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"Becca!" an excited voice yelled as the girl ran towards another small group of incoming students, leaving her mother and brother behind. Maka laughed and readjusted Rei as she walked toward the other parents near the registration table. She saw a few others that were in her graduating class and waved hello to them. She also saw some of her older students. She was teaching first and second year students. She waved at one of her best students as he showed around a small group of fresh young students.

"Maka, good to see you!" a low voice called out. Maka turned to see Marie and Stein with a boy about Rei's age standing next to them. The little boy was blonde with bright green eyes. Maka leaned down and spoke to the boy

"Hello there Elijah how are you?" Maka put down Rei and gently coaxed him to say hello to Elijah.
"Good." he smiled shyly. Rei smiled and said hello to him too. Elijah was happy and cheerful like his mother, but fairly quiet like his father. Marie and Stein smiled at the little reaper who was now chatting happily with Elijah about the newest trick his daddy taught him. Marie knelt and held out her arms towards Rei

"Hey there sweetie! How about a hug for aunt Marie?" Rei smiled and readily complied. Other than aunt Liz and Patty aunt Marie his favorite. Stein chuckled at Elijah's pouting face.

"Here Elijah I didn't get a hug yet!" Maka pretended to pout. Elijah smiled and walked over to Maka who picked him up and gave him a big hug.

"We just came by to check out the incoming class. We'd better get going though, you know how Brenna gets when she wakes up to a babysitter..." Stein trailed off. Maka laughed, the little baby had her father's hair and eyes and her mother's temper. She was definitely a daddy's girl and hated it when her parents weren't there as soon as she woke up. Stein put his arm around Marie's waist as the two mothers exchanged children. They said their goodbyes and then went their separate ways.

Once Maka found Becca, finally, she dragged the young preteen to the registration table to finish paperwork and get her class schedule. She would find out her partner on the first day of school. Turning, Becca gasped. Maka immediately turned to see what was wrong and looked at Becca questioningly when she saw everything was in order.

"What is it?" Maka asked turning her attention back to the forms.

"Kenta..." Rei giggled as he observed his big sister.

"Shut-up!" Becca blushed.

"Becca! Don't tell your little brother to shut-up!" Maka scolded. She smiled as she snuck a peak at her daughter and saw her blushing and glancing toward the boy. Smiling mischievously, Maka turned and called out to his parents.

"Mom!" Becca gasped in embarrassment.

"Black Star, Tsubaki! It's great to see you guys again!" Maka gave them hugs as they approached the registration table as well.

"How are you Maka?" Tsubaki asked sweetly.

"Pretty good, Becca has been looking forward to this for months!" Maka smiled back. Becca rolled her eyes, why did mothers have to tell everyone about every detail of her life?

"Hey, hows registration going?" Black Star asked while eyeing the crowd of people.

"Not bad, just the usual huge amount of safety forms and waivers." Maka replied. While the adults made small talk Becca decided to wander over to Kenta and talk to him. His parents were murdered by Asura and the poor 5-year-old had hidden in his house for days before Black Star, patrolling for more keishin, found the little hungry and scared boy. Remembering his own past, he took the boy home and fed and cleaned him up. He stayed for a few days until social services had come to take him. Sadly the boy had no other family members and, confused and sad about why he had to leave the nice people, would end up in an orphanage. Black Star and Tsubaki only had to make eye contact to know that the boy would stay. They signed the paperwork then and there and officially adopted the little boy after deciding on the name Kenta. Kenta had dark, thick, curly, black hair, and bright blue eyes that contrasted with his pale olive skin and made him stand out. He had a strong jaw line and broad shoulders which made him seem older and, in Becca's opinion, extremely attractive to his female 12 and 13-year-old classmates.

"Hey Kenta!" Becca smiled brightly as she walked up to him.

"Hey. How are you?" Kenta replied politely. He was fairly quiet but once you got to know him he was a fun and loyal friend. Being a few months older than Becca, and because of his genes, he had a good 4 inches on Becca.

"I'm good...so what classes do you have?" Becca asked secretly hoping they had all the same classes. She dug out her schedule and handed it to him. He quickly scanned it and handed it back with a small smile.

"Hey looks like we have everything except intro to soul resonating together." Becca smiled happily, inside she was screaming in happiness, but responded cooly on the outside.

"Cool, I'm looking forward to starting!" She replied casually.

"Yeah me too!" he laughed. He glanced over and saw Rei staring quietly at them.

"Hey Rei." Kenta walked over towards their parents.

"Hello" Rei replied back. The little reaper continued to intelligently obverse the young preteens. After an awkward silence Maka stated it was time to go home.

"See ya Kenta!" Becca smiled, god she wanted to be his. He smiled back at her and said goodbye. Becca smiled and sighed as they walked toward home. It was a good day.

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