Chapter One

"WH-why did you really turn to this occupation? I remembered that this was the last thing you said you would ever do Dr. Uchiha," A lavender eyed petite young woman asked absentmindedly as she glanced at a certain doctor to her right.

Her long black hair was piled up into a high bun and she wore a white medical coat with black slacks underneath and black heels.

Her porcelain face turned towards the man next to her absently, long dark lashes fluttering as she pursed soft plump pink lips and wiped at her small button nose.

Said Dr. Uchiha paused for a moment as he looked at his petite assistant. His black hair was spiked out in the back and his face pale and angular. Dr. Uchiha's lips were thin and pink and his nose high and aristocratic which only added to his inhumanly handsome features.

He clearly towered over his petite assistant as he turned to her, blocking the light with his height.

"You're getting quite bold aren't you, Hyuuga?" he asked, his voice deep and rich as he backed his startled pretty assistant to the wall.

His lips were quirked and he seemed amused as his assistant turned red and fidgeted with her clipboard finding herself in the same situation for the 3rd time this week.

She glanced at him with wide lavender eyes and looked enchantingly innocent as she parted pretty pink lips but no words left them.

Why was it that every time she asked anything, she was backed into a corner with her boss looming over her with his handsome face amused beyond her imagination?

"I'm only trying to g-get to know you better... That is if we are to be working together for a l-lon-long time..." she stuttered out as she felt her cheeks get warm and her throat dry as she glanced up at Dr. Uchiha from her long lashes.

With him so close to her, Hinata could smell his cologne, which only caused her face to burn more.

"Hn," he grunted before taking a step back and turning completely away from her to continue walking.

The lavender eyed Hyuuga let out a breath that she didn't know that she was holding, feeling completely refreshed as she gulped in air. Her stomach felt like it was in knots as she straightened her coat and quickly stumbled to catch up to his bigger strides.

Just as she trailed after him she could feel the weird butterflies in her stomach continue to dance about. This hasn't happened in years. Why were they suddenly back?

Hinata breathed slowly and sneaked a glance at Dr. Uchiha, whose face seemed to become set in stone again, the amusement gone from his face as he stared coldly to the front.

Hinata could clearly remember him in the younger days. Completely untouchable. He was on a pedestal and so many girls worshiped the ground he walked, even when he didn't acknowledge them when he walked past with his face stoic and inhumanly handsome.

She was a wallflower who wasn't able to stand up for herself and tended to stay in her own group of misfits.

Sasuke Uchiha was different. He had so many people who cared for him and worshiped him. He was what Hinata had wanted to be in her younger years but now she felt kind of bad for him.

He was constantly harassed by woman wherever he went and doing everyday tasks were very difficult when the crowd would gather where ever his majestic feet touched and woman just threw themselves at him no matter what he was doing.

Like that one time Hinata had purchased Dr. Uchiha his favorite sandwich and he had took his first bite before a busty woman jumped on him and caused him to drop his 5 dollar sandwich.

Hinata had never quite seen him as mad as he was. Which, if you think about it, he was right to be mad. Heck anyone would!

That day, Dr. Uchiha had not eaten and it was already 3 in the afternoon and he was about to eat his FAVORITE sandwich when some woman just jumped him!

So many stalkers made his life miserable but he continued to hold his head high and walk forward and that was what Hinata admired about him. He worked and lived for himself, while Hinata only lived miserably for others. She wished she could change.

With a sigh, Hinata trotted after Dr. Uchiha and past all the other nurses that seemed to be smiling at Dr. Uchiha and glaring daggers at her when he passed.

Hinata held her head high and brushed right past them, although feeling a little saddened that so many woman hated her guts right now and that it would be nearly impossible to befriend anyone in this workplace. How did she even manage to snag the spot as his personal assistant? She would never know.

Or maybe it was because she was the only person who wasn't interested in him or stalking him.

She treated him like how he was supposed to be treated and looked at him as if they were equals, something people rarely did. Many people either worshiped him, hated him, or was scared of him.

You can say that Hinata was scared of him, still scared of him, but managed a strong front and hooked the job.

Hinata was suddenly jerked out of her thoughts as Dr. Uchiha stopped abruptly and she rammed right into his back.

"Eek!" She squeaked out as she stumbled back and was caught around the waist by Dr. Uchiha, who prevented her from falling flat on her bum.

Thank goodness. Hinata's fingers gripped Dr. Uchiha's white jacket and stilled herself before glancing down in embarrassment.

Their proximity was making those butterflies come back again.

"Hyuuga." he called as she glanced up through her lashes and immediately regretted.

They were so close! He stood at 6'3 and she was at 5'3 and with him bowing his head and looking down at her made her heart beat faster.

Sasuke Uchiha was inhumanly handsome from afar but now so up close and personal he was damn near godly!

"Ey! Sasuke-teme! Stop harassing Hinata-chan!" a blonde spiky haired male called loudly as he headed towards them, a pink haired slender woman trailing after him staring openly at Hinata and Sasuke, who was so close to kissing it was making her nauseous.

The male had sparkling blue eyes and was also wearing a white doctor jacket, his features manly yet childish. The slender woman next to him had bright green eyes and an annoyed look on her face as she glared at the blonde doctor.

"Shut up Naruto! Everyone can hear you!" the woman ground out as she bopped the young doctor on the back of the head.

"Ow! Sakura! I was only trying to save cute Hinata-chan!" Naruto yelped as he rubbed his head back and forth. Hinata grimaced and she felt Dr. Uchiha loosen his hold on her waist and step back. His cologne was somehow all she could smell.

"How are you Hinata-chan? Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked nicely as she glanced back and forth between the doctor and his assistant for some sort of response.

"We are good, Sakura-chan," Hinata replied softly after coming out of her daze before realizing her mistake. She had just answered for herself AND Dr. Uchiha! Well shoot!

Hinata nervously glanced at Dr. Uchiha and he just backed her up with a, "Hn." How is that supposed to help?

"What's the ruckus? You again, Uzumaki?" an elderly woman around the age of 35-45 said as she turned to the 4. She had blonde hair and was rather busty. She had an annoyed look on her face and she glared at the blonde Dr. Uzumaki.

"Tsunada-baa-chan! You have to help Hinata-chan! Sasuke-teme here is harassing her again!" he screeched as Hinata flushed in embarrassment and glanced to Dr. Uchiha. Catching his eye, she immediately looked away and flushed darker. How embarrassing!

"How many times do I have to tell you Uzumaki? Stop calling me baa-chan! If Hinata here wants Sasuke to stop then she would of said weeks ago! Did it ever occur to you that she LIKES it, you knucklehead!" Tsunade bellowed out as Hinata blinked before going red all the way to the tips of her ears.

"Hinata-chan isn't like that! She's too pure for the likes of him!" Naruto screeched before reaching out to grab Hinata's hand in an attempt to save her from Sasuke the wolf.

"Shut up, dobe," Sasuke said as he elbowed Naruto and steered Hinata away from his grasp while glaring at the blonde doctor and standing in front of his assistant to keep her from coming in contact with Dr. Uzumaki and his idiocy.

Sakura once again bopped the blonde doctor and sighed in defeat. "Just ask Hinata-chan for heavens sake!" Sakura cried as she tugged the avid blonde doctor back towards her.

"Yea! That's a good idea, Sakura! Tell Tsunade-baa-chan how you really feel, Hinata-Chan!" Naruto beamed as he stared excitedly at Hinata's cute face.

Hinata blinked and wondered how this all came to be. How the heck was she supposed to answer this?

"A-ano... Dr. Uchiha isn't... Isn't harassing me...I'm fine, Dr. Uzumaki." Hinata stuttered out as she smiled nervously.

Naruto's face fell for a second before he smiled at her as a new idea entered into his head.

"You're too nice Hinata-chan! Don't try to help Sasuke-teme here!" Naruto said as he beamed at her and she could only blink owlishly.

"Shut up, Naruto! Hinata is fine which means she loves the way Sasuke here is treating her! Now let's get back to work everyone!" Tsunade said as she clapped to disperse the group of people that had gathered due to Dr. Uzumaki's loud display.

"Well anyways, me and Sakura'll see you guys at lunch! I have a lot of patients to be seeing today. If Sasuke-teme is giving you any problems just come find me, I'll set him straight! See you later Hinata-chan! Sasuke-teme!" Naruto winked and waved as the 4 separated ways leaving Sasuke and Hinata to the awkward silence that ensued.

"Ano... Your next appointment won't come in till the next 15 minutes. Should we go to your office?" Hinata asked as she looked down at the clipboard before glancing at the tall doctor.

Somehow, Hinata could feel her heart beat faster and faster as they walked together.

Was she developing a heart disease because of one Sasuke Uchiha?

Somehow she was starting to feel dread whenever she was to be left alone with him. But that was expected because she was his utmost important secretary.

Poor Hinata-chan never stood a chance against her wildly beating heart.








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