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The Batcave.

It was a legendary place that few ever had the privilege of visiting, much less knowing where it was. Much like its lord and master it was dark and foreboding. It was also a place of change since the Dark Knight was always changing and the newest addition was ensconced away in a dark corner, normally shrouded in the shadows.

It was a zeta tube, which was more of a tunnel than a tube. It began to glow an yellow-orange hue and made a loud humming sound. One by one four figures emerged from it. First the changeling and his wife, followed by Cap Jr. and Argent. Nightwing, Starfire and Cyborg greeted them as they arrived.

"Welcome to the Batcave." Dick announced as he greeted them individually. "Argent, glad you could join us."

The changeling became wide eyed. "Dude … it's the Batcave … we're in the Batcave."

Raven gave her spouse a gentle nudge in the ribs. Realizing his faux pas, he quickly reeled in his fanboy and became composed.

"So what is this big emergency?" Raven asked. "What did Slade, or should I say Deathstroke, do?"

Nightwing sighed. "He just kidnapped the President and his family."

"Whoa! Does the public know?" Beast Boy queried.

"The Joint Chiefs have decided to keep the kidnapping under wraps." Cyborg answered. "For reasons of national security, of course."

"Understandable, there would be a national panic if this was revealed." Freddy remarked.

"Sounds to me more like they're covering their butts." Raven added.

"Has Slade made any demands yet?" Argent asked.

"Not Slade, Deathstroke. And no, he hasn't." Nightwing replied.

"It's obvious what he wants." Raven interjected.

"He wants us." Her husband completed her statement.

The Dark Knight agreed with them. "He will let us know where to find him."

"Then we'll find him." Raven growled.

Batman approached the sorceress. "He isn't Slade anymore, you are aware of that?"

"You're saying that he has multiple personality disorder? Are you sure Slade isn't yanking our collective chains? It has to be a ruse."

"Ruse or not, he had changed his mode of operation. The suave mastermind who became your nemesis in Jump City is gone, and has been replaced by a sociopathic killer. With all due respect, Mrs. Logan, you don't know what you're up against."

"And you do?"

Batman didn't flinch at Raven's accusation. He also made a mental note that the gray Titan didn't like being called "Mrs. Logan".

"While the Justice League's files are old, they still are relevant, as Deathstroke is operating as per his old style, so yes, we do know what we are up against. I also have something interesting to show you. It's footage from the security cameras at the White House. It just arrived. I will warn you, what you are about to see is disturbing."

Batman tapped some commands on the computer's console. A giant screen above came to life. The first scene recorded was that of Ravager sneaking in through a window.

"Didn't anyone notice her? She was on camera." Argent asked.

"We believe that the surveillance crew was the first to be taken out." Batman responded.

Another view showed Ravager sneak up on a pair of guards. She beheaded them with two swift strokes of her sword. The scene repeated itself a few times until Ravager reached the doors to the Oval Office, where she waited just a minute for President O'Connor to retire for the evening. Batman paused the playback.

"Brace yourselves for what's next."

He resumed the playback and they the all gasped when they saw Dick, attired in a black Robin costume, knock out the President and carry him off.

"What the hell?" Nightwing shrieked. "That's not me."

The footage switched to an outdoor camera. A Navy helicopter was waiting. Cyborg appeared first carrying the First Lady, who was bound and gagged. Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven followed with the children. The black clad Titans approached the chopper, and the dark Raven used her powers to load the hostages into the chopper, after which they climbed on board. Ravager and Robin, who was still carrying the President, appeared seconds later. After they boarded the chopper lifted off, and the camera caught a glimpse of the pilot, a man who was wearing a Deathstroke mask.

The playback ended and everyone present stared at the now blank screen in stunned silence.

"He's cloned us, all of us." Raven broke the silence. "He has his own Titans now."

"He has." Batman agreed. "And there is no doubt as to what their real purpose is."

"To take us out." Cyborg groaned.

"So what's the plan?" Nightwing asked.

"There are dossiers in your rooms, with the latest information the League has on Deathstroke. Before dinner I suggest that you all rest and read them. After that, we wait. As I said before, Deathstroke will let us know where to find him."

"What about the hostages?" Beast Boy asked.

"We don't know. It is possible that they're already been killed, but I think he will use them as bait to draw you in. And by 'you' I mean the five Titans. I expect that he will demand that no one else come once he lets us know where to go."

"It will be the trap." Starfire announced.

"And a very deadly one. He will use your clones to attack you and they will have but one goal, to kill all of you; and unlike the five of you, they won't have a problem with that. My initial thought was to withhold you, but if we ignore the challenge not only will he kill the hostages, he will continue to up the ante, until it becomes impossible to ignore."

Batman turned his attention to the Bat computer. Alfred announced that dinner would be served in 90 minutes and led the young super heroes out if the cave. Just before they stepped out Batman cleared his throat.

"By the way, the executive order dissolving the Titans has been rescinded. You are now officially a team again."

-( - )-

Alfred led the new arrivals to their quarters. The Logans were the last to be dropped off. He opened a large mahogany door and led them into the room. As expected it was spacious and well appointed. There was a sitting area with a loveseat and two wing back chairs. The bed was a four poster with a canopy and drapes. There was a fireplace with an enormous hearth, with a pile of firewood and kindling ready to be used. The dossiers Batman promised were waiting on a large rosewood desk. Raven noticed that their luggage was in the room.

"I do apologize, Mrs. Logan; but I did not have time unpack for you."

"How did this get here?" She stammered.

"I took another Zeta tube back to the La Jolla house to retrieve your belongings. Your toiletries are unpacked and in the bathroom. Your prescription is also in the bathroom, Mrs. Logan."

"My prescription?"

"Please forgive me for violating your privacy. Dr. Midnight has told us about your special contraceptives; and while I have always been a bachelor I do understand that it is vital for a lady to take them every day."

Alfred then told them that they were free to explore the mansion and mentioned that he would announce over the intercom when dinner was ready. He asked them if there was anything else they required before taking his leave. They didn't have any questions and he abruptly left.

Raven picked up her dossier and sat down on the loveseat, and her husband did the same. They quickly scanned through the pages.

"This isn't good. Why didn't anyone ever figure out that Slade and Deathstroke are the same person?"

The changeling pulled out a glossy of Deathstroke and looked at it. "I've heard of him. Mento talked about him a few times. I think he was convinced that Deathstroke was dead … everyone thought that he was gone. Slade didn't appear until ten years later. Who would have thought they were the same dude?"

"We should have." She sighed as she dropped her folder on the coffee table.

"So what do we do now?"

"I guess we could rest, or in my case, meditate."

The changeling wagged his eyebrows at her. "How about we do something more fun?"

She made a mock face of disapproval. "Is that all you can think of?"

He grinned seductively at her. "Tell me you don't want some."

"I never said that."

He pulled her into a luscious kiss and began to caress her butt. Raven felt her legs turn into rubber.

"How … do … you … do that?" She gasped between kisses. "

"I … can … stop."

"Don't … you … dare." She replied.

He stopped kissing her. "Good, because right now I want you bad, really bad."

"The bed is over there, in case you forgot."

He scooped her up bridal style. "I thought you'd never ask."

"You're the one who asked."

"I did?" He winked at her.

"Are you going to make love with me or not?" She snapped at him.

"Have I ever told you that I love you?"

"Talk is cheap, green bean."

He put her down on the bed and removed his shirt, revealing his now more mature and muscular torso. A small smile appeared on her face as she began to disrobe.

"That's more like it." She smiled seductively as she sat buck naked on the bed.

Beast Boy smiled. It just didn't get any better than this.

-( - )-

Cyborg, Argent and Cap Junior were walking down the hallway, on their way to the library.

"I hate to admit it, but Alfred is a better cook than I am."

Argent laughed. "If you're willing to admit that, he really must be good."

"Is his food really that good? He doesn't make any of the weird Brit grub, you know, like what's it called? Haggis?" Freddy asked.

"Haggis is Scottish, but if he made it, it would be good."

"No way."

"Yes, way. His food is better than sex."

"Did you hear something?" Argent asked.

The stopped walking and found themselves if front of the Logan's room.

"Uh, I think we should keep walking." Freddy announced nervously.

Cyborg would have none of that. A tiny radar dish popped out of his head and focused on the door. It proved to be utterly unnecessary.

"Raven, oh baby … I love you!" They heard through the thick wooden door.

A huge grin appeared on Argent's face while Freddy face palmed.

"You're killing me … I'm dying, I'm dying!" Raven shouted. She then screamed in pure agony, over and over. She also screamed his name repeatedly.

Cyborg had an ear to ear grin. "B, you sly green dog. I never knew you had it in you." He then looked at Freddy. "Are they like this often?"

Cap Junior was blushing. "Often? How about every day? How about more than once a day?"

Cyborg's grin became even bigger. "B, I'm proud of you."

Raven and Beast Boy were now screaming together, both enraptured in the delicious agony of physical love. Their screams climaxed and apparently they did too as they suddenly fell silent.

"Maybe we should go?" Argent whispered. "If Raven senses that we're out here, we're dead meat."

Cyborg and Freddy agreed and the three voyeurs quietly moved on.