Here we go everyone. The next installment of the Son Of The Huntress Series. I have enjoyed the rest but I am now eager to get back to the series. I hope you all enjoy the first chapter of The Sea Of Monsters.

Chapter One

The trees in central park bristled in the midnight wind as a set of heavy steps sounded out along the grassy paths, footprints leaving small indents as giant black paws padded down on the earth.

The quiet of the night was interrupted as a snarl ripped out scaring away the nearby animals and causing the resident wood nymphs that lived in the trees of central park to squeak in surprise and fear before diving back into their trees.

All that lit the park up was the few park lamps and the silvery gaze of the moon allowing a rich shade of silver and white to gaze upon the park.

Lumbering through central park was none other than a truck sized hellhound with coal like eyes and small traces of lava dripping from its mouth and snout. It tail was slightly wagging behind it and its claws were burying themselves in the earth from the slightest moment that they touched the dirt.

It's snout was constantly on alert as it sniffed the area for its next meal and its coal eyes flickering all around its surroundings before its eyes and nose began to hone in on a possible target.

As it lumbered forward it spotted a young wood nymph looking no older then young teenager delicately waving her hands through a colorful flowerbed with a smile on her face.

The wood nymph did not catch the other wood nymphs around the area running away and diving back in their trees and did not know a hell hound was coming closer towards her.

The hell hound crept slowly towards the target and showing stealth and silent hunting skills that a creature of its size usually did not have. As it got closer it arched its black slightly and opened its mouth showing a long dog like tongue swinging around lickings it lips and sharp canine teeth.

As it got closer the lonely wood nymph stood from the flower bed before finally noticing that all the other wood nymphs had all but disappeared and confusion appeared on her pinkish green face.

"Where did everyone go?" she said in a small yet almost squeaky voice. Her pale green eyes flickered around the area in front of her but saw none of her fellow kinsmen which she found rather strange since they lived in one of the touristy places in New York and many of her kind came out to check on the plants and trees during the night.

The silence in the park was interrupted by a low snarl that the wood nymphs finally made out as she froze on the spot and her eyes went wide in fear.

She bit her lip when she could hear the beast stalking towards her from behind and fear gripped her to the point where she could not move.

The other wood nymphs all looked in sadness. They wanted to help but the size of the truck sized hell hound scared them to death and they knew they would die if they got in its way.

Many of them found it hard to watch as they all turned around and looked away. The young scared girl closed her eyes trying her best to stop shaking but it was too much for her to handle as she began to feel the beasts breath tickle down her neck. She dared not turn around because if she did she would see the giant sharp teeth of the hell hound staring back at her.

"May the gods be with her," some of the other nymphs muttered before they waited anxiously for the deed to be over.

Letting a growl ripple from its throat and out through the mouth the giant hell hound waited long enough as opened its mouth as wide as it could before it began descending towards the poor frightened wood nymph.

The young female nymph prayed to her lost god Pan asking him to protect the flowers she had spent so much time on before she began expecting the giant dog's teeth to engulf her.


The young female nymph stood there waiting for the sharp teeth to pierce her body.

And she waited...

And waited...

And waited...

After about a minute had passed, curiosity began engulfing her. "Surely the beasts teeth should have hit by now right?" she thought in confusion before very steadily and with a little bit of courage she turned her head.

When she did she stumbled backwards when she saw what was behind her and why the creature had not attacked.

The hell-hound was only inches away and it teeth even closer, almost about to touch her shoulder when right in between its eyes was a silver arrow with black feathers on it. The beast's eyes were flickering a little before they finally rolled into the back of its head.

She stumbled back even further as the hell hound began swaying a little before eventually it collapsed completely and its body slowly began to turn to dust and sink into the ground beneath it.

After about another minute the shell shocked wood nymph shook a little before similar to the hell hound her eyes began to roll in to the back of her head and collapsed backwards, the shock proving to be to much for her to handle.

However before she could hit the ground a pair of arms scooped her up and carried her bridal style.

"These hell hounds are really getting annoying," he said before he threw of a dark hood that was covering his face to reveal Naruto Uzumaki with his bow in his hands before he decided to seal it away back into the seal on his arm.

Delicately he went over to a nearby tree and placed her gently down on the ground. Beside them was the flowerbed that she was working on and no doubt she was proud of since the plants look well looked after and was booming with various colors and rich smells.

"She will be fine in a few minutes," Naruto said to a few of the wood nymphs that were hiding in their trees. Naruto could see them nod their heads before he moved over to where the hell hounds body was.

All that was left was a tooth which Naruto picked up and pocketed.

"That was the fifth one this month," he said to himself as he scratched the back of his head.

He knew something was not right. Ever since Christmas more and more monsters had been appearing around the city and causing some kind of disturbance.

On more than one occasion the creatures he had ran into were shouting out how the Crooked One would be returning and that Olympus would fall while he would be forced to watch.

He had ran into Cyclops, Hell hounds, Telekhines, and even a few skeleton warriors that took him by surprise and he quickly found they were a real pain in the ass to kill He of course beat them all but the fact that more and more monster were appearing told him that something was definantly not right and that out there dark forces were beginning to gather. Dark forces that had the gods on edge if the crazy weather over the past few months were any indication.

Even though Zeus did not want to believe that Kronos was trying to make some kind of comeback. He had proved that by influencing Ares and corrupting Luke who had been the real thief in the end.

"Luke," Naruto thought bitterly as he ran across the rooftops of New York on his way back to his apartment.

Naruto was angry that the son of Hermes managed to pull the wool over not just his eyes but everyone's. When Naruto first met him Luke seemed like the kind of guy that everyone would want as their friend. He had this cool wit about him and this jokey side that made you laugh. But then he could get serious in the blink of an eye and was someone you would want to fight by your side.

"But in the end he was nothing more than a traitor who stabs their friends in the back," Naruto thought gritting his teeth together.

His betrayal had a huge impact on those at camp but no one felt it more than Annabeth. The two had been through so much together and one of the people she most likely cared about the most in the world.

And in return Luke turned his back on her and brought her pain.

It was that moment that Naruto vowed he would not allow Annabeth to feel that kind of pain again. She had gone through losing Thalia and now she had to deal with Luke's betrayal.

He would not allow any more harm or heartbreak to come to the daughter of Athena.

Running down the outer walls of his apartment building before he dropped down on his apartment's balcony. Opening it he sighed as he took of his hood and cloak, put it on the living room sofa and made his way to his room.

He slowly undressed before putting on a pair of sweatpants and black vest before he got his bed.

He lay down and looked up at his rooms ceiling and began thinking.

His skills had improved greatly ever since Christmas and his battle with Khione and had fully mastered the jutsu's Athena gave him. His accuracy with the bow his mother gave him had gotten even better and could pretty much hit a target dead center with hardly trying any more.

His mother

"Mom," he whispered as he turned his head and looked at the full moon that was in the sky.

It was late May now and still after more than a year and a half he still had not met his mother and it was slowly beginning to bother him.

He had met his grandmother, he had met the big three, heck he had even met the Titan Lord Kronos in a weird way but still he had not met his own mother and now he hated to admit it but it was beginning to get to him.

She kept saying in her notes and letters that he received from her that she would see him soon and that they will meet but after so long he was still no closer to meeting her than he was first arriving in this world. He understood that she had her godly duties and that she led the hunters but he wondered if it was really that difficult to take a single hour or even ten minutes just to meet and say hi your first and only child.

"I should not let it get to me," Naruto though know he simple had to remain patient. His grandmother had confirmed to him that Artemis loved and cared for him but he just could not help but wonder.

He sleepily closed his eyes and began to fall asleep.

Next morning

Naruto threw his backpack over his shoulder as he finished the piece of toast in his mouth and headed toward the door.

Today was the final day of school at Meriwether Prep that he and his friend Percy Jackson attended and to be honest he was glad that it was almost over.

Though he did not mind school anymore Meriwether just seemed very cushioned and dumbed down for his liking. The teacher all treated them like they were walking on eggshells and that the students were going to lash out at them.

Naruto did a quick stretch before he began heading towards the door.

However just before he could he heard a ripple like noise come from behind him. When he turned around his eyes shot up in surprise but smiled none the less when he saw Chiron the activities director and trainer of heroes staring back at him via Iris message.

"Chiron," Naruto said happily as he walked forwards and towards the Iris message.

"Naruto my boy it's good to see you. I hope you are well. I heard about your little adventure over Christmas with Silena and Clarisse. Well done by the way," the immortal centaur said.

"Thanks," Naruto said but his look quickly changed from the serious expression that appeared on Chiron's face.

"I take it by the look on your face that this is not a social call."

"You are correct Naruto. I must ask a difficult task of you which I know you will not follow through with. But I feel I must ask anyway."

Naruto's eye brows raised in anticipation to what he was going to ask.

"I must ask that you keep Percy away from Camp Half Blood this year."

"WHAT?" Naruto all but shouted surprised by the request. He didn't know what was going through Chiron's head but wondered if old age might have been catching up to the old centaur.

"I know what you must be thinking but it would be in Percy's best interest to stay away from camp this year. Things have not been right at camp in the last few months and I fear it won't be safe for much longer."

"Chiron I'm sorry to have to tell you this but I doubt there will be a force on this earth that will stop Percy from returning to Camp Half-Bloods. It's the place I know he thinks of as his home just as I do."

"I'm sorry Chiron but I won't keep Percy away from the place he desire to be at the most."

Chiron sighed deeply and ran a hand through his shaggy hair. The look on his face showed he was not surprised that Naruto refused. Though Naruto had to admit that looking at Chiron now, the old centaur was beginning to look his age.

He had bags under his eyes, a few cuts and scrapes could be seen on his arms and overall he just looked exhausted.

"I had a feeling you might say that but it was worth a shot. Then all I ask is that you try to keep Percy safe. Be by his side and protect him."

"Chiron," Naruto asked in all seriousness. "What is going on and don't give me any watered down version. What has happened at camp that got you looking so exhausted?"

Chiron bit his lip. He was unsure he should tell Naruto anything since he knew he would inform Percy. There were no secrets between the two friends which only strengthened their friendship.

"I can't tell you all the details since it is something that is best told face to face."

"However I will inform you that the magical barriers are not as strong as they were last year and we have had a fair few incidents where monsters have found a way through and into camp. We just stopped a couple of Hell hounds from ripping down the Apollo cabin an hour ago."

"Hell hounds?" Naruto asked getting a wary nod from Chiron. "For the past month I have had to kill at least five Hell hounds that have been wondering around the city. I thought they were supposed to remain in the Underworld?"

Chiron took the information in as he listened and he did not look surprised that more monsters had begun showing themselves as of late.

"They should be but lately thing have been stirring in the Underworld. Or more precisely Tartarus. Many that dwell in the Underworld have made their way to the surface."

"And let me guess. Old Pervy King is ignoring the signs that Kronos is trying to make a comeback?"

Chiron nodded though he did have to recompose himself a little as he tried to ignore Naruto's nickname for Zeus.

"Yes Zeus is refusing to believe that Kronos is rising. Many of the other gods are trying to reason with him but he will not listen."

"The old perve is a stubborn old goat," Naruto mumbled though the sky did boom with thunder. "Shut up you know it's true. Keep making so much noise and I'll tell Hera about your stash of Icha Icha books," he said shaking his fist to the sky.

The thunder immediately stopped making Naruto grin in triumph.

"Yes well until the gods can convince Zeus that Kronos truly is up to something since Luke has joined his cause, all we can do is act normally and get on with our daily routines."

"Since I anticipated that you would not stop Percy from coming to camp, I have sent someone to rendezvous with you at your school. They should arrive sometime during your lunch period."

"Right I will keep that in mind," Naruto said saluting Chiron before they bid each other a good bye before the Iris message shimmered and disappeared.

Naruto shook his head before he exited his apartment with one thing clearly on his mind.

"Why do I get the feeling it won't be a quiet summer."

At Meriwether Prep

Naruto walked through the gates of Meriwether Prep knowing that after today he would not have to see this place again for at least four months.

It's not that he hated the place; in fact he quite enjoyed the school. It was better then Yancy at some level besides the fact they did not have Chiron as their Latin teacher. But the place just felt too safe and he agreed with Percy when his friend mentioned that they tended to treat them like babies. It annoyed the two boys to no end.

Though he had Percy with him and a new friend they had made just after Christmas, he was missing his other friends.

He missed Annabeth, Clarisse, Grover, Connor, Travis, Katie, Beckendorf and many others. He couldn't wait to have another kick ass summer like the last and show everyone how much he had improved and gotten stronger during their times away. Though there was just one that he missed more than anything.

Silena Beauregard

From what he understood the daughter of Aphrodite and his crush had finished school a few days ago and should already be at camp. Though he had not heard from her for a couple of days which worried him a little but he knew he was just being silly since mobiles and what not were not allowed at camp.

Walking down the hallways of Meriwether he got wind of a familiar ocean scent along with a second scent that smelled very similar though it also had the smell of oil and metal to it.

Going round one of the corners Naruto smiled when he saw Percy heading towards the same door as he was along with their newest friend Tyson waddle walking behind him.

Tyson was a kid who joined just after Christmas due to some sort of sponsorship programme that helped less fortunate children. When he had first arrived Tyson immediately took a liking to Percy and through Percy became friends with Naruto.

Poor Tyson was a big guy, easily bigger then both Naruto and Percy and had a mop of dirty brown hair and was easily over six foot despite him being Percy's age. In fact they at first believed he was younger due to the way he spoke. He spoke very childlike as if he was child at heart and mind but was in a mans body. His teeth were slightly yellow and small specks of dirt could be found under his finger nails.

But Naruto knew what Tyson was and was fully aware that Tyson was not human. He knew for a fact that Tyson was a Cyclops. A baby Cyclops he guessed but it did not really matter to him. He knew Percy was not aware of what he was yet but he knew Sally did. But it did not stop of her from taking him in. Sally quickly accepted Tyson just as she quickly accepted him.

Sally undoubted wanted to tell Percy but Naruto told her not to. Simply because Percy had to start figuring these things out on his own.

Tyson was not like others like him that went rogue or tried to hunt innocents. He was more like the ones that apparently lived in Atlantis and loved to tinker around with machines and build all kinds of devices. He was kind, he was gentle to animals that were willing to come close to him and Naruto quickly learned that Tyson was fierce friends. Therefore that made Tyson okay in his books.

Plus when they found out Tyson was living in a cardboard box under a subway, Naruto, Sally and Percy had gone to get him, collect what few belonging he had and Tyson moved in with Sally and Percy at their new apartment.

He had to snort at that fact. "I'm the son of the lady that hunts monsters and I had befriended a creature she hunts. Little ironic" he though.

However due to Tyson's child like nature it unfortunately subjected him to a lot of bullying from some of the other kids at school. However Tyson did not know his own strength most of the time and once accidently backhanded one of said bullies and it made him go through ha wall. The kid ended up in hospital with a few cracked ribs and broken left arm.

It made both Naruto and Percy laugh though they did have to calm him down when Tyson started crying.

"Yo Percy, Tyson," Naruto called as he greeted them as he slapped Percy on the back while Tyson grabbed Naruto in a tight hug.

"Nice to see you too Tyson." he said trying to catch his breath. He really did wish Tyson knew his own strength.

"Friend Naruto looks happy today," he said putting Naruto down. "Why?"

"It's the last day of course. After this no more school," he said making Percy grin as well. He knew how much Percy hated school.

"Let's head in," Naruto said as the two nodded and took their seats at a table for three. The first lesson was maths and both were looking forward to have numbers jumbling around in their heads.

When they sat down and Tyson became interested in one of the weird custom made pencil sharpeners he had made, Naruto had filled Percy in on his discussion with Chiron.

"And he wanted me to stay away? Why though?" Percy said since he looked a little hurt that their trainer wanted him to stay away from the place he loved most I the world.

"He was kind of vague and no doubt will tell us more when we get to camp. But all he said was that they magical barriers around camp have weakened and monsters have been finding ways into camp."

Percy frowned. "What about Luke? Has there been any sign of him?" Percy asked since he no doubt wanted to pay Luke back for the poisoning him and almost killing him.

"No there has been no word. He seems to be lying low. Doing what exactly I have no idea but he is smart enough to know that right now Zeus would want his head on a spear after he stole the bolt."

"What about Kronos?" Percy asked though it looked like it took a lot to say his name. Plus both got a chill go up their spine when they said his name. They knew the Titan lords name had that effect on a lot of people.

"Nothing. If Luke really is in league with him then he is lying low too. Remember technically he is still in a thousand pieces down in Tartarus but that does not stop him from spreading his influence. He needs followers and I have a hunch that is exactly what Luke is doing."

Percy slammed his fist on the table. "I don't think I have ever hated someone as much as I hate Luke right now. He played us all for fools."

"We all feel that way but do not let your anger get the better of you. Remember anger can only get you so far in life before it starts to become a weakness."

"Do you remember Sasuke from my world I told you about?" he said with Percy nodding his head.

"Yeah the guy who wanted to kill his older brother."

"Right. Sasuke spent so long using his hatred for Itachi that it began to consume him. And even though it did help him get stronger, it also limited his strength and halted his progress. It caused him to walk a dark path just like Luke has. He could never forgive the gods for the treatment of some of their children as well as what happened to Thalia."

"Don't let your anger towards Luke consume you otherwise it will lead to your demise. That much I can guarantee," he said with Percy nodding.

Percy could not help but wonder just how Naruto always knew the right things to say before he began to tell Naruto about a dream he had.

Naruto listened and almost started laughing. "Grover was in a wedding dress? Ewwww."

"Yeah that's what I thought too but then something grabbed him through the shop window and carried him off."

"Did you see what it was?" Naruto asked but Percy shook his head.

"No it was too dark, or at least whatever it was, was covered in shadows completely. All I know was that it was big. Very big."

"Well that narrows it down," Naruto muttered before the local bully Sloan turned up with a few kids that Naruto did not recognize.

"Hey the freak has found something new to play with," he said as the three boys behind him chuckled. Naruto had to admit their laughs were a little too dark for his liking.

"Get lost Sloan unless you want a repeat of last time," Percy said while Naruto looked at Sloan, grinned and then cracked his knuckles

"Don't make empty threat," Sloan said though he knew it was no empty threat when Naruto motioned to giving him a giant wedgy.

Sloan unconsciously put his hands on his behind. His backside and still not fully recovered from the last time Naruto did it to him.

Growling to himself Sloan left while the three boys who Naruto noticed were quite a lot larger then Sloan followed after. He thought nothing of it at first. They looked like kids that should be on the basketball team but had this grungy look to them as if they had not showered in weeks. On their arms he even noticed old scars and dirt marks.

On their shirts they the 'hello I'm' badge along with their names. Though their names were kind of boring. Joe Bob, Al and Jay. "How original," he thought as they walked passed him."

But then he caught their scent and halted.

They smelt like rotting human carcasses and it caused him to almost bring his hand up to his nose. The scent death was coated heavily on all three, so much so he was surprised the stench was not visible. They also smelt a little like coal and a butcher's house. He recognized the stench to well before they sat down at a table with Sloan and saw they were all licking their lips.

Even Tyson who was still tinkering with his little machine had caught the scent and was looking a little worried.

"Oh that can't be good," he muttered but Percy beside him had heard him.

"What is it?" Percy asked but before he could get an answer their teacher had walked in and immediately began speaking causing their conversation to be halted.

It was not until midway through the class and the teacher was busy looking at the text book that he wrote on a piece of paper he ripped out of his notebook and passed it to Percy.

You know the three kids Sloan brought in.

Percy saw it and quickly wrote back, a little confused from what he meant by it.

Yeah. What about them?

They smell like carcasses.

And how to you know what carcasses smell like?

Naruto rolled his eyes. People really did forget he was a trained shinobi.

Shinobi remember

Percy face palmed before he wrote more on the note but made sure the teacher was not looking before he passed it.

Right right. So what about them. They smell like carcasses. What are you trying to say?

Naruto tried to fight the urge to roll his eyes. He really did wish Percy could see the signs by now. He quickly down the word 'monster' and slipped it back to him. Percy looked at it before his eyes went wide. He looked at Naruto and the blonde simply nodded his head before he looked back towards the three new boys/monsters.

Do you know what they are?

I don't. But I get the feeling we will find out by the end of the day. For now we just keep an eye on them and make sure they don't attempt to harm anyone.

Percy nodded before they began paying attention back to the teacher.

Through the rest of the class they kept their eye on the three monsters who they saw were looking round at everyone class and were licking their lips and had a hungry look in their eyes.

If Naruto had to guess he would have said they wanted to ear everyone in class. That was a little unnerving.

When class let out they made their way to the gym where Naruto knew they were going to play dodge ball since it the only came they ever seemed to play.

At the start of year the Sloan had tried to pick all of the so called tough and big kids and had stuck Naruto and Percy with the smaller and weaker kids.

Sloan had at first laughed thinking that they were going to massacre the other team. That was however before a dodge ball collided with his face that knocked him to the ground. All the other team saw was Naruto tossing a ball around in his right hand with a fox like grin on his face muttering how much fun this was going to be.

Naruto grinned at the memory. "That was a good day."

Naruto went to his locker that was besides Percy to collect his gym gear and turned around before he noticed something out of the corner of his eye that made him focus a little.

Outside of the window there was a spot that made the air look a little distorted. It was almost as if there was a small heat wave in that one area.

"Or someone is invisible," Naruto muttered before he smiled and tapped Percy on the shoulder. "I'm going to the bathroom. "I'll see you in gym," he said getting a nod from Percy before Percy left with Tyson towards the gym hall.

Naruto went into the bathrooms and locked the door. He checked no one was in there before he muttered "Shadow Clones Jutsu."

"Go to gym and dispel if anything happens," he said as the clone nodded, took the gym gear and left.

Naruto then opened the small window before he slipped out and made his way outside.


As quietly as he could Naruto ran across the trees around the school towards the location where he saw the air ripple.

He knew of only one person who could go invisible and he guessed that she was the one Chiron decided to send to pick them up from Meriwether. Though he was surprised that she was back from San Francisco.

As he got to the spot where he had seen it, he noticed it was gone but he could see small footprints in the ground as well as a familiar scent lingering in the air.

He quickly followed after it and after only a minute he could see a distortion in the air a little in front of him and looked like it was walking forwards and away from him.

Grinning Naruto went as silent as he could, which meant he moved without making so much as a sound thanks to his shinobi stealth.

Getting closer and closer he put his arms out, his smile becoming more like a fox before he swept the figure up which had gave a small squeal in surprise and then jumped on top of the school roof.

"Don't you know it rude to spy Annabeth? I thought Aunty Athena had taught you better then that."

Hearing a small huff of annoyance Annabeth Chase suddenly appeared in his arms with her New York Yankees hat in her hand. She looked like she had a small growth spurt during the past year and her hair had grown a few more inches but kept the same princess curls at the end.

Right now though her steely grey eyes were glaring at him, not impressed by his little surprise.

"NARUTO," she yelled making him laugh and then proceeded to punching him in the arm repeatedly for catching her by surprise.

"That was not funny. I thought you were an enemy. Do you know how close I was to sticking you with my dagger," she said motioning to the bronze dagger strapped to her hip.

"And risk losing the chance to surprise my baby sister? I think not," he said making Annabeth roll her eyes at the older blonde before she hopped out his arms before jumping on him again but this time wrapping him in a hug making them both laugh a little.

Naruto then sighed happily. "I have missed you Bethy."

"Missed you too Fishcake," she whispered as the proclaimed brother and sister stood their hugged each other since it had been almost ten months since they last say each other. Though Naruto was a little miffed that she had figured out the other meaning to his name.

Even though they spoke often on Skype and Annabeth had sent Naruto pictures of her trip to Washington, they had not had much contact with each other.

"You look well. No bruises, no cuts, no marks," Naruto said checking her over before Annabeth flicked him on the nose.

"I'm fine. No harm at all but thank you for caring," she said getting a big smile from Naruto. "Now though where is Kelp head? Usually he is trailing behind you where ever you go," she said looking around for Percy.

"He is in the gym at the moment. Dodge ball."

"Sounds fun."

"Oh it is. For us anyway."

"Well considering you're a shinobi with crazy skills, I doubt it is very fair on the other team."

Naruto just shrugged before he took a seat on the roof of the school with Annabeth sitting beside him.

"How has Luna and Tiber been? I hope they have been keeping everyone on their toes?"

"Oh they have. Those wolf pups you rescued has decided to turn the Demeter children flower bed beside their cabin into their bathroom," she said causing Naruto to break out laughing. "Katie will be having words with you when we get to camp."

"Well I would be expecting no less from her," he mentioned before he began to speak a little more seriously.

"So...what's happening at camp?" He said with Annabeth looking at him with surprise. "I got a message from Chiron earlier this morning saying the magical defenses are not as strong as they were and that it might be best if Percy stays away this summer."

Annabeth took a long breath. "It's not good Naruto. We don't know how but you know the tree on top of half blood hill?"

"Thalia's tree right? What about it?" he asked not entirely sure what that had to do with any of it.

"We are not sure how but someone has poisoned the tree," she said making Naruto look a little taken back.

"Poisoned? Who? How?"

"We don't know. Chiron has tried healing the tree but nothing seems to work. The poison is old. Very old. We think it might have come from...Tartarus."

"Tartarus? But who would..." he started before stopping when the image of a certain son of Hermes appeared in his head.

"Luke?" He said and watched as Annabeth winced at the name a little before nodding her head.

"It's a definite possibility. He knows the area but I just have a difficult time understanding why he would. That tree is all we have left of Thalia and Luke cared for her greatly. He would never do something to harm her memory."

"With the path he is walking it was only a matter of time before he turned on her too," Naruto thought before he continued listening to Annabeth.

"But that's not all. Over the past few months a lot of the unclaimed from the Hermes Cabin apparently began disappearing. During the night some of the wood nymphs claimed to see a group of demi gods leave the camp with someone leading them. Though they never got a good look at who it was."

"Using the unclaimed to join Kronos because they know that the unclaimed will be bitter about their parents not claiming them or not being seen as important enough to have their own cabin" he said as Annabeth nodded.

"That could be a real problem. Monsters have been increasing over New York lately," he said to Annabeth who had not known this part. "This month alone I have had to take out five hell hounds that did not stay in the Underworld."

Annabeth frowned and looked down.

"There is a storm coming isn't there?" she said looking over toward the Empire State Building a little ways of in the distance. "And the demi gods are going to be stuck right in the middle of it aren't we?"

Naruto simply nodded his head not really sure he could find any word to help at the moment.

"We know nothing for sure just yet. But it's better to be prepared just in case. Everyone is going to need to get stronger. Percy especially if this prophecy Chiron's speaks of is directed mainly at him."

"I believe Chiron will most likely be focusing on Percy this summer but I want to ask you a favor," she said now sporting a determined look on her face. "I know you have been helping Silena how to fight during last summer and she had improved a great deal. I-I don't want to be left out because I'm not strong enough to help."

"I want you train me too so that I can better protect everyone. I don't want to be all brains and no brawn."

"You want me to train you? You realise the kind of training I do is no joke and I take it very seriously?" he said as Annabeth nodded.

"I have seen how much Silena has improved. I dare say she might even be able to give Clarisse a run for her money. Please," she asked taking hold of his hands.

Naruto saw the determination on her face and he could see this is something she desperate wanted and needed and he knew what it felt like to feel helpless. There was nothing worse than having to sit on the sidelines and watch the people you care about fight for yours and their own life.

Naruto sighed and rubbed his head before smiling. "All right I will train you. It won't be easy and I will push hard but know it will help you get stronger. Once we get to camp I will begin setting up a schedule for your training and I will discuss it with Chiron so that it does not crossover with the camp activities," he said before he was knocked to the ground by Annabeth who hugged him tightly.

"Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I promise I will train hard and I will not let you down," she said making him laugh.

"Don't worry. I have a feeling you will do just fine."

They both sat up again but this time before either could speak Naruto felt the clone he created earlier dispel and the memories began flooding in.

"We have to get to the gym," he said quickly getting a surprised look form Annabeth before he picked her up and began speeding over towards the gym which made the daughter of Athena scream a little. His speed always caught her a little of guard.

It didn't take long for them to get to the gym and found people were running away from the gym hall that immediately told them both something bad was happening.

Pushing their way through the crowd they found themselves looking upon the scene. There was Percy who had drawn out Riptide and was battling some sort of giant like creature that had white eyes and was holding a dodge ball in its hand. It threw the dodge ball but Percy had rolled out of the way and the ball ended up buried in the gym walls.

The giant monster was easily eight feet tall and its clothes looked like they were about to rip off at any moment.

Naruto had a feeling they were the three monsters in hiding from earlier due to there being another two giant on the other side of the halls and were throwing dodge ball at Tyson.

"Laistrygonian Giants," Annabeth said looking at the creatures. "They are cannibals and are very dangerous. But what are they doing here? They normally reside further up North."

"Well before we give them an answer I think we better help Percy and Tyson," Naruto said as Annabeth looked at Tyson at the other side of the gym hall before she gasped a little.

"Naruto he is a..."

"I know."

"But why is he here if he is a..."

"Annabeth, Tyson is our friend. I know what he is but Percy does not at the moment. He is a good person so please don't judge him too harshly because of what he is."

Annabeth looked like she wanted to argue but let it go for now. I'll help Percy while you go help him," she said as she put her hat on her head and disappeared.

Naruto sighed having a feeling there was more of a reason to why Annabeth did not like Tyson's kind but he let it go for now.

Before going in to battle he knew just one thing at that moment.

"My summer is definantly not going to be boring."

Chapter One Completed

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