of their high school period. Kim walked up to the podium and set her speech down. Looking around at all of the people gathered there - her fellow students and the families and friends of the graduates - she took a moment to gather her thoughts.

"This is one of the most important days in a person's life," she began. "Graduation. It's the ending of one chapter in our life, and the start of another. That we have gotten to this point says something about each of us. That we did our best, worked hard, and enjoyed ourselves. Many things can happen in a person's life, and many things can change. I'm sure everyone here knows just how Bonnie Rockwaller and I were." She paused as chuckles swept through her fellow graduates. "Well, now she and I are good friends. I have been called 'the girl who can do anything' by the media, but I think everyone can do anything if they put their mind to it. A little over two years ago, I learned that my nervous system was failing, and that one day I wouldn't be able to move at all. That news had depressed me, and really impacted my life. I kind of gave up on trying to beat it, and just seemed to accept it. I decided to do what I could while I could, but I had given up." She paused a moment to sip some water that had been set at the podium before she walked up. "But I had good friends and a loving family that wouldn't give up on me. It wasn't until someone who is now one of the most important people in my life went missing that I came out of my depression. I didn't let my condition stop me from going after her to find her. Everyone knows by now that I am a lesbian, and I'm not ashamed of it. It's who I am. It's important not to be who others think you should be, but to be who you truly are. And if you're willing to do anything for those you care about, they will be willing to do anything for you. As we look back upon the paths we took to get here, today, and we look at ahead at the many paths before us, we should remember that all of us can do anything if we just put our minds and hearts into it." Kim looked out over the audience and nearly let her jaw drop as she saw a familiar black-haired, green-tinted figure slip into the empty chair beside her mom. The smile that blossomed on her face was mirrored on the face of Sheena Go.

"There will be trials in the days and months and years ahead," she went on, her attention now focused on her girlfriend. "We'll make mistakes, bad calls, and have some bad luck. But mixed in with all of that will be successes, triumphs, and joys. More so than the bad. Mistakes are how we learn, after all. If you do everything right all of the time, what do you learn? Each day brings something new with it, a new future. There is always a light in the darkness, because each of us is that light. One day, we'll be parents, teachers, doctors, athletes, or even chefs. We'll be setting an example for others to one day follow. So let's be the best examples we can be, and make tomorrow brighter than today."

After the tossing (and retrieving) of the caps, Kim met up with her family and girlfriend. She waved at Bonnie who was with her parents, talked with Ron and his parents for a moment, before reaching them.

"That was a wonderful speech, dear," Ann said, hugging her daughter.

"Not quite the one you wrote, but I agree with your mother," James said, hugging her as well. Kim had barely turned to Shena when the older woman hugged her close.

"I wish I could have heard more of it," she said, "but I didn't want to come here straight from work."

"You got here when you did," Kim replied, hugging her girlfriend fiercely. "That's what counts." The two stood back and smiled lovingly at each other.

"Your parents want to take everyone for a graduation dinner, but I talked them into a lunch kind of thing."

"Oh? And why is that?"

"Because I want to take you and your cute little ass out on a date."

"Shena," Ann said, referring to the woman's language, but she just shrugged.

"Are you . . . are you asking me out?" Kim asked, surprised.

"Well, duh, Princess," Shena replied, though her smile was nervous. "What do you say?"

"Pick me up at six. I'll be the red-head in the green dress and black heels."

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