Title: Morrigan Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Rating: T

Summary: AU/FemHarry. Morrigan Potter, the-girl-who-lived, comes to Hogwarts with no supplies and wearing someone else's robes. Sorted into Slytherin, Snape tries to hate her, but when Hermione tells him what Morrigan told him he makes a vow to protect Lily's daughter against an enemy that's worst then the Dark Lord.

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Chapter 13: Meeting Remus Lupin

Hermione was in the wing for the next couple of days. Morrigan visited her when she could but personally she was glad when Hermione arrived in the Great Hall. She came over to their table and sat down.

"I see that you're back with us," Pansy said.

"Yeah, I'm glad to be back," Hermione said, "Do you know how much work I've missed."

Morrigan saw Pansy rolling her eyes and then she said, "I'm sure that the teachers will understand."

"I doubt that," Hermione said, "I came here to learn, not be in the wing all the time."

"Hermione calm down," Morrigan said, "The teachers will understand and their not about to put you in detention for something that wasn't your fault."

Morrigan saw doubt still on her face and she decided to drop the subject. Pansy brought up the subject of Weasley and Malfoy getting turned into girls.

"Really, did that happen?" Hermione asked.

"It sure did," Morrigan said, "It was funny, though when I heard that you had gotten attacked it wasn't as funny as it should have been."

"And I wonder who did it?" Hermione asked.

Morrigan decided to play dumb and not answer that question. However Pansy couldn't resist asking, "Did they change them back?"

"I sure hope so," Hermione said, "I might not like Weasley but I don't want him to use this to attack us."

"Don't worry, he won't," Pansy said. "Honestly, you act too much like a Gryffindor sometimes."

Hermione rolled her eyes and then headed to the Gryffindor table.

"I swear that's the funniest thing ever," Minerva said, "Can Madam Pomfrey change them back?"

"She is trying to find the antidote," Severus said, grinning, "But the vision of Malfoy with boobs was priceless."

Both of them laughed.

"I swear I'm going to get them back for this," Weasley vowed.

"Oh and how do you know that they did this?" Malfoy asked.

Weasley glared at him and then said, "Who else hates us so much."

"Plenty do and I'm not going to get into trouble with my godfather," Malfoy said, "So leave me out of any plans that you have."

"Don't you want revenge?"

"What I want is for you to leave me alone," Malfoy said and he turned and showed Weasley his back.

Morrigan was summoned a couple of days before term was to begin. Even though she was sure that her Head of House was never going to find out who had hexed both Weasley and Malfoy she was still worried about why he wanted to see her. She knocked on the door and waited.

"Enter," she heard Snape say and Morrigan opened the door and allowed herself to enter.

The office was the same since the last time that she had served detention but it had someone else there. She had never seen him before but he smiled at her when he saw her.

"Morrigan, this is Remus Lupin," Snape said, "He's going to be helping Professor Flitwick out in Charms."

"Nice to meet you," Morrigan said.

"Same here," Remus said. "I'm surprised that you ended up in Slytherin. Are you making any friends?"

"Tracy Davis and Pansy Parkinson," Morrigan answered.

Why did he want to know so much about her life?

"Remus knew your parents when they were in school," Snape told her, "I told him that you weren't in Gryffindor but he didn't believe me."

Morrigan said nothing and Snape continued. "Morrigan is one of my most prized Potions students. She does her job and doesn't expect to be treated any differently."

"That's good to hear," Remus said. "Not letting your fame go to your head."

Morrigan looked at him and then said, "Why would I want to be famous for defeating the Dark Lord? My parents died that night but everyone forgets that when I'm around. Personally the whole Wizarding world is sick and twisted and they need to get a life."

Morrigan turned and left the office without Snape giving her permission to leave.

"What was that all about?" Remus asked when Morrigan was gone.

"She doesn't like her fame, which I don't blame her," Snape said, "We took her to Stonehenge instead of letting her go to the Halloween Feast."

"Did she have fun?" Remus asked.

"Yes, she enjoyed herself," Snape said, grinning, "I was glad to be away from the dunderheads for a couple of hours."

"I bet you were," Remus said, "So what did I hear about Weasley and Malfoy being turned into girls and did you get a photo of this moment?"

Snape cracked a grin and said, "No, but if it happens again I'll do just that."

Remus grinned as well and said, "Do you have any idea who did it?"

"Oh I do but I'm not going to mention who they are," Snape told him, grinning even more.

"Oh I'm sure that you wouldn't blab," Remus said, "So I heard that Minerva adopted Morrigan."

The grin vanished and Snape nodded. "The Dursley's aren't fit to take care of a fly. Minerva thought it would be a good idea for Morrigan to be raised in the Wizarding world."

"I'm glad," he said, "I would take care of her if it wasn't against the law."

Snape nodded and then stated, "You can see her when term ends."

"Thanks, I will," Remus promised.

"So what did Snape want?" Tracy asked Morrigan when she came back to the Slytherin common room.

"He just wanted me to meet a school friend of my parents," Morrigan told her. "Apparently he's going to be helping Flitwick out in Charms."

Tracy snickered and said, "Like that man needs any help."

"I know, strange."

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