Hey guys! Purple here! I decided to try something new from my Rise of the Guardians fanfictions: as a holiday treat, I'm going to do a Neverland fanfic! For those of you who don't know, Neverland was a mini-series of Syfy that I saw a few months ago. The show is two parts and takes place before the whole Peter Pan thing happened, like how Peter and the Lost Boys got to Neverland, how Hook lost his hand, etc.

Look it up on YouTube and see what I mean.

I don't Neverland or any of its characters, but I do own my OC.

Dawn Sparks runs as fast as her legs could carry her. She had several bruises on her arms, neck, and legs and her school uniform blouse was slightly torn. Behind her was a trio of goth looking girls, yelling at her to get back. The same group that had been tormenting her for the past year now. Their leader had pushed her into a locker and talked about Dawn's mother badly. So Dawn punched her in the face. In return, they kicked, punched, and scratched at her, until Dawn was able to push them back and run.

Dawn makes into to her house and slams the door closed, locking it. She quickly ran to her room and locked the door, listening and watching from her bedroom window as the goth girls pounded against the door, screaming at her. After a while, they gave up and left.

Dawn sighs and goes to change from her school uniform to a pair of black sweatpants and tank top, grabs her guitar from her bedroom and hurries to the backyard. Climbing up to a high but steady branch, she tunes her guitar and begins playing:

(The song used in this story is from a show at Seaworld Florida called Blue Horizons. This is the song that plays before and after the show. I don't own it)

What can it be

that calls me here?

Something I can't quite see.

Is it only a breeze

from a far away sea?

Or something that someday may be?

Tomorrow begins

on the horizon.

And all your dreams are waiting there

where a golden sun...meets a glowing sea.

A new day awaits

on the horizon.

Where nothing is impossible

where anything you goes

can be!

(The last pat of this song confuses me)

Sighing, Dawn sets her guitar on her lap and stares into the sky.

Well, lets get to know this girl. Dawn is a 13 year old girl who lives in London (this is the year 2013) with her father (who is often drunk). She has pale skin, an accent, bright blonde hair that goes to her hips, and bright green eyes. Her looks remind everyone of her mother, who had died when Dawn was seven. After that, her father started drinking and often abuses poor Dawn. She became shy and alert of surroundings, for she fears that she would get attacked.

Around this time, all she wished was the get away from this world and go to a different world... a world where there were no rules and she would be safe. She made this wish to a bright star in the sky.

Then the strange dreams started. They started a week ago when she made the wish to the bright star in the sky. Dreams of a strange yet beautiful world where many creatures roam. She had seen a giant crocodile with ten legs and a groups silvery winged creatures that she believes were fairies. She had seen a pirate ship and some Indians. But no one could see or hear her. But she didn't care. Now every night, Dawn would visit the world in her dreams... a place she wants to go to and call home.

Jumping down from the tree, Dawn begins to walk toward her house when she sees something out of the corner of her eye. She looks up to see something big fly away from the roof of her house quickly. Literally fly away. Dawn couldn't make out what it was, but she could tell it kind of looked like a person, because it flew away as fast as a cheetah.

Dawn shook her head. She was seeing things. Human can't fly.

Entering the house, Dawn hears a car door slam. Uh-oh. Her father. She hurried to her room, set her guitar on the bed, and hurried downstairs to make dinner. Her father, Henry, walked inside without a hello to his only child and went to the fridge. He pulled out his wine and a glass, poured him some wine, and went to the den. "So De-De, how was school?" he called, using the nickname that Dawn hated. She rolls her eyes. "Horrible. Absolutely horrible," she called back.

"And why was that?" Henry called. Dawn could hear the annoyance in his voice: he didn't care. "I was beaten up by a bunch of goth girls who were making fun of mum," she answered. She heard Henry sigh as she walked to the den with his food. She set it down in front of him and turn to leave for her room.

"You know De-De, your mums dead. She never even loved you, so why do you still care?" Henry asked as he took a sip from his glass of wine. Dawn's hands were in fists as she tried to conceal her anger. Letting it out on her dad would result in pain and tears. All she said was, "I'm going to bed," before storming of to her room.

She locked the door and laid on her bed, crying. She cried for about an hour before she rolled over on her side.

Quietly she sat up, grabbed her guitar again and went the balcony outside her window and took a seat. She tuned it once more and played, singing 'Firework' by Katy Perry.

Do you ever feel

like a plastic bag

drifting through the wind

wanting to start again?

Do you feel, feel so paper-thin

like a house of cards

one blow from caving in?

Do you ever feel

already buried deep?

Six feet under screams,

but no one seems to hear a thing.

Do you know that there's

still a chance for you.

Like there's a spark in you.

You just gotta...

Ignite the light

and let it shine.

Just own the night

like the fourth of July.

'Cause baby your a firework

come on show them what your worth.

Make them go up-up-up

as they shoot across the sky-i-i

As Dawn continued to sing, tears formed in her eyes. This song was supposed to make her believe that no matter what happens, she should be herself and stand up for others, but she could not do so. She used to when her mother was alive, but now she was gone...and her father was defiantly not going to help.

A sudden gust of wind made Dawn look up...just as something moved from the roof. Dawn set her guitar down and stood. She scanned the roof, but saw nothing. Then, a second gust of wind came and something small flew off the roof. It floated to the ground like a feather and Dawn reached out and caught it. It was a folded piece of parchment, a note of some sort.

Dawn picked up her guitar and, with the note still in her hand, she walked inside, closing the window. She set her guitar down next to it and sat on her bed. She unfolded the note (which it was) and gasped.

The first line said as clear as day, Dear Dawn.

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