A/N: My Christmas present to y'all! One-shot! Never written a one-shot.. I wonder how this is going to go? Maybe a two-shot? Or maybe turn it into a whole story xD

Christmas With The Cat

Sven surveyed the room, running his hands back through his hair. Something was missing, something important. The tree was in place and decorated beautifully, the Christmas feast was set up and the stockings where hung off the fire place with care even Christmas music filled their hotel room they decided to stay in through the holidays. The presents were neatly stacked under the tree so as not to disturb the bulbs hanging off of it, even the tree skirt was perfectly positioned under them. Train's favorite time of the year was here and Sven intended to make it memorable. The lights sparkled against the tinsel making him remember their first Christmas as a couple.

Train giggled from his alcohol intake and laid his hand on Sven's knee. "Oh, Svenny-Baby. You're the best boyfriend a guy could ask for." He smiled and moved his wine glass in circles.

Sven chuckled and ruffled his hair affectionately. "You always are sweeter when intoxicated."

Train stuck his lower lip out like a child. "I'm not sweet usually?"

"Not what I meant and you know it." Sven traced Train's lips with his thumb. "I said sweeter."

Train nuzzled his nose against Sven's scratchy cheek. "I love you."

Sven wrapped his arms around his boyfriends small, girlish shoulders and inhaled his sweet scent. "Merry Christmas, Sweetheart."

Sven smiled at the memory. He had whisked Train off on a romantic getaway that Train swore he would never forget. His love would be home in a few hours and he had to find away to one up last year.

Sven threw on his coat and dashed out into the breezy, winter weather. He knew exactly how to one up last year. He trudged through the snow covered side walk, seeing no one on his way to the one place that could make all his dreams come true. The doors opened for him and he rushed inside and pressed his nose to the plexy glass display case.

Sven spotted the perfect one and pointed it out to a worker. The worker, whose name was abbey, unlocked it and handed it to him. "Merry Christmas and good luck!"

Sven stood under the mistletoe just waiting for his beloved to get home. The lights from the Christmas tree right behind him making him stand out noticeably.

The door flew open and Train came in shivering and stomping his feet to get all the snow off his boots."Svenny-Baby, I swear it's the coldest day-" He stopped when he noticed Sven knelt down on one knee with a ring box opened. "Sven?" He gasped, too stunned for words.

Sven smiled and motioned him closer. "We've been dating for a couple years now and I figured it was time to make it official. You've made me the happiest man alive thus far and there's only one thing in the world that could make me even happier. Train Heartnet, will you do me the honor of marrying me?"

Tears stung at Train's eyes, this was the best Christmas ever.

A/N: Awww! I just love this pairing dearly~ But um i know it's not christmas yet ^.^ But i wont be around a computer on christmas! So merry early christmas you guys(: