So this is it, the final chapter! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has read/reviewed/favourited this fic. This is my first ever completed fic (that wasn't a one shot) so needless to say I was really nervous to upload it. The fact that you guys actually liked it has really boosted my confidence and I'm already 15k into my next fic (which should be uploaded in the near future yay).

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The next morning Dean opened his eyes to Castiel watching him, his head rested against the headboard. Castiel smiled when he saw that Dean had woken, letting his fingers brush through Dean's hair affectionately.

"You watching me sleep dude?" Dean asked.

"Yes," Castiel replied before frowning, "Why, should I not?"

"Watch me as long as you like, apparently I like creepy guys," Dean joked, pulling Cas down so they were at eye level. Castiel instantly wrapped his arm around Dean, pulling him in.

"So no sleep now you're an angel huh?" Dean asked.

"No but I'll still lie with you in the bed each night if that's okay," Castiel answered.

"Yeah, but isn't that boring for you?" Dean asked because surely just lying there twiddling your thumbs for a few hours with nothing but Dean sleeping as the entertainment couldn't be fun.

"No, while I cannot sleep I can meditate if you like, put myself into a rested wakefulness. It's not as enjoyable as sleeping but it's better than nothing," Castiel shrugged before adding with a slight blush, "And anyway, I like sharing a bed with you."

Dean smiled and pecked Cas on the lips, "Hmm, because I'm so dreamy?"

"Don't be annoying Dean," Castiel remarked, trying to supress a smile and failing. Dean tickled his ribs as a retort, enjoying the fact that even as an angel Cas was still ticklish.

"You glad you can reach your grace then?" Dean asked.

"Yes," Castiel replied instantly, "Very much so."

"Being human wasn't that bad was it?"

Castiel looked at him pointedly but didn't say anything.

"What was so bad about being human? Go on, insult my race," Dean winked but the question was serious. Besides the whole nearly dying thing, Cas had seemed to have fun the past week.

"Well, now I can protect you and Sam," Castiel murmured, letting his hand make slow circular moments at back of Dean's neck.

"You know you're not just here to be our bodyguard right?" Dean asked.

Cas raised an eyebrow "I know that."

"Good," Dean nodded, "What else was bad about being human?"

"The pure frailness of your race, it's very easy to die," Castiel smiled faintly.

Dean's body tightened and he gritted out "Can we not talk about that?"

Castiel kissed his forehead "Sorry."

"So basically you just hated being human," Dean said with a frown.

"No, there were many parts to being human that I enjoyed but those are things I can still enjoy while being an angel," Castiel moved his hand from Dean's neck and started to fiddle with the collar of Dean's shirt.

"Like?" Dean prompted.


Dean grinned before pulling Cas up on top of him. Even though Castiel could be a slab of concrete if he wanted to, he let himself be pulled, holding himself up by his elbows, looking down at Dean in amusement.

"What else?" Dean asked, leaning up to kiss Cas' neck.

"Pancakes and burgers," Castiel replied, his voice very close to a whimper.

"And?" Dean smiled, kissing and nipping against Cas' pressure point on his neck, letting his tongue glide against it.

"I, er, also enjoyed the feelings of having showers," Castiel said breathily.

"You know what's better than having showers?" Dean asked.

"W-What?" Castiel asked, a small moan escaping his lips when Dean went to nibbling at his ear.

Dean whispered brazenly "Shower sex."

And with a blink of an eye Dean found himself naked in the shower with a very naked Castiel.

And Dean realised there were some more perks to Cas being an angel that met the eye.