Silent Tears; Summary: In the heat of battle you discover things about your comrades. Loyalty, honor, decite, love, loss. Sometimes, it travels through the ages until they find they're the same as they've always been.

Kagome wishes upon the jewel, trying her best for an pure one and is sent to another world... as a baby. A baby born into another family.

Disclaimer: Do NOT own One Piece or Inuyasha. If I had, Kagome would have appeared in One Piece. XD

Silent Tears

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Chapter 1: Prologue

Kagome gasped, through the darkness that surrounded her she could hear a voice, the voice of the Shikon No Tama. She had never known it could speak.

"What will you wish, Shikon Miko?" It whispered, its voice screeching through her ears like force added to chalk on a board.

Kagome closed her eyes, she'd prepared a speech for this occasion. "There is no such thing as a pure wish so I wish to guard the Shikon No Tama for all time, so that I can keep the evil at bay."

The jewel seemed to go silent for a minute after she requested this. Had she wished wrong? "Very well Shikon Miko, but there will be a price."

If the jewel had eyes, they would have glinted evilly. "In exchange for this, you will be reborn to another world. You'll be immortal and you'll always be different from other humans, you'll never escape your duty or your immortality. Do you still wish this upon yourself?"

Kagome gulped, closing her eyes. "Yes."

The jewel cackled menacingly, "Then enjoy your new life... Shikon Miko."

Kagome gasped as the jewel appeared in front of her, in the dark it was glowing white as it plunged itself into her chest.

It replaced her heart, mending itself into her spiritual presence. "We have become a part of you miko." It hissed. "We shall remain so, forever more!"

With that dark enveloped the light and together they were transported to another world.

i luv niki4444

Yep, here I am on my first day of vacation and I keep thinking. "One Piece does not have enough crossovers with Inuyasha..." so here it is! The prologue to my newest story Silent Tears.

I assure you the next chapter will be longer, and I hope you guys like my latest story! XD

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