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The flames atop the torches flared bright and crackling; Kili struggled against the horde of Goblins that had him and his fellow dwarves captured and unable to escape.

Amongst the deafening noise of hundreds of the dirty creatures he shot a look at his brother- Fili was held tight next to him by a pair of brutish Goblins, his arms held behind his back.

'What have we got here then?' A great, booming voice sounded amid the chatter of the Goblins and the groans of the company as they tried to resist their captors.

Kili looked up, eyes wide as he looked upon the grotesque looking Goblin-King. It was the ugliest thing he had ever seen, and he had seen many ugly creatures in his time-mainly his brother in the mornings.

He felt Fili tense beside him, and knew he was reaching for a weapon. The Goblin-King seemed to have read his mind.

'Get their weapons! I want them unarmed!' he roared, watching with a sneer on his face as the Goblin horde turned and dived at the dwarves, stripping them of their swords, axes and knives.

Kili growled as his bow was ripped from his back; he spotted Thorin attempt to grab back his sword, only to be pulled back by his head by another dwarf. He caught his Uncle's eye- Thorin gave him a short nod; only a tiny expression, but it made Kili feel so much better.

His uncle had a plan. Everything was going to be alright.

The crashing of the metal weapons on the stone was almost deafening; the echo rattled around for what seemed like minutes.

Silence suddenly descended, a hush falling upon all those in the cave.

'So….who has dared travel into my kingdom?' The Goblin-King spat, beady eyes swivelling at all those beneath him.

No one answered. Kili looked up defiantly, anger coursing through him- he wasn't afraid, merely annoyed. Where was the Wizard?

The Goblin-King pretended to be angry, giving a mock sigh as he saw no one was answering. He peered at the party, eyes widening and his smile growing as his gaze fell onto Thorin.

'It cannot be?! Thorin Oakenshield?' he growled; his eyebrows rose in surprise. 'Well well well….this changes everything.'

'How so?' Thorin yelled, stepping forwards, chin in the air, before he was pulled back by a Goblin.

The Goblin-King sneered once more. 'I know of many who would like to have you in the position I do…..unarmed and vulnerable….' He grinned cruelly. 'I will leave that to them, however- I want to know what you are doing here.' He spat.

Thorin shook his head. 'Keep thinking, for I will not tell you.' He growled, eyes dark and scathing.

Kili realised he had been holding his breath. He exhaled slowly, trying to spot his sword and bow in the pile of discarded weapons on the floor near him.

He looked up as the Goblin-King began laughing. The sound made him feel sick.

'Maybe not you- maybe someone else?' he spat, looking at the other dwarves. Immediately, Kili felt his brother step nearer, fingers lacing into the material of his cloak.

'Touch any of my company- and you will regret it!' Thorin said, voice low and dangerous.

'Is that so? Well, I do like a challenge, and I'd like to see how you could save them….bring me the youngest!' The Goblin-King roared, eyes settling on Kili.

Kili's mouth opened in silent dismay and shock. Fili stepped bodily in front of his younger brother, growling at the Goblins around him. 'Touch him and you die!' he shouted, before one decided to chance their luck; Fili grabbed his skull and twisted, throwing the dead onto the ground. Kili pushed another in the chest, sending him careering into a group of them.

Fili was just about to throw a punch at the next one when he felt a sickening pain in his head and he fell to his knees; he blinked hard, feeling blood trickle down his face.

In his moment of absence his fingers had been ripped from his younger brother, and he yelped as he saw Kili struggling desperately in the grip of four large Goblins.

Bofur helped him up; as Fili jumped forwards to help his brother he held him back, grabbing his shoulders and hauling him to the side.

'No! We don't need another one to rescue!' he whispered urgently, holding on tight as Fili twisted and struggled. 'Leave me! They're not going to hurt him!' Fili yelled, looking with terrified eyes as he watched his brother being dragged to the front. 'I'll die before they do!' he promised.

Kili yelled and struggled against the iron grip of the Goblins. Once he was at the front they forced him to his knees- one of them grabbed his arms and twisted them back as another tied them.

He groaned with exertion as he tried to undo the binds; they seemed to get tighter every time he pulled.

He could hear his brother yelling behind him; he couldn't look back to see him, to seek a reassuring glance from the man who always saved him. He looked up, suddenly afraid, as the Goblin-King began laughing, folds of skin moving with each breath; he looked even uglier-yet fiercer- up close.

'So- who have we here?' he roared, sitting back in his seat.

Kili didn't answer; he merely looked at the stone floor.

He didn't see the nod the King gave to his Goblin followers. He shouted in surprise and pain as one punched him in the stomach. He groaned as pain blossomed in his gut.

Fili yelped as if feeling his brother's pain. He struggled against Bofur, who still held him tight. 'Let me go! Let me go to him!' he begged the older dwarf.

He looked to his side as he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Thorin. 'Help him, uncle! Please!' he muttered, aware of the other Goblins still around them. Thorin shushed him quietly.

Up at the front, Kili looked up, still wincing from the blow. The Goblin-King had leaned forwards.

'Didn't like that? There's more to come, I promise….' He growled, jowls wobbling as he waved his hand again.

Kili was ready this time; as the Goblin launched forwards he drew back his head, throwing it forwards when it was in range. The Goblin howled, clutching its forehead; Kili could feel blood against his own skin.

The Goblin-King's laugh filtered out. 'So…' he started, voice low. Kili's heart dropped; fear crept into his soul.

'…We have a fighter, do we?' he finished, before his eyes rested on Thorin.

'Why do you bring such warriors with you on a journey? What are you planning, Thorin Oakensheild?' he panted out.

Fili watched as his uncle said nothing. 'Tell him!' he hissed, eyes moving to Kili's back. 'Before he kills him, tell him!'

Thorin growled at him to be silent, eyes dangerous. 'We have no plan, no journey- and if we did, it wouldn't be any business of yours!' he shouted up at the Goblin-King.

'Why don't I believe you?' it returned, before turning to the left. 'If the Leader won't talk- maybe the follower will….bring out the machines!' he roared.

Kili shrank back as low rumbling began; he saw great wooden contraptions being wheeled into view.

'No…No….' he muttered, eyes wide as he began struggling once more. He didn't like the look of the blades, the ropes and the pulleys that came with these new objects.

'Please!' he yelled up at the Goblin-King, voice cracking slightly. 'I know nothing! I know nothing!'

Fili watched, horrified, as his brother begged for his life. He ripped his body away from Bofur and seized his Uncle- 'If he dies, I blame you!' he spat into his face, anger in his heart.

'What would you have me do? Betray our mission? Kill us all?' Thorin growled.

'He is your kin! Your own flesh and blood- you would let him die for the cause?' Fili hissed, disbelief clutching his body.

'Don't you think I do not know?! Kili will be fine- we need the right moment to strike….' Thorin tried to reassure him.

'He doesn't look fine from where I am!' Fili spat, looking back up at his brother.

Kili growled like an animal as he was forced to his feet- he kicked out at the Goblins; one fell to the ground, screeching. Another took its place, punching him in the stomach once more; Kili doubled up, groaning. He felt himself being dragged to the machines.

'Please!' he shouted up at the Goblin-King. 'Show mercy!'

'Mercy? I don't know that word.' The King yelled, grinning as the dwarf futilely struggled against his Goblins.

'Tell me what I want to know, and you may be spared.' He boomed.

Kili shook his head. 'I know nothing! I don't kno-'

'-I don't care for his lies anymore….tie him to the stock!' The King roared over him.

Kili's eyes widened as he was pulled back into the middle of a wooden contraption. The bonds on his arms were cut, yet he had no time to fight- a Goblin wrenched his arms upwards and fixed them to the leather straps connected to the top of the object. He struggled relentlessly as his legs were parted and his feet connect to the other sides.

Fili, who still had his hands fisted in Thorin's cloak, could finally see his brother's face. The brothers locked gazes- he tried to look calm, strong, but he knew his eyes betrayed him by the way Kili's eyes went glassy.

'What are you doing here?' The King bellowed, eyes narrowed.

'Nothing, nothing I swear, we got….lost.' he finished, before cursing himself. What sort of an excuse, what kind of story, was that? He looked up at his brother, saw his shock reflected in Fili's eyes.

'You got lost?' The Goblin-King repeated, before he sneered. 'Somehow I don't believe it!' he roared, laughing once more.

He gestured down to a wooden box that had also been brought in with the wooden contraptions.

With one long, fat finger he commanded a larger Dwarf to open the box. Kili could hear his heart beating fast, could feel it in his throat; a bead of sweat trickled down his face.

Fili surged forwards, muttering 'No…' as he went. Thorin launched after him and wrenched him back, hard against his chest. 'I can't rescue both of you!' he muttered into his ear. Fili growled and turned his head away, anger in his throat. 'Can't or won't?' he snarled, pulling his Uncle's hands from his chest. Thorin stepped back a little, a crushed look in his eyes. Fili ignored him; instead he looked back at his brother, who had gone deathly pale and had started to shake.

Kili looked as the Goblin approached the box, eyes wide and terrified. He watched, almost mesmerised, as it threw open the lid and drew out what was inside.

A flash of iron reflected in the torch-light. Kili swallowed hard as the Goblin sneered, brandishing the long, shiny blade in its dirty hands.

The Goblin-King chuckled darkly, and it chilled Kili to the bone.

'You will speak, Dwarf. One way or another, I will get my answers- even if I have to go through each and every one of you….' He sneered.

Kili's head shot up, eyes immediately seeking Fili. His brother looked back, abject fear in his eyes, his mouth open in silent horror. Thorin was over his shoulder; his uncle nodded once more- but this time it did not make him feel better. Thorin had no plan, he realised. Now he doubted whether he had even had one in the first place.

'Anything to reveal before we begin?' The Goblin-King asked, finger raised to give the command for the torture to start.

Kili took one final look at his brother and uncle, and drew in a deep breath. 'I know nothing.' He said, his eyes dark. He hoped his shaking hadn't betrayed his true feelings.

'Then you deserve every ounce of pain you are about to receive…..begin!' The Goblin-King spat.

Kili heard his brother cry out, but he held his own voice. The Goblin with the blade advanced, a cruel expression on his face.

Kili took another deep breath and steeled himself, waiting for the inevitable to happen…..

To be continued…..

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