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Chapter 05: The Gold-Hearted Sand Madame


To them, it felt like days since they've seen the glowing fireball in the sky.

Three being took their first steps out of Viridian Forest, and all of them shielded their eyes from the bright light. Valentina, Fontaine and Adam made their way down the path leading back to Viridian City, and they looked around to see the warm colors of the world around them. In the distance they could see the outline of the taller buildings Viridian has and a clear path leading to it, meaning there won't be any distractions for them.

For the most part, the teens' walk was quiet, save for the ambient noise of the world around them. The newcomer Adam had his eyes wandering off in different directions, keeping his gaze away from his nude partner. Valentina had her eyes on the road ahead, excited about her upcoming challenge at the Viridian Gym and to use her new Sewaddle. Her gaze occasionally shifts over to Adam, checking to see if he wasn't veering off from her side.

Now dressed in basic traveling clothes, Adam looked less embarrassed than before, but there was that hint of pink in his cheeks and some excitement hidden in his dark blue jeans. His color scheme wasn't worth nothing, with a plain grey shirt underneath a blue vest with a dirt brown wool collar, and his purple backpack was swinging gently on his back. Resting on top of his spiky hair was a blue cap with a white stripe going down the middle, and on the front was the logo to a Pokémon World Champions Tournament that happened in the past.

Back in the city, the crowds have picked up in size, filling the streets with many of the same people and Pokémon Valentina met before. Those familiar gazes were locked on the nude blonde, now noticing the brunet by her side and murmurs escaped. Valentina continued to ignore these stares and comments by giving everyone her usual smiling demeanor. Eventually the teens found themselves outside of the Pokémon Center, passing by those entering and leaving the building, and the duo made their way through the sliding glass doors to get into the cooler atmosphere.

Inside the Center, the reception area was once again packed with various Trainers, appearing almost overrun with humans and Pokémon. Valentina and Adam made their way up to the desk and talked to Nurse Joy's Chansey before handing their Pokémon for a quick heal. Freed of their Pokémon, the duo headed over to the waiting area to find a seat, when Valentina recognized Narelle sitting in the crowd. The nudist called out to her, prompting the older sister to leap up from her seat and approached the duo with an bothered look on her face.

"Valentina, you're back!" the platinum blonde stated. "Did you find Narcissa?"

The smile on Valentina's face flipped down and her look saddened as she recalled what she was trying to do in the forest. "Sadly no," she answered. "I only explored a small fraction of the forest, and I got distracted by some Pokémon and Adam here. Even if I covered more than what I've explored, there's no telling where Narcissa could've been."

Narelle tilted her head down, disappointed in the lack of good news, and she headed back over to her seat. Valentina and Adam followed her, sitting side by side of the sister in empty seats, and they noticed Narelle was reaching underneath her. The platinum blonde pulled out a baby pink handbag from under her seat and she placed it on her lap before opening up the main pocket.

"Since you're here, I forgot to give this to you before you first left," said Narelle, her hands reaching into her bag.

From out of the handbag, the sister presented a thick silver book to the duo. Valentina took the book from Narelle and opened it up to find that it had two screens on the inside. The book device is large in her hands, almost double the size of her Pokédex, and there were some grips to allow the girl to better hold the device. There were little buttons on the device, only one to turn the device on and a slider to control the on-screen zoom. From its appearance alone Valentina knew what the device was, and she flipped the cover closed to cover the screens.

"A Town Map?" commented the nudist, looking the device over. "Why didn't you give this to me sooner?"

"It didn't cross my mind at first," Narelle replied, rubbing the back of her neck. "I didn't think you'll need it because I thought you have one, but what do I know?"

Valentina returned the Town Map back over to Narelle, placing it inside of her handbag. Over at the desk, there was the sound of chiming echoing out for everyone to hear, sounding off some Pokémon were fully healed. However no one went up to the desk, as either Nurse Joy or her Chansey emerged from the doors. Instead, after a few minutes of the chime, the doors swung open and out emerged the tanned, silver-haired freckled nakedness of Rosa-May, stretching her arms behind her neck as she walked out to visit the crowded reception room, appearing almost glowing as she made her way out.

From behind the Gym Leader, the pink-haired Nurse Joy emerged shortly after, fixing up her uniform. Her hands were all over her body, adjusting clothes back into their proper place and straightening out her hair to clean up her appearance. A sigh escaped from her lips, her hands falling back to her sides after finishing her clean-up, and she looked over to the Gym Leader "Really Rosa-May," she started. "You couldn't wait until much later when there aren't a lot of Trainers here?"

"C'mon m'dear, allow me to have some fun," the tanned woman commented, giving the nurse a wink and a smile. "I missed the old Joy and her sexual drive, and I really want you to be like her…"

"I heard about my predecessor's past with previous Trainers, but I'm not her replacement like that," said Ms. Joy. "If you want to have your way, I'll visit you after hours at your Gym and we'll pick up from earlier."

Rosa-May let out a small laugh as she made her way from behind the desk and out into the crowd. As she continued to stretch, her eyes wandered about before picking out the pink flesh of the nudist blonde. Her smile grew bigger as she headed over to Valentina and the teen jumped out of her seat to greet the Gym Leader. Adam noticed Rosa-May's bouncing breasts skipping together in unison, blood gushing out of his nose, and Narelle got her arms ready to catch the brunet in case he was going to faint.

"Oh, hi there darlin'!" stated the silver-haired Leader. "Are ya ready for our match?"

"Yes I am!" Valentina replied with gusto, puffing her chest out. "I got my third Pokémon and I'm ready to get my Badge!" Then she calmed herself down after realizing she, once again, doesn't have her Pokémon. "But I need to get my Pokémon back first before I challenge you and all."

"That's fine dear, there's no rush." She gave a gentle pet on the nude blonde's head, rustling her short hair a bit. "I need to head back to the Gym and get myself ready for it. See ya when you're ready!"

With a friendly wave to the trio, Rosa-May made her way out of the Center to get prepare for the challenge. Once again Valentina got herself pumped, feeling invigorated about what's ahead for the nude teen. The good news was that if she lost, then she doesn't have to worry about walking around town naked. "All right!" she stated boldly. "Once I get my Pokémon back, we're heading for the Gym and challenging

"But don't you need clothes?" asked Narelle. "If you're challenging Rosa-May, you're going to be dressed since that

And just when Valentina was at her peak, all of that energy dropped like an iron ball out of her system. She grew cold, shaking at the thought of her wearing any form of cloth on her soft flesh. The teen got up on her seat and curled up in a ball, wishing she had a corner to sulk in. "I wish I didn't have to fight with clothes," she groaned.

"H-Hey, it can't b-be that b-bad," stuttered Adam, wiping his nose with a tissue Narelle gave him. "Maybe y-you'll look cu-cute in your clothes."

Feeling the tears building up in her eyes, the nudist turned around in her seat and opened up her drawstring bag to reveal the clothes she got from Delia. The clothes were still folded neatly when she got them, and she looked down at the folded stack with teary eyes. Despite resisting all urges to remain naked, she had to get into them at one point or another, and she let out a heavy sigh before rising up from her seat.

Valentina made her way up to the desk to ask where the restrooms were and she headed for the women's room to go change. As she was getting her clothes on, there was that chiming again and this time Nurse Joy came out with three Poké Balls and a Squirtle. Valentina stepped out of the restroom and noticed the Pokémon at the counter, and she went up to get her and Adam's Pokémon before meeting up with the brunet at his seat.

"Let's go," is all she could say.


Unlike yesterday, there were some people inside of the foyer of the Gym that weren't construction workers. There was some still building going on around the Gym, but there were regular people dressed in average clothes walking about and looking at the memorabilia in the main foyer. However they weren't expecting to find that today was going to be a Gym Battle between two nudists, so they were in for quite a treat.

Adam, Narelle and Valentina entered the foyer and found themselves mixing in with the crowd. Valentina was trailing the brunet and platinum blonde, feeling nervous about the people around her. Normally she was excited about people looking at her, but here she was walking in with no one focusing on her, her hands kept close to her body. Instead of feeling embarrassed about her situation, she was pulling at her new clothes to get them fit perfectly on her, but she wasn't getting used to the feel of the cloth against her skin.

"I don't feel comfortable," the nudist whined. "Did Delia ever wear these clothes before? These are too tight…"

"Just relax Valentina, everything should be fine," said Narelle, giving the nudist a soothing backrub to ease the girl's nerves. "Try to take your mind off the clothes and focus on your match. Perhaps imagine yourself back home with your friends, if that helps."

"But I can still feel them on me during our battle." The teen nudist took in a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh as she tried to ease her nerves. "But thankfully this is a Strip Battle so I should be happy about this."

"I d-dunno, you look pr-pretty cute as y-you are," Adam commented, putting a small smile on the nudist's face.

"Ah, there ya are!" called out that familiar accent.

Weaving her way through the Gym Leader herself, waving to the trio to catch their attention. Donned on her body is a set of professional clothes, making her look more like an archeologist, despite revealing plenty of skin. Her brown jacket was open, revealing a grass green tube top covering her large breasts and the teens could see the silver haired woman's nipples poking through the clothes. Her pants were a lighter brown to her jacket and they were puffy, reaching down to her knees while her feet were dressed in a calf-high heel boots. She got up to

"So I see you're dressed for our match!" Rosa-May stated eagerly. "I could've said I was happy to see ya in clothes, but we both know how we feel about that."

"I agree," Valentina replied, chuckling half-heartily.

Rosa-May's eyes wandered over to the shy boy and turned slightly to focus on him entirely. "So is this your boyfriend?" she asked with a hint of lewd in her tone, causing both Adam and Valentina to blush. "We haven't introduced, have we? The name's Rosa-May, the Sand Madame. I'm sure you've heard of me."

Adam's face steamed red as the voluptuous woman got closer to him, causing him to sweat and shake in fear. "Nuh-nuh-nuh… nuh-nice t-t-ta, ta-ta-ti," the brunet hammered out, struggling to get his words as the silver-haired woman got closer to him, her concealed breasts nearly touching him. "I-I-I-I'm n-not… uh, h-her… her…"

"I don't bite, dear," the Gym Leader teased, her tongue peeking out between her dark lips to lick them, "unless you're into that sort of thing."

"This is Adam. I met him in Viridian Forest," the nudist explained. "He may be shy, but he's going to be a Pokémon Ranger one of these days."

"Ooh, a Pokémon Ranger! Personally I don't like any clothes, but there's somethin' about a man in uniform workin' out is quite a sexy sight, especially if he's someone like ya," this time Rosa-May gave the shy boy a suggestive wink, darkening his blush and forcing a hand to his face. "And if you're going to be a Ranger, I can't wait to see ya modelin' for their annual swimsuit calendars! Maybe if you're bold enough to go the extra mile…"

Adam nearly blew a leak from the woman's pervasive thought, and he frantically waved his hands to ward her off. "Ne-ne-no, I'm g-g-good!" he answered bluntly.

"Oh yeah, I do have one of those calendars myself, although it's the female edition that belongs to my father," Valentina commented, trying to remember. "There were a few girls topless in that edition plus there was an advert for a male edition, so I guess Adam could model if he was given the chance."

Adam slipped his hands over his face, trying to cover up his deepening embarrassment "Listen dears, there are a few things I need to get straighten out back," said the Gym Leader, pointing behind her. "Once I'm set, I'll send one of my gals to come get ya and we'll have our match. By the way before I forget, how do ya want to strip? There's Option A where it's your shirt, then shorts and finally your underwear, or Option B where it's your shirt and pants, then your bra and finally your panties."

"Option B! Option B!" Valentina parroted, hastily making her decision when she heard what she was being offered.

Rosa-May nodded off to her challenger's offer, agreeing with the notion herself. She gave a wave to the trio before heading back to the battlefield, leaving the teens to venture around the foyer for a bit. Adam slipped away from the girls and noticed something hanging up on the wall that got his attention. Valentina tailed from behind to see what he was looking at, and Rosa-May stopped to see what the two were heading for.

Hanging up on the wall was an old movie poster that was a couple decades old, but still appeared in mint condition thanks to being sealed in a glass casing. The poster depicted a young boy dressed a cowboy outfit while next to him was a yellow Pokémon with scale running down its back in the middle, while to the sides were pictures of other cast members. The letters were bold and large, with "Wallace West and the Sandshrew Gang" on top of the main duo, while on the bottom was a caption of the movie along with the original premiere date.

"I remember this movie," said Adam, rubbing his chin. "It's mostly through reruns, but it was a fun movie when it was on."

"I don't remember seeing this," said Valentina, tilting her head to the side. "I guess it was probably at a time when I was outside playing with my friends."

"I couldn't blame ya for missin' on the movie that made me today," said Rosa-May, blushing profusely. "Ya can tell I'm such a huge fan of Wally West, and it was this movie that got me lovin' Ground Pokémon and Sandshrew."

The two teens were a little surprised by this, looking her over and back at the poster to see where the inspiration came from. Rosa-May continued in with her task, making her way to the double doors and disappearing behind them. For the rest of the time, the teens spent their time wandering the foyer, going along with the crowd and exploring the large collection the Ground Leader had to offer. During the wait, Valentina looked over her Pokémon and thought out the order she was going to use and what kind of strategy for each one of her Pokémon.

It wasn't long after that the doors opened up and a woman stepped through them. The new woman was dressed in a referee's attire, with a v-cut pink shirt with yellow trimmings and white low-cut shorts. She looked around the room to see where the person she was looking for, until she spotted the blonde hair of the clothed nudist, and she got passed the crowd to reach her. "Excuse me, are you Valentina?" she asked.

Valentina snapped out her planning and turned around to face the referee woman. "Yes I am," the teen answered.

"Rosa-May is ready for your challenge," the woman said, motioning to the double doors to the battlefield. "Please enter through the doors so we can begin your match."

An excited smile appeared on the young nudist's face and she made her way through the crowd to get to battle Rosa-May. She got up to the double doors and she slipped on through, opening and closing a door rather quickly. Once Valentina was inside, the woman made her way to the double doors and she turned to face everyone. She cleared her throat, getting her voice ready to speak over the noise in the foyer.

"Attention everyone, a Gym match is about to begin shortly," the referee announced. "If you want to witness the match, please head through the hallways to my left and right to enter the bleachers."

The announcement rang out all around the foyer, getting people's attention and getting them on the path towards spectating. Adam and Narelle were huddled together, being pushed along with the crowd, and they broke free to find themselves going into the lower benches of the bleachers. In minutes, the foyer was barren of people, with all of them waiting inside of the battlefield for the latest Gym Battle to begin.

Inside the battlefield, people were looking around to find a good seat for the Gym Match. It was far from being packed, but Rosa-May liked the number she was seeing no matter what. Her gaze focused back on the young nudist standing on the opposite end of the field, determined on winning her first Badge and eager to get out of her clothes.

"All right darlin', are ya ready to win that Badge?" the Gym Leader stated proudly, receiving a hastily nod from the teen. A small laugh escaped Rosa-May's lips, knowing that both of them want to get the match over with, and she looked over to her referee to get their match underway.

"The Strip Battle match between the Gym Leader Rosa-May versus the challenger Valentina from Cinnabar Island shall commence!" stated the referee. "This match is three-on-three, with only one Pokémon from each Trainer shall be allow on the field. In addition, both the challenger and Gym Leader cannot make any substitution, and whenever a Pokémon is knocked out, the Trainer must remove a certain portion of their clothing."

Valentina gave one last adjustment to her shirt to get it comfortable, feeling relieved that she won't be in these clothes for long. The lady referee raised her flags outward, calling out for the Trainers to begin, and the blonde grabbed the Poké Ball with a leaf sticker on it. With one toss, she called forth her latest catch, the Sewaddle now named Snips, and the leafy caterpillar emerged from her Poké Ball and landing on the soft sand.

Rosa-May got her Poké Ball out, it marked with a particular symbol and she tossed it forward before it opened up to reveal what's inside. Landing on the sand was a tailed bipedal dirt creature, looking very much like the Pokémon from the poster. The top half of it was covered in a tough yellow hide, appearing like stones from a path, while its underside was soft and white. It has two sharp claws on each foot and three small but sharp claws on its paws, while its serene blue eyes were looking about at the crowd. It was given off a cute vibe, but it knew its purpose here in its battle and it got itself ready for the fight.

Valentina made the first move and ordered Snips to use Razor Leaf, since she knows this will do some damage due to Sandshrew's weakness. However the young nudist saw a persistent smile on Rosa-May's face, almost expected a move from the girl, and the Leader commanded her Sandshrew to cut the leaves. The Ground Pokémon raised its claws up, waiting for the right moment to strike, and when the leaves were close the Pokémon started slashing. The Pokémon's hands rapidly punched the air, and all of the leaves heading for it were getting cut up.

Flakes of green slowly descend to the sandy ground, leaving a few spots surrounding the Pokémon. Valentina and Snips were shocked to see Sandshrew was capable to pull that off, but to the teen she knew this would happen since Rosa-May should know what her Pokémon's weaknesses are. The teen got started on her next move, ordering Snips to head towards Sandshrew to tackle it. The Sewaddle got started in her running, her head lowered to bump into Sandshrew, and the Ground Pokémon waited patiently for his next move.

Rosa-May commanded her Sandshrew to dig, prompting it to lean down and use its claws to start digging. Snips stopped in her tracks to wonder what the Pokémon was doing, and it was barely down in the ground when Valentina shouted to Snips to use String Shot. The leafy caterpillar got some string building in her mouth before shooting it towards the tail of Sandshrew and latching on to its hindquarter. As soon as she was hooked, Snips was being dragged along the ground as Sandshrew dig deeper into the battlefield to evade the aboveground action.

Valentina was cheering on to Snips to keep on pulling, leaving the tiny Bug Pokémon to reel back a moving Pokémon. No matter how hard she pulled, Snips wasn't able to get Sandshrew out of the hole and back on the battlefield. The Gym Leader shouted down the hole to cut the string, putting an end to this little struggle. Snips tumbled back from the cut before rolling back onto her feet, and she began to wonder where the Sandshrew was going to appear, since there was no telling the Ground Pokémon is underneath.

The ground behind Snips started to shift, dipping down as if something was coming from underneath. The sand burst upward in a stream, with the Sandshrew masked behind it, and Valentina quickly told Snips to spin around and use Razor Leaf. The Sewaddle followed her Trainer's command, quickly spinning in place and shooting leaves from her body, causing them to arc as she tried to counter whatever the Sandshrew was planning.

Sandshrew took its claws and swiped through the leaves easily, but there were a few that hit the creature and did some damage to it. The Ground Pokémon landed on the ground on all fours, getting up from the stinging cuts made by the leaves, and it got itself ready for another command from its Trainer. Rosa-May ordered something different for the Pokémon to do, and Sandshrew opened up its mouth to shoot out purple needles at the Bug Pokémon.

Valentina jumped in fear from what Sandshrew was using, and she told Snips to get out of the way. The Bug Pokémon watched the needles head right towards her and she rolled to her left to dodge them, but there were a few that scraped across her body. She could feel something seep into her skin, something stinging, and she shivered from the pain as the Pokémon looked at her attack. Snips gave a dirty look to the Sandshrew before charging it, her head lowered to prepare to headbutt it.

Her attack made contact and she got a good hit on Sandshrew's belly, knocking and rolling the Ground Pokémon back. Once again Snips got string building in her mouth before releasing it onto Sandshrew, wrapping the Ground Pokémon in the silver string. Sandshrew was surprised by the Sewaddle's action, her once again holding a leash to the Ground mouse, and the string was wrapping around Sandshrew to prevent it from using its claws. Snips tugged on her string to pull the Sandshrew in to reel it in, hoping to deal more damage and knock it out.

However, Sandshrew broke free from its binds and readied its claws to swipe at the Sewaddle. Snips rolled to her right, following the command from Valentina, and noticing the tail of Sandshrew passing right by her, an idea popped into the caterpillar's head. She reached out and bit down on the tail, sending her sharp teeth into its flesh, and Sandshrew started flailing about in pain, hoping to knock Snips off of it. Eventually the Sewaddle freed herself and made some distance between the two Pokémon, leaving Sandshrew to comfort its tail before giving a dirty look to its enemy.

Snips once again got leaves flying from her body and sending them right towards the Sandshrew, making it once again to cut through the Pokémon's attack. The Sandshrew continued on with its cutting as it got closer and closer to the Sewaddle, leaving the Bug Pokémon little room to evade the attack. Snips tried to use her head to push away her attacker, but it was little too late, and Sandshrew's claws hit the Bug Pokémon hard.

Snips was sent flying towards Valentina before landing on the ground. The leafy caterpillar skidded across the dirt before stopping right at the girl's feet. Snips struggled to get back up but she couldn't muster the strength, only to plop right back down. Her eyes were swirled in confusion and tired, her mouth was slacked open, and there was little to no movement showing from her. That final attack was all needed to knock Snips out of the match.

"Sewaddle is unable to battle!" stated the referee, raising a flag to Rosa-May's side. "The round goes to the Gym Leader Rosa-May!"

The crowd cheered on as the Sand Madame blew kisses and waved to everyone in the stands. Valentina got Snips' Poké Ball and recalled her back into the capsule, casting a red beam on the downed Pokémon before she disappeared from everyone's sight. "Thank you Snips, you did great," said the blonde, rubbing the Sewaddle's Poké Ball.

"Don't forget dear, ya gotta remove your shirt and shorts since you've chosen Option B," the Gym Leader stated.

"Oh thank God!" Valentina got her hands on the bottom of her shirt and frantically pulled it up and over her before tossing it to the ground. Her hands returned to her body as she placed them in her shorts and stripped them off, kicking them to where her shirt was before finally revealing to the crowd her cute lace underwear. She could hear the crowd's reaction, witnessing a young girl stripping down, but she didn't care all that much. "Well at least I'm only one layer short of being free," she commented, giving a few adjustments to her panties.

Now down one, Valentina got her next Poké Ball ready and she looked down at what she picked before looking at Sandshrew. One toss and the capsule opens, sending out the small bird Spike out into battle. Murmurs appeared from the crowd again, this time commenting on why Valentina was sending out a Pokémon with a bandage on his wing. Even Rosa-May and the referee were looking at Valentina with a confused and worrisome look, echoing the murmurs coming from the audience.

"Uh, are you certain ya want to send an injured Pokémon into battle?" asked Rosa-May, looking in concern. "I know ya need three Pokémon, but it doesn't seem fair for me to do more damage to the poor thing."

"Oh, Spike here has shown to be quite a fighter without both wings," Valentina noted, a bit of smugness in her tone. "Just because he's handicapped doesn't mean he's not going to fight at 100 percent."

A smirk appeared on the Gym Leader's face, now feeling a little better about herself. "I like your attitude dear," she replied. "If that's the case, then I won't hold back."

The referee called for the round to start and Rosa-May got it started by sending Sandshrew forward to slash away at the Spearow. Valentina began thinking over what she needed to do to win this round, going over that Spike has an immunity to Ground moves, but with his wing broken that might not work. During her thoughts, she ordered Spike to dodge, getting him to his good wing to push him away from Sandshrew's swipe, and the teen came to a realization. If Valentina could get in at least a strong critical hit in, since Sandshrew took a few blows from Snips' Razor Leaf, then she could easily win the round.

Her mind set, Valentina ordered Spike to charge the Sandshrew and peck it, hoping Spike could hit the right spot for that critical. Rosa-May called out to Sandshrew to dig again, causing the Ground Pokémon to start digging the ground underneath it to evade the incoming attack. Spike stopped in his tracks to watch Sandshrew disappear into the ground and he began to wonder where his opponent was going to pop out. His eyes were looking all around him and underneath him, checking for where Sandshrew was going to appear, but nothing was sticking out.

Valentina scanned the field looking for a sign to where Sandshrew was going to pop out from, but she found nothing as well. During the wait, an idea popped into the teen's head and she called out to Spike to create a dust cloud. The bird returned a nod to his Trainer and he took his good wing to blow dust up around him. After several good flaps and spinning around a few times, the Spearow was completely covered in a cloud of dust, and it took a few steps out to wait for Sandshrew to appear.

Sandshrew finally emerged from its hiding spot and found itself inside of the dust cloud. It landed on the ground and searched around to see where the Spearow went off to. With his opponent confused about where he went, Spike got himself running back towards the dust cloud to land the final blow. The cloud started dispersing and Sandshrew saw Spike running towards it, but there was little room for the Pokémon to escape, leaving Spike to slam his beak into Sandshrew's belly.

And the attack was a hard one – that critical hit Valentina was hoping for – sending the Ground mouse flying back. Sandshrew landed hard on its back, skidding across the dirt for only a foot before stopping cold. Its expression was similar to Snips' was when she was defeated: the same dazed look, lack of motion and overall tired from the lack of energy to fight. Rosa-May recalled her Pokémon back into its Poké Ball, giving it a small talking to how it did a good job, and she placed the capsule to her hip alongside two other Poké Balls.

"Sandshrew is unable to battle!" stated the referee, raising a flag to Valentina's side. "The round goes to the challenger Valentina!"

"Oh no, I lost," Rosa-May flatly commented, giving a faux look of sadness to everyone. "Well I better strip then."

Instead of plain removing her clothes, the Gym Leader slowly ran her hands through her hair before bringing them along her sides. Her hips were swinging side-to-side as she gave lustful winks to the crowd, her fingers dancing along the edges of her jacket. Plenty of audience-goers were calling out to her, shouting to remove something, and she complied by removing her jacket. She slowly peeled the jacket off of her body, revealing her shoulders and the straps to her tube top, before she rolled the brown jacket down her arms and off of her body.

The whole audience was going wild over the reveal of the tanned woman's still exposed torso. Rosa-May twirled her jacket above her head before tossing it down to her feet, and she got her hands on her hips to start removing her pants. Much like with her jacket, she didn't removed it right away, with her hands dancing along the top of her pants, swinging her arms before slowly removing her pants. As she slipped her hands down her thick legs, she revealed to everyone her panties to be matching her green top, with a small hole in the back towards the top and a small dark green bow in front.

Eventually Rosa-May was free of her pants and she proudly waved her clothes above her head again before placing it along with her jacket. Most of the crowd was rooting and hollering to the silver-haired woman, cheering her on as she finished off her little performance with one good slow twirl. With everyone getting off by the Gym Leader's sexy performance, the Leader focused her attention on her challenger and found her standing completely still and not emoting anything.

"Well, enjoy the show?" she asked to the young nudist.

Valentina stood at her spot in a daze after watching the Leader's performance. She was completely unsure what to make of what she saw before her. "That was… rather arousing," she finally answered, still drawing a blank.

"That's good! I do like it when girls give me compliments. But please try to focus on the match, because here's my next Pokémon!"

The Gym Leader gave another Poké Ball a toss, and out of it came a small, purple bat-like Pokémon. It had a single pair of blue wings attached to its arms and pointed claws at the edges of the membranes. Though it appeared to be a bat, with long pointed ears and triangular eyes, it had pincers on its arms, and a segmented insectoid tail with a stinger on the end. And though it was part Flying, it was standing on its short hind legs, standing proud as its tongue hung loose from its smiling mouth.

During the match, Valentina had her Pokédex out to register the Pokémon Rosa-May was using, and she made sure she got this new Pokémon. After the teen got the bat called Gligar into her Pokédex, the referee hoisted up her flags to signify the start of the new round. Rosa-May once again took the start and she got her new Pokémon going to get the battle going.

Gligar began things off by jumping off the ground and hovering over to Spike, pinchers ready to strike the bird. The Spearow got himself ready for the flying Ground Pokémon, his good wing raised up to prepare either for a gust or to blow some sand. Gligar got close to the grounded bird Pokémon, its pinches only feet away, and Spike jumped up to begin his countermeasure. He flapped his good wing down, sending a strong gust down onto the Gligar to blow it back.

The Ground Pokémon took the full blow of the wind, struggling to keep moving forward, but Spike wasn't allowing it to get closer. Gligar eventually went flying back, rolling in mid-air before Rosa-May ordered it to ram its tail into the ground. The purple tail made its way into the dirt, getting the Pokémon to stop its flipping, but it smacked itself into the ground as it tried to recover from the spinning. Once it was back on its feet, Gligar snapped out of its confusion and focused back on the approaching Spearow.

Spike was closing in on the bat Pokémon, beak ready to strike, when Gligar opened up its mouth and showed off its razor teeth. Spike took notice of what he was flying into, and he tried to stop himself short before getting his head bitten off. The Ground Pokémon reached forward with its mouth open and started biting down, reaching for something belonging to the Spearow. Spike avoided each and every one of these bites, and during this he managed to sneak in a few pecks to deal in some damage and to make the Gligar angrier.

As the two Flying Pokémon continued to trade blows, Valentina was thinking how she could use Spike's Sand Attack on Gligar. While blowing a dust cloud would make things useful, it won't work since Gligar will fly out of it or blow it away. Then an idea popped into the girl's head and she called to Spike to pinch the ground below it. Spike wondered what good this will do until he began to see how it will come in handy, so he dug down and grabbed enough to be useful in the Pokémon's plan but little enough to allow it to walk with little discomfort.

Just as he was going to throw his freshly-picked sand, Gligar came down onto Spike and smacked him away with one of his pinchers. The Spearow recovered mid-air, keeping a tight grip on the sand, and he landed on the ground safely just to find Gligar coming up again to repeat the same move. He got started to throw the sand into Gligar's eyes, but he was cut off by another blow from the bat's pincher, knocking the bird back even further.

Valentina called out to Spike to get out of the way, and he found a moment in Gligar's attacks to break free from the barrage of attacks. With some distance between the two, Spike got his wing flapping and blowing a gust, once again blowing back Gligar. However Gligar took advantage of the wind and glided along with it, getting some lift up before performing a loop in the air. The Ground Pokémon stretched its pinchers forward, diving down towards Spike at a fast speed, and before the Spearow could dodge, a pincher wrapped around his neck and pinned him down into the ground.

The crowd gasped in shock over the ground bat's move, and Valentina looked on in horror as her Pokémon was pinned on the ground with Gligar ready to finish the round. There was an evilly excited look on the Pokémon's face, appearing thrilled to be doing what it was about to do, and it raised its free claw up to prepare for the final blow. With the final move near in sight, Valentina noticed that Spike still was holding onto the sand from earlier and her fears started being replaced by a smug confidence. The teen called out to Spike to fling the dirt, getting the bird to squirm under his clutches and swing his talon up to throw the sand.

Gligar took the sand throw, its pinchers reaching to its eyes to rub out the irritating substance. Now free from his bind, Spike had his good wing feel up his neck before looking at his opponent struggling. With this golden opportunity, Spike charged forward with his beak pointed at the Gligar to bring the Pokémon down. When he got up to the Gligar, the Pokémon had one of its pinchers flailing about and it made contact with Spike to knock him away.

Spike skid across the dirt, stopping a few feet from Valentina before refocusing on the struggling Gligar. It nearly had its vision cleared, meaning now it was his chance to put an end to this round, and with the command from his Trainer he sprung forward. The Spearow pushed down into the ground to get him forward, heading towards Gligar at a blurring speed. The bat Pokémon got some sand out of its eyes to see what was heading right towards it, and it cowered when Spike landed his Peck.

Once again Spike's attack hit hard, bringing the Gligar down onto its back. It didn't go anywhere far like Sandshrew or Snips, instead going only a few inches before collapsing in defeat. Its tongue was sticking out further than usual and its eyes were showing the same dazed look, getting a critical look from the referee before making her call.

"Gligar is unable to battle!" the referee stated, once again raising a flag to the challenger side. "The round goes to the challenger Valentina!"

The nudist teen jumped up in celebration and her Spearow gave a few calls out as well, as Rosa-May called back her Gligar into its Poké Ball and putting it away. Now downed two Pokémon, the Gym Leader once again started her stripping, continuing on with her little performance. She got back into the groove, her body swaying side-to-side, and her hands were slowly pulling away at the underside of her top, tantalizing everyone watching and building up the suspense, before she turned her back to Valentina to prevent her from seeing her exposed nipples (despite her already knowing what they look like).

The Gym Leader dropped her bra off on top of the pile of clothes, receiving a positive feedback from the crowd, and she placed her hands on her exposed breasts to play along with the tease. Now with both hands on her large bare breasts, Rosa-May pivoted on a heel to present her show to the young nudist, gently squeezing her breasts against each other while covering her nipples. Afterwards the woman slipped her hands down, making her tanned mounds bounce slightly while, with one picking up a Poké Ball along the way.

"All right darlin', meet one of my prides," said Rosa-May, tossing her last Poké Ball forward. "Scarla, come on out!"

Her last Poké Ball went flying, hurling across the battlefield before the capsule opened up and setting free a new Pokémon. This time the Pokémon is female, but this one looked like a bigger version of the tanned woman's Sandshrew. Unlike her smaller counterpart, her body was mostly covered in sharp brown quills running down her backside. It has two large claws on its paws and feet, perfect for digging and for cutting, pointing right at Spike with the intent to do so.

"A… A Sandslash?" noted Valentina, closing her Pokédex and putting it away. "That's a bit of a jump in difficultly."

"Be thankful that I didn't bring out my Gaia," Rosa-May replied, sounding a bit dark.

Valentina thought about what the Gym Leader was implying about, thinking what kind of Ground Pokémon would best fit the name. Then her gaze was back on her Spearow, panting heavily from the battle with Gligar. She knew that this was going to be a short round, as Rosa-May's Sandslash was fresh out of its Poké Ball while Spike traded blows with another Flying Pokémon. However if she got in one hit then it could make a difference when she brings in Fontaine.

Scarla got the round started by curling up into a ball and rolling right towards the injured bird. Spike got himself ready for the rolling Pokémon, adjusting himself in case he needed to jump and his good wing up to blow some dust. The Sandslash got closer with the passing seconds, her quills eating away at the ground, and that was when Spike unleashed his next Gust attack. Blowing as hard as he can, the Spearow did everything he could to stop the rolling spike ball, but his attack wasn't hindering her speed.

Spike ceased his Gust and started to head off to the side to get away from the rolling Sandslash. But just as he was about to get away, Scarla unfolded herself and revealed her claws to Spike. She gave one good swipe at the Spearow, slashing away what little energy the bird Pokémon had left. And with that final blow, Spike was knocked over to Valentina and stopped cold, completely tired from his intense fights.

"Spearow is unable to battle!" the referee echoed, hoisting up a flag to Rosa-May's side after two rounds. "This round goes to the Gym Leader!"

The teen recalled Spike into his Poké Ball and thanked him for putting up a strong effort. Now down to one Pokémon, Valentina got her hands behind her back and undid the hooks to free herself from her pink bra. The article of clothing popped free from her body, draping loosely off of her shoulders, and she slid her arms through to drop the bra down to the ground.

Free of her next piece of clothing, Valentina took in a deep breath and release, feeling the comfort of no support on her none-existing breasts. It was a relief, but then again this is bad considering that she only has one more Pokémon left and her opponent is strong. The teen looked down at her Squirtle, finding him standing by her side, and she bent down to get onto his level.

"OK Fontaine, this is all or nothing!" the teen said with enthusiasm. "Go in there and win us this match!"

Fontaine returned the excitement by giving his own cry, running out onto the field with vigor to challenge a strong foe. "Well now, you were definitely prepared for this match," said the tanned woman. "So far ya had two of my Pokémon's weaknesses, and there was that Spearow of yours. But that still doesn't mean ya can win by exploitin' Scarla's weakness."

"I know," Valentina replied, "but we'll see how things turn out."

For the final time the referee called for the match to begin, and Valentina took the lead by launching Fontaine forward with a Tackle. The Squirtle got running as fast as he could, getting the momentum he needed for his attack to be effective. Scarla stood her ground and prepared her claws when the Squirtle got close. However instead of slashing the Water Pokémon, Scarla dug those claws into the ground and started digging down to get away from the Squirtle.

Fontaine came to a stop and checked the hole to see where the Ground Pokémon went off do. An idea popped into Valentina's head and she called out for him to use Water Gun to flush Scarla out. Hoping it will work, Fontaine inhaled and blew a strong stream of water down the hole and watching the dark tunnel fill up with water. In seconds, Fontaine's attack popped out of holes previously made by Sandshrew, creating small fountains, and from one of these holes Scarla was thrust up into the air.

The Sandslash started recovering from the attack, regaining her balance and figure out where she was. After snapping out of her spell, the Pokémon curled up into a ball and started heading towards Fontaine. Valentina called for the Squirtle to stop his attack, and he looked up to find a rolling ball of brown spikes heading right towards him. He dodged the falling Sandslash, ducking into his shell for extra protection, and from within he could see the rolling spiky ball digging into the ground before heading right towards the shelled Squirtle.

Dust was rising up as Scarla was barreling towards Fontaine, with each quill kicking back sand as she closed the distance between the Pokémon. Fontaine popped out of his shell and once again started to get out of the way, but he was a little slow this time. Scarla made a turn thanks to Rosa-May's direction, and the Ground Pokémon slammed into Fontaine hard. Thankfully he ducked into his shell before contact, but he could still feel everything and the shell was blown back across the field towards Valentina.

Before he could reach the teen, the Water Pokémon got his arms and legs out and placed them into the ground. The tiny turtle skidded across the ground before charging ahead, this time under the order of using a Tail Whip. When Fontaine got close, he jumped up and started to twist to swing his tail at Scarla, but the Sandslash reached her claws out and grabbed the turtle's tail. Scarla gave a good toss, sending the Squirtle once again flying through the air and crashing hard into the sandy battlefield.

"Don't g-give up just y-yet!" Adam called out from the stand. "You can win this! I b-believe it!"

Fontaine popped out of his shell and pushed himself back up by using his water. Back on his feet, he noticed Scarla was gone once again from his vision, figuring she must be hiding underground. Both he and Valentina played lookout once again, searching for the best spot for where the Sandslash would appear. Upon finding a small disturbance in the ground behind the Pokémon, Valentina warned about the potential attack spot, but it turned out that was just a diversion.

Scarla emerged from behind Fontaine when he checked the disturbance, claws readied to slash. Just as she got an arm raised and was about to bring it down, Fontaine got his tail swinging and smacked it into Scarla's face. The attack did little to throw the Sandslash off, but it did push her away to prevent her claws from slashing the Squirtle. Scarla found her footing and tried again to slash at Fontaine, but instead of a tail, the Water Pokémon bonked his head into Scarla's own.

Both Pokémon made some distance between each other, with the Sandslash clenching her head and focusing on the fight. She looked in front of her and found Fontaine charging her again, preparing to duck into his shell and slam into her. There was a command from her Trainer to take the blow, and she did as she was told, getting hit in the stomach. Once she recovered from the tackle, Scarla curled herself up again and began rolling in place to charge up her strength.

"All right Fontaine, this is it!" stated Valentina, fists clenched. "Let's give her Sandslash a Water Gun she'll never forget!"

Now on the final stretch, Fontaine made some distance between him and Scarla so he can prepare for his next attack. He took in a deep breath and threw himself back slightly, charging up his water spout as he watched Scarla roll closer to him. The timing was necessary, as the wrong second could equal in his defeat and he knew Valentina won't like that.

With Scarla in the right spot, Fontaine let loose his strongest Water Gun, gushing at the rolling Sandslash and hitting her hard. Unlike Spike's wind, Fontaine's water was stopping her, or at least preventing her from getting any closer, and Scarla was struggling to keep up against the push of the water. Shortly after her rolling came to a stop and she was pushed back towards Rosa-May, feeling pain with each droplet of water. Fontaine came to a stop with his attack and both he and Valentina found Scarla resting on the ground, showing no sign of getting up.

And the crowd started to hush as they watch Scarla try to recover from her harsh blow. Rosa-May encouraged her Sandslash to get back on her feet, waiting patiently to do so. Scarla slowly raised an arm up before getting the rest of her body off of the ground, inching her way back onto her feet. The Ground Pokémon steadied herself once she was back on her feet, and she glared at her opponent, huffing out deep breaths. Fontaine prepared himself for another attack, waiting to see if Scarla would make a move.

And then she collapsed back down onto the ground. Landing face first, Scarla hit the ground and showed no movement whatsoever. The crowd was silent, unsure on how to respond if the Pokémon would get up again or she was done for good. The referee went through a complete analysis to make sure she won't make the wrong call.

"Sandslash is unable to battle!" the referee called out, raising both flags up before pointing towards Valentina. "The match is over! The victory goes to the challenger Valentina of Cinnabar Island!"

There was a mixed reaction with the crowd. For the most part, many of the spectators were cheering on for the young nudist, celebrating her for accomplish a difficult task and winning an honor. Others were disappointed that the Gym Leader lost the match, but for them they were still excited to see Rosa-May removing her panties and becoming naked once again. No matter what, there was excitement in the air and all of them got their money's worth, even if none of them paid for the match.

Valentina was jumping up and down in her little square, feeling the pleasant excitement of her first victory. Adam and Narelle made their way out of the stands and over to where the nudist was, who was stripping off her panties and flinging them up in the air. Fontaine also joined Valentina in her celebration, jumping up into her arms and she embraced her Water Pokémon for dealing the final blow. While the brunet and platinum blonde were giving their congrats to the nudist, Rosa-May and her referee made their way up to Valentina with the referee carrying a viridian pillow.

"Well congrats on winnin' such a great battle," said Rosa-May. "As Gym Leader of Viridian City, I'm proud to present to ya the Earth Badge."

The tanned woman presented the pillow to the teen nudist and she noticed there was a small metal object in the middle. This was the Earth Badge, in the shape of some kind of plant, probably an asparagus or some other earthy vegetable. Its coloring reflected its city's name, with two shades of green shining off of the overhead lights. For many this would have been their final Badge, after so much struggle and hardship to get the others, but not for this young nudist.

Valentina plucked the Badge from the pillow and she stared at it in her own hand. For once, she was the few that earned a victory at this Gym and her reward was in her hand and reflecting brightly in her eyes. Much like the feeling of capturing her first Pokémon, she felt the urge to hoist her arm up and flash the Badge off. In fact there was even a little fanfare playing in the back of her head as she proudly displayed the Badge for everyone to see.

"All right I did it! I got… the Earth Badge!"

After a few seconds of her public displaying, the nude blonde grabbed her Badge case from her bag and opened it up. She placed the Earth Badge into the slot fitted for that badge, pushing it to prevent it from leaving its little spot. "Thank you so much for this!"

"It's nothin' dear, just doin' my duty as Gym Leader, that's all," the tanned woman replied, her hands clasped together. "As a celebration, how about I let the three of ya stay at one of my completed rooms? No expenses pay!"

The teen girls looked at each other, wondering what the woman was suggesting. After some time, it hit Valentina and she turned pink upon what Rosa-May wanted to do. "Uh, thank you again, but I'm going to hang with my new friends instead."

"Eh, it's not like I'm really goin' to do it with ya," said Rosa-May, a little disappointed by the blonde nudist's rejection. Her gaze wandered over to the lanky brunet and her mood shifted back to her regular smiling state. "Although your guy friend there I might do. I do find younger men much more energetic…"

"Uh, n-n-no!" blurted Adam, once again achieving the same shade of red from earlier. "I-I r-r-rather want t-to be with Va-Valentina!"

"Um, if this isn't too much, but if you want to come spend the night at my home," Narelle offered, "I'll be glad to help you two out."

"You will do that for us?" Valentina asked, getting a nod from the platinum blonde. "Thank you very much! But wouldn't your parents be a little surprise to see me?"

"I'm sure I can talk to my mother about this," Narelle replied, "but hopefully we can talk something over when we get there."

The three teens continued to discuss what they were going to do for the night, as all five of them made their way into the crowded foyer and head out into the city. Just as the teens were about to get to the exit, Rosa-May called out to them to wait and she headed off to retrieve something. A few minutes passed and the tanned nudist emerged carrying a large cardboard box taped up with see-through tape, and a piece of paper with "To the Nature Princess, XOXO the Sand Madame" written in a crude red ink.

"Since you're going to be headin' to Celadon City, I want ya to give this to Erika once you meet her."

"What's inside of it?" Valentina asked, taking the box from the Gym Leader.

"I'm not tellin'," said Rosa-May, giving the nudist a suggestive wink. "All ya need to know is it's a special care package made for Erika. Make sure you don't damage it along the way."

The nudist blonde was attempted to shake the box to hear what could be inside, but she didn't wanted to get scolded for breaking something valuable. Valentina handed the box over to Adam, explaining to him he was better off carrying the box, and he took off of his backpack to start putting away the box. He spent a few minutes figuring out how to get the box in, but he found a perfect spot for it and slipped it in without harming it. Once the box was put away, the brunet swung the bag back onto his back and the three of them were ready to leave.

Valentina once again thanked Rosa-May for their battle and the Badge, the Gym Leader welcoming the teen for everything as well. Outside of the Gym, Narelle directed the nudist and Adam to where she lives and they would be spending the night. As the trio was walking, Valentina opened her Badge case and took one more look at her new Badge. With the rays of the sun bouncing off the shiny new Badge, Valentina felt relieved that she had gotten such a difficult Gym out of the way first and happy for her accomplishment.

One down and seven left to go. And with that, the journey to becoming Champion continues…

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