Author's Note: Yup, I'm alive and I've got the editing bug. Sorry dudes. But this story was so cringe-worthy to me. I'm keeping the basic story, just tweaking a few things here and there to make the story flow a bit better.

Title: The Threads of Fate

Author: Princess Kanako

Pairing(s): Mushra/Yakumo, Sago/OC, slight Kutal/OC, Mushrambo/OC

Date Submitted: 26/4/14

Disclaimer: I do not own Shinzo or any of its affiliates; they belong to Tetsuo Imazawa-sama. Katalina and Kai belong to LivingItUp-00

Claimer: I own my own OCs, a few plot ideas, and some other stuff that pops up along the way.

Genre: Adventure, Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Humour.

Summary: Hitomi and Aika are two average girls who are planning to have a relaxing summer at the beach. But, a freak accident flings them to Enterra, which is in danger of being destroyed. It's up to them to resurrect a girl called Yakumo, go to Shinzo and save the galaxy. No pressure, right?

Chapter one

It was on the first day of summer vacation that my life changed. It happened on a Saturday. I woke up feeling warm, and giddy, and just a little bit smug. No summer school for me this year - unlike the poor saps that didn't pass their finals. No more cramming frantically for tests. No teachers. No early nights. No timetables. No stress, for three glorious months. The summer stretched out in front of me, seeming endless and full of possibilities.

Sunlight was streaming in the window, turning the hangings around my bed gold. I stretched, pushed them aside and eased out of bed slowly.

"Morning sweetheart," I heard a familiar voice say. I turned my head to find Mama standing in the doorway, her arms folded, and a soft smile on her face. It was bad enough to be small, slight, and dark-haired - to look almost exactly like one of the tiny fairies I used to read about when I was a kid - but to have a mother who was tall, blonde, and Alfred Hitchcock's ideal version of a heroine? That was just evil. I did share one thing in common with my mother; we both had the same eyes; cornflower blue, with very dark lashes.

"Morning Mama," I answered with a smile, standing and crossing the room to give her a hug.

"This is nice," she laughed as I breathed in her scent; her favourite floral perfume and ironed clothes smell. "I can't remember the last time you hugged me."

"A few weeks ago," I mumbled into her shoulder, "I was up to my eyeballs in studying."

"True," she conceded, running a hand through my hair once, "But you need a dose of hugs a day the same as me. Who'd you hug?"

"Aika. You?"

"Your father of course!" she laughed, pulling away. "Now, Aika called and said she was coming over in an hour, so you get dressed, and I'll help Papa make the breakfast before he burns the house down. Again."

"'Kay," I grinned. She shut my door, and I disappeared into the bathroom, praying Papa hadn't used up all the hot water. He didn't, for once, so I enjoyed a long, hot shower. Deciding I'd have enough time to repaint my nails, I headed back to my room and plopped myself in front of my vanity. Grabbing a holder, I placed my hair up into a messy bun before I began to systematically remove my old nail polish; a warm apricot colour. Glancing at the bottles of nail polish I had, I plucked up the one I found most appealing at the moment – silver. Neatly, I put on two coats of the pale colour before I went over it with a quick-drying clear coat. Blowing on my nails, I gingerly took down my hair and ran a brush through it several times till I was sure all the tangles were gone. I tied it back into a ponytail, and then got dressed into a pair of shorts, a white camisole top, and my tennis shoes.

"Hitomi! Breakfast!" Mama shouted. I wandered downstairs into the kitchen where I sat at the kitchen table and stretched. Something furry rubbed around my ankles. I glanced down.

"Morning Buyo," I murmured, scratching the cat behind its ears. Papa snorted from behind his newspaper.

"I still don't know why we let you name the cat Buyo," he commented, taking a sip of his coffee. I rolled my eyes.

"I was eleven, papa. And in the middle of my Inuyasha phase," I reminded him as Mama scooped my breakfast onto a plate. "Good morning to you too."

"Morning," he said absently, turning the page.

"Dig in," Mum advised, putting an omelette in front of me. "Papa and I are going out to a work function tonight - do you want Aika to sleep over?"

"I won't be here. I'm staying at Aika's beach house for a couple of weeks, remember? I reminded her, taking a sip of orange juice.

"Oh, god, I forgot. Will there be adult supervision?" Mama worried, nibbling her lip.

"Jeez, mama. Middle-aged much?" I laughed as I cut into the omelette.

"She'll be fine, Sara," Papa said unexpectedly, "She's sensible. And she's nineteen, for crying out loud."

"I suppose." She picked up her purse and keys before looking at me worriedly. "Just promise me you'll call every couple of days."

"Aww, come on mama!" I groaned as she held up a hand.

"Just humour me," she said as Papa stood and pulled on his jacket, "We worry about you. That's what we're supposed to do."

"Sure, sure," I mumbled as she kissed my cheek, "Bye mama. Bye papa."

"Bye sweetheart," they chorused, before the door clicked shut and I was alone.

Humming softly to myself, I quickly finished my meal and even washed the dishes when I was done, before feeding Buyo and heading back upstairs to pack for summer vacation. After shutting my bedroom door, I wandered over to my closet and grabbed my school bag, feeling relieved I'd emptied it out last night as I dumped it on my bed. Knotting a bandanna in my hair, I started darting back and forth between the closet and the bed with clothes and accessories, before stretching and sitting down at the vanity table I rarely used.

Picking up an ivory liner, I applied it around my eyes until they made it pop before giving my lashes a light coat of mascara. I finished up my look with some cherry chap-stick. I stuck my tongue out at my reflection as I untied the bandanna and wrapped it around my wrist instead, then tying my favourite necklace around my neck. The bell rang downstairs, so I ran to the door, opened it, and standing in the porch with a big grin was Aika.

She's my best friend. We'd been friends ever since kinder-garden, when the boys had been pulling my pigtails and teasing me. In the playground, they ganged up on me like hounds around a fox - until Aika saw what was happening. Even at the age of five, she'd had a mean right hook. She'd exploded into the group, slapping faces, pinching arms and kicking shins until the boys went running - which had been hilarious since she'd been dressed in an oh-so-frilly pink and white checked dress. Then she'd turned to me, her grey eyes bright.

"Want to be friends?"

I'd nodded shyly and the rest, as they say, was history.

"Hey, Tomi!" she greeted, bobbing her newly dyed scarlet head at me, "You ready to go?"

"Yeah, just let me lock the door and grab my bag," I answered, smiling. Darting back upstairs, I hoisted my school bag over my shoulders and shut my bedroom door before sliding down the banister. Grinning at Aika's 'look', I got the spare key, locked the door, and hid it behind the drainpipe.

"So, how have you been?" Aika asked, swinging her Jack Skellington bag carelessly as we walked. "Any news?"

"Nope," I answered, fanning myself. It was fairly hot for early morning.

"Nothing interesting what-so-ever has happened?"

"Not in the last twelve hours."

"I find that hard to believe… but hold that thought," Aika said, reaching into her purse and pulling out a tube of nail polish, "Look at what I bought! It's a new colour that came out, it's like…wow." Handing it over to me, Aika smiled. "You have to wear it sometime."

"It's nice," I answered, turning the bottle over to read the name, "Moody Blue. I need to buy a tube of this."

"You can keep that, I bought two. So, today is our girl day, and I was thinking we could get some groceries for tonight before we get the bus, and then we could go swimming when we arrive. What do you think?"

"Sounds like a plan."

"That isn't what I meant."

"Aika, it sounds great."

Giggling, Aika linked arms with me and we sauntered down the road. Something shiny was hurting my eyes. It was coming from her arm, so I focused on her bracelet. She'd gotten it for her birthday last year from her parents, and it was gorgeous. Needless to say, it was also dammed expensive - it had real rubies studded along the gold band of the bracelet. She was so spoilt by her parents, but she freely shared with me and even bought me my necklace for Christmas; a shining moonstone that shifted though every shade of blue and then some. I totally loved it. What I wasn't loving was her bracelet bouncing sunlight into my eyes. It was getting hard to see.

"Hey, Aika, could you take off your bracelet?" I asked, poking her. "It's bouncing the sunlight into my face - I can't see."

"I was about to ask you to take off your necklace - I can't see either."

"Oh blame it on me-"

Just then, a car horn blared as it swung wildly towards us. I heard a squeal of brakes, a scream, my scream, and then-


To be continued...