Chapter 9


As the morning sun came in through the lavender curtains the sleeping beauty had finally awoken without knowing what was in store for her.

Hinata groggily sat up in her bed before traveling to the bathroom and doing her morning ritual.

As she finished and made way into the living room, her heart almost stopped in her chest as she noticed the person passed out on the couch.

What was Sasuke Uchiha doing in her house, passed out on her couch, and scaring her so early in the morning? She didn't remember letting him in... But oddly, here he was, sleeping like an angel.

Then Hinata thought, maybe she would indulge herself just this once. The last time she could touch him.

Hinata glanced around nervously, seeming to have forgotten about the other occupant of this house and stepped closer towards the slumbering doctor.

With his eyes close and his face relaxed and serene, she felt herself wishing that she could be the only one to see this side of him. But that was wishful thinking wasn't it? When the spell wore off he would be someone else's and she would be stuck in the cold and lonely word of a business tycoon. How maddening would it be when the object of your desires is so close to reach yet your fingers can't open to accept him? Hinata bent down and onto her knees as if ensnared in a trap as she leaned closer and let her fingers graze the slumbering males high cheekbones lightly.

Just as that has happened, Ino had come from the kitchen and noticed the oddly familiar scene in front of her. Wow. This was like déjà vu.

So the two liked to take liberties on each others face while the other was sleeping yet couldn't manage to keep a conversation once awake. How odd.

Once again like yesterday night, Ino brought her cellphone from her pocket and snapped the picture of the scene in front of her.

With sun light streaming in from the living room window and directly onto Hinata's downturned face, they looked rather majestic and beautiful.

Rather than sleeping beauty, this was sleeping prince, Ino scoffed. Why do they have to go through the whole break up thing if it was so painful anyways? But then again, it was Hinata. Hinata who always lived for others and worried for others.

Hinata who only thought for everyone else but herself and that was what was hurting the lavender eyed girl. Ino could only hope that she would break out of that and let all those excuses she made for herself disappear so that she could be with the dark-haired doctor.

"Hina," Ino called softly as the lavender eyed beauty raised her head so quick without getting whip-lash and looked up at Ino.

The poor thing looked like a deer in headlights, Ino thought wistfully. Hinata immediately flushed and pressed her forefinger to her lips in a motion to shush Ino. The girl quickly pulled herself up even as her fingers lingered on the doctors soft face. She quietly walked over to Ino and couldn't help but feel as if she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

"I have something I want to talk to you about," Ino said as she grabbed and keys and watched Hinata do the same.

The two left the quiet house so that Sasuke could continue to sleep away.


"You know, I'm tired of this sad moping Hinata! Stop giving yourself excuses and just cut the crap!" Ino said as the depressed girls eyes widened and she seemed taken aback by Ino's outburst.

"It's obvious that you like him... No it's probably not even like. You L-O-V-E Sasuke U-freaking-chiha! If you don't, you wouldn't have been molesting his face when he was a sleep with such a satisfied almost obsessed and perverted look on your face!" Ino continued, adding a little bit of a white lie here and there...

"P-p-perverted?" Hinata squeaked out a little mortified. She... She... How embarrassing!

"You need to pick up your silly little self and start living for yourself! You are a capable person and everyone else is too! If Sakura Haruno wants one Sasuke Uchiha then by god she has her own hands and legs! She can also aim to get his love. But let me tell you this, no matter how hard she tries it will be impossible because Sasuke Uchiha is in love with you. YOU! Hinata Hyuuga! I mean, I've been obsessed with him but I knew when to give up! Hinnata! Hi-Na-Ta! Why are you giving up when you haven't even tried? Are you just going to let people tie you down and sacrifice you like a lamb?"

"I-I-I..." Hinata stuttered stunned and trying to process everything Ino was saying.

Ino sighed before saying, "Alright, just think about what I said. Really think about it, Hinata."


Just as it hit noon, Sasuke awoke from his slumber and opened dark eyes to notice a setting that he didn't recognize.

Where the hell was he? He didn't recognize the sofa... Or the... Wait...

Then along with the major hangover he was feeling, came the memories of what he had done the night before.

How much of a desperate loser face did he have to be? Augh!

He groaned to himself as he quickly pulled himself up and attempted to sneak out of the house before any of the occupants saw him. He didn't want to make any more of a fool out of himself. A stupid love-sick fool.

With a grim look on his face he had escaped the small home and was going back to the direction where he had come from. How could he have trekked across town to Hinata's home and left his car at the bar?

No wonder his legs felt like falling off!

With clenched fists he pulled his phone from his pocket and accepted the oncoming call.

"What is it dobe?"

"Teme! I just called Hinata-chan!"

"O...Kay... So what?" he answered irritated at Naruto's bright and happy voice when he felt like crap.

"Teme. I'm meeting her at that one sushi restaurant we went to last time. I'll work my magic and then Hinata will accept your emo self and then wa-la! You pop out of nowhere and surprise her and then you both kiss as you guys walk away in the sunset and have pretty but emo children who have creepy eyes just like you guys."

"What the fu-"

"Uh-uh-uh! Just let me work my magic! You have to show up, Sasuke! My plan won't work if you don't!"



It was afternoon as Hinata waited in the sushi restaurant for Naruto who had asked her to come out earlier in the day. She wanted to say she didn't know why he had asked her to meet him here but she was sure she had some clues.

"Hinata-chan!" Naruto called from afar as some tables of people had turned to look at him as he stalked to her side.

"Naruto-kun! How are you?" Hinata greeted as she set down the cup of tea she had been drinking before he came.

His smile had disappeared from his face as he sat down across from her and instead he was looking at her with a serious expression.

"You know what I came here for right? I just want to hear the truth... To help you both out. I can't stand to see Sasuke and you all sad and moping like this!" he exclaimed.

"What I have said IS the truth, Naruto-kun," Hinata stated lips firmly pinched together and hands clenched into fists.

"You don't know half of it Hinata. You seriously don't know that teme has been blindly pining after you for 8 years! Ever since high school the only girl he truly looked at was you!" Naruto said in an exasperated tone. He wanted to tear his blonde hair out in frustration. He has never wanted to slap anyone as much as he does now.

Hinata's eyebrows rose in confusion and she didn't know what he said was true and what was false.

That couldn't be true. Sasuke had always avoided girls when they were in high school. He was so popular and she was assured he didn't even know of her existence! How could Naruto be saying that he had loved her for 8 years? That's impossible right?

"That's not t-true! I would have noticed.." Hinata paused and tried to recollect her thoughts before going silent. Back then sometimes she had caught his gaze but didn't think much of it since she was always busy stalking Naruto at any chances that she had. Could it be that he liked her for so long?

"It's impossible," Hinata tried to say seriously but beginning to doubt herself.

Could it be that she was blinded by her infatuation for Naruto, who was blinded by his love for Sakura, and clearly couldn't see that Sasuke liked her all these years? If so, what a fool she had been!

"I want to know just one thing Hinata... Do you like Sasuke?" Naruto stated, his face very serious and without a doubt very focused on her answer.

"I... I don't like Dr. Uchiha." she stated firmly her face serious as she tried her hardest to look into his eyes, hoping beyond words that he wouldn't see through her lie. A grin broke across his face and Hinata swallowed and promised that no matter what he said she would deny it by all means.

"You don't... Or you can't? I can see the look in your eyes Hinata. You can't fool me." Naruto informed as he grinned in a mischievous way.

"I heard Ino say that you were named heir of Hyuuga corp. Is that why you're denying your feelings for him?" he asked.

Hinata's eyes widened. She couldn't believe they knew... Did... Did Sasuke know? What would he think of her now?

"We can't... We can't be together. Sasuke and I aren't meant for each other," Hinata softly said, shoulders dropping as her firm facade slipped off her face. She sat there vulnerable and open as she knew that she couldn't keep up with her lies anymore.

"Bullshit! Everyone can tell that you two are the perfect match! You like Sasuke-teme and he loves you! There's no one in this world that can separate you!"

"My father won't let us. The council corp won't let us be together. The Hyuuga heir is like a puppet played to perfection by the council. No puppet has ever cut their own strings, Naruto. There is no room for discussion."

"Then tell them you won't be the heir!" Naruto said loudly.

"My father is ill, Naruto. I can't walk away from him." Hinata said softly.

"Then change the Hyuuga! You are a strong woman Hinata! You and Sasuke can change anything if you put your heart to it! Believe it!" Naruto boasted.

She wanted to change didn't she? She wanted to live for herself right? If she loved someone why would she have to stop? If she wanted to be with someone then why couldn't she?

The only person who has been stopping her... Was herself. She was the one doubting and preventing herself from the start. Ino and Naruto was right. Now thinking back, she was the one who was making all of those silly excuses because she wasn't confident in herself enough. If she didn't try, how would she know?

"Yo-you-you're right, Naruto-kun. If I love someone I should have the right to. No one should be able to stop me. Thank you, Naruto-kun," Hinata said as Naruto suddenly latched onto her with a bright smile on his face.

"That's the brave and cute Hinata-Chan that I know! We should go and tell...Pak!" Naruto said before he was ripped off of Hinata's form and punched across the face with a sickening thwack.

"Sasuke!" Hinata gasped as the force from the punch caused her hair to fly around her face.

Standing tall and menacing was the star of their conversation, Sasuke Uchiha, whose eyes blazed in anger at his best friend... Er... Soon to be ex-best friend.

Hinata was wide-eyed and shocked as she paled at what had just happen. She had a feeling that the punch was because of her. With that thought she got out of her seat and immediately kneeled to Naruto's bent form.

"W-What the hell teme?" Naruto yelped as he held onto his jaw. That is going to bruise like no other tomorrow.

A crowd was already starting to form and no one moved to get the manager since they didn't want to miss any of the action.

"I thought you said you were going to fucking help, dobe! But instead here you are, helping yourself!" Sasuke ground out in pure fury as he saw Hinata grab onto Naruto's arm.

"It's not like that teme!" Naruto shouted as Sasuke looked about to punch him again. The startled Hinata immediately stood up and blocked the two from each other.

"Was this why you rejected me, Hi-na-ta?" Sasuke grounded out, staring at Hinata straight in the eye and she could see the hurt, the rejection, the pain and disappointment in them.

"S-Stop Sasuke! That's not I-it!" Hinata cried in exasperation as the Uchiha brushed past her to get to his friend. Hinata hurriedly lunged out and grabbed onto the doctors wrist and attempted to tug him to her, lips trembling as she swung around and bravely wrapped her arms around his middle.

"The only one I like right now is y-you, Sasuke!" Hinata cried out, sniffling and fighting against her tears as she squeezed his middle.

Sasuke froze at hearing her confession, hands falling to his sides as his heart started to pound faster in his chest. All the anger seemingly disappeared from within him, extinguished to a dwindling flame that ceased and only a calmness filled his whole body.

This was what one Hinata Hyuuga could do to him. She could make him become someone so terrifying in a minute and then break him down into nothing the next.

Oh how the great has fallen.

Sasuke could feel the humming of satisfaction in his head, the blinding anger had cleared and he for once, felt sorry for his actions.

As for Naruto, the male stood up from his position on the floor and was grinning rather brightly for a man who just got punched in the face. As if for the first time, Naruto noticed the crowd and immediately glared at them for being there to witness something so private and intimate. He set way and started shooing away the people that had gathered to see the drama all the while keeping his eye on the couple.

"I'll leave you two to talk. You owe me, teme!" Naruto said after finishing his task as he grinned at the couple in front of him. That punch WAS worth it after all... It actually got Hinata to confess her feelings for the teme. Naruto breathed out a deep sigh of relief and waved at the two as he made way out of the restaurant and back to stalking Sakura.


Somehow she had ended up letting Sasuke lead her out of the little shop and towards the park across of it. The day was rather sunny and beautiful with a soft breeze that was good for a picnic but the blush on Hinata's cheeks wouldn't go away after her bold move in front of so many people.

Then, she ended up on a park bench with Sasuke next to her as they sat silently.

"Be my girlfriend, Hinata," he said suddenly as Hinata flushed and turned to look at him.

"What about... Sakura-chan?" Hinata stuttered.

"Sakura has nothing to do with this. I like you and you like me so why not?" Sasuke stated sternly ready to battle it out with the soft-spoken Hyuuga.

"Y-you... You don't know alot about me... How are you so sure? You don't know what my favorite color is... What I like to eat... What my favorite book is... What I like to do in my free time..." Hinata started out exasperated before starting to mellow out at the end meekly. She wanted to say yes but all her fears and worries were starting to overtake her conscious.

The atmosphere was tense and after Hinata's statement, the two went quiet and the only thing that they could hear was Hinata's panicked intakes of air and the noise of the throng of people on the next block, oblivious to what was happening between these two complete opposites.

"Black." Sasuke uttered. The one word caused Hinata to almost double take and instead she quickly glanced at Sasuke's face before looking down again, her face going even redder than it was before.

"W-what?" Hinata stuttered, fidgeting with the hem of her blouse absentmindedly.

"Your favorite color... Black... And cinnamon rolls.. You love to eat those. You can't stand spinach and would rather eat anything except for it... You love to garden in your free time..." he started to list as Hinata sat stunned at how much he knew about her. How could a person that she's only known from afar know so much about all her likes and dislikes? She's only gotten to know him now and yet she was assured that he couldn't have... How did he manage to list off everything about her that not even the closest people she knew could? This is preposterous! Could it really be that he has liked her for 8 years?

"How? How... How do you know so much, about me?" Hinata trailed off.

"I had 8 years to learn about you, Hinata," he murmured while looking her straight in the eye. So it was true, what Naruto had said.

"Do you want to?" he continued undeterred, waiting patiently for her to respond to his invitation.

"I don't know you that well," she stated softly.

"You can get to know me better," he replied.

"My father wouldn't like it," she continued.

"I'll take care of it."

"My relatives will try to hurt you..."

"I'm strong. I can take it, if it means I can be with you than I'll do it."

They went silent as Hinata chewed on her bottom lip, contemplating between what she should do.

She glanced at Sasuke's handsome face again before taking a deep breath.

"Ah... Okay," she said softly before giving him a soft smile. Somehow, hearing his voice had soothed and eased all the worry in her mind.

Sasuke wiped away the invisible sweat on his brow and let out the breath that he didn't know he was holding. He didn't know what he would have done if she rejected him again. Maybe he would throw down the towel... Or go crazy and kidnap her or... Turn gay and just go for Naruto, his soul mate... The last one made him shiver and cringe at the same time. Never again.

They sat silently but the atmosphere wasn't as thick as it was moments before, instead it was now light and fresh as the two breathed in softly.

Hinata glanced over at Sasuke and couldn't stop her lips from turning upwards into a big smile. She probably looked silly but she was too happy to care and she noticed that Sasuke had a rather out of character smile on his face too... So it was all okay.

Then a thought came into her head that would make this moment even more memorable.

And so she wanted to be bold for once, because he was always the one who was trying.

With that thought, Hinata leaned over and took Sasuke's confused face into her small hands. With a small smile on her lips, Hinata pressed her lips against his and could feel the fireworks explode before her vision. This was what kissing Sasuke Uchiha felt like. Like she had the stars in her hands and that she was on top of the world, as long as she had him.

Somehow, Hinata knew that everything would be okay in the end because she had him.

And still, the sun was setting once more.


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