Drabbles and Omakes

Important author's note to understand what this is about!

This will be a collection of omakes and drabbles in and around my TRC stories. Usually I only write oneshots, because I'm not capable of proper multi-chapter things without getting long-winded, or hasty, or random, or just plain boring. So most of my attempts are given up long before they reach publicity. Still it is my big goal in my writing life to one day write a proper multi-chapter fic with an actual plot and a smooth storyline. Someone advised me to try interrelated oneshots to build up to a multi-chapter. I quite liked this idea, but decided to start simple (disregarding my Horitsuba crossover which is in that category already).

This is the result. I will write drabbles and omakes centered in and around my own stories. So it will be useful to have read those stories, or you will probably not understand the scene ;) To make it easy, I'll put the title of the story the drabble is based on as the chapter title.

This will be M-rated, if only because all my stories are really very M-rated and it's based on those after all. I do not intend all my drabbles to be smutty though ;) It does mean every single warning of all my stories applies!

Please feel free to request certain drabbles to accompany my stories. I usually write Syaoran-centered and I'm not much into KuroFai, but the short nature of these little thingies will make it easier for me to squeeze in a KuroFai here and there (especially as many of my stories do take an established KuroFai relationship for granted).