Years passed and the world changed, sometimes for the good, sometimes not.

Five years after our wedding, I decided it was time to retire Jem. The fact that I was three months pregnant with our first child also factored into the decision. The backlash was surprisingly modest when we went public with the news of the band retiring and Jem's identity. Now that Jem and the Holograms had been a band and touring nor nearly a decade, the drive and push to know who Jem is had waned.

No one knew what Pizzazz thought of the news; she had died of a drug overdose a year and a half before. Eric, still in federal prison, went bezerk, forcing the prison to put him into solitary confinement. Other artists expressed their surprise and well wishes to Rory and I. The Stingers would still continue to perform, one of us needing to still bring income in. When asked what it is like to be married and the CEOs of to rival music companies, Rory replied,

"Music is for everyone. There can't be too many musicians or competition. Jerrica and I make a point of not letting the media drag down our companies or our relationship."

"I am a business woman before a musician." I added. "Jem and the Holograms was a part of my life, but not my entire life, I am now turning my attention to building Starlight Music as well as the bands that we have now. The company is my family and Rory is my home. Nothing will be able to drive a wedge to disrupt the structure we have built together."

Three months later we announced that we were pregnant with a boy, Matthew. Four years later, his sister, Janna joined him.

Aja and Craig were now married and living in London, their boy Trevor entering primary school. Shana and Anthony didn't have any biological children, but they did adopt a darling set of twins from Kenya. Raya met and married a gardener that worked with her father and together they ran the greenhouse and landscaping company when they weren't chasing their three kids. Kimber and Stormer lived together in a bungalow on the beach. Rapture, never one to settle, was a gypsy, floating in and out as needed for recording and touring. Minx was dating an Italian underwear model.

All in all, love still was a funny thing. Something that could change lives forever. Love was all I ever wanted and now it was everything I ever needed.