Lifting his curse

Katherine's POV

Katherine had just been thrown out of Bulgaria and exiled to England by her family…

Leaving everything and everyone behind had been hard for her and adapting to this new country was even harder than anything else she had ever known… It truly was the biggest challenge of her life...

She could take the shame of having a child out of wedlock but could she adapt to a strange new country? Did they really have to exile her so far away from home? And if they were going to exile her anyway, couldn't they let her have her baby?

Thinking about her daughter made her sad and as she brought her hands on her now flat stomach, she swore she could still remember how it felt to have her precious baby move and kick in her belly… Maybe she would be able to find her again one day…

If only her father would have been able to tell her where she was sent…

But he didn't, he simple yelled at her some more, telling her how much of a shame she was to the family and left the room… Even her mother couldn't say anything… Her mother had never been a strong woman and she listened to anything her husband said... Even if it broke her daughter's heart and destroyed her...

Katerina learned the new language pretty quickly too (she didn't really have a choice) and did what she had to do to survive. Her foreign accent was barely noticeable when she spoke and she was pretty proud of it.

She met people quickly enough and if at first the people she met were pretty low on the social ladder, she soon started to meet people who knew more important people…

To make a long story short, she had managed to get invited to the mansion of Lord Niklaus and his wife, Lady Bella. They were having a party for their wedding anniversary or something and she managed to be brought along by some young man name Trevor who was already in love with her and worked for them.

"You look very pretty tonight Miss Katerina." Trevor said when he picked her up that night.

"Thank you. Am I dressed appropriately for this party?" She asked. She truly wanted to fit in.

"Of course you are, Lord Niklaus and his family will be very happy to meet you!" Trevor said, not saying that she was the doppelganger everyone looked for to break the sun and the moon curse.


Elijah was with his siblings in the ball room, waiting on Niklaus and Bella to enter the room so they could have their own private celebration before the people came in.

"Ah, here you are! You're late brother!" Kol told Niklaus as soon as they came in the room.

"Sorry but we had our own celebration to tend to!" Klaus replied cheerfully while his wife blushed slightly.

"And the witches wanted to talk to us!" Bella added.

"What did those trouble makers want now?" Rebekah asked.

"Be nice Bekah!" Finn said with a soft smile.

"They just wanted to warn us that they feel change coming… Apparently it's in the air… Someone that more than one of you has been waiting on for the past centuries is coming." Bella explained what the witches had told her.

"What does that even mean?" Sage asked confusedly.

"Who knows… Personally I'm not waiting for anyone anymore… I have everything I could have ever asked for!" Klaus said as he kissed his wife's neck softly and lovingly, making her moan.

"We'll just have to wait and see then… Let's start with this celebration before the guests arrive." Elijah decided as he handed his sweet and loving sister in low the necklace he had found for her.


When Trevor stopped his carriage in front of the house, Katerina was surprised by the size and the enchanting beauty of the place.

"It's so beautiful! It looks like the kind of place out of a fairy tale book…" She declared as they walked up to the gate.

"Isn't it? Lord Niklaus had it entirely renovated and redecorated for his wife! I've never seen too people loving each other more than they do!" He said as he guided her inside, eager to please the originals and happy to see the smile on her face.

"Everything is just so pretty… It's almost…enchanting… I feel like there is magic all around me because of the beauty of the place…" Katerina said.

"You haven't seen anything yet!" Trevor told her as he guided her to the ballroom, full of fancy looking people talking, dancing, drinking and eating.

"Come, I'll introduce you to Lord Elijah, I see him right next to the drinks." Trevor said as he gently pulled her behind him.

He liked the girl but he also had seen the scrolls and he knew she would be worth a big reward… Maybe even two daylight rings for him and Rosemary…

"Lord Elijah, allow me to introduce Katerina to you! She's new in town!" Trevor said.


Elijah was getting bored already… People had just started to arrive and he knew he had to stay and play human…

He watched Bella and Klaus moving around, greeting people, being happy… He could also see Sage and Finn dancing… They were happy also…

Even Kol and Rebekah found a way to be happy in their loneliness… Pretending to be human amused them... Why couldn't he then?

"Lord Elijah, allow me to introduce Katerina to you! She's new in town!"

Elijah turned around to see Trevor, a powerless vampire that was working for Niklaus in hope of getting a daylight ring some day, standing next to the most beautiful woman Elijah had ever seen… He knew it couldn't possibly be Tatia because he saw her dead body over 500 years ago and watched it for several hours, hoping to see her magically rise back to life…

"It's a pleasure to meet you my Lord." The beauty said in a voice that used to belong to his beloved Tatia as she curtsied…

The long promised Doppelganger was standing in front of him and his brother had no need for her… Could she be here for him then? Was this nature's way of ending his loneliness? Should he guard his heart or go for it?

"The pleasure is all mine Miss Katerina… Allow me to be your escort for the night?" Elijah asked her before he turned to Trevor and asked "You don't mind do you?"

"Of course not My Lord!" Trevor replied before he went in search of Rosemary, leaving Elijah with the young Petrova girl.

"Where are you from then Katerina?" Elijah asked her.

"Bulgaria, My Lord."

"You're a long way from home…" He asked as he handed her a glass of the finest wine they had.

Since he really wanted the truth, he compelled her to answer the truth. He couldn't really trust her on her word yet… Compulsion was very handy in occasions like this. He never liked using it but he felt it was his only option to get the truth out of the people he couldn't trust yet.

"Yes… I got in trouble at home…had a child out of wedlock and brought shame on my father…my whole family... My father exiled me here…" She replied, in a shameful tone.

"Well, it's just my luck then isn't it?" Elijah replied nicely before they ran into Bella and Niklaus and he introduced them.

Elijah was a very smart man and it didn't take a scientist to realise that Katerina wished she had her baby with her… Maybe he would see if he could help her get her daughter back… If she behaved better than her ancestor… So far they had too much in common for his comfort.


Lord Elijah was the best looking man Katerina had ever seen and she was caught in her conversation with him when he introduced her to his brother…

His very handsome and very married brother…

She decided that now wasn't the time to be jealous of Lady Bella for being married to such an handsome and rich man and that she should keep her affections for Elijah only… Maybe she would finally get her happily ever after too…

They talked with the couple for a few minutes and Katerina felt that there was another conversation taking place between the two brothers… One that they were hiding and that she didn't understand.

"Where are you staying Katerina?" Lady Bella asked her gently.

"At a Boarding house on the other side of town my Lady."

"No, no, no… We can't have that! We can find you a room here for the duration of your stay can't we Love?" She asked her husband with a soft smile.

"Of course we can… I'm sure Elijah will be delighted to see to it!" Lord Niklaus replied as Elijah smiled even brighter.

He was happy that his family agreed to help him with, maybe, finding his love.

"Of course brother!"

Katerina was pleased… It looked like she just made some friends in the high society!

"Lady Bella is very pretty… She also seems very nice…" Katerina told Elijah as he walked her through the corridors to take her to her new room.

"She is… She changed my brother for the best… He used to be so different…He used to be cold and not to care about anyone else but himself… Then he met her and… It seems surreal still to me…" Elijah said.

"It's true love then." Katerina said.

"Maybe… I don't know if I really believe in it."

"I do… The world would be too cruel if true love didn't exist." She explained.


"Don't you love?"

"I used to… But she played me and died…"

"You don't want to be hurt again so you guard your heart…" She said.

"Maybe I do…"

"You should open your heart and give love a chance my Lord… Look at your brother and Lady Bella… Don't you want that?"

"Do you?"

"Yes… I would love to have something like that… I think I would give up anything to have a shot at true love…"

"Here we are!" Elijah said as they stopped in front of a door and opened it to show her a very pretty room.

He was happy for the change of subject, it was getting too intense for his liking.

"My bedroom is two doors down, with my name on it. I think you'll have the necessities here for tonight… We'll go and get the rest of your things tomorrow. You can use that bell if you need something, a maid will come right away." He explained.

"Thank you My Lord."

"You can call me Elijah…And I'm only a call away shall you need anything." He added.

"Thank you Elijah."

"Now, shall we get back to the party?" He asked her with a smile that made her heart swell.



The rest of the night was pretty nice.

He asked her questions about her home and her life and he would tell her about what he had seen. She didn't know why she couldn't help but tell him the truth but she didn't mind… She could feel herself falling in love as the night passed and she didn't want to leave this place, or this man, ever again.

Throughout the night, Elijah introduced Katerina to the rest of his family and explained to them that she would stay with them.

Sage and Finn had seemed indifferent to it. Neither overly pleased like Bella had been or displeased. A normal reaction. They obviously wanted Elijah to be happy but they didn't care much if it happened now or later. Nor did they care about her being a Petrova doppelganger.

Kol started to flirt with her but after a moment Elijah must have sent him some sort of signal that made him stop. He reminded Katerina of her big brother who was to get married soon… It made her sad for a while but she got over it. Now wasn't the time to get worried.

Rebekah, the only sister Elijah had, acted almost hostile. She definitely didn't like Katerina the first time they were introduced.

"What was that? Did I say something wrong?" Katerina asked Elijah after Rebekah had left them.

"No, don't worry about it… Rebekah is just worried for me."

"Why? What did I do?" Katerina was worried, she wanted to stay close to Elijah to see if they could have something more and she didn't want a member of his family hating her.

"You look a lot like the girl whom I told you about…" He said.

"The one who played you and broke your heart before dying?" Katerina asked. He had spoken of only one girl to her that would make sense but she wanted to check her facts.


"Oh… Well, I'm not like that… Why would she act this way without even knowing me?"

"It's a long story Miss Katerina… One I can't tell you tonight." He replied, trying to bring humor back in the conversation.

Out of the corner of his eyes he could see Rebekah getting a scolding from Klaus about her behavior…

"Do you promise to tell me tomorrow then?" She asked with a flirty smile on her face.

The same smile that used to get her everything she wanted back home.

"You have my word sweet Katerina. Shall we dance now?"

"With pleasure!" She replied.

They spent the rest of the night dancing, and talking and having fun. They could both feel something changing in their lives and were very happy about it.


When the party died down, Elijah gently walked Katerina back to her bedroom, reminding her that he was just down the hall should she need anything. He also made sure she knew that she could call for a maid if she needed anything.

"A maid brought something for you to wear tonight and tomorrow before we go and get your things." He told her.

"Thank you again…"

"Good night Katerina." He said, turning around before he was too tempted to do something he might come to regret later.

"Good night My Lord." She replied as she watched him enter his own bedroom.

She closed her door and sat on her new bed.

She had hoped he would have kissed her…

Why did she think about this? She just met him… She needed to act properly here… She couldn't afford to be exiled once more…


The next morning, when she woke up, it took Katerina a few minutes to remember where she was but it brought her joy to know it hadn't all been a dream. She really did enter in some sort of fairy tale… She just hoped it would be her happy ending with Elijah…

She couldn't believe that she was already in love with the man when she only just met him the night before.

She quickly got ready for the day and was just finished when someone knocked at her door. It was Elijah and he wanted to escort her down to breakfast…

After they ate together, he went with her in town to get the rest of her things and in true gentleman fashion, he even paid what she owed the Boarding house owner.


"Elijah is happy… I think she's the one for him!" Bella told Klaus after Elijah and Katerina had left that morning.

"You're such a romantic Love!" Klaus replied.

They were both walking in the garden, under the sun, enjoying their life as it was.

"Don't you think she could be right for him at all?" She stopped her walk to ask him.

"Maybe she is… But she's the doppelganger… Tatia's double… We just have to wait and hope she won't be fooling around with someone else while flirting with Elijah." Klaus replied.

"Didn't you scold Rebekah last night for the same kind of thoughts?" Bella asked him.

"I scolded her for acting on them, there is a difference here!" He joked before he kissed her.

"I love you." She sighted.

"I love you too!" He replied, sighting at the joy he felt every time he had his wife in his arms.

"Please give her a chance… For me?" She asked him.

"You know I can't refuse you anything Love!" He replied before he kissed her again, intending on showing her exactly how much he loved her.


"You don't have much with you…" Elijah noticed as they were on their way back to the castle.

"I knew I would have a long way to go and thought it would be best to travel light…also my father didn't let me take anymore than one bag... The rest are things I managed to acquire here." she explained.

"If you had a chance, would you have taken your child with you?" He asked her curiously.

He decided against the use of compulsion this time.

"Of course I would have… It broke my heart to leave her behind… They didn't even let me hold her after she was born…" She truly looked sad.

"I'm sorry… My family and I have a lot of power… We know people who could find her for you if you wish…" he said.

"You would do this for me?" She was pleased but surprised.

"Of course I would. I'm offering aren't I?"

"I… that's… That would be very wonderful but… I'm afraid I don't have what it takes to care for a child… I don't have much money, or even a place to live…" She replied sadly.

"We could help you with that…" He suggested.

"What do you mean by that?"

"We could find you a place to live on our property… We… I could help you." He said with a little bit of nervousness in his voice.

"Why would you do this for me?" She asked.

"Remember what I told you about the other girl I loved? The one I lost?" She nodded. "Well, you're her exact living talking double… We call that a doppelganger… The reason why is a story for another time but I want to help you so you don't turn out like her…" He tried to explain without giving out too much.

"How did she turn exactly?"

"Well, like you Tatia had a child out of wedlock, but she didn't care much for it since she was still the most popular girl in the village… I was in love with her and I thought she loved me too… It turned out that she was also spending time with my brother Niklaus."

"When you say 'spending time' you mean…"

"I mean that she was playing us both… Thinking she could have us both… It turned us against each other for a long time… Later we found out that we weren't the only one she was using… Her son was taken cared of by her parents… She never even spent a minute with him… I don't went you to turn out like her." He explained.

"You still love her…" she said.

"I think I'll always love her in a way… But I'm not in love with her anymore… She did too much to break my heart." He didn't know why he was speaking so truthfully with her but he liked this honesty.

"Would this prevent you from feeling anything for me?" she asked shyly, looking down.

"I don't know… I don't think so…"

"Is Tatia the reason you're nice to me? Is what you feel for me, whatever it is, really left over of your feelings for her?" She asked again. He could see her blush and looking down.

"I don't know… Maybe… But then again, you're different from her… You may look like her but you have your own soul…"

"Before you lock your heart away… Could you give us a chance?" she asked him softly.

"I think maybe this is something I can do!" He replied with a small smile just in time for the carriage to stop in front of the house.

"Thank you again for everything you're doing for me Elijah… You're very kind!" She told him as he helped her putting her things in her new room.

"Is everything to your liking Katerina?" Bella asked her after Elijah left the room.

"Yes, thank you. Your family is being very kind with me." She replied.

"Don't worry about it, it makes us happy to see Elijah happy." Bella replied.

"Elijah told me he knew people that could find my daughter and that he would help me care for her… Do you think he was serious?" Katerina asked Bella after a few minutes of small talk.

"I think Elijah is nothing but serious! If he told you he would help you, he meant it. I can tell you that as we speak he is talking with Finn, Sage and Klaus about finding your daughter." Bella replied.

"Will they help?"

"Of course… Finn and Sage were about to leave the country and travel for a bit… Bulgaria was supposed to be last stop on there list… He's asking them to go there first and come back with your daughter before leaving again."

"Will they be able to find her? How will they do it?"

"They will go to your father and ask him… They can be very persuasive." Bella smiled.

"Will they agree to do it?"

"Yes, I know they will." Bella reassured her before inviting Katerina to join her in the garden for a walk.


Elijah was happy when Finn and Sage agreed to look for Katerina's baby. They knew what town she was from and would start their researches there.

"What of he killed the baby?" Sage asked.

"Then you kill him." Klaus suggested.

"No… You just tell me and I'll let Katerina decide." Elijah said.

"Are you going to tell her about us and why she exists?" Klaus asked him as Sage and Finn left.

"Yes, I think it's best if we tell her as soon as possible… Better than if she hears it from someone else and runs away…"

"She would die for sure!" Klaus added.

"Yeah, all thanks to your scrolls!" Elijah said.

"Yeah well, I got a few of them back but some of them have traveled a long way… It's hard to locate them all!" Klaus replied as they both watched Bella and Katerina walking in the garden. They were soon joined by Rebekah who had apparently decided to play nice.


The next few weeks went by without any problems.

Elijah told Katerina about whom and what they were and why the Doppelganger was created. She got scared at that moment but he assured her that it wasn't necessary anymore, that Klaus had found another way of breaking his curse.

After that, Katerina shared her day between Elijah and Bella and Rebekah. She was growing closer to the Original family and she couldn't imagine her life without them anymore.

Elijah knew he couldn't hide his feelings for Katerina anymore… She was everything he had wished Tatia to be and he could see a future with her. He actually had bought a house on the other side of the country and was having it renovated.

As soon as Sage and Finn came back with Katerina's daughter, he would ask her to marry him and the three of them would move there and be happy…


"This is very nice Elijah… Eating under the night sky and the stars… Very…romantic…" Katerina said as they sat at the table he had the maid prepare.

"Katerina… Sage and Finn should be back in a couple of days with your daughter and… I just wanted you to know that I love you… I would like to marry you and the three of us to move in the house I've just finished renovating… You need to know that even if you don't marry me, this house will be yours to do as you wish…" He said right before desert.

"Elijah…I… I don't know what to say… You've done so much for me already…and…I…Of course I love you too! I would be honored to marry you and to go anywhere you want to go…" She replied, tears of happiness in her eyes.

"Really?" He asked as he kneeled next to her, her left hand in his and ready to put the ring on her finger.

"Would you keep me human or would you change me?" She asked out of the blue.

"I would let you chose Katerina… Whatever you want, you will have!" He replied.

"Then yes, I'm sure I will marry you!" She said, jumping in her arms and finding the beautiful ring on her fingers before she could see him slip it there.


The next couple of days went by fast and happily for the new couple and their family.

"Are you sure they found her?" Katerina asked Bella as they waited impatiently for Sage and Finn to come back.

"Yes, they send a messenger ahead with the news… They're definitely bringing her back. Don't worry!" Bella replied.

"I'm just so happy…and nervous…"

"Really? We couldn't tell!" Rebekah joked.

Rebekah had softened to the doppelganger and was acting nice towards her future new sister. If Elijah could love her, she couldn't be that bad right?

Kol came in running:

"They're coming!" he yelled before they all rushed out the door to welcome the new baby…well toddler.

They watched as Finn got out of the carriage first and as Sage handed him a baby that was a little over a year old…

"Katerina… They named her Anna… But you can always change it…She's too young to remember it…" Finn said as he handed the crying human the daughter she had been waiting for while Elijah wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Anna is a beautiful name… Anna Katerina Mickealson… Perfect isn't it?" She asked her new family.

"Yes, it's beautiful!" They replied.

"So, are you ready to be a father Elijah?" Katerina asked him.

"Of course Love… Now let's get her inside and feed her… I'm sure it has been a long day for everyone." Elijah replied.

"We'll leave again after your wedding… We want to go to France!" Finn announced as they all sat around and talked while Katerina and Elijah got to know their new daughter.

As he watched Rebekah helping Katerina with Anna, Elijah knew that from now on, things would be fine for him and his family… He had found love and had now a child… It was all he needed to complete his life… He was happy now and he knew he would never be lonely ever again.

In a way, he had broken his curse too.

Klaus and Bella stood in each other's arms at the end of the table and were happy to see that Elijah had finally gotten his happily ever after... He had deserved it and he now had everything he ever wished for.

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