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Chapter 7. A Day in the Castle

Shadow made it back to his castle with Amy and when they made it back he put her in a room and ask for a maid to help her give Amy a bath to clean her up and put some clothes on her. Amy was sitting on a chair with the seaweed still in the room waiting for the maid to come and waited for a while and made this made her impatient she waited and waited and felt like hours have pass. Then finally minutes later a girl blue parrot with light purple eyes and in a cute teal maid's outfitcame in and saw Amy and closed the door behind her and walk up to her.

"Oh! Poor darling I'm sorry I am late I had errands to do around the castle and took forever to do but don't worry I am here to help you clean up and get you into proper clothes sweetheart okay?" The blue parrot said happily and smiled.

Amy nodded and got up from the chair. The blue parrot then took her hand and took her to the bathroom and help her got off the seaweed off of her and started the bath for her and put her in the tub and started cleaning her.

Shadow and Mighty were waiting outside of the room waiting for the maid to finish Amy's bath and get her into nice clothes and while they waited Shadow and Mighty were talking to each other about Amy.

"You What?!" Mighty said to Shadow unbelieveable of what he said to him.

"I said I want her to stay here so I can help her so she can be able to understand and probably if she can talk again." Shadow said.

Mighty didn't like this idea especially when he told him that he found her on the beach covered with seaweed. She could anyone that could be dangerous and might be planned to do something to the castle like to destroy it or take over. "I don't know Shadow she could be anyone and besides you shouldn't be all the time with her you still need to find bride for you and take over the kingdom and rule with her."

"I know Mighty I know but I am going to help her no matter what. She look like she was in a shipwreck and need help I want to help her and I am going with it and that's that!" Shadow said to Mighty willing to help her out and do all his power to help her.

Mighty sighed and look up at him. "As you wish Shadow...you are prince after all."

Shadow smiled a bit and patted Mighty's back. "Thank you Mighty...Let's go to the dinner hall and wait for Amy there it's lunch time and we should go and wait." Shadow said.

"Sure Shadow let's go then" Mighty said then walk down the hall with him and went to the dinner hall to wait for Amy to get done with her bath and get dress.

"Oh you just look so beautiful my dear!" The blue parrot said and smiled. After the bath she got Amy dressed and look at her in the gorgeous dress she was wearing. She was wearing a bright blue dress with white satin skirt on the larger skirt and with frills on the bottom and transparent sleeves connected to a V neck top and decked with some gems on the collar. Amy smiled and nodded from her compliment she said to her.

The blue parrot walk up to her and took her hand. "Let's go dear it's lunch time and Prince Shadow and Mighty are waiting for you in the dinner hall you must be straving my dear." She said to her then took her out of the room and walk down the hall with Amy and took her to the dinner hall to get her something to eat.

While, Shadow and Mighty were in the dinner hall in a table sitting in chairs waiting for Amy to get finish. Then they saw the door open and saw the maid with her.

"Sorry we took so long she was covered with so much dirt and seaweed it took a while to clean her up and put her in nice clothes." The blue parrot said.

When Shadow saw Amy in her dress he widen eyed in shock and was speechless and awe in struck to see her so beautifully in the dress. When Amy saw him in shock and awe about her in the dress she giggled and blush a little from his reaction. When he heard her giggle he fix himself back up and look presentable and blush a little.

"It is fine and thank you for helping her." Shadow said to the blue parrot.

"You are welcome your highness I will help her to the table so you and the rest can eat and I must be on my way I still have chores and jobs to do." The blue parrot smiled then help Amy to the table and graciously sets her down elegantly in the chair and then walk out of the room and went to do her work around the castle.

Then Mighty saw her in the dress and smiled. "You look beautiful young lady." He said to her. Amy smiled and nodded then suddenly saw the chefs and servants come in the room and deliever their food to her, Shadow, and Mighty then place it on the table for them and places the plates and silverware for them and then left the room so they could eat. Then Mighty and Shadow and went and start eating the food but Amy had trouble she didn't know what to do with the plates and silverware she saw she never saw those things before, not even in her cave with her collection and was confused to what to do with them. So she try to use them and try to understand them so then she pick up a utensil with two or more prongs on it (that is a fork if you didn't know) and hold it in her hand and look at it carefully and thought that it was brush to her to brush her quills so then she used the fork and brush her quills wih it.

While Shadow and Mighty were eating their food they suddenly saw Amy brushing her quills with the fork and watch her very confused with their confused eyes looking and watching her brushing her quills with a fork. When she was continuing brushing her quills she saw Shadow and Mighty watching her very confused at what she was doing so she got embarrass and stop brushing her quills with the fork and places it down and looks away still embarrass. Then suddenly she sees a glass cup and looks at it strange for what to do with it and what was it for. Then sees water in the glass cup and thought it was to splash herself with it so she grabs it and holds it and dumps the water on her.

When Shadow and Mighty saw her pour the water on herself and see her all wet and soak this made Mighty more very confused about her but when Shadow saw this he laughed and chuckled at her craziness and thought she is very entertaining. When she heard his laugh and chuckle she giggled a little and blushes more a bit then he got out of his seat and walk up to her and grab a chair and sit right next to her and grab the glass cup in her hand and puts it down on the table.

"This is for drinking not for splashing yourself with it here I will show you." Shadow said and smiled then took another glass cup and filled it with water and hold it up for him and drank it. When Amy saw him drank she understand what to do with the cup and smiled that he was helping her and was very grateful that he was helping her she didn't know what to do with the glass cup and he was the only one who was sweet and kind to her and the one to help her with her problem. Then he finish drinking the water in the cup and put it down on the table and look at her and smiled.

"See and here let me out with the rest." he said to Amy then he grab the silverware she had on the table and begin to show her what to do with them. When she was seeing him what to do with the silverware it help her out a lot and know what to do. When he was done showing it to her he gave her silverware back to her and went back to his seat and sit back in his chair and continue eating his food and so did Mighty. Now then Amy know what to do with the cup and silverware and began eating the food and her and the rest eating a quiet lunch together. While she was eating she think about going out of the castle to see Arson to tell him about the new things she heard and learned how to use it. So she decided on going out to find Arson at the beach somewhere and tell him everything about the castle and how wonderful it is here.