Thoughts Afterlife Part: 3

Written by Warden Freeman

Agathas' eyes fluttered open as the light of the early morning seeped through the branches of the massive tree. She sleepily started to shake herself awake when she was greeted by Norman, who was lying down in front of her, asleep. She smiled at her friend and carefully put her hand on his shoulder. Without warning, he jolted awake, sending Agatha to scurry back to the tree. "I'm so s-sorry!" Norman stammered as he stared at her with wide eyes. "It's okay. Did you have a nightmare?" She asked. "Y-yeah…" Agatha scooted closer to him. "About what?" Norman face put on a downcast look and he turned away from her gaze. "Nothing. It was nothing." Noticing the sadness in his voice, Agatha quickly changed the subject. "Come on. Lets go for a walk." She grabbed his hand and playfully pulled him from off the ground. Norman gave an almost regrettable smile and followed behind the girl as they left the woods for the first time together.

While they were walking together, Norman noticed that Agatha was changing. Her usual gloomy appearance began to form into more light and color, and the darkness that was usually present in her eyes was replaced with a bright glow of happiness. Norman couldn't help but smile at her as they walked hand in hand down the empty streets of his town. Agatha noticed him staring at her and returned a smile back to him. Their moment of joy was interrupted, however, by a group of older kids that came up in front of Norman and stopped him dead in his tracks. "'Sup freak." Norman sighed. "What do you want, Alvin." The bully smirked. "Nothing from you, loser. Where you headed? Gonna talk to ghosts some more?" Agatha cowered behind Norman's back. "Leave her alone. Why don't you just go away." Norman retorted back with a shaky voice. The group laughed and Alvin pushed Norman to the ground. "So you are still talking to them. Where are they, huh Norman? Think they are going to protect you?" Norman fell to the floor and scrambled to get up. "J-just leave her alone!" The group continued to laugh and push and shove Norman around, leaving a frightened-looking Agatha cowering against a wall. As they proceeded with their onslaught on the young boy, Agatha felt anger boiling inside her body. "Go away." She said quietly, feeling her eyes shake and her hands clench into fists. "Go… away…" Her face began to tremble and erupt into a light yellow color and crack like lightning.

"I said… Go away!"

The bullies turned quickly only to see a blast of force push them away from Norman and back into the ally they came from. Norman slowly got up from the ground and stared at Agatha with wide eyes before falling back down in shock. Agatha sighed, picked him up, and began to carry him back to the woods.

Norman woke up under the tree, bleary eyed and numb, but alive. He wasn't sure what exactly happened after the bullies had attacked him, but he was just happy it was over. He leaned his head to the left and saw Agatha resting against his shoulder. He put his hands on her leg and gently shook her. "Aggie. Wake up." The girl slowly opened her eyes, looked at Norman, and gave him a weak smile. "Hi there… Norman…" She said slowly. Norman expression turned confused. "Are… are you okay, Aggie?" "Yes, I'm… fine." She coughed and tried to hide her down trodden face. Norman cocked an eyebrow and looked her over. "No, you're not. What's wrong?" Agatha turned away from his gaze and quietly started to cry. "I… I think I'm… dying…" Norman's concerned face turned to shock. "But… why? I though… I mean, weren't you already… dead? Didn't you make it… better?" Agatha tried to laugh at his comment but it came out as more of an exasperated choke. "You can't make death better, Norman." Eye's becoming misty at her words, Norman asked her. "But… how are you here with me? How are you doing this?" Agatha turned towards him, exposing her sad face and wet eyes. "I can use my powers to stay on this place. But… I wasn't sure how long I could keep it up, now I know… I can't." Norman shook his head as he tried to stop his tears from leaving his eyes. "No… I-I don't want you to go." Sobbing uncontrollably now, Agatha responded. "I can't stay. I c-can't." The light from before started to slowly creep up into her body as the two cried. "I need you, Aggie. I… I love you. Please… Don't…" As Agathas' body continued to flood with light, she grabbed onto Norman and held him. "I love you too…" They held each other as the light quickly enveloped her entire form, causing her to evaporate into a thin wisp of dust. Her ghostly form looked down at Norman and whispered.

"I'm sorry."

The ghostly apparition soon disappeared, leaving Norman alone, sitting under the tree where the girl he loved was buried.

Authors Note: This concludes the short but bittersweet story I wrote for one of my favorite movies of all time. However, this is not the end. I will write a short epilogue soon and leave it as a companion to the finish off this story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. For a little added extra thing, if you listen to the song "The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack" by the band Liars while reading this last chapter, you will hopefully get a few added feels, as I did when I was writing. Thanks again for reading!