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Ever since Leo had learned that Hazel was from the 1940s, a question had been burning inside of him.

Today, he decided, today I'll finally ask her. Leo eventually found her in her room aboard the Argo II, the flying warship he had built.

When he walked in, Hazel looked up from her book.

"Yes, Leo?"

"Hey, so I have a question…"

She looked extremely worried as to what Leo could possibly be wondering now.

"Um…Okay. What is it?"

"So you're like from the 1940s, right?"

"Yes", Hazel answered, becoming cautious as to why he was asking about her past.

"And you're also from New Orleans?"

"What are you getting at, Leo?"

Now was the time when Leo could finally get his answer. He took a deep breath and asked the question that had been bothering him for weeks on end.

"Do you know Tiana?"

Hazel looked taken aback.


Leo repeated himself.

"Do you know Tiana? Like the princess."

Hazel just walked out of the room.

"Well, do you? Please, Hazel, I need to know!"

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