Second Phase

The full moon in all its glory illumined the night sky. The skies were clear and beautiful, unaffected by what was about to happen. Mr. Yoshi a member of the Diet was watching the city through his hotel window. Mr. Yoshi was a forty three year old human, who fights for the rights of the monsters. He was well known for his views and was respected…as well as hated for it.

Becoming tired from watching, he slowly turned his body to walk away from the window. He stopped as something caught his eye. A flash of a shadow seemed to have moved on the top of the smaller building next to the hotel. For several seconds Mr. Yoshi stood in place, even squinting his eyes like it would give his sight more power. Nothing moved for the amount of time Mr. Yoshi stared. Convincing himself that it just a trick of the moonlight he continued his regression away from the window.

He reached the bed where he began to take off his suit. CRASSSSH…with ear-splitting sound the window broke into a thousand pieces. Mr. Yoshi turned his body instinctively toward the sound of the window breaking. He was met with a combat knife in his chest. His eyes rolled back as he fell down.

His guards hearing the sound busted into the room. In front of the broken window was a female figure. She wore black pants and a black zippered up leather jacket. Her head was covered by a blood red biker helmet with a purple tinted visor. On her pants hung a holster of a knife…it was empty. Without saying anything the first bodyguard went for his handgun. He wasn't fast enough, before he could even touch it she was in front of him. Leaping up into the air she twirled around with her leg extending outward. Her foot connected with his neck, breaking it easily. As the guard fall the next one came up and did his best to throw a punch at the intruder. The intruder simply swatted it away like a bug. She then proceeded to kick him square in the chest. The force sent him back toward the entry way.

Sensing the incoming attack the intruder bent her body backward as small pointy projectiles shot across the air. She returned to her original suture and looked at the one who attacked her. It was a female monstrels; one of her arms had turned into a club like structure. Spikes began to reform on groves that rapped around the transformed arm. Before the monstral could attack again the intruder flipped backwards then ran to the window jumping out. By the time the reminding body guards reached the window she was already long gone.


Meanwhile at Tsukune's mansion Riddick and his ten year old daughter Tsugumi were visiting the couple. Tsukune, Moka and Riddick sat on the living room couch while Tsugumi sat on the floor leaning up against her father's legs. All four of them were watching TV after finishing dinner. They were watching an old movie when Riddick looked at the time display on the DVD player under the TV. "Well I think it's about time we head out" Riddick said. Tsukune turned his head toward Riddick who was sitting on his left. "You can stay here you know…we have rooms" Tsukune stated. Riddick pondered it for a bit before asking his daughter. "What do you want to do sweetie?" Tsugumi looked at her father then to Tsukune and Moka then back to her dad. "I want to go home" She said bluntly.

Riddick and Tsukune gave each other an understanding look. Moka smiled at Tsugumi "It was nice having you here Tsugumi". Tsugumi retuned the smile "Thank you for having me here ma'am" Tsugumi said politely. Riddick got up and stretched his arms and legs. "Tsugumi get you things I'll wait by the door. Tsugumi nodded got up and ran to collect the toys and books she had brought.

It didn't take long for Tsugumi to gather her things in to her bag and meet up with the others at the door. "You made sure that you have anything with you" Riddick said patting his daughter's head. "Yep" she simply replied. Riddick then looked up to Tsukune and held up his hand. Tsukune lifted his is own hand toward Riddick. Upon grasping each other's hand then lend in to each other and gave each other a bro hug before parting.

Without another word Riddick opened the front door and left with his daughter in hand. Tsukune closed the door shortly after they left. He couldn't help letting out a sigh. Moka giggled a bit. "A little relived are we?" she asked jokingly. "As much as I like being visited by friends…Riddick can be a little overwhelming" Tsukune said. Moka smiled 'I'll give you that but I have to say little Tsugumi looked cute in her white dress". Tsukune nodded in agreement, there was no argument there.

Moka stifled a yawn, clearly tired from the day's activities. Tsukune walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "You go up and get ready for bed I'll turn off the TV" Tsukune suggested. Moka nodded sheepishly before turning toward the direction of the stairs.

Once the TV was off Tsukune joined Moka in the bathroom. They brushed their teeth and got changed for bed. Right when Tsukune was about to drift off to sleep a loud banging sound rang out. Both Moka and Tsukune jolted upward from their bed at the sound. The banging continued as the two of them got up from the bed. They were able to identify the banging sound as a knocking sound at the front door.

The both of them descended the stairs quickly. Tsukune and Moka looked at each other was they communicated through their link. Their so called link could be described as a form of telepathic power. This however does not mean they could actually speak to each other through their minds. Instead they are able to send wordless thoughts and feelings to each other. For some reason the receiver of the communication could understand what the other one wanted or felt at any particular time. Unfortunately the only expiation to this link was only a theory. This theory mealy stated that the link is due to the fact that they have the same blood flowing through them. This however didn't explain how they were so in tune with each other.

Moka held her position behind Tsukune ready to lend aid. Tsukune continued to the door. He touched the door knob slowly then suddenly jerked it open. In front of them was a young Tsugumi. She was crying heavily. "Tsugumi? What's wrong? Where's your father?" Moka asked as she rushed to Tsugumi. Moka knelt down in front of the girl putting her hands on the girl's shoulders. "I…It's…dad…he…he's down the…the…street…he's hurt…really badly…please…please help, I don't want him to die". Tsugumi wails became louder as new tears erupted from her face. Moka deadpanned to Tsukune who looked at her with wide eyes. They held the look for only a second before Tsukune disappeared into the night to find Riddick.

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