Chapter 1

Stiles enjoyed working at the library. It was a good job for him. He was constantly moving around, whether he was covering books or putting them away on the shelves. His hands were constantly in motion and his mind was always preoccupied. He honestly loved it.

Stiles wasn't a librarian, not yet anyway. He was more of an assistant to Laura. She was always the librarian on duty the days he worked. Laura was kind and seemed to enjoy Stiles' company. He kept up conversation during the slow hours of the day and was always ready to assist when someone had a question about the books. The best thing about Laura was that she didn't get annoyed with his constant chatter, even if they were in a library. She was always interested in the things he had to say. She had dark hair and hazel eyes; a combination Stiles had always found very attractive. He might even be interested in her, if he swung in that direction, of course.

It was during one of the slow hours of the day and Stiles was shelving a stack of books when Laura found him. "Hey, I've got to run to the basement to put some of these away." Stiles glanced at the tall stack of books in her hands.

"You want me to?" He took a step forward to take the books.

"No, no." Laura shook her head. "I've got it. They moved some stuff around last week and I haven't gotten the chance to show you yet. Do you mind watching the desk?"

"Of course not." Laura smiled her thanks before disappearing behind the next shelf over. Stiles grabbed the rest of the books and brought them back to the front desk. He'd finish shelving them when Laura got back. He sat in the chair and spun around. He hadn't spent a lot of time behind the desk, so he still wasn't that comfortable with that part of the job. There weren't many people that came in around this time anyway, so Stiles wasn't too worried. He tapped his fingers on the desk and sipped his decaf coffee. God, he loved coffee.

The creak of the front door warned Stiles that someone had just entered the library. He quickly went over everything Laura had taught him about how to do book returns and lend-outs. Each step came easily. He had nothing to worry about. That is, until he saw who had come in and his brain went blank. Stiles stared as a tall man with a leather jacket approached the desk. He had dark hair and, Stiles saw as he got closer, bright eyes that couldn't be described by any one color. He was glaring at Stiles over the computer monitor. It was both attractive and scary. Wait, had he said something? Oh, god.

"Sorry?" Stiles said quickly, praying that his blush wasn't as visible as it felt.

The man sighed and rolled his eyes. "Laura." His voice almost made Stiles' mind go blank again, but he spoke again. "Where is she?"

"Uh," Stiles sputtered. "She went to put some books away. She should be right back if you want to hang out here for a minute. It doesn't take that long to shelve books in the basement anyway, but they just moved stuff around, I guess, so it might be longer." He took a sip of his coffee before he went into a full rant about shelving books. He glanced back at the stranger, who surprisingly was not glaring. He looked almost amused.

"One too many cups of coffee today?" the man mused as he leaned forward on the desk.

It was Stiles turn to offer a small glare. "I get decaf," he said simply. The stranger actually smirked. Stiles was about to say something else when Laura entered the room.

"Derek." Laura sounded surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"I can't come visit my sister at work?" This guy-Derek- was Laura's brother? He stood up straight to face her with an innocent look on his face.

"Not without coffee." Derek scoffed. Laura went behind the desk, smiling at Stiles. "Thanks for watching the desk, Stiles. I hope my brother wasn't too much of a hassle," she said, turning her eyes on him. He rolled his eyes.

"No problem." Stiles glanced at Derek, but he was still looking at his sister. "I'll go finish putting the books away."

Since Stiles was just in the next room, he could still hear the conversation between the two. Not that he was eavesdropping. Of course not. "Why are you really here, Derek?" Laura asked.

"If you must know, I came to check out a book. I'm writing a paper for class and I need to do a little more research than the internet."

Laura laughed. "Aw, look who's putting in some effort." Stiles couldn't see him, but he figured that Derek had rolled his eyes at that comment.

"It's college, Laura. I've got to put in a little effort if I want to graduate." Derek walked into the next room and down the aisle that Stiles was shelving books. Derek looked up and down the shelves, but didn't acknowledge his presence until he was standing directly next to him.

"Can I help you find something?" Stiles asked, his arm raised above his head to put a book on the top shelf. Derek said nothing as he leaned forward into Stiles personal space. Stiles froze as Derek reached behind him and took the book from his hand.

"You just did." Derek smiled and shook the book in his hand. "I'll see you around, Stiles." He watched, still frozen, as Derek left the room. If Stiles stood there for another moment to catch his breath, no one needed to know.