Hey guys, so this is my new story "Its All About The Girl"

I got the idea when I was watching the NBT thing when Laura Marano was interviewing R5. It was just the way Riker, Ross's (Austin) brother, looked at Laura during it. And Ross was just stood next to Laura giving him the evils :') So yeah.. That's where I got my inspiration from :D

Seriously, I get my inspiration from ANYTHING at all.. ANd I managed to get an idea for a story out of that.. So that just goes to prove alot.

Ross Lynch
Riker Lynch
Laura Marano
Calum Worthy
Ellington Ratliff
Rydel Lynch
Rocky Lynch
Raini Rodriguez

& more! .. Possibly.

Anyway.. Enough of me blahing on.. TO THE STORY

BTW Riker, Ratliff, Rydel & Rocky haven't met Laura, Raini and Calum yet. Just pretend they haven't visited the Austin & Ally set EVER. :') OR MET THEM just seen them on TV :D Same goes for Laura, Raini & Calum. ALSO no one is dating ANYONE.

Ross, Laura, Raini and Calum were all down on the set of there TV show 'Austin & Ally'

They were all getting ready to film the first episode of Season 2 of Austin & Ally. All of them were all in place ready to practice for it.

Ross walked over to Laura "Hey." He said.

"Hey, so are you finally gonna let me Raini and Calum meet your band or what?" Laura asked.

"Yeah.. They are coming down to the set today at some point." Ross said before sitting on top of the counter that was placed on the set "It's their first time here so no doubt they'll get lost and I'll have to go find them."

Laura chuckled "Well, let's hope they don't." She then walked to the other side of the set.

"RIGHT!" The director shouted "Is everyone ready to practice?" Everyone nodded "Right, then ACTION!"

Laura (Ally): *Starting walking over to Austin & Dez* Your still carving that pumpkin? It's been hours.
Calum (Dez): It takes time to capture the perfection that is Austin's face.
Ross (Austin): *Nods*
Dez: *Drawing on the pumpkin* Almost done.. *Holds up the pumpkin* Walla!
Ally: Amazing! It looks just like Austin!
Austin: Except my hairs parted on the other side..
Dez: Aw man.. Guess I gotta start over! *throws it onto the floor*

At that moment, Riker, Ratliff, Rydel and Rocky walked onto the set and started to watch them.

Raini then walked onto the set, but as she began her line she saw Riker, Rydel, Ratliff and Rocky. "Guess who got a- Oh my god, hi guys!"

Ross, Laura and Calum then looked over to who Raini was saying 'hi' to. They saw it was all of them. But quickly Laura ran off the set for something, nobody noticed it.

"Alright, guess that's a break then." The director said unhappy.

Ross, Calum and Raini then walked over the four.

"Hey, thought you said there was four of you?" Riker said.

"There is she-" Ross said looking to see Laura, but she wasn't there. "Has disappeared somewhere.. I'll introduce her later. Anyway, for now this is Raini and Calum. Don't need to point out which ones which."

They all shook hands/hugged.

"So, is Ross as annoying here as he is at home?" Rydel asked messing.

"Probably more annoying!" Calum joked.

"Hey!" Ross said punching him in the arm.

"I was joking and so was she." Calum said rubbing his arm where Ross had just hit.

"I was." Rydel said "but you are annoying."

"So are you but you don't see me complaining!" Ross said.

Rydel laughed sarcastically.

"Yeah, yeah we get it you two are annoying." Riker said "Hey Ross, where's the bathroom? I'm kinda busting here.."

"Down that hall right at the end to the right." Ross pointed.

"thanks." Riker then began to walk down the hall.

A few seconds after being in the bathroom. Riker left. But as he walked out he accidently knocked into someone and made them fall to the floor.

He shut the bathroom door "Oh my god, are you okay? I'm so sorry!" He said taking the girl's hands and helping her up.

"I'm fine." She said smiling "Oh hey, your Ross's brother Riker aren't you!"

"Yeah, I am." Riker said smiling. "Aren't you Laura?"

"I am." Laura replied. "S-so have you met Raini and Calum yet?"

"I have.." Riker said still smiling. His heart was beating really fast as soon as he saw her.. He couldn't stop smiling it was believable. Apparently, neither could Laura. "So.. You going back down to set?"

"Er. Yeah." Laura said still smiling "Need to. Before the director goes all crazy."

Riker laughed a little "Well.. I'll walk with you."

They both began to walk back down to the set.