Hey guys! Purple here! Happy New Year! I can't believe it's 2013!

Peter- 2013? How long was I in Neverland?

Dawn- Depends. What year did you leave London?

Peter- 1906

Dawn- *thinking* You were in Neverland for about... I'm guessing 107 years.

Peter- How old am I?

How old were you when you left?

Peter- 15

So... technically, you would be 122.

Peter- Damn I'm old. But I'm still good looking *smirks*

*Rolls eyes* Well, here's chapter five. Enjoy! Oh, and I suggest listening to any Nightcore songs while reading.

Home. I haven't felt that way in a long time since Mum died. My Dad never cared for me or loved me, just making the world around me scarier. All I ever wished for was to go to a different world and live there, where I felt safe and loved. Now I was here in Neverland, another world for beautiful than Earth, wrapped in Peter's warm arms. I was home.

Peter lets go of me and takes my hand, pulling me along through the strange forest. "Where are we going?" I asked.

"To the Hideout. That's where me and my crew live," he answers. His crew? Does he mean that there are more people here?! A million things are going through my head, most of them because that I'll be loved and have family. I tighten my grip on his hand as I felt myself becoming lighter and lighter by the minute. Then I realize Peter was floating.

"Hey Peter, what makes you fly?" I asked as I, too, begin to float next to Peter. We glide through the forest, higher and higher until we were past the canopies. Peter smiles and winks, causing me to blush. Why must he be so charming?

"Mineral dust. The trees spirits that live around here allowed me to use its power. But to really make yourself fly, you need to have plenty of happy thoughts. Unhappy thoughts while in the air won't be a pretty sight," he says.

"Oh. Well, it pretty much only seems like I can only fly if I'm holding on to you," I say. Peter shakes his head. I raise and eyebrow.

"When we were still at the house, I gave you the ability to fly, but it's only temporary," he says.

"So that's why you kissed me," I teased with a smirk. I giggled when Peter's face became red and he looked away.

"It wasn't a kiss. It's called a mineral transfer. It was the easiest and safest way to get some mineral dust in you. I believe there are at least two other ways to transfer mineral dust into you but it's risky," Peter explains as he begins to pull me away from the forest. He was right.

"I just can't believe I'm flying," I say. Peter smirks.

"You still have some mineral dust in you. Want to try flying on your own?" he asked. I tensed up and glanced down. We were very high up. We stop flying in mid-air and just hover. I grip Peter's hand more tightly.

"I'm too scared," I whisper. Peter floats closer to me and lifts my chin so I was staring into his childlike brown eyes. "Just look at me, don't look down. Think of a happy thought and keep there," he whispers.

I close my eyes and my mind searches for a happy memory. It comes down to appearing in Neverland and the way I felt when Peter said I was home.

Peter lets go of my hand and I open my eyes. I stare into Peter's eyes and I smile. "Dawn, your flying," he says. I look down and saw that I was still hovering in the same spot. I laugh and shot up into the sky. Peter follows and grabs my hand. We turn and do a twin corkscrew down to the water. I flip on my back and stare into Peter's eyes as he flies above me.

"Catch me if you can, Breeze Boy," I say. I flip over and began to fly to some taller rocks. I darted behind several and try to confuse Peter. I fly behind one and hid. Peter calls for me and I peek behind my rock. I don't see him. Sighing, I turn around and nearly scream.

Peter was hovering right in front of me, a smirk on his face. He places both hands on either side of me and leans in close. "Give up?" he whispers. I shake my head. I begin to slide down the rock. Uh-oh. Peter grabs both of my arms and sits me on the rock.

"I better do another Mineral Transfer before we go anywhere. Just stay still and don't do anything," he says. Peter leans in and pressed his lips on mine. This time I notice the energy flowing in from my lips and into my body. Happiness filled my mind. My limbs tingled. Peter pulls away, leaving me in a slight daze.

"You okay?" he asked, placing his hand on my cheek. I blink a few times and stare at him. I nod.

"Good. Lets get going," Peter says. We float from the rocks and into a forest. Peter held my hand this time because he said it would take a while before we get to the Hideout. An hour later, I was getting drowsy. Seeing this, Peter scoops me up bridal style and carries me the rest of the way. I soon fall asleep in Peter's warm arms.

Peter soon shakes me awake. My eyes flutter open and stare into Peter's soft brown ones. We were standing in front of a large tree. Peter sets me down and I stretch out my muscles. Peter pulls on a vine and a door opens in the tree. We walk down a few stairs and come to an underground room. The walls and ceiling were tight packed together with dirt and stone. Roots twisted in and out of the walls. A fireplace sat at the far end, where a large fire was already burning. Among the furniture are a large wooden table with several chairs, a small couch, and a desk. A large stove that uses coal or wood to make heat sat in one corner next to a counter. The Hideout smelled of earth, trees, and grass.

Five boys sat near the fire, talking and playing roughly. When we came in, the boys stopped talking and looked at us. They looked at Peter first and greeted him. One boy with very curly blonde hair looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

"Oi, Peter, who's the lass?" he asked in an Irish accent. I glanced at Peter nervously and me grip tightened on his hand.

"Boys, I would like you to me our newest member, Dawn. Dawn this is Curly," he pointed to the curly head boy, "Nibs," he pointed to a dark skinned boy sitting on the couch, "Slightly," he motioned to a plump boy with dark hair, "Tootles," he gestured to a smaller looking boy with tan skin and brown eyes, "and Twins," he finally pointed to the youngest boy next to Slightly, who seemed to be staring into the fire.

I gave a little wave to them and glanced down. Damn my dumb-ass of a father for making me seem like a weakling!

"You brought your girlfriend to Neverland?" Nibs asked. I glared at him. Peter blushed and we released our hands. "She's not my girlfriend!" Peter defended.

"And I wanted to go to Neverland for a very long time," I said, surprising Peter. The Lost Boys stared at me with wide eyes. Twins and Tootles's jaws were wide open. I looked at Peter and raised an eyebrow.

"What's with them?" I whispered.

"Not many people...well, nobody really...had a choice to come here. Most of them came here by accident, like me and my crew. There used to be a sister orb that could get you out of Neverland, but the cave where it was hidden collapsed and the orb was buried. No one could get back after that," he explained.

"But we never met a person who actually wanted to go to Neverland. Why did you?" Tootles asked.

Peter pulled me over to the couch and we sat down. I explained to the boys, who were paying very close attention, how good my life was before Mum died, when my father started drinking and abusing me, how everyone treated me at school, and the day I made a wish on a star to take me away from Earth.

"Then these weird dreams started coming every night since I made that wish," I explained. "I would wake up in Neverland and everything looked like I could just reach out a touch it. But I would walk through trees and boulders and no one could see, hear, or touch me. Then Peter came in one dream and then the next day he appeared at my school," Peter smirked at this, "He helped me get away from a group of girls that beat me up recently and... well, maybe Peter should explain this part."

Peter cleared his throat. "I help Dawn back to her house and told her that I've seen what happened around her. I said that if she was hurt again by anyone, mainly her dad, that I would bring her here. That same night, I was flying past her house and heard shouting. I looked through the window just as I saw Dawn's father slap her right across the face and pushed her to the grounded. Boys, you have no clue how mad I was. I was just about ready to go in there and punch her dad right across the face," Peter made a hand motion in the air and the younger boys and I giggled. Peter smirked and continued. "So I flew up to her window and waited for Dawn to appear, really hoping that her father didn't kill her. I saw run in and start crying. I opened the window and I took her to Neverland, just as her father came in looking like a psycho killer. I took her to the orb and now she's here."

The boys looked astonished. Curly and Nibs looked pissed. "How could someone do that to their own child?" Nibs asked through clenched teeth.

"Want to see something worse?" I asked. I pulled back my collar and showed the boys a large, purplish blue bruise on my neck. Near my windpipe. Peter's eyes were wide and the others gasped. "This would was made by my dad and was almost fatal. If it were any closer to the base of my throat, I would have been dead. That's why I wanted to leave my world quickly. Without my mum, I didn't feel safe there anymore," I say, covering up my bruise.

Curly stood up and gathered the others, except Peter, into a huddle. Me and Peter looked at each other and he just shrugged. The boys turned around and smiled at me.

"Dawn," Curly began. He held out his hand and said, "Welcome to the crew." I shook his hand and everyone cheered. I saw a light out of the corner of my eye and heard the sound of bells. "Tink!" Peter cried. I saw what looked like a sliver winged woman glowing brightly in mid-air land on Peter shoulder. She said something that sounded like bells to Peter.

"Tink, this is Dawn Sparks, our newest member of the crew. Dawn, this is Tinkerbell, but we call her Tink. She is a Tree Spirit and her clan allowed me to have the Mineral Dust that makes me fly," Peter says. I waved to Tink and she says something to Peter.

"She says your really beautiful for a young girl," he says.

"Thank you, Tink," I say to the Tree Spirit. Peter stands and takes my hand. "Come on. I'll show you where you can sleep tonight," he says. We sneak away while the boys are distracted by Tink. Peter and I walk down a hall. We stop at a door at the very end. Peter opens the door and we step inside. Inside was a large bed that could fit two people, a dresser, a desk, and small table with a single chair.

"You can sleep in my room with me til we get a new room somewhere in the Hideout," he says. My eyes are wide and my jaw is open.

"Sleep with you?!" I asked in total shock.

"It's either that or the couch, which is very unconformable," Peter says, pointing with his thumb down the hall. I sighed. I did not like sleeping on couches.

"Fine," I mutter. Peter smiles. "You should get some rest. I have something important to talk to Tink about something important," he says. I nodded and yawned. I didn't even notice how tired I was. But just as I was about to walk to the bed, Peter scoops me up and carries me bridal style to the bed. He tucked me under the covers. Just as I drifting to sleep, Peter leans down and kisses my cheek.

"Good night, Dawn," he whispers.

"Good night, Peter," I mutter. Then I drift away into my dreams.

Peter's POV

"Tink, are you really sure about this?" I asked. Tink had just brought me in a dark part of the woods that I've never been to before.

Yes, Peter, I'm sure. These creatures were just discovered not too long ago and I'm sure Dawn would love it, Tink says. I sigh and continue to fly after Tink. She stops in front of a small shrine and I land next to her.

"What are we doing here?" I whisper.

Tink doesn't answer as she flew to the shine door and knocked. The doors fly open and a small female voice calls from inside the dark shrine. "Who's there?" it asked. I take a step back. Tink remains where she is.

"My name is Tinkerbell and I'm a Tree Spirit. I came because I know you were created from the spirit of an abused girl named Dawn Sparks," Tink answers.

A light forms in the shrine and a small figure walks out. She was taller than Tink and glowed a soft purple. She had pale white skin, long light purple hair, and purple-blue eyes. She wore a bright purple dress that was torn above her knees. She was thin, barefoot, and had no wings. Yet she was able to float.

"Why is Dawn so important to you?" the girl asked coldly.

"Because she is here in Neverland, for my friend Peter here helped her escape the real world," Tink said calmly. The sprite looked at me. "You saved the girl that created me?" she asked. I nodded.

"We want you to become her guardian," Tink says. The sprites eyes widen and a smile creeps on her face.

"Of course, my friend, I would be glad to help my creator," she said, floating upward to Tink. Tink smiled. "Thank you. Come, you can stay at the Hideout with us," she says. We turn and fly back to the Hideout.

Dawn is going to be so surprised!