"So what does this enormous hunk of metal do, lieutenant?"

"We'll know sooner if you stop bothering me captain," the lieutenant in question replied, shooting a disgruntled look over her shoulder at her ship's commander before looking back to her sensor board.

"I know but getting a rise out of you is entertaining, lieutenant" Commander Jonathan Host replied jovial as he leaned back on his command chair with an easy smile, observing the massive tuning fork shaped object that sat out beyond the view screen of his Listener class sensor corvette, Persistent Beat.

"Very well then sir, I'll tell you what we do know. For starters, it is most definitely not Forerunner, they built anything so organic looking and spectroscopic analysis isn't matching it to any known Forerunner materials," his sensor officer reported, her voice crisp and a touch annoyed before she continued at a nod from Jonathan. "Second our AI's are having difficulty interfacing with the construct's systems but they are making progress, we should know everythi-"

Anything else she had been about to say was cut off as a tremendous blue glow began within the pair of concentric rings at the bottom of tuning fork shape while alarms began to blare about them. "Warning! Massive energy spikes detected from the object!" The sensors officer reported.

As Jonathan watched, the rings at the back of the fork began to spin and the glow intensified, meanwhile, the cordon of UNSC and Sangheili that sat some 75,000 kilometers distant began to come about to face the now suddenly object as they brought weapons online.

Commander Jonathan and the rest of his bridge crew collectively held their breath as motes of blue light suddenly dropped into place beside the construct, resolving themselves into ships as the glow disappeared.

But they weren't human or covenant ships.

True their sharp angles resembled human ships, but the seven ships that had just come through what was rapidly becoming apparent as a transport device all boasted back and downwards sweeping wings at the back.

"Comms, open a line to FLEETCOM and hail the ships that just appeared!" Jonathan roared, his adrenaline kicking into high gear after the moment's pause where everything had seemed to slow down.

As he listened to his comm officer rapid fire type commands to the computer, Jonathan watched as the seven ships turned as one towards the Persistent Beat, the six 200 meter long ships forming about around a larger 500 meter long version of themselves.

For a moment, Jonathan wondered if it was in response to his vessel's hailing communications before a series of flashes at the bows of the ships brought him back to reality. Before he could even consider ordering evasive maneuvers, the ships only a few thousands kilometers away had fired and their rounds impacted the Persistent Beat.

The ship hasn't had its shields up to get proper sensor readings on the tuning fork shaped array.

The rounds from the alien ship slammed into hull and sent the ship lurching out of position before a late arriving round from the larger ship pierced through the reactors at which point the Persistent Beat disappeared in ball of nuclear fire.

Commander Jonathan and had the briefest of moments before his death to wonder why they had to be fighting again as the Persistent Beat's existence came to an abrupt halt.


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