Chapter Five

After the first day of Annabeth's training things began to act like clockwork. Annabeth had began to get use to getting up so early and after the first few days she was use to the morning runs as well getting better at the morning routines. Though she did worry when Naruto mentioned they would eventually increase.

The weight bracelets at first were a challenge for her since she did not enjoy the extra five pounds on each limb but eventually she became accustomed to them. Though she knew she was not quite ready for them being increased, she was slowly making progress.

On the second day of training she and Silena who had fully recovered from her injuries began to learn how to use the Snake Style Taijutsu much to their excitement. Annabeth just found it suited her just like Naruto had said.

Plus it was a bonus that it was snake style since one of her mother's symbols was the snake.

Intelligent, cunning and ambitious Naruto had said that represented snakes despite not liking snakes one bit.

Both began to learn the stances together and had spent a lot of the time simply practicing together when ever they could, making sure they had the stances right while Naruto had corrected them with their footwork before they attempted some small sparring to try and get use to the fighting style.

Though the reason she was with Silena may have also been because of some kind of argument she ended up having with Percy. Naruto did not know what they had argued over but knowing those two it was probably over something very minuscule They were going to do the chariot race together but now Annabeth would be paired with her brother Malcolm while Percy was teaming with Tyson.

That was another thing that worried him a little. Percy had become very distant towards Tyson since he discovered he had a Cyclops for a half brother. Naruto knew Percy was taking it a little hard since no doubt it was a huge shock for him.

A lot of people in camp had been making very rude and harsh comments towards the two and on more than one occasion Percy had to be stopped from pounding members of the Apollo cabin that had begun to take the teasing a little too far.

Though they would stand up to Percy, they did not want to stand up to their cousin since they knew if Artemis could beat the hell out of their dad then no doubt their cousin could do the same to them.

Meanwhile for the chariot racing since it was only Naruto in the Artemis Cabin and the Aphrodite Cabin did not want to get all dirty from the racing, it was agreed that he would race for both cabins with Silena agreeing to help him and be his partner.

Together the two would make one great team since Silena could steer the chariots with the pegasi they were planning on using while Naruto would take out the other teams.

They were definantly one of the stronger teams and everyone else knew it since they decided to add extra time to building their chariots and practicing.

And finally there was Tantalus. He was so oblivious to the fact that the camp was dying and in danger that he stopped the demi gods from patrolling the boundaries to make sure monster don't come in.

He warned anyone caught doing so would receive harsh punishment and everyone did not want to imagine what the sicko had planned for a punishment.

Though it did not stop the man from being on the receiving end of pranks every single day.

Take the previous day for example.


Naruto sat at his table eating a stack of pancakes and a big bowl of cereal as the morning breakfast was in motion with everyone in the dining pavilion. He had allowed Annabeth a morning rest though they would be practicing later in the afternoon.

Though everything was calm everybody in the hall noticed the absence of their new activities director. Not that anyone cared but they were curious to where the man was.

However many had noticed the giant grin that was currently plastered on Naruto's face. Even Mr D was getting a curious.

Everyone had one though on their mind.

What did Naruto do to Tantalus since after the first day in camp everyone was aware Naruto hated the man.

It was not long before the quiet talking and wondering was interrupted by loud ear piercing scream that everyone recognized as the scream belonging to Tantalus.

Hearing the scream everyone looked towards Naruto and at the same time they asked "What did you do?"

Seeing Naruto's grin had become even wider everyone got up from their seats and dashed outside to see what had happened.

No one was prepared for what they saw.

Standing on top of an inflatable bed out in the ocean was Tantalus who was wearing a pink night gown and a blonde wig that had been super glued to his head. He was covered in what looked like honey and glitter.

The reason he was screaming was because in the ocean large swarms of fish had began circling around him while in the air seagulls had begun diving down at him trying to get a nip of him. Naruto guessed the honey was a seagull favorite.

"NO GET AWAY," he screamed n a very girly manner before he began waving his arms in the air before plummeting in the ocean.

Back on the shore everyone was on the ground clutching their stomachs not being able to take the sight in front of them.

Everyone had simply wondered how on earth Naruto had managed to pull that off while the kids from the Hermes cabin were bowing down to Naruto proclaiming him as the King of Pranksters.

However what none of them knew was that Naruto had prayed to Hephaestus just moments before the scream and had asked the God of the Forge to ready Hephaestus TV and that something all of Olympus would want to see was about to happen.

In his temple Hephaestus let out a bellow of a laugh as he gripped the edges of his seat. The only other gods that were on Olympus at the time was Apollo and Demeter who all found themselves laughing. Hephaestus made a reminder to send Artemis a copy of the footage since she would enjoy the site of Tantalus being tortured.

Though Hera was there and she did not laugh, she did allow a small smile to grace her face.

Back at camp Naruto just whistled a happy tune and went back to enjoy his pancakes while the other campers patted him on the back for the morning show.

End Flashback

Currently Naruto was walking down towards the pier and groaned loudly when he saw Percy was there with Annabeth and the two looked like they were about to go at it.

"Tough love," Naruto thought before he moved in closer to find out what the problem was this time. He swore these two had to be bipolar when it came to each other.

"He is a monster, why can't you just see that?" Annabeth called out as Percy began walking away from Annabeth with an angry look on my face.

"I don't care. It doesn't mean you can go around treating him like that, even if he is what he is," Percy said though he was looking a little unsure.

He nodded to Naruto as he went passed before storming back to the cabins to get Tyson who had taken a likening to the Hephaestus cabin. Then again they were not that surprised since Tyson did love to make stuff.

He approached Annabeth who was now sitting on the docks and had taken her shoes of to dip her feet in the water. She heard a small bump next to her and found Naruto staring out at the sea.

They sat there in silence for a few minutes enjoying the peaceful silence before Naruto spoke up. "So what was that all about?"

Annabeth did not say anything but instead looked away as if she was ashamed.

"Was this about Tyson again?" he asked. He did not get an answer back immediately before Annabeth eventually nodded her head. "Why do you hate them so much? Why do you hate Cyclops so much? I understand that they are monsters and that a lot of them hurt people but it still does not excuse why you hate Tyson. He is one of the good ones."

Annabeth bit her lip a little.

"I had a bad experience with a Cyclops when I was seven. It kind of always stuck with me."

"Tell me what happened," he asked but could see the uneasy look on Annabeth's face. "Annabeth if you can't tell me and confide in me then who can you tell?"

"He has a point," Annabeth thought before she gave in.

She was about to start explain before Naruto grabbed her right foot earning her a confused look before she noticed he was staring at the purple bruise around her ankle and down to the inner arch of her foot. He gave a look that said 'how did you get this?'

She shuffled a little in embarrassment. "I may have taken training the snake style a little far and ended up kicking one of the wooden posts at a funny angle."

"I told you not to overdo without me around to oversee it. You could have ended up hurting yourself or worse," he chided before one of the seals on his arm glowed before a small poof of smoke appeared and a little medic kit with ambrosia and nectar appeared.

"You know first aid?" She said with Naruto nodding.

"I asked Lee from the Apollo cabin to give me a crash course in first aid. Figured it might come in handy one day. Now stop stalling and tell me why you hate Cyclops while I fix you up," he said as he began to heal her foot as she began to explain.

"The night Grover was escorting us to camp, he got confused and he took some wrong turns. We were in Brooklyn at the time and we ended up in a Cyclops lair where we met a Cyclops. We thought we could trust him since he was acting all nice but it was all just an act."

This Cyclops, he tricked us. He managed to split us up inside this maze of corridors in an old house in Flatbush. He was able to mimic people's voices just like many other Cyclops can. He lured us, one at a time. Thalia thought she was running to save Luke. Luke thought he heard me scream for help. And me ... I was alone in the dark. I was seven years old. I couldn't even find the exit."

Annabeth blinked back a tear while Naruto gently patted her foot in reassurance.

"I remember finding the main room. There were bones all over the floor. And there were Thalia and Luke and Grover, tied up and gagged, hanging from the ceiling like smoked hams. The Cyclops was starting a fire in the middle of the floor. I drew my knife, but he heard me. He turned and smiled. He spoke, and somehow he knew my dad's voice. I guess he just plucked it out of my mind. He said, 'Now, Annabeth, don't you worry. I love you. You can stay here with me. You can stay forever.'"

"I ended up stabbing him in the foot which gave me just enough time to cut Thalia loose. She took care of the Cyclops while I got the others free. We ran and survived but the memory has always stuck with me."

Naruto finished bandaging up her foot before he moved a little closer to her and wrapped her in a warm hug as she let a few tears escape her eyes and kissed the top of her head. He knew it was hard for her to tell him that and that it was a very traumatic experience for her. He wondered if that was what she thought about when she froze last summer during their encounter with the Nemean Lion.

"You continue to impress me Bethy. You really are a lot stronger then you realise," he whispered making her smile a little.

"You know if you tell Percy then he will come to understand just like I now understand. He may be hard headed but he will get it eventually."

"Sometimes us guys just need a little more time to think things through," he said making her laugh a little.

"That's true I suppose," before they broke the hug. Though Naruto did turn to look at her with his blue and silver eyes looking into hers.

"You know I will always been there to protect you, don't you Bethy?" He asked causing her to look at him with her steely grey eyes and for her to smile and nod.

"I know. Just like one day I hope that I can protect you just as well."

"I am sure you will get that chance one day."

While Annabeth went on to inspect the bandage on her foot, surprised at how neatly and professionally he had managed to do it. Naruto sealed away the little med kit before he unsealed what looked like a flute.

That earned a raised eyebrow from Annabeth.

"You play the flute?" she asked getting a nod from Naruto. "Since when have you played the flute? In the time I have known you; you have not once mentioned you played the flute."

"I only learned how to play six months ago. And I like to think I have gotten pretty good at it," he answered back as quickly cleared it a little with his shirt.

"How did you learn...shadow clones?" She said as she realized just how he did it. Naruto grinned a little and nodded.

"I am so jealous over that ability," she thought. How she would have loved that ability. She could read so many books in one day that she would essentially become a walking library and she could learn so much. It was every child of Athena's dream to have such an ability.

Naruto blew into the flute a little to clear it out. He coughed a little before he slowly began to play.

Song Played- Trail of the Angels

The next five minutes, Annabeth could only listen in wonder as Naruto played one of the most beautiful songs she had ever heard. It sounded so gentle and calm that it made some of her worried and troubles to fade away.

Its sound carried all the way through camp and caused all the campers to stop what they were doing and listen. Even those who were sparring in the arena which included Percy and Clarisse had stopped to listen to the gentle sound of music.

The satyrs and wood nymphs all stopped what they were doing as well and had all closed their eyes and began to sway to the music a little. It sounded very magical to them all and their breathing to come out all gentle and calm, which had been the opposite in the last few days as they tried to keep the land alive.

All of the Aphrodite girls swayed to the music, thinking how romantic it sounded. Many wanted to start progressing their love to who ever their crushed were. Silena who was no different was beginning to feel the same.

Even Mr D was captured in how beautiful the song was and it got him thinking about his wife Ariadne. It made him want to go to his wife and start telling her how much he loved her.

"Music pretty," Tyson whispered from with the camps forges as the Cyclops and the Hephaestus kids had stopped what they were doing too just so they could listen.

"Very pretty," Ino whispered as she and Katie stood in the strawberry fields with some of the other children of Demeter and a few satyrs. Ino hugged Katie close to her from behind as the sisters swayed a little to the music.

The only person who did not enjoy the music was of course Tantalus who was busy brooding in the dining pavilion, not showing any interest in helping the campers and bow had his hands covering his ears complaining about what that horrid sound was. Those in the dining pavilion just looked at him as if he was insane before going back to enjoying the music.

Annabeth meanwhile was watching the effect the music was having on the camp and if she didn't know any better she would have said that the music was helping the camp. Almost if it was bringing it back to life as it played.

She felt like falling asleep before the music began to get quieter and quieter until eventually it stopped. She saw Naruto open his eyes and seal the flute away.

Song End

"So how was it?" he asked.

"T-That was beautiful. I don't think I have ever heard something so beautiful before."

"Thanks. I found the song some time ago and thought it sounded very free spirited."

"That was very beautiful," another voice said from in front of them. Both looked down to see four sea nymphs and water spirits looking up at them on the dock.

"You are most welcome. I am glad you liked it," he said bowing a little to them.

"Would you play for us again some time? We would very much enjoy hearing you play again?"

Naruto smiled down at them." I would love to. I promise I will try and find time to play for you all again some time."

The Water nymphs smiled at him and all blew him a kiss that made him blush a little before they submerged under the water and disappeared.

"You do realize that water nymphs are awful flirts. You are going to regret this," she said in a sing song voice.

Naruto contemplated pushing Annabeth in the ocean but he let it go this time. The two blondes sat on the dock at little while longer talking and laughing.

High on Olympus both mothers of the two blondes were watching the two together and were smiling and had a joyful look on their faces at how close the two were.

Artemis that her son was looking after and protecting an amazing and strong willed female and Athena who liked that her nephew had taken to her daughter so well and that he was willing to do anything to help her.

It was a sign of strong and positive friendship.

Two Days Later

Naruto clicked his neck and joints as he did a few stretches and mentally and physically prepared for the day ahead of him.

Today was the big chariot race and Naruto could see that everyone in the camp was getting excited. It had been more than three decades since they last had chariot racing at the camp.

Though many were excited, there were also many that were feeling a tad nervous. After all they all knew that people had died in the previous chariots races the camp had and a lot more casualties. By the look on Tantalus's face that day when they saw him in the dining pavilion they all had a feeling that was what he wanted.

He was walking alongside Silena as the two entered makeshift racetrack with two pegasi pulling their chariot.

Though the majority of the Aphrodite cabin did not help in making it due to not wanting to chip a nail and get all filthy, all through the week Naruto had clones read up on them and put it together with the members of cabin 10 that were willing to help.

They worked mainly during the evening and nights on it, skipping the camp fires and many were noting the missing kids of cabin eight and ten.

Once they were done and thanks to Naruto's clone doing most of the heavy duty stuff they had created a very impressive looking chariot. It was able to hold two people and its primary colours were silver, greys and purple with the symbols of both their mothers and Naruto's grandmother on it.

Most of the Aphrodite girls had begged to have some pink in it but Naruto immediately said no. He had no problem with the colour but the chariot was to manly for pink. So they settled with purple.

As they entered the racetrack they already saw the others all lined up on the starting line and many of the campers had already taken their seats in the stands. Mr D and Tantalus were sat next to each in some private looking box and even had a few satyrs fanning them.

The Hephaestus cabin was led by Beckendorf. There chariot was made of bronze iron and were being towed by two automaton horses.

The Ares chariot was blood red, and pulled by two grisly horse skeletons. Clarisse climbed aboard with a batch of javelins, spiked balls, caltrops, and a bunch of other nasty toys with one of her brothers.

Apollo's chariot was trim and graceful and completely gold, pulled by two beautiful palominos. Lee Fletcher and Michael Yew were the designated drivers.

Hermes's chariot was green and kind of old-looking, as if it hadn't been out of the garage in years. Though it did have the symbols of both Hermes and Demeter so Naruto guessed that the two cabins had struck some kind of deal. Though it was surprising since usually they were both rather antagonistic towards each other. Driving it was the Stolls.

The Athena chariot was very elegant looking with owl and snake patterns covering it and was grey and gold in colour with their mothers symbol on the front. Driving it was of course Annabeth and her younger brother Malcolm.

Then finally there was the Poseidon chariot which was navy blue with patterns of sea creatures and the trident covering it. Unlike the others the wheels were made to resemble ship helms. And of course driving it was Percy and Tyson.

As they lined up beside the other chariots Silena began to check on the pegasi and make sure they were to pull the chariot and gave them a few sugar cubes.

As Naruto began to check over their equipment he found Percy walking beside him with a scowl on his face.

Naruto sighed. "What did you and Annabeth argue over this time?" he asked.

"It was more like what she did not do. I had another dream and Grover was in it again."

Now that had Naruto's attention. He thought maybe Percy was trying to distract him before the race but he knew he would never use Grover's disappearance as something to joke about. He had Naruto attention and Naruto motioned for him to go on.

"We spoke to each other. It was almost as if I was there. Grover said we had some kind of connection that allowed us to talk to each other in times of need. He called it an empathy link."

"He said he was somewhere in Florida and turned left which does not exactly help. He said he fell into a trap and that some kind of shepherd had caught him. He said it was big Cyclops that got him. I think he called him Polyphemus."

"Polyphemus," Naruto thought to himself. He knew the old tales of the great and most famous of all the Cyclops and how he managed to capture Odysseus and his ship as they were heading home after the war in Troy.

"Anyway he got caught in St Augustine which is where I saw him in the bridal shop. He said that right now the only thing keeping him alive is the wedding dress. Apparently Polyphemus thinks he is a female Cyclops."

"Don't laugh, don't laugh," Naruto thought to himself though his lip did tremble a little.

"Did he say where he was? Where we can find him and save him?" Naruto asked with Percy nodding his head.

"He said he was currently in...the Sea of Monsters."

Naruto frowned a little. He had heard about the Sea of Monsters but he knew very little about it. All he was aware about it was that it was where the foulest and most powerful of the sea monsters the ocean had to offer dwelled and swam.

Though the exact location of the Sea Of Monsters was not known to Naruto but he had a feeling others may know. Plus Naruto had a feeling if they wanted to find it, they would need some kind of hint. They could not ask the gods for everything and he knew it was up to them to find it.

"If only we had some kind of clue," he thought before Naruto looked over to see the Stolls sneaking up to his chariot.

He rolled his eyes before his voice called out. "Stolls I swear if you attempt to do anything to our chariots I will be shoving Connors head up Travis's rear end. So think wisely before you act."

Paling completely and not like the concept Naruto had pictured for them, the two sons of Hermes quickly ran back to their chariot, shaking in fear since they knew Naruto would keep his word.

"Did he say anything else? Any hint to how we could get there?" he asked but Percy shook his head.

Naruto sighed deep running is hand through his hair which Silena noticed and only now began to notice the looks of worry on their faces. She knew she would have to speak to Naruto afterwards.

"We...we will speak more it after the chariot racing. Did you tell Annabeth? She will want to know since this concerns Grover."

"That's what I was trying to tell her. But she thinks I was just trying to distract her."

"Tell her afterwards. Once the race is over, we will hold some kind of meeting and discuss it. Grover is our friend and we will save him."

Percy nodded and biting his lip made his way back to his chariot where they saw Tyson struggling to keep their horse under control since the animals had better sense that of a person.

Hearing a loud horn signalling that the race was about to start. Naruto got up on his chariots where Silena was waiting as all the others teams began to do the same thing and entered their chariots.

With The Gods

Meanwhile all over Olympus the gods all began to get comfortable in their temples. It had been a long time since they had watched chariot racing and the sport was a favourite amongst them. Ares, Apollo, Hermes and Hephaestus all sat and ate various bags of popcorn along with a large bottle of Pepsi each.

The goddesses like Demeter, Hera and Hestia were sat together in Hera's temple and had somehow talked Hera into watching with them. Though she clicked her tongue at having to watch demi gods she guessed it would be fun to watch some of them get hurt.

She had yet to find a demi god that she liked though for Hestia's sake, she supposed she could root for her sister's grandson. Since she had heard of his exploits and while she was a little impressed, he did win brownie points with her for his respect to women and the family values he appeared to have.

However she would probably still smite him down if she had the chance.

Aphrodite was in her temple squealing a little. It was not the race she was paying attention to but at how close her daughter and Artemis's boy were. She had seen their near kiss and felt like giving her daughters a good spanking at how they interrupted such a crucial moment.

Athena was watching while reading a scroll she had gotten from the Elemental Nations. Ever since Naruto came to their world, her interest in the other world had grown on her and felt like reapplying herself to her knowledge of sealing.

Poseidon was on his throne in Atlantis watching as his two sons were working together on the chariot. Though pride did fill him at seeing them, he had been giving a mouthful by his wife Amphrite who was still pissed at him having a demi god son.

While Artemis was sat in her tent as she watched the race and admired her son's threats to the sons of Hermes. It made her laugh and would have to remember it for future threats and was looking forward to seeing her son knock them all out of the park.

Zeus though was not even paying attention and was reading his smut again.

Racing Fields

"Charioteers!" Tantalus called. "To your mark!"

Everyone got ready. Silena took the reins in their chariot while Naruto already had his trusty bow in his left hand while his quiver full of arrows was secure onto his back.

He breathed in and out softly, preparing and looked up at the sky to see the sun was shining brightly from the sky. "I guess Uncle Apollo thought today would be a good day to have the sun shining. Though I wonder if that's just a tactic to help his kids win," he thought before he shrugged.

Though he did notice that in the tree's all around the race track there seemed to be a large mass of birds just watching and staring at them and more were coming in by the minute.

"Charioteers!" he shouted. "Attend your mark!"

He brought up his hand and for a few seconds it stayed there before it suddenly waved down causing the entire track to burst into life.

All the chariots shot off from the starting line, all except for the Apollo chariot where a loud crack sounded out and after looking behind him, Naruto saw the chariot had flipped over completely and the horse were now running off and away from the track.

"Stolls," he thought while he could not help but laugh at the tantrum his cousins were throwing. On Olympus Apollo was doing the same while Ares, Hermes and Hephaestus all laughed at him for being the first out.

Thinking it was only right to avenge his cousins, Naruto propped an arrow into his bow and fired towards the reins of the Hermes chariot.

The reins were cut completely causing the laughing Stolls to suddenly panic before their horses galloped into the opposite direction and the chariot wheeled straight into a ditch and chucking the two boys out.

The entire camp aside from the Hermes cabin and the Demeter cabin who wondering why they put their trust in those two laughed at the two Hermes sons who were not stuck underneath the broken wood of the chariot while on Olympus Hermes was wallowing and sat in the corner with a dark cloud above his head as the others now laughed at him.

Demeter huffed since she was aware her cabin had teamed with the Hermes cabin and were blaming the two Hermes boys. Hera and Hestia both laughed at her expression.

"Only fifteen seconds in and two are already out," Naruto shouted to Silena who nodded back as she tried to keep her concentration on the track in front of her.

So far the Athena chariot was in front with the Artemis/Aphrodite chariot behind and who were neck and neck with the Ares chariot and the Poseidon chariot. Behind them was the Hephaestus cabin who was quickly gaining speed.

Annabeth's brother Malcolm grinned at them as they went round a bend and threw three spears towards them. Naruto and Silena easily ducked from the spear while the other two hit the Poseidon and Ares chariots right on the front.

The Hephaestus cabin pulled up alongside Percy and Tyson as Beckendorf smiled apologetically at them before three sets of balls and chains shot straight toward. Though Naruto watched and grinned when he saw Tyson wave his arms and knock them all away.

Meanwhile the Ares chariot had pulled up alongside theirs with Clarisse's brother taking the reins as Clarisse arms herself with a sword as they got in close.

"Ah bring it War Girl," Naruto laughed as Silena laughed as well as Naruto and Clarisse began to trade blows between each other.

Naruto had unsealed his hunting knives and parried Clarisse's sword away from him before lunging his knife into her. Though she managed to manoeuvre herself out of the way.

She turned around and threw a net towards them that Silena panicked a little over knowing if they got caught in the net they were pretty much done for.

Though Naruto just kept calm and smirked before he laced his hunting knives with wind and cut upwards. The strike completely shredded the net causing Clarisse to curse. "I forgot he could do that," she thought.

The two looked about even before Naruto began to push and ply pressure against the daughter of Ares which made her stumble back a little.

She gritted her teeth. "I won't lose here," she thought but before he could properly arm herself again a loud crash could be heard.

Everyone in the chariots turned around and saw the large mass of birds that had been perched on the trees had now taken to the sky and had bombarded and mobbed Beckendorf and his chariot. They didn't stand a chance and ended up crashing into a tree.

Everyone looked a little worried but sighed in relief when Beckendorf and his sibling got out though they did look a little scratched up.

Hephaestus meanwhile threw his popcorn on the floor and began raging about stupid pigeons. Meanwhile all the goddesses were curious to why the birds had attacked in the first place.

All the birds then swarmed all over the track and into the stands causing a mass panic to begin.

The birds began slashing at any bit of exposed flesh, casing everyone to try and find the nearest shelter while others tried their best to fight them off. When the birds got closer everyone began to notice that they were not any ordinary birds. They noticed that the eyes were beady and evil-looking. Their beaks were made of bronze.

"Stymphalian birds!" Annabeth yelled as she and Malcolm began to slow down their chariot and appeared next to Percy and Tyson. Naruto and Silena slowed down too though Clarisse kept going though she never took her eyes of the horrid looking bids.

"How do you get rid of them?" Percy called out as he swung riptide round him trying to keep the bird of him. Naruto was using his wind and manipulation to circle around him and keep him and Silena safe.

In the distance he could see Ino trying to help protect the younger campers and was using celestial bronze made Kunai's and shuriken that Beckendorf had made her.

"Hercules used noise! Brass bells!" Annabeth said. "He scared them away with the most horrible sound he could—" she stopped as realization hit her. "Chiron's collection!"

She then jumped onto Percy's chariot and directed them towards the big house.

Some of the bird went after them while others began mad bombing towards Naruto and Silena.

In her tent Artemis gritted her teeth as she watched the two fight of the birds, hoping Percy and Annabeth got to the Big House in time.

Hestia was a little the same as she and many of the other gods were wondering just how this had happened. However most had a feeling that Tantalus could have been behind it.

Silena stay down Naruto called with the girl nodding in reply holding her hands over her head.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu," he called and five clones appeared beside him.

They all scattered around in pairs managing to draw a lot of the attention away from the Silena and the others campers.

"Come on you stupid birds. You want something tasty then come and get me," he said tauntingly and it looked like it worked since most of the birds flapped theirs wings and began heading toward the real Naruto and the clones.

Though he was thankful they didn't show any interest in Silena any more who he had managed to persuade to follow after her siblings back to the cabins.

As the birds got closer he knew he could not wait for Annabeth and Percy so the clones Naruto had created avoided the birds before they managed to trap them in a triangle like boundary.

Roast them Naruto called as all six clones did the same hand signs before they all shouted "FIRE STYLE: FIRE BALL JUTSU."

Six large torrents of flames shot out from all six Naruto's mouths and covered the area in front of them as well as the sky around them in fire.

The heat and light from the blasts drew the attention and amazement from the campers that were still stuck in the stands. They were aware Naruto could use wind but they did not know he could use fire too.

Hestia who was still watching with her sisters and was watching with worry smiled proudly seeing her grandson use her element. Though she knew he could sue it this was the first time she was seeing it. But her sister Hera gazed calculatingly at him.

"He has grown even stronger. I wonder," she though before she trailed off and continued to watch.

The birds that Naruto had caught in the fire blast all dropped to the ground, completely burnt and roasted before he and his clones began to make hand signs to perform another fire jutsu for another swarm of birds hat were closing in.

However just before Naruto could begin the hand signs, the loud speakers around camp began to play. When the music began the birds went completely nuts.

Seeing his opportunity Naruto did the fire ball jutsu again and completely engulfed the birds. From a little ways off he could see the Apollo archers taking some more birds down with theirs arrows and each one hitting due to the birds going crazy.

Eventually after a minute past and all the arrows had stopped and the fire was out, all the Stymphalian birds had been taken care off. However everyone looked like they had seen better days.

Silena was with her siblings and most were complaining about their clothes being ruined. Everyone had a few scratches and cuts on them from where the birds had scratched and pecked at them. Even Naruto had a few on his arms from some of the birds that had managed to avoid the fire had clawed at him while he roasted them.

Naruto sighed. "Thank the gods for Chiron's love of Dean Martin." However Tantalus's voice suddenly called out getting everyone's attention.

"Bravo! We have our first winner," he said as he walked over to Clarisse and raised her hand and placed a golden laurel on her head. Though the daughter of Ares looked a little stunned and she felt that it was a very hollow victory given the circumstances.

"And now to punish the troublemakers who caused the disruption," he said looking all the way over at Percy before turning to Naruto.

Naruto gritted his teeth at how Tantalus was trying to pin the blame on him and Percy. Many were the same and saw it was not fair.

Many of the other gods frowned and knew Tantalus was just doing it to spite the two boys. Though Artemis and Poseidon were the two that were angry the most since their knuckles were bone white from them gripping on their weapons so tightly. The hunters had come in to watch the last part and they too were frowning at the screen.

However no one was prepared for what happened next.

During the gloating Naruto had walked straight up to Tantalus with a focused look on his face. When Tantalus looked like he was about to shout at him Naruto got right in front of him, grabbed his collar and head butted him with full force.

Tantalus dropped to the ground immediate and was knocked out clean out.

"Asshole," Naruto said before he walked off getting shocked looks from everyone before they all began clapping, cheering and laughing.

The Stolls were on the ground laughing as was Lee Jordan Tyson and Percy. Annabeth was laughing away into her hands while Silena did the same. Clarisse though was just looking down at Tantalus and was cracking up at his dazed and out cold face.

Even Mr D looked amused and laughed a little.

On Olympus all the gods looked a little gobsmacked at the sight of Artemis's son knocking Tantalus out with a head butt before they all broke down laughing.

Athena had dropped the book she was reading and had a tear of laughter making its way down her face. Aphrodite was the same except she had fallen to the ground in laughter. Zeus chuckled to himself as he read smut and Poseidon's deep laugh was echoing all over Atlantis making everyone wonder what their lord was so happy about.

Apollo commended his nephew's hard head while Naruto's grandmother found herself struggling to breathe at how funny it was. Her sisters were facing similar problems and Hephaestus was already making copies of the video so that he could put it on Hephaestus TV for later and give to the other gods and goddesses.

Though from the hunters camp gut wrenching girly laughter could be heard as many of the hunters were in tears at what just happened and many had dropped their food or fallen of the logs they were sitting on. Even the normal stoic Zoë was struggling to keep calm.

Artemis though was laughing and looking at her son with pride since he had done something so many had wanted which was shutting Tantalus up. She have to remember to give him the biggest hug she could muster since everyone in the camp and on Olympus hated Tantalus with a passion.

Everyone at camp had one similar thought. "Leave it to Naruto to turn a horrid day in to a great day."

Chapter Five Completed

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