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Ch. 1

I shiver as they inject the cold needle into my skin. I had no doubt it was the stuff that kept me awake even when I wanted to sleep. They had been asking me questions I didn't know the answers to for weeks now. They had told me too many times my family was gone. They had tortured me for not stopping the revolution that was beginning at the hands of the District that had abandoned us.

Before my interview I was pampered. I got to talk to Portia and eat normal food and take a shower, but after when they got news my words didn't work I wasn't fed anymore, I was told Portia didn't care for me anymore, and I was bathed once a week. I got to talk to the others once a week. Johanna was here, and Enobaria, and they had even gone and got the poor crazy girl from District Four. Annie and I had connected easily, we were both with out the love of our lives. We were both crazy.

The guards force me to my feet, it was time for our weekly meeting. It was the only time I got real human contact that wasn't a hand across my face or a whip slamming across my back. For all the technology they had, they were quite barbaric.

They never talked to me, except when they asked me questions. How long did you know they were planning to blow the force field? When did you find out District Thirteen was still alive? How long ago did you know that you were going to ally with Finnick and Beetee? They were always questions I didn't have the right answers too. They never failed me with a new torture to put on me.

I was being punished for things I didn't do.

They shove me into the dark room that Johanna sits in shivering. Our rooms were across from each other. I had heard the fearless victor scream too many times to count. I fall to the ground as the door behind me is closed. They watch us in here, if we say something they don't like we are electrocuted.

"Johanna." I say. Standing up weakly. The strength I had gained before the games was all gone.

"Peeta." She says. I never thought we'd see each other so vulnerable. I never thought that we'd be tortured for doing things we never did. Johanna knew things about the plan. I knew she did, she screams more often than I did.

Light enters the room for a couple seconds while Annie is thrown in.

"Enobaria isn't coming today." Says one of the guards. The door closes

Annie stays on the ground for minutes, sobbing into the cold stone floor. It takes me forever to realize she needs help up. It takes both Johanna and I to get her to stand.

"Is Finnick here?" She asks every week with out fail and every week I have to answer no. Some part of me has realized I will never see Katniss again. Some part of me knows that last kiss in the arena is the last we'll ever have. But still there is that Annie in me that hopes to see her again.

"When will he get here?" She cries, her eyes drowning in the thick tears, "He promised me. He said he would come home and that we would be safe. Finnick doesn't break promises."

I close my eyes, Johanna and I knew we had to be strong for her. If we weren't then no one would be, it was just hard some days. "Annie sometimes promises have to be broken for reasons. Finnick is doing everything he can to get back to you, I know it. Don't worry, but it might be a while." Says Johanna, he voice stronger than it has been in weeks.

Johanna's right sometimes promises have to be broken, but I still know I can't let Katniss die. I can't break that promise. They tell me I'll have another interview to try and stop the war, I hope I can do better than I did last time.

"But I can't wait any longer, Jo." Annie had started calling Johanna that, weeks ago. I figured she couldn't get her full name out. I try to contain my tears as Annie cries more, but I can't find it in me as the first tear drops.

"I know. I can't either, but it will be fine. Trust me. Finnick, he's strong." Says Johanna. No one else talks after that. Silence was how most of our time together was spent. I wipe my eyes. At least we had each other.

I wish I could hold Katniss in times like these. It was always her heart beating with mine that made me feel better. If only she could know that all she had to do was stop this war and then we could be together. I'm sure they think of me as a traitor.

As soon as I called for a ceasefire in my interview I'm sure I was deemed so. Katniss must know that's not who I am. She must know that I hate the Capitol more than anything. She must know I'm not a traitor.

I start shaking from the idea of Katniss turning away from me. Maybe she does believe I'm a traitor. Maybe she doesn't love me anymore. My frail body just wants to stop working, but the serum they put in me keeps me from doing that. It keeps me fully aware for hours on end. They won't even give me sleep to escape to anymore because we all know the nightmares are better than real life.

They wanted me to believe that Katniss was a traitor to me. They wanted me to believe that she knew the plan that Beetee and Finnick and Johanna had. I know she didn't, she would have told me. They had made me watch as she sent the arrow into the force field a billion times. I watched as she gets the idea. I watched as she realizes the plan. Katniss didn't know before. And neither did I.

The Capitol had it wrong, and they had all along.

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