A/N: And now for something completely different. Because yaoi may be rare in the Inu-Yasha fandom, but YURI is even harder to find, and I really do think that this is a perfectly viable possibility. Kagome's POV, just a drabble.

"When She Smiles At Me"

I'm afraid, I think.

But when I look at her, it's so hard to be anything but happy. Comforted. I don't fully understand this feeling . . . it's almost like the way I used to feel for Inu-Yasha, but a million times stronger and with a far deeper yearning behind it.

I think . . . I may be in love with Sango-chan. When I am with her, my face gets hot and I forget all about Hojou-kun and Inu-Yasha, and the only things I can see are her beautiful face and kind, gentle smile. When we are in battle, my eyes always look to her, and my heart threatens rebellion whenever she suffers.

Miroku-sama loves her too, I think. I don't know if she loves him back. I used to be so certain that she did, but now I just can't tell. Maybe I am only deluding myself; trying to ease the pain of not having her.

But Inu-Yasha smiles at me so sadly these days. He knows. He's probably known longer than I have. I can't deny it, and I'm truly sorry, because I can tell that it saddens him. He isn't so close to me as he used to be either, and it hurts that he turns to Miroku now for conversation and sometimes avoids my eyes.

But I want to be with her, so I'm leaving him, even if I haven't really gone anywhere at all, even if I was never really "with" him anyways. I'm walking such a thin wire here, and it frightens me so much . . . yet I can't stop. I'm risking the loss of every other friend I have for her sake.

Because, really, she's so beautiful when she smiles at me.

* ende *