Title: Morrigan Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Rating: T

Summary: AU/FemHarry. Morrigan Potter, the-girl-who-lived, comes to Hogwarts with no supplies and wearing someone else's robes. Sorted into Slytherin, Snape tries to hate her, but when Hermione tells him what Morrigan told him he makes a vow to protect Lily's daughter against an enemy that's worst then the Dark Lord.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Rowling's Harry Potter characters and I'm making no money.

Chapter 1: The Sorting

Morrigan Potter; was scared for the first time in her life. When the Hogwarts letter arrived the Dursley's allowed her to go but only if she didn't ask for any of the supplies on her list. Uncle Vernon wouldn't pay for her to learn magic. So she had to come to Hogwarts with none of her supplies. While on the Hogwarts Express she met a girl name Hermione Granger, who allowed her to borrow one of her robes until she could get her own.

Hermione had to almost force the robe in Morrigan's hands after she let slip that the Dursley's hadn't gotten her anything. Morrigan, hated being a charity case, but at least she had a robe on.

"No matter which house you're in we'll still be friends," Hermione told her.

"Thanks, I never had a friend before," Morrigan told her, "Dudley, would make them run away and not want to have anything to do with me. Freaks, to them, don't deserve them."

"Morrigan, you're not a freak," Hermione told her, "What they said to you is not something that responsible guardians say."

"So you don't think I'm a freak," Morrigan said, shocked that someone didn't thinks she was a freak.

"No, I don't," Hermione stated.

Now she was in the Great Hall, Hermione next to her. One by one each student was called forth to be sorted and as they got near her name she was getting even more and more nervous. She played with her long red hair, her green eyes looking down at her feet. Her shoes, which Aunt Petunia got second hand, and was a source of taunting by her classmates, had split open and she knew that her toes were poking out. The only thing keeping them together was the string that she had placed around them.

"Potter, Morrigan," Professor McGonagall called out.

Everyone whispered as she went before the hat. She sat down and the hat was placed on her head. She kept looking at the floor and wanting the whole sorting to be over. She didn't care which house she was in as long as she was still allowed to be here. She didn't want to go back to the Dursley's.

"SLYTHERIN!" the hat shouted.

Morrigan noticed that everyone stared at her in shock but all she did was take the hat off and head over to the Slytherin table and sat down. Finally the Slytherin table cheered for her and the sorting continued.

"I can't believe that you in our house," a blond boy that had a snobby voice said. "I'm Draco Malfoy."

"Morrigan Potter," Morrigan said, shaking hands with him.

"Named after the war goddess," Draco commented and Morrigan nodded. "Nice!"

"Thanks," Morrigan said.

When the feast began Morrigan wasn't sure if she was allowed to eat. Everyone else was grabbing food and shoving it down her throat. Morrigan just sat there and did nothing.

"Morg," Hermione's voice said and she looked up to see her friend standing there, "You need to eat."


"You need to eat," Hermione told her, cutting her off, "Or you're going to make yourself sick."

"Why are you here, Granger?" Draco asked.

"Because none of you are noticing that Morg is isn't eating," Hermione answered, "I just want to make sure that she's eating."

"She doesn't need a mother."

"Oh and your going to notice if she's not eating," Hermione told him, "And stop eating all the potatoes from her, Goyle, you act like a freaking pig."


"She's got a point," Morrigan said.

"Is there a problem here," said a cold voice and Morrigan saw a black hair man appearing.

"Just making sure that Morrigan eats, that's all," Hermione told him.

"I know that the food might not be as good as what you're getting at home, but you will not insult who made it," he said, "Ten points from Slytherin for thinking that our food is not good enough."

Morrigan saw an angry look on Hermione's face appearing.

"Sir, that's not what's going on," Hermione told him.

"Don't tell him," Morrigan begged.

"I'm your friend, Morg, and I'll tell him so that he doesn't spend the next week living in some deluded fantasy world. Because that's what friends do, makes sure that no one bullies you. Who are you, sir?"

"I'm Professor Snape, Miss Granger," he said.

"And you're their Head of House, right," Hermione said.

"Yes," Snape answered.

"Then I will tell you this once and don't think that I'm part of her fan club," Hermione said, "Morrigan, is wearing my robes because the Dursley's told her that she could go but they weren't going to buy her supplies, and if you care to look at her feet she's wearing shoes that have come apart. Also, what child wears tapped glasses. She told me the Dursley's call her a freak and that her cousin, Dudley, bullies anyone that tries to be friends with her. I told her that no matter which house we were in that I would be her friend. Now why don't you stop trying to bully her and act like her Head of House and do something about those horrible Dursley's."

Hermione then headed back to her table.

"Eat your food, Potter," Snape told her and then headed back to the staff table.

"She told him," Morrigan said.

"I think that she would consider it her right," Draco said, "Are the muggles really like that?"

"Yeah, they are," Morrigan told him.

"Well don't worry, we'll help you out," Draco said.


"Well the Potter's have a ton of money and I think it's strange that you didn't draw any of it out."

"I don't have any money," Morrigan told him.

"Of course you do," Draco said, "Everyone knows that Potter's are filthy rich. Go to Professor Snape and have him get your vault key."

"I don't want to bother him," Morrigan told him.

"Don't worry, he won't be bothered," Draco told him, "If he doesn't do it then Snape has some issues that need to be addressed."

Morrigan said nothing to what Draco had said.

When the feast was over Flint took them down to the Slytherin common room to meet their Head of House and to hear the rules. Professor Snape came across Morrigan as someone that wouldn't take laziness and she couldn't believe that he was looking right at her when he said laziness.

"Studying is done between seven and ten for first, second, third, and fourth years, seven to eleven for fifth years, and seven to eleven for sixth and seventh years. You will do all your assignments when their due and you will stick together when you're out of the common room. I will not stand for bullying within the house."

Once again he looked at Morrigan when he said the word bullying. What was up with him?

"Head to bed, now," he barked and the Prefects took the students to their separate dorms.

When Morrigan entered the dorm her bed was the only one that didn't have a trunk. Everyone else changed into their nightgowns but the only thing that Morrigan had was her robes.

"Where is your trunk?" Pansy Parkinson asked.

"I don't have one," Morrigan answered.

"Are you serious or dumb?" she asked, grinning.

"I'm serious and I'm not dumb," Morrigan snarled.

She laughed at her, which made her blood boil. Suddenly the door opened and in walked the Slytherin Prefect.

"What's going on here?" she demanded.

"Potter; forgot her trunk."

"The Dursley's didn't allow me to get my things," Morrigan told the Prefect, "And I don't like this girl saying that I'm stupid, when I'm not."

"Did you bring anything with you?"

Morrigan shook her head and, sighing, she took a piece of parchment and transfigured it to a green nightgown and handed it to her.

"You will report to Professor Snape's office tomorrow so that you can get your things," the Prefect told her. "Six, don't be late."

"No problem," Morrigan said and the Prefect left.

"Stay away from us," Pansy told her and then she went to bed.

"Don't worry about her," Millicent told her, Tracy nodding, "Just go to see him in the morning."

"I will," Morrigan said.

"Do you think that Snape is going to poison you for not having your things?" Tracey wondered.

"I doubt that," Millicent said.

"I'm not scared of Snape," Morrigan told them.

"If you say that at the end of the term then you have more spine then others," Millicent told her.

Morrigan smiled.

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A/N: Morrigan is going to show that she lives up to her name as she gains more backbone and thinks for herself. On the note of my other stories, I will update them as quickly as I can.