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Sunlight streamed through the large open windows of the Hotel Plaza Athenee, bathing the two occupants in the bed. The windows were slightly open and the warm breeze billowed the heavy drapes that looped across them, still held secure by the luxurious silk tie backs. The gentle movements cast delicate shadows all over the pale blue walls, dancing over the plaster mouldings that adorned the ceiling.

Michael slowly opened his eyes and, for a moment, he fought to remember where he was. It took all of two seconds for the memories to come flooding back and he felt his heart surge inside his chest. Two days ago, they had taken breakfast out on the balcony and admired the views and the Eifel Tower that was close to their hotel. They had eaten freshly baked croissants and sipped champagne, feeling totally at ease with each other and succumbed to their wedded bliss.

Turning onto his side, Michael watched Fiona as she slept. The bruises on her cheek had faded and her injured arm bore no scars of the accident that had almost taken her from him. There had been so many changes in her since he'd returned to the CIA as a handler. Her eyes had regained their vibrancy, something he'd feared had been lost with his apparent betrayal, and her beautiful smile had returned. He'd hated being apart from her and his love for her had only deepened when she'd forced their separation.

Reaching out a finger, he traced her tanned shoulder and marvelled once again how lucky he really was. After he'd re-joined the CIA, whenever he'd woken from a restless sleep, he would automatically reach across the bed for her. He hadn't realized how much losing her would hurt…until he'd actually lost her. She had made so many sacrifices for them to have a life together. She had left her friends and family behind when she'd chosen to stay with him and all he had given her was heartache… until he finally understood what he had put her through.

When he'd first been burned, being so connected to her would have scared him, but instead of instigating fear like he had once suspected, this beautiful woman beside him had breathed new life into him. She had shown him how to love.

Leaning closer towards her again, he watched her eyes slowly flutter open as he placed a soft kiss onto her nose and then moved away just enough to look into her eyes.

"Hey," he whispered with a smile when she stretched like a cat before she sighed contentedly.

"Mmm," she smiled lazily as she snuggled in closer to his body. "What time is it?"

"A little after seven," he whispered against her lips. "We need to get up soon if we're going to make it in time for the…"

When his words trailed away, she opened her eyes fully and shuffled even closer towards him, peppering tiny kisses over his stubbled chin. She heard his soft sigh and kissed him once more, dragging her lips over his throat before she angled her head so that she could see his face.

"Where are we going?"

"I told you," he grinned. "It's a surprise!"

"You're not going to tell me?" she asked teasingly as she laid a hand onto his stomach and splayed her fingers wide. "Not even a hint?"

Lifting a finger to trace the outline of her lips, he watched as her eyes drifted closed with his touch. The gold band on his finger glinted in the sunlight and he found himself staring at it, still in complete awe. Less than forty-eight hours ago, they had exchanged wedding rings and spoken soft endearments to each other before being pronounced that they were now legally husband and wife.

"We're married," he announced, saying it aloud as if he had only just realised.

"Yes, we are," she chuckled as she ran her fingertips over his bare torso.

"You're my wife," he told her with an amazed smile, part of him still in shock that they had really taken the final step.

"Yes, I am."

Lifting herself up onto an elbow, Fiona smiled down at him as she placed a soft kiss onto his forehead before pulling away slightly so that she could gaze down into his eyes. She loved this man with every fibre of her being. He had given her the perfect wedding, the perfect honeymoon and she knew that he would love her for the rest of his life. He was everything…

"How do we tell the guys that we did this without them?" Michael asked in a whisper as he raised his fingers to push an errant strand of hair away from her eyes. "You do know my mom isn't going to be happy."

"I know," Fiona sighed when she leaned her cheek into the palm of his hand. "But we didn't want a big ceremony and we both know that if your mom knew in advance, then there would have been flowers and bridesmaids…" her voice trailed away when she leaned down to capture his lips in a soft kiss before moving back to smile down into his eyes.

Michael caught her mood and reached up to kiss her lips once more, pulling her back down onto the bed with him cupping her face in both of his hands. "…Receptions…churches…and you know she would have wanted to cook!"

"Oh god, can you imagine the cake?" Fiona giggled. "And the sandwiches?"

"I'm trying not to," he chortled before he became serious once again. "We did this the way we wanted to… just the two of us."

"It was perfect," she told him breathlessly when he dipped his head to drag his lips across her throat as he kissed his way over her skin.

"Michael," she groaned when his kisses brought her body alive. "I...I…can't…"

"Shhh," he whispered as he trailed his lips back up her body, closing the short distance between them to kiss her again.

Fiona lost herself in his touch, succumbing to his movements as he aroused her with the gentle strokes of his hands. When neither could withhold from their passion any longer, they both frantically kicked at the sheets until they were skin on skin. Each touch provoked another, each kiss adding a burst of flame to the now burning fire that raged throughout them.

Fiona closed her eyes, revelling in the sensations that he always caused inside her and succumbed to his touch. Making love with this man went far beyond anything she had ever experienced before in her life... he was her lover, her friend, her soul mate...her husband.

"Fiona," he groaned throatily as he lost himself in her, matching her movements until the pace quickened and the soft moans became more urgent.

Pushing her head back into the pillows, Fiona clung to him desperately as she felt herself tumble over the edge of their own private heaven, only to pull him along with her seconds later.

He collapsed on top of her, his breathing heavy and unsteady. He didn't want to move from her body. She made him feel complete and he never wanted to lose that feeling ever again. His heart hammered inside his chest and he gulped in lungful's of air as he tried to bring his body back to some kind of normality. After a few moments, he realized that he was practically lying on her and lifted himself up so that he could run his fingers over her flushed cheek.

"I love you," he whispered, those words no longer so hard to say to her.

Offering him a watery smile, Fiona answered him with another loving kiss that took his breath away. There was no one who could ever have replaced her, ever. She had always held his heart, even when they had been apart for so many years before he was burned.

With their lips still joined, he rolled over to his side, taking her with him so she was cocooned against his body. When their lips finally parted, she sighed contentedly into his chest, placing a soft kiss on his skin before she closed her eyes in complete contentment.

Michael tightened his hold on her body, once again revelling in her closeness and forever thankful for having her in his life. He could feel her relax in his arms and reached down to pull the cover up over them. Settling back, he closed his eyes succumbing to the sleep that tugged him down into slumber, but just as he was falling deeper, he heard her soft whisper fill his senses to send him into another blissful burst of love.

"Love you," she mumbled against him, tightening her arms around his body until she lost the battle to stay awake. Opening his eyes, he leaned down to place a soft kiss into her hair before closing his eyes again, surrendering to sleep himself.

Some time later, Fiona opened her eyes to the sound of Michael's cell phone ringing by the side of their bed. Sitting up slightly, she nudged his shoulder gently. "Michael, wake up."

"Mmm...?" he mumbled, cracking his eyes open.

"Your phone," she told him as she stifled a yawn. Lying back down beside him, she snuggled into his body as he pulled the phone down from the cabinet and sank back down into the pillows. Lifting his arm, he moved to accommodate her as she laid her head on his chest while he answered the phone with the other.

Fiona ran her fingers lazily up his chest, enjoying the warmth of his body. Sighing contentedly, she turned to place a soft kiss onto his chest and then lifted herself up on one elbow to offer him a smile when he ended the call and tossed his cell back onto the cabinet beside the bed.

Running one hand gently over Fiona's face, he leant up to kiss her soundly, trying to ignore the disappointment that shone in her eyes as he said. "We have to go."

"I heard," she whispered, hovering close to his lips as she spoke. "Wanna share the shower?"

"Uh..." he started only to be silenced by her lips coming down to his for a lingering kiss. He could feel himself losing the battle to push her away. After the alarm call he'd just taken, he knew they had to leave to make their trip on time. But when she kissed him, he contemplated forgetting the whole thing and spending their whole honeymoon in this bed. Opening his mouth beneath hers, he surrendered to her touch, her intoxicating kiss sending his senses into overdrive as all thoughts of the Seine River Cruise he'd arranged melted from his thoughts.

In the far reaches of Fiona's mind, she knew she had to pull away and fight the urges that kept her bound to him. Breaking the kiss, she lifted herself up so that she could sit up. His soft groan of frustration caused her to smile and she found herself leaning back to kiss him soundly on the lips again. "We'll finish this later," she whispered as she pulled back and climbed out of their bed and exited the room.

Michael stared after her, instantly missing her presence. With a groan, he sat up and moved to the side of the bed in search of his pants. Reaching down, he pulled them on and took a lazy stretch as he followed her into the bathroom, knowing that he would never grow tired of this. He was married…connected to another person in a way that went far beyond a promise of love. This was what happiness felt like…

He and Fiona were forever and, if he had to spend the rest of his like showing her how much he loved her, then he would do it because she was his wife…


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