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After dropping off Rei and Becca, Maka quickly told Kid she would be training with Serena briefly and would be back soon. She gave him a quick peck on the lips and left. Kid looked back at the paperwork for the school. The floors in some of the training rooms needed redone as did some of the walls. He signed at the necessary places and turned to the next document. Sighing he checked his watch and realized he would have to start Rei's training session soon.

"Dad" a voice cautiously interrupted his musings. Kid turned and saw Becca standing in the doorway, hesitant that she was interrupting him. He smiled and ushered her into his office. She smiled aand walked towards his desk.

"What is it sweetie?" Kid gave her his full attention.

"Well...I was wondering...if could teach me...Like you teach Rei." She mumbled nervously.

"Well..." He paused a moment figuring out the best way to word his answer "I would love to...but the things I teach Rei is part of reaper training..." He explained. He hated seeing her disappointed and he felt a pang of sadness as he watched her face fall in disappointment. She knew he spent a lot of time with Rei and felt left out.

"Oh...okay...I understand dad.." Just as she was about to leave he called to her. He recalled saying that same thing to his father many times growing up and vowed to never make his children go through that.

"Wait Becca...I can teach you some things about being a meister, give you a head start on things." Kid smiled at his daughter.

"Really?" Her face immediately lit up "That would be great! When can we start?" She asked, nearly bouncing in anticipation and excitement.

"Well.." Kid got up and stretched "How about tomorrow morning?" She nodded her head rapidly and ran up to hug Kid. He quickly swept her up and spun her around, both laughing as he did. Finally he sat her down and she tried putting her hair back in place. As he sat back down to start the paperwork for the death realm, hey even Death needs a contractor now and then, Becca made one more request.

"Can I make some popcorn? The Nightmare Before Christmas is on!" She said in excitement.

"Of course, just check on Rei first please. And maybe if I finish this in time I can watch some of it with you." Kid smiled. Becca nodded happily and left to go check on her little brother. Kid sighed again, upset he couldn't spend as much time with her as he did with Rei. It wasn't fair to her at all.

"How the hell did father ever get through all this?" He growled in frustration.

"Most of this is redundant and pointless...and boring." he added the last part under his breath. Sitting back, procrastinating having to read another 20 page legal document, he considered finding a good lawyer in limbo to use until he, or she, found the light. He would make a note of that and look into it. He quickly jotted down his thought on a sticky note and stuck it to the legal document. Getting up he heard the Halloweentown people singing the introduction as Jack Skelington made his appearance. He walked into the den and found Becca curled under her Twilight blanket with popcorn, and Rei curled under his black blanket with the traditional white skull logo on it. He plopped down in between them and stole a handful of popcorn from the bowl.

"Dad don't it all!" Becca scolded. Rei quietly crawled into his father's lap and snuggled into his embrace. Becca maneuvered the bowl of popcorn and her blanket so she was comfortably using his lap as a pillow. He stroked her hair and enjoyed the moment of parent-child bonding. Life was good. He wouldn't give up being a father to these two wonderful children for anything in the world.

Maka panted as she and Serena tried to use their strongest attack, sound wave. Stein watched in interest. He was impressed they had so much progress in so little time, they had learned to resonate together very quickly. Serena's weapon form was a double-sided axe. The blades were silver while the handle was black with intricate dark purple markings. There were four holes on each blade, each getting smaller than one before. Each blade was also in the shape of an angel wing. In between the blades the handle came to a pointed arrow. All in all her weapon form matched her unique and spunky personality. Maka was about to unleash her attack when she felt it. The churning...the spinning. She felt her face grow pale.

"What's wrong Maka?" Serena asked through the bond.

"I think..." Maka swayed a bit and didn't finish her thought as she dropped Serena and ran a few feet away. Serena transformed back just in time to hear Maka getting sick. She grimaced, feeling bad her partner was sick.

"She okay? The last few sessions I've noticed her acting strangely." Stein commented, lighting up a cigarette.

"I've sensed something is off..." Serena didn't know what exactly it was though. Something was off...different.

"Ugh..." Maka came back wiping her mouth and holding her stomach.

"I thought you quit those for Marie and the kids." Maka said eager to get the staring off of her.

"I sneak one now and then." Stein took another long drag and in the silence he used his soul perception. Maka's aura was wrapped tightly around herself, like a barriar. He also noticed her soul pulsing now and then.

"Hmm.." He flicked his now unlit snub into the ground and stepped on it.

"I think that's enough for today. Maka you look terrible, you need to go home and rest." Stein calmly stated as he truned to walk away.

"But-!" Maka started protesting but was quickly cut off by Stein.

"Besides...I promised Elijah I would finish a puzzle with him and give him his bubble bath tonight." He put his hadns into his coat pocket and walked off, leaving the partners alone in silence.

"Sorry I ruined our training session." Maka mumbled as Serena started gathering her things.

"Oh it's okay Maka." Serena smiled at her. Serena's thigh high purple and black striped socks began to fall as she tugged them up again. Training and maintain your looks were hard things to balance...and fighting in knee-high boots with a miniskirt wasn't easy either.

"You probably caught the flu or something." Serena shrugged her bag onto her shoulders. Maka blushed and agreed before mumbling an excuse and quickly leaving. Serena watched her partners strange behavior and wondered what had gotten into her.

On the way home Maka patted her stomach. She wasn't getting any bigger really, at least not like she had with Rei.

"I'd better make another doctor's appointment to make sure everything is fine." Maka mumbled to herself. Since Kid had been so busy running the school, the death realm, and making time for family there hadn't been any alone time for the two of them.

'Hell we haven't even had sex in almost 2 and a half months!' Maka thought. She vowed she would tell him before the month was over. She rubbed her stomach wondering why things were different, and prayed that it wasn't anything bad or serious. She would love to have another child running around the house. Her family ws everything to her. She suddenly realized she reached the front door. Walking into the house she was greeted by a heartwarming scene. Kid looked up from the show and smiled. Maka quickly took out her phone and snapped a picture. Rei was leaning against his left side with Kid's arm wrapped around him, and Becca was curled up in a ball with her head in his lap and his arm around her. Maka looked down and bit back a laugh. There was an empty bowl of popcorn on the floor, for some reason upside down, and kernels everywhere. Maka shook her head and smiled. Everything would turn out okay in the end she knew. As long as she had her loving and supporting husband and wonderful children, she would be happy and have a good, full life.

'Still' Maka thought as she sat on the couch next to Kid while putting Rei in her lap 'I can't shake this feeling...' Rei snuggled into her and Kid put his arm around her. For now everything was perfect.

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