"Come away with me, Jack. Come away with me!"

Jack's eyes snapped open, glowing iridescent blue in the lingering gloom of Pitch's lair. He came up on his elbow, turning his head to find the Nightmare King slumbering beside him. Jack averted his eyes, willing the savage tension out of his jaw. He swept aside his raven hair, turning form ice blond to jet black as he succumbed to the corruption and the bitterness in his soul.

Seven months.

Seven months had passed since it happened, since that day that had burned its image into his mind.

Since that day the depth of Pitch's deception had been revealed to him.

A figure stood in the distance, just on the other side of the border guarding the fortress from the world beyond. Pitch was out tending to matters involving his worldly profession, leaving Jack to his own devices. On such afternoons, Jack usually perused the gardens, familiarizing himself with the strange, sinister plants. The closer he came to the figure, the more familiar he got.

"Adam?" Jack whispered hoarsely. Surely, he was dreaming. He had probably inhaled hallucinogenic spores from the ebonelms again…

"Jack!" Adam exclaimed. They rushed to meet one another, but a barrier stood between them in more than one way. Adam put his hand on the force field. He looked wore, rugged, and bone tired. The merriment of their reunion was soured by painful memories Jack had strived hard to repress in his absence. Not to mention Pierre… He didn't even want to think about how he would explain that.

Jack drew his face into a scowl. "Why are you here?" he asked.

"What do you mean? I've been searching for you for a month!"

Jack eyed him incredulously. "Why?"

Adam balked as though the answer should have been obvious, which struck Jack as ludicrous. "Because! Because I love you, Jackie!"

Jack stepped back, anger coursing through him. "You have a sick way of showing it. You left me, Adam. You left me! You left me in some hotel with nothing but a suitcase!"

"Not willingly," Adam tried, his eyes pleading. "I'd never leave you unless I had to."

Jack felt bile rise in the back of his throat, the hairs on his neck standing at attention. "What are you talking about?"

"I was tricked."

"By who?" Jack snapped.

"Pitch Black. He's evil, Jack. He poisoned me. Told me I had to leave the city, and you with it. The instant I got the antidote, I made them land the plane. I've been searching ever since. I'd never leave you, Jack! You have to believe me! I meant every word I said to you that night! He made me do this. He wanted you for himself!"

Suddenly, Jack was in a vacuum. There was no sound and no time, only an eerie, ugly ringing in the very back of his mind. He began to shake his head and took another step backwards. The color and vigor drained from his face, leaving him snow white and hollow.

"No," he choked out hoarsely.

His body. His virtue. His dreams. His livelihood. His innocence. His… love.

He had given Pitch all those things. He had given them freely.

"You're lying. You're lying!" he cried.

"I'm not!" Adam fished around in his pocket and ripped out a small bottle. "This was the antidote. I swear to you."

Jack's hands flew to his ears. He shut his eyes and shook his head vigorously. Unbidden tears sprang into his eyes. "You're an illusion. This isn't happening. Just go away. Go away and leave me alone!"

"Listen to me, Jackie. I'm telling the truth! I've come to rescue you. Come away with me, Jack. Come away with me!"

Jack had stood there listening to Adam's explanations, his pleas, and his unbridled professing for what felt like an eternity. When the shock subsided and cold reality settled in around him, Jack realized just how far he had fallen. Just how utterly insane he had been to fall into this villain's clutches. Pierre was dead, and for all Jack knew, that had been a mind game too.

And in that moment, something crucial changed at the crux of his heart. His hope, like a light switch, was turned off. A demon, a living darkness, awoke inside of him. No matter how tempting Adam's offer was, Jack couldn't go back with him. He was too changed. Instead, he left him standing in the snow, pounding his fists against the barrier. Jack had only one mission now. He swore to himself, an oath to every fiber, that he was going to make Pitch Black suffer for his treachery.

And so, Jack had spent the past six months fulfilling every single one of Pitch's wishes, delving deep into the depravity of those nightmares he cultivated, absorbing more and more evil into himself by the day, becoming precisely what Pitch wanted. With every hot bout of cum, a little more of Jack's humanity was burned away. He never let on to what he had seen or been told. For all Pitch knew, Jack's submission was a result of his eternal devotion. The fool.

In return, Pitch taught him everything. Black magic. Spells. Conjuring weaponry and wielding the power of his ring.

Jack's beauty grew cold, like the frozen rinks he used to skate on. His smile became tainted, sultry, and contemptuous. His dreams were darker, his horizons shrinking into the wintery realm of black and red revenge. There was so little of his old self left that it would not be an untruth to call him a different creature entirely. Jack Frost the skater was dead. Jack Frost the villain was thriving.

He would play Pitch's game. He would satisfy his every fantasy until the day came when Jack's power superseded the Black Lord's. And on that day, Pitch Black would die at the hands of the very monster he created.

Jack felt long, cold fingers on his face as Pitch gingerly took his chin and turned his face to meet his eyes. Those glowing ambers inspected him.

Velvetly, "Something troubling you?"

Jack smiled, assuming his mask of dusky interest. "Desperately," he purred. His hand crept down Black's bare chest, dipping beneath the sheets to dust his fingertips down the sculpted v of his abdomen. And then Jack kissed him.


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