Who Are You

The hospital, A place for saving lives, receiving treatment and recovery, it is also a place where vampires rarely go. Thanks to their healing ability they can take quite a beating. Four vampires however, where now in one of the hospital rooms. Tsukune stood by the bed looking down at his unconscious friend Riddick. When Tsukune found Riddick he was badly burned. Moka and Tsukune later found out that Tsugumi had injected blood into her father which probably saved his life.

Thanks to Tsugumi's and his own blood Riddick's body was slowly recovering. Several of the burns were starting to heal, however it would still take time for a full recovery. Tsukune pondered about who could do this to Riddick and why. He looked over to his right where Moka was seating; on her lap was Tsugumi sleeping. Tsukune could see Moka's worried look as she watched Riddick. A few seconds later Moka turned her head up to Tsukune still carrying her worried expression. Suddenly they both felt a strong presence at the door. They turned their head in unison to see who it was. It was Akuha and see looked as worried as Moka and Tsukune.

"Akuha what…what are you doing here?" Moka asked somewhat bewildered by her sister's appearance. It took a few seconds before Akuha answered.

"Maz called me after you called her about the attack". Moka shot a quick glance at Tsukune before returning her attention back to Akuha. "Ookkay but Why did she call you?" Once again Akuha took a moment to answer. "I was closer to you guys than she was an since I have gotten to know her over the years she called me to give her the details on what is happening before she gets here….by the way what's Riddick's status?"

"He's alive thankfully but we still have no clue what happened and…" Tsukune looked at Tsugumi for a millisecond before continuing "Tsugumi could tell us how it happened…All she was able to say was that Riddick sudden stopped walk and told her to hide, she said she did and after she heard yelling she saw a flash of light and felt heat on her skin…it was after that she ran to Riddick and found him…well in this condition". Akuha nodded in understanding. "Ok…I …I better call Maz and tell her how Riddick and Tsugumi are doing. Once Akuha left the room Tsukune turned to face the wounded Riddick. Tonight was going to be a long one.


The morning arrived like it normally did. Tsukune opened his eyes to his body being gently shaken. The first thing he saw was a little girl sleeping next to him. Still feeling a hand on his shoulder he looked up. There was Moka dressed in a business suit. "I'll be heading off to work now" she whispered. Tsukune took a moment to recall why she was leaving before his memory came back to him. Today he wasn't working his normal shift allowing him to sleep later. Moka on the other hand needed to head off to work. She could not afford to miss a day. She had just recently got a job as a floor manager at Harmonious. Moka bent down and gave Tsukune a kiss on the lips which he briefly returned. He watched her leave the room before turning his attention back on Tsugumi. Maz arrive at the hospital a little after eleven. After a brief conversation t was decided that Maz and Akuha would stay and watch Riddick while Moka and Tsukune would look after Tsugumi for a while. Tsukune would be with Maz till her other picked her up an hour before he had to go to work.

A half an hour after Tsugumi woke up. Tsukune offered her breakfast and she agreed to it. Tsugumi remained quiet, not speaking more than a few words. Tsukune just watched her eat till he heard the phone ring. "I will get it Sir" Mr. Butai said from somewhere in the house. Tsukune heard the butler pick up the phone. "Aono residence…no sir I am his butler Mr. Butai…of course sir I will get him at once" Tsukune rose from the table. "Sir there is a man from the Diet wishing to speak to you" Mr. Butai call out to Tsukune.

"Alright I'm be there in a sec" Tsukune looked down at Tsugumi "are you going to be alright" he asked. She nodded but said nothing. Tsukune made his way over to the phone which Mr. Butai was holding. Tsukune gave him a silent thank you then put the phone to his ear.

"Hello" "this this is Tsukune Aono right?" "Yea…and this is…" "I…I am Mr. Shu from the die…diet and I need your help" Tsukune lifted a brow. "What do you want me to do?" he asked. "I want…I need you to protect meeee" Mr. Shu replied. "Mr. Shu I am A CEO of a company not a bodyguard" Tsukune said. "I know but…but my monster co-workers had told me of your power…you are the only one I can rely on" Mr. Shu whimpered. "But why do you need me to protect you?" Tsukune asked. There was a pause on the other side of the phone "YOU DON"T KNOWS…HAVN'T YOY SEEN THE NEWS!" Mr. Shu said flabbergasted. Tsukune had to pull the phone away from his ear because Mr. Shu was so loud. After the outburst passed Tsukune once again put the phone to his ear. "Listen Mr. Yoshi was killed last night at his hotel by a monster…You don't need to be a detective to know that he was killed because he was pro monster rights…killing people like him…people like me will cause hell to break loss…know please tell me that you can pro…protect me.

Tsukune rubbed his chin as he thought about it. He didn't believe that just after one attack meant that all diet members would be targeted. On the other hand however a murder was a serious matter. Even if it was a hunch it would be ill advised not to take up the offer to save a life. "Very well Mr. Shu I help…I'll come over tonight if you want once I am done with work…just give me your information" Tsukune said calmly. 'Thank you thank you so much…" Mr. Shu said with a relived tone.

Once Tsukune had gathered the necessary information he said good-bye and hung up the phone. "No rest for the weary" He said to himself before returning to the dining room.

As promised Maz arrive an hour before Tsukune need to work. Maz gave a consoling glance at Tsugumi when Tsukune brought the daughter to her. "Thank you Tsukune…Riddick is getting better but…he hasn't awakened yet, Akuha said she will stay on guard just in case he is attacked again" Maz turned her attention to Tsugumi. "Let's go home dear" she said holding out a hand. Tsugumi took it reluctantly as the three of them walked to the door. Tsukune opened the door and let the girls go passed him. Tsugumi stopped and looked up at Tsukune. Maz stopped as well but only because she was puzzled by Tsugumi's actions.

"Mr. Aono…if you find the one who hurt my dad…make them pay" Tsugumi said. Tsukune notice a hint a anger in her eyes. Anger that burned at for him but to the criminals.

"I will" Tsukune replied. Maz tugged gently on Tsugumi's arm causing the young girl to move once more. Maz gave Tsukune a brief nod and left with her daughter. Tsukune closed the door and let out a sigh then he went to his room to get ready for work.

Tsukune's work day when on like it normally did. He would make calls; check over loans, as well as reading reports that came from the other business sites. Tsukune loved his job but there was one thing that made his day. That was seeing Moka at lunch break. Unless you were new everyone knew about Moka's and Tsukune's relationship. It wasn't against regulations since Tsukune had made so that relationships were allowed even before Moka had returned. Neither of them allowed their relationship to affect their job, which was to only requirement for allowing co-worker relations. Most of the time they did not see each other even though they were in the same building. The only time they did was at lunch.

Tsukune had his lunch laid out and an extra chair pulled out by the time Moka arrived. She came in with her own lunch and at down in the extra chair. They chatted and ate happily in each other's company. Tsukune however frowned as thought of his phone conversation returned. Moka noticed his mood change right away.

"Tsukune…is there something wrong?" she asked. Tsukune smiled half-heartedly, he need to tell her.

"Earlier Mr. Shu from the diet called me" he paused to take in Moka's curious yet confused expression.

"Did you know that Mr. Yoshi was killed last night?" Moka nodded "I heard people talk about it was I came in to work" she added.

"Well Mr. Shu called me to ask me to become his bodyguard" "and you said yes" Moka cut in. Tsukune nodded slowly as his response.

"I questioned him about it…but yes I did agreed to it" Tsukune said. There was silence in the room. Tsukune looked wearily at Moka not completely sure what her feeling were on the topic. Out of nowhere she gave him a sly smile. "I'm coming with you, you know"

Tsukune let out a sigh of relief. "I wouldn't have it any other way".


By chance Mr. Shu Lived in the same city as Tsukune. It was only a sort ride to his estate. Mr. Shu's house was a traditional Japanese home. The house was about half the height of Tsukune's home. This meant that it was only one story high. It was, however bigger in length. The two of them were cleared for entry by a security guard at the gate. After finding a place to park they were immediately met by bodyguards who directed them to the house. Once inside they were directed again by a guard into a lounge.

The lounge was different from the rest of the house. It had wood floors for one thing. In the middle of the room was to dusty green couches on a Persian rug. In between the couches was a glass coffee table. The was also a glass door leading to the outside. "Please have a seat." The bodyguard said pointing at the couches. "Mr. Shu will be with you momentarily." The guard bowed then left.

Tsukune did not get a chance to talk for Mr. Shu appeared. He gave to two of them a weary smile. He was a skinny man. He had greyish fuzzy hair on the sides of his head. He wore a white button shirt and gray pants.

"I see you brought a partner…that good…um…thank yo…you both for coming" Mr. Shu said with a bow.

Moka crossed her arms. "Though I don't mind coming here…I would like to know anything you know about the murder and why you think you are next on the list...and I want a better reason than the one you gave Tsukune. Mr. Shu swallowed and yanked at the collar of his button up shirt.

"Well…ah let me sit first" Mr. Shu proceeds to walk over to the couch facing both Moka and Tsukune. Tsukune could clearly see a beard of sweat roll down the man's brow. "I happen to be a good friend of Mr. Yoshi, so I was able to get some details from his bodyguards, He…he was alone in his hotel room, The guards heard the sound of glass breaking, they charged in…but it was too late, the killer had stabbed him with some sort of army knife…it was a female wearing leather…and a motorcycle helmet, she…she took out two guards before retreating out the window"

Mr. Shu became quiet for a while before speaking up again. "The reason I think I'm next is that while I work and the same side of the as Mr. Yoshi I am of course a residence of this city…I…could only guess…that I am next because I'm close." Moka gave Mr. Shu a satisfying look. Mr. Shu's expression continued to sadden. 'He…he was a good man…he shouldn't have died that way."

Believing that changing the subject would brighten the mood Tsukune struck up a conversation with Mr. Shu. Moka even joined in after a few minutes passed.

Hours passed without incident and Tsukune was beginning to think that Mr. Shu was safe. That was until he heard yelling. All three stood up and alert. Mr. Shu sweated profusely as the sounds continued.

"Mr. Shu I think you should leave the room" Moka stated watching the glass door intently.

"Bu…But I…" Mr. Shu stopped suddenly as Tsukune appeared in front of him in a protective manner. A dark object crashed through the door and skidded on the floor. It was one of the bodyguards and he was dead. The trio however did not stare at the body for long for another dark shape coming through the broken door caught their attention.

A female figure dressed in black leather with a helmet covering her face. Without taking her eyes off the intruder Moka sent Tsukune a mental message. Tsukune grabbed Mr. Shu by the arm and lead him out of the room. The intruders shifted slightly as he did but took no farther action. Moka took a step closer to the intruder making it clear that she would intervene if necessary.

No matter how Moka looked at it, there was going to be a fight on her hands. Several bodyguards stepped into view from the outside of the house.

"Back off she's too strong for you to handle!" Moka yelled. The bodyguards froze, they clearly weren't excepting for her to give them orders. Whether are not the bodyguards were human are not they could somehow sense that energy coming off the two female fighters. Reluctantly the bodyguards retreated once they noticed Mr. Shu was not in the room.

After they were gone Moka gave the intruder a hard cold stare. Something felt weird about the intruder, something she couldn't place a finger on. While she knew she wouldn't get an answer she couldn't help but to ask "Who the hell are you!"