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Chapter Six: Sober

"…And I don't know
I could crash and burn but maybe
At the end of this road I might catch a glimpse of me
So I won't worry about my timing, I want to get it right
No comparing, second guessing, no not this time

Three months and I'm still breathing
Been a long road since those hands I left my tears in but I know
It's never really over, no
Wake up
Three months and I'm still standing here
Three months and I'm getting better yeah
Three months and I still am

Three months and it's still harder now
Three months I've been living here without you now
Three months yeah, three months…"

~ "Sober" Kelly Clarkson

Friday Night…

"Are you fucking crazy?" Kelsey hissed, "Did I hear you right?"

"I'm not pressing charges," Katie said again.

"You're hearing is just fine," Kay said leaning on the wall and crossing her legs. The youngest Severide was petite like her other sisters and had the same dark hair only with hints of red when the light hit it right. Her blue eyes twinkled with mischief as she stood there feeling bored.

"You think it's perfectly okay that this man attacked her and she isn't pressing charges?" Kelsey, the oldest daughter, nearly shrieked. Her dark hair was pulled back in a severe bun as always and the press suited she constantly wore looked flawless. Her usual black heels clicked on the tile as she paced the length of the small room. Unlike her sisters, her features were sharper and she'd inherited her mother's hooked nose and her father's thin lips.

"Chill out Lady Tremaine," Kay said as she uncrossed her red converse shoes, "Cinderella will get a restraining order and that works fine too."

"It doesn't mean anything. He could break it."

"Do you always freak out like this in these situations? Now I understand why you're an entertainment lawyer."

"Stop it you two," Katie groaned, "You're giving me a head ache."

"We're giving you a head ache?" Kelsey scoffed, "Think of the headache that Kelly and Dad will give you when they find out this guy assaulted you and you're not pressing charges. Kelly will shit a brick sideways and Dad will probably scare the hell out of everyone with his yelling."

"No," Kay said shaking her head, "Kelly will shit three bricks sideways but he and Dad will be harmless. It's Matt you've got to worry about."

Kelsey looked over at Kay and rolled her eyes, "This Matt guy is just the rebound. Why should she give a flying fuck about him?"

"Because they've been dating for a few months now…."

"Right, late night phone calls, dinners here and there. That's totally going steady."

"Hey at least she has a real man."

"Terry is a real man!" Kelsey defended, "Don't you dare trash talk my husband."

"I'm sorry," Kay said not sounding the least bit apologetic, "Let me rephrase. You have Terry's balls in a vice and you've taken his penis and made a necklace out of it. That's why he no longer holds a guy card."

"Kay," Katie groaned.

"Why you little-"

"Ladies," a smooth voice with a faint accent said.

They all looked over to see a tall, dark hair man standing in the doorway to the exam room. He was tall with midnight black hair and dark chocolate eyes that danced with amusement. Kay straightened up and raised an eyebrow.

"You are?"

"Doctor Anita," he said smoothly, "You are?"

"Kay Severide," she told him as she extended hand to shake.

"Enchanted," he drawled as he took her hand.

Kay looked like she might pass out for a moment before nodding, "Uh-huh."

He grinned and dropped her hand gently before turning to Kelsey.

"And you are milady?"

"Touch me I will unleash my jiu-jitsu lessons on your ass."

"What lessons?" Kay asked innocently.

Kelsey glared as Doctor Anita washed his hands.

"And you must be Katie?" he smiled.


"Care to tell me what happened?" he said sitting down on a stool in front of her. His fingers began touching her neck and Katie winced.

"Her crazy ex-boyfriend jumped her outside her apartment and choked her," Kelsey said forcefully as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"You've spoken to the police?"

"I'm not pressing charges," Katie murmured.

"She wants a restraining order instead of prosecuting that sorry son of a bitch's goddamned ass," Kelsey snapped.

"We could just give him to you. I'm sure you'd love to try that riding whip you use on Terry on Greg. Meow," Kay said and made a motion with her hand of snap a whip as well as the sound of it snapping.

Kelsey looked murderous and Doctor Anita chuckled.

"Are they always like this?"

"You should see family dinners," Katie sighed as the doctor felt the back of her neck.

"I can imagine," he said dryly, "Now I will have to notify the police because this is domestic abuse and assault. It's hospital policy anyway."

Katie opened her mouth to protest but Kelsey spoke first.

"Good maybe the goddamned cop can talk some sense into her."

"I don't feel any damage but we will get an x-ray to be safe," he continued ignoring Kelsey, "You probably just have severe bruising. I will be back."

Kay gave a flirty wave and smile that was returned.

"You are un-goddamn-believable," Kelsey snapped.

"What potty mouth?" Kay said innocently.

"Katie is attacked and you're flirting with the doctor."

"I can't help it! He came in smiled, touched me and my ovaries started doing the rumba! It's not my fault that the primitive part of me started getting sex thoughts with him as the main attraction! It's a problem. I completely agree! It's a stupid evolutionary and biological part of me that I can't get rid of. Besides, I can only imagine how good looking our babies might be."

Katie gave a strangled laugh and even Kelsey cracked a smile.

"He was cute," Katie admitted.

"He was gorgeous and probably taken," Kay said dreamily, "But we will remember him for that tight ass and that sexy deep purple sweater. I'll go call Kelly and Dad and see if I can get that Doc's number."

"Whore," Kelsey sneered ruining the sisterly moment.

"And proud of it you dominatrix bitch," Kay grinned before leaving.

Casey and Kelly stood in the ER waiting for news on Hermann. A fire had caused severe smoke inhalation and the whole fire house was waiting for news. He took out his phone again and looked at the screen.

No new messages.

He'd left two voice messages and had sent a few text messages but it looked like he was in the dog house big time. It was a foreign experience. Halli usually wanted to fix the problem as soon as possible and be on good terms but it seemed like Katie wanted to be left alone and would ignore him until she was ready to talk about it.

"So what'd you do?" Kelly asked.

Casey looked at him confused.

"My sister is giving you the silent treatment. I know that look when I see it. Besides, I grew up with her so I know how you feel. You know one time she didn't talk to me for a whole month after I broke her doll."

"She's probably asleep," Casey told him trying to avoid the conversation.

"I know my sister she's not asleep at ten on a Friday night. What'd you do?"

"How do you know I did something?"

"You look like puppy that was caught pissing on the carpet."

Casey groaned and rubbed his eyes, "I was in pain and snapped at her. She practically threw a bottle of Advil at me and left dinner."

"I told you."

"Told me what?" Casey asked exasperated.

"You're an ass when you're in pain."

Matt rolled his eyes, "Thanks."

"What are you gonna do?"


"How are you going to apologize?"

"It's none of your business," Casey snapped.

Kelly held up his hands in surrender, "That's cool but I'm gonna tell you right now that I would give her a forty-eight to seventy-two hour cooling period. Any sooner and she'll probably kill you."

"That makes me feel better."

His phone rang at that moment and he answered not bothering to look at the number.

"Casey," he said hoping it was Katie.

"Is this Matt Casey?" a voice that sounded like Katie's asked.

"Speaking, who is this?"

"This is Kay Severide," she said, "Is my brother with you by chance?"

"He's standing next to me. Did you wanna speak to him?"

"Please and thank you," she said in a sing-song voice.

Casey looked at his phone for a moment thinking that Kay must have been a younger version of her mother before nudging Severide.

"You're sister."

"Which one?" Severide asked dryly.


Kelly took the phone and held it to his ear, "What's up skittles?...No…I haven't spoken to mom or dad today…I'm aware they got into a fight. Casey was telling me about it before you need to chat came up…Are you calling to tell me she's smashed beyond belief?...Where the hell are you?...I'm coming and I'll bring him with me."

Casey looked at Severide confused when he gave the phone back.

"Apparently we have to go meet Kay over at the nurse's station."

It wasn't hard to find Kay. She was small and wore a large black head band with an even bigger bow on it. Tight skinny jeans and a shirt that make Casey chuckle.

Gold Diggers: Like hookers just smarter.

She rested one elbow on the counter and raised an eyebrow, "That was fast."

"What happened?" Kelly asked.

"We had a little accident," Kay told him.

"What'd she do?"

"It's not what she did more of what he did."

"Kay," Kelly groaned, "No riddles."

"You two have to promise me you won't freak."

"I'm gonna freak if you don't tell me what's going on," Kelly said heatedly.

Kay glared at him and sighed.

"We promises," Matt said feeling anxious, "Now tell us what happened."

"Greg choked Katie outside her apartment."

"What?" Kelly yelled loudly and several people looked over at them.

"You promised," Kay said pointing a finger.

"It's null and void when someone gets hurt," Kelly snapped, "Now where the hell is she?"

"Getting x-rays."

"X-rays?" Matt said feeling his own anger slipping.

"They're just a precaution-"

"Precaution?" Kelly snapped his temple pulsing.

"Are you three trying to get us all kicked out?" a woman who resembled Kay and Katie stepped in, "Calm down both of you. Katie is fine and the police will be here to talk some sense into her."

"Why do they need to talk sense into her?" Kelly and Casey asked at the same time.

Kay looked at Kelsey and shook her head, "You spoke way to damn soon. Katie isn't pressing charges."

"Is she out of her goddamned mind?" Kelly hissed.

"I told you he'd shit a brick sideways," Kelsey told Kay.

"I didn't doubt you," Kay said, "I only said he'd shit three."

"Stop it you two and fucking focus," Kelly hissed, "And explain from the start."

Both girls glared back at him.

Kelsey hands went to her hips and she exhaled hard, "Katie was attacked tonight by that son of a bitch ex-boyfriend of hers. He tried to strangle her in the hallway of her apartment building. If Kay and I hadn't shown up when we did she'd probably in the morgue downstairs. I'm trying to find that Dawson guy so I can get the paperwork together to get a fucking restraining order against that bastard. I told you he was bad news right from the start but did anyone listen to me? No. You all-"

"I get it," Kelly cut her off not wanting to her lecture him about why she was right, "Let's go find Antonio."

"Fine," Kelsey said and sauntered off on a mission.

"Goddamn psycho," Kelly mumbled to himself as he followed Kelsey. Casey watched the scene unsure of what to say or do.

"Awkward," Kay mumbled, "Nice to meet you Matt. Katie should be back by now from her x-rays, I'm going to go wait for Dad at the front door."

Kay scurried away and Casey turned to the nurse, "Katie Severide."

"You are?"

"Boyfriend," he said.

"Four bay."

He and walked down to the bed that was coincidently next to Hermann's. Knocking on the door, he paused and heard a call of admittance. Pushing open the door, he paused when he saw Katie sitting on the side of the bed as the nurse helped her with the back of the hospital gown. Matt took a hesitant step in. Katie's dark haired was pulled up in a bun on top of her head. He could see her neck and the black and blue hand prints that were on her fair skin.

"Sir?" the nurse asked.

Katie turned her head and winced at the movement.

"Matt?" she said confused.

Casey hurried over to her and wasn't even sure to say as he looked at the bruises. A dark one was imprinted on her cheek and other handprints were on her arms. Anger filled him and she must have seen it in his face because she spoke.

"It's not as bad as it looks."

Matt's eyes went to hers and he struggled to not snap at her for trying to minimize her injuries.

"You could be in the ICU right now if your sisters hadn't shown up," he said as his anger left and was replaced with fear, "Don't tell me that it's not bad because I doubt you've seen what you look like in a mirror. It's like every inch of you is covered in bruises!"

"Matt," Katie began but was cut off.

"And please tell me that I just misheard your sister when she said that you're not pressing charges."

"I'm not pressing charges."

Matt looked at her for a moment confused before grabbing the chair behind him and set it in front of her. His coat came off and he threw it on the back of the chair before sitting down.

"Katie he assaulted you," he told her, "Not pressing charges is just giving him the chance to do it again and I'm not going to sit here and let you take that kind of gamble with your life."

"I told Kelsey that I want a restraining order. Matt he has a family, kids. If I press charges what's that going to do? It's going to make him even more resentful because of some stupid thing that he's misconstrued into believing I did. There is no win-win in this situation."

Casey was silent because he could see the logic in her argument. Colton was already unstable and antagonizing him with charges was going to probably make the stalking worse. A restraining order could keep him at bay long enough until he got bored.

"Matt…Please," Katie said as her voice broke, "Please. Can we not talk about this now?"

Looking up to see tears falling down her face, Casey stood up and hugged her. She choked a sob back and held onto him tight. It clicked in his head that she was as frightened as he was and he held on tighter to her.

"You're safe now," he whispered softly, "Everything is going to be okay. He's not going to hurt you again. I promise."

Katie clung to him tighter. Pressing his lips to the top of her head, Casey heard the door creak and he looked to see the nurse who gave him a sad look before closing the door. He wasn't sure how long he'd been holding Katie but he could feel her body relaxing.

"I wonder if I hadn't left dinner would this have happened," she mumbled.

Casey pulled back and his hand must have brushed against a bruise because she hissed in pain.

"I'm sorry," he said softly as he sat back down.

"It's okay. You didn't do anything," Katie mumbled rubbing her bruised neck.

"You're kidding me right?"


Matt sighed, "This happened at your apartment?"

"I went to go get Chinese food for my sisters and me and he was lying in wait according to Antonio. He just grabbed me."

A tear fell and Katie quickly wiped it away, "I didn't ever think he'd try something like this Matt."

Casey held her hands as more tears fell, "Everything is going to be okay."

Katie held his hands tightly. He was the only person she could stand to see her cry. She'd put up a strong front for her family but the truth was that she was terrified. If her sisters hadn't shown up when did they, what else would Greg have done?

"I'm sorry for tonight," Casey told her trying to change the topic, "I was an ass to you and I'm sorry. You were right. My shoulder ached."

Katie looked up with a small smile, "I was right about one thing at least. What did you do?"

"A ceiling beam came down and nearly missed me but I hit my shoulder. I slept on it funny last night and I didn't take anything for it before our date from hell. I snapped at you and I'm so sorry."

"You know Dawson called me about you," she said, "She was worried about you. I think that she thinks you were minimizing the amount of pain you were in. I don't think she wants you to have the same thing that happened to Kelly happen to you."

Just as Casey was about to reply, the other Severide siblings walked in. They were obviously fighting about something.

"You could tell him that something kinky went down," Kay said with the trade mark Severide grin.

"Oh please," Kelsey scoffed crossing her arms over her chest, "Grow up."

"Grow up?" Kay rolled her eyes, "If I remember right Mom found those compromising pictures of you and Terry-"

"Shut up," Kelsey snapped.

"I'm not the one who paddles my man when he's naughty," Kay sang and gave a winked, "It sounds fun though."

Kelsey took a threatening step towards Kay and Kelly shifted towards them both in case he had to intervene.

"Girls," he warned.

"I'm not a girl Kelly Severide," Kelsey said turning and pointing a finger at him, "I'm a woman and at least I can have a decent relationship and I'm not fucking every slut that shows me her tits."

Chaos erupted as Kay started to defend Kelly and Kelly himself yelled at her to stay out of it as Kelsey yelled at all of them for breathing. Katie sighed and rested her head on his shoulder as Casey was trying to understand what was being said between the siblings.

"Oi! For Christ's sake quiet the hell down! Mary mother of God! It's like you're all teenagers again," an older man with flaming red hair and a thick Irish accent said as he hobbled into the space with a cane, "Kelly you go park my car. It's in the fire lane. Kelsey you go call your mother and Kay get the hell out and go find something to do like helping one of them. Christ I miss the days when I could bend you all over my knee and bet the right hell out of you. Caning is abuse my ass."

Kelly left with Kay hot on his heels and Kelsey behind them glaring daggers. Katie sat on the bed and looked at her father.

"Papa," she sighed.

"Let me see your neck," he said gruffly as Casey moved out of the way.

"It's nothing."

"Right, a man tries to choke you and you tell me it' nothing. That's your mother talking. Christ in heaven you're all just like her. I love her to pieces but-"

"It's nothing papa," Katie said again.

"Kay told me everything."


"What? Despite how much you hate each other you all spill your guts to me. I'm the secret keeper between you four."

"I don't hate Kelly or my sisters."

"What the hell do you call what I just walked in on?"

"They were having a disagreement," Katie shrugged and winced.


Katie shrugged and her father rolled his eyes, "Good lord."

He turned to look at Casey, "You must be the new beau."

"I'm Matthew Casey sir," Casey told him raised a hand to shake.

"Bartly Severide," the older man said gruffly as he took Casey's hand, "Roxanne was right about him Katie-lamb. Quite the looker is he."

Casey felt uncomfortable as the older man looked him up and down.

"Bleedin' Christ boy! I didn't mean anything sexual by it," Bartly chuckled.

Katie covered her mouth as Casey looked to her for help.

"Papa," she warned.

"Fine, I'll go and make sure your sister doesn't murder your brother in the waiting room. Christ in heaven knows that she'd do it. I should have had that godddamned operation after yer brother was born but no, your mother wanted more and I got settled with three girls. Bleedin' Christ…"

"I love you too papa," Katie said rolling her eyes.

"If you all love me like you say, your siblings wouldn't fight. The happiest day of my life will be when you have kids and call your mother bitchin' 'bout whatever the hell they've done," he grunted, "You're being released by the way. Doctor wanted me to tell you that."

He left and Matt reached into his pocket. He took out his key ring and Katie raised her eyebrows.

"What are you doing?"

Matt unhooked the key he wanted off the ring and held it up.

"What's that?" Katie asked again.

"My house key," Casey told her, "You're insane if you think that I'm letting you go back to your apartment."

Katie took the metal into her hand and looked up at him with a soft smile.

Casey closed the door to her room behind him so she could change. Shrugging his coat on, Casey went to the nurse's station where Kelly was.

"She's gonna stay at my house," Casey told him, "That bastard doesn't know where I live so she'll be fine."

Kelly nodded, "And she agreed willingly?"

"I may have blackmailed her into doing it for my peace of mind."

"I'm not sure how I feel about my baby sister sleeping over in your bed."

"Like I'm going to do something," Casey scoffed sarcastically.


Both Casey and Severide turned around to see Halli standing there. Matt's heart pounded in his chest as he looked at Halli. She looked beautiful and his chest ached. Kelly shot a look at him first then glared at Halli.

"I'll tell Katie we're leaving," he said sharply, "Five minutes Lieutenant."

Casey nodded unconsciously. Kelly walked away and Halli smiled at him sadly.

"Hey…I heard about Hermann," she started, "I'm sorry."

"He's going to fine," Casey said trying to suppress the emotions he felt at seeing her, "That's all that matters."

Halli nodded, "Well I'll let you go. I just wanted to stop and say hello."

She gave him forearm a gentle squeeze and Casey felt that warm feeling he always felt around Halli return. He watched her walk away as Kelly came back looking like he'd swallowed something sour.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Yep," Casey said and he followed Kelly out to the trucks with the sinking feeling that he wasn't completely over Halli.


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