Pulling The Puzzles Apart

Kurt was walking home from the Subway after a very busy day at Vogue and he was absolutely exhausted, all he wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep for three days. Even that was highly unlikely. Isabelle needed him to take minutes (notes) for all the meetings she held today, which was four. She also asked Kurt to go out and do the coffee round, but this time she wanted to try the new place on the otherside of town, where Kurt had never been to before. He would have taken a cab, but Isabelle only gave him enough for three coffee's, so he went on foot. It took him a little over an hour and a half before he rushed through the door of Isabelle's office with the coffee's in cup holders in his hand. Kurt ran up all those flights of stairs as the lift was out of service, so he was panting heavily and very flustered. He placed the cup holders on Isabelle's desk, who was going over notes and future designs in a rush. Without looking she took a cup of coffee and sipped it, her only reply was, 'It's too cold.'

Kurt sighed, turning to leave her office and finish typing those minutes. He knew Isabella was under a lot of stress as Anna, her boss, was going to be making an unscheduled appearance to the offices to make sure everything is in order sometime this week, but still, Kurt was always taught that manners cost nothing.

He stood outside his door as he started to root through his bag for the keys when he heard a giggle come from the other side of the door. He put the key in the key hole and slowly opened the door, when he was inside the apartment he noticed the lights were dimmed and the room still smelled of burnt food. Kurt placed the keys in the key pot he insisted on having by the door, and walked further into the apartment. He found Rachel and Brody heavily making out on top of a blanket in the living area, Kurt scrunched his nose in distaste. Ever since Rachel broke up with Finn, he has been seeing a lot of Brody in their shared apartment, so he wasn't the slightest bit surprised to see him again tonight. The two hadn't even noticed Kurt's presence in the room, until Kurt cleared his throat, causing the two to tear away from eachother and stare up at Kurt with startled expressions.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything..." Kurt drawled.

Rachel moved a few steps away from Brody, and offered Kurt her brightest smile.

"Kurt! You're home early."

"Actually, I'm late." he replied.

Rachel looked up at the clock in the kitchen, her mouth making an 'O' shape when she realised he was correct.

"Oh, sorry. I guess we lost track of time." Rachel said laughing awkwardly.

"Clearly." Kurt said as he walked past her.

Kurt threw his bag on the sofa and slowly made his way to the kitchen in search of some food. He had hardly eaten anything all day as he was so rushed off his feet, in fact, this was the first time he's stopped to take a breather.

"I'd rather you did that on you're bed Rachel, not in the living room. And draw you're curtain across so I can't see." Kurt said, opening the fridge and scanning through it. I swear I put some pasta in here last night? "Um, Rachel did you touch my pasta?"

"Oh shit that was yours? I'm sorry man, I didn't know." Brody owned up, at least he had the decency to look a little guilty.

Kurt was incredibly pissed off at that, he ignored Brody's confession without turning around and went in search of something else. He sighed in frustration when the only thing they had was cornflakes, even the pack only had a few morsels left.

"Right, well there's no food, and I'm too tired to go and get some now anyway, so I'm going to bed." he said as he slammed the fridge door shut.

Rachel walked quickly over to him and grabbed his wrist, clearly trying to catch his attention, or she wanted something. Or both.

"Kurt, I'm really sorry about you're dinner, but can I ask a favour? Do you think you could get out of our hair for a few more hours? It's just, I really like Brody, I think he's the one."

Kurt stared at her incredulously.

"You're kidding, right? I have just come in after a very stressful day at work, to find my dinner eaten, and now you're asking me to leave while you make sweet rendezvous to the fifth guy you have claimed to 'be the one?' My answer is no Rachel, I'm not letting you have this one."

Rachel closed her eyes and huffed in annoyance.

"Okay. First, he is not the fifth boy. And second, I think you're being very selfish right now. All I ask for, is this one night. One night where I can let loose and have fun. And anyway, you're not the only one whose stressed, I have to learn choreography, and not to mention having Cassandra constantly on my case-"

"For starters, I pay the rent from the money I get at Vogue, which means this is my apartment, so I can do whatever I like with it while you pay nothing! You are such a hypocrite, during high school, you got all the solos, you got all the praise and glory while we swayed in the background like useless trees. If it wasn't for you going all psycho stalker on Carmen, you wouldn't even be here in the first place!" Kurt shouted, Rachel was making him get himself all wound up that he was so close to ripping off her face.

Kurt tried to get his breathing back under control as Rachel glared at him.

"I wish you never came to New York. I don't know why the hell I helped you, but I most certainly regret it now. You're not a performer, NYADA didn't even want you, so this just shows I win. I won because I was better than you, I will always be better than you because I actually have talent!" Rachel screamed back, Kurt stepped back a small bit until his back crashed into the counter. "I wish we never became friends." She finished darkly.

"Rach-" Brody tried interrupting.

"No, don't stick up for him." Rachel said tearfully, she ran to her 'room' and drew the curtain across. Brody looked at Kurt pitifully, before running after Rachel.

Kurt stood frozen for a while, tears forming in his eyes. Never had they had a fight like this, ever. Especially with Rachel, his best friend. He wasn't so sure of that anymore. Kurt shakily started to walk forwards, a walk would do him good. He didn't even pick his bag up as he grabbed his keys and stuffed them in his coat pocket, and slammed the door shut after him.

It was nearly midnight before Kurt decided to start the journey back home. He was currently in an unfamiliar part of town, the air was bitterly cold. Winter was definitely upon them. Christmas lights and ornaments were already up in some houses and shops, the excitement took Kurt's mind off the huge argument he had had with Rachel.

He cursed himself for not wearing enough layers, only his red tight trousers and loose white shirt with his black boots. He pulled his coat closer, his hands already shaking and cold. Kurt saw an alleyway to his right, he recognised this street and he had used the alleyway a few times during the day as it was a shortcut to his apartment.

Kurt decided to take his chances and walked quickly up the dark, lonely alleyway. His mind was elsewhere, as he didn't notice the four very drunk figures up ahead, blocking his exit.

"Hey little boy!" One of them jeered.

Kurt jumped at the sudden voice and stopped immediately.

"Looks like a faggot if you ask me." Another slurred.

"I think you're right Seamus. Hey, Buttboy, come here." the first one said, he stumbled towards Kurt, grabbing him by his coat collar and slamming him to the brick wall, still holding him.

Kurt's heart was beating a few hundred a minute, he could smell the alcohol on the man's breathe. He knew this wasn't going to end well.

"People like you don't deserve to walk the earth we live in, or breathe the air we breathe. You're contaminating our earth faggot!" the man holding Kurt said.

Kurt wasn't expecting the man's knee to come into contact with his stomach, until immense pain shot through his stomach. He felt the air be knocked from his breathe as he felt himself falling forwards onto the floor, wrapping his arms around his tender stomach. Kurt could hear the others laughing, but he refused to look at them, he wanted to spare himself of the embarrassment.

"Haha! Let's kill the fag."

One by one, the four drunks kicked and punched every inch of Kurt's body. A loud crack was heard in his left arm, leaving him screaming in pain. Another crack was heard on his chest, and he bit down on his lip until he could taste his own blood, trying desperately not to beg for his life, he didn't want to give his attackers the satisfaction.

Suddenly, he couldn't take the pain anymore as he saw black spots in his vision.

"P-ple-lease." Kurt slurred, why did his tongue feel so heavy?

He suddenly felt very cold, as his mind slowly registered the removal of his coat and boots. His body was in too much pain for him to crawl up into a ball and protect himself, so instead he had to lie there and take every slur, every abuse, and every hit.

This was supposed to end after High School. It wasn't supposed to happen here.

Kurt felt someone pulling his hair to lift it up, the tugging hit every nerve on his head that he whimpered loudly, voice too sore to scream anymore. It wasn't until his head made contact with the concrete floor that sleep started to drag him away from the cruel world, and Kurt gladly accepted the darkness where there was no pain.

eek! I'm sorry you guys.

Before I get hate, yes I did make Rachel out to be the biggest bitch ever. But you should know by now (judging from my other stories) that I don't like Rachel that much...well, at all.

Is it wrong that I actually kinda want this to happen in the episode? Maybe not the HummelBerry part, but I want something to happen to Kurt, and maybe Blaine comes back to NY and nurse him back to health, then they kiss and have awesome make up sex.

We can dream, right?