Anne thought about it, the possibility of taking care of others terrified her. She could barely take care of herself, how could she take care of others? Gregory had been her friend, he'd run the homeless shelter for teen runaways. Anne had volunteered there a couple times a week, but never considered any position of authority. But Gregory was dead, Anne didn't blame Gunn for that, he'd tried to save Gregory, but he couldn't save everyone. Gregory left the shelter to Anne in his will, which shocked her as much as anyone. He'd always said the best people to help the homeless was someone who'd experienced homelessness themselves. Anne certainly fit that bill, but what else had she done? Followed a loser preacher, tried to become a vampire, stolen the middle name of the slayer who'd saved her. Anne thought about Gregory's sermons at the center, she was never particularly religious but she liked hearing Gregory talk about Jesus. He was a revolutionary who told the wealthy to sell all their jewels and give the money to the poor. He hung out with whores and theives, so really Anne was his target audience. She decided to do it, run the homeless shelter, to help those who needed it, just like she had needed help not so long ago. Whatever it took Anne would help those she could, because she had been helped.